Easiest House Pets to Take Care Of

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What you need:Fish tank heater, Fish tank filter, Fish tank - 5 gallons or more, plants - don't get plastic fake plants - they will rip the fish's fins - get fake silk plants or real plants - betta fish prefer floating plants, Water conditioner, Thermometer, Net, Water - 80 degrees farenheit and caves - to hide in.

Betta fish; Average life span - 1-4 years, if you take really good care of them they can live for a decade, if you don't look after them they live for less than a year.
Betta fish are really good pets, they could live for a couple of days without food but they'll be really hungry. You just have to clean their tanks bout once a week. You also have to check the water temperature for the fish. Different kinds of fishes need different care. I have 3 betta fishes, I keep them in different tanks because they might attack each other, so I have some experience. I also had 10 goldfishes before but they all died because some ate a lot and died and other got no food and died from that. You should have from 1-3 fish in one tank because it get harder to care care of them. I also had a guinea pig but they were a little harder to take care of. So I think you should get a fish as your first pet. Then when you grow more responsibility get a hamster than a dog or a cat. Bye.
All you do is drop a bit of food in every morning and use a gravel cleaner once a week thats it I have 5 fish they are so easy to look after half the time I don't even remember they are there
[Newest]I love Betta Fish!

I think a hamster is the easiest pet because on all of these websites it says hamsters or fancy rats but I don't think fancy rats are popular so I just think it's a hamster or a gecko which they don't have on here but my cousin has one and it's so cute and easy to take care of and they don't bite a lot and of they do it won't hurt because they have no teeth so I think a hamster or a gecko are the easiest pets enjoy!
There small and there easy to wash they can live in a cage and you feed them like once a day and I know this from my cousin. I love them and there really cool you will love this pet they will warm your hart they love people there good for kids and adults so good luck with your hamster and thanks for listening
You can play with them as long as you want. They will love you for that and they will get used to you quickly. Very awesome non boring pets. They have a very special place in america's heart!
[Newest]These things are crazy hard to keep bull

Well I did grow up with dogs two siberian huskys after a while my sister saved a cat from them and then I wanted one. Big mistake of my life it was easy to tack care of but they are Usally vary stubern as a mule and they think they are king and queen and now I know why Egyptian's loved cats they ate just like them tack over everything and claim it as their own. But now I'm stuck with my sisters and my cat it just the worst thing is that my sisters female cat hates my male cat she just his as him and some times she come out and stacks him why just why, so they are vary irritating if you get one of those kinds of cats and our two huskys our dead our last one did live until she was 16 years old I did not think that would happen but she dide vary old oh and they just love the snow not the heat. But our out side cats are vary sweet as heck I never had an animal that sweet before. But one of my friends in my algebra two class was talking about macaws and beautiful and so before I graduated from not just algebra two but from high school. I fist started by looking of pictures of them and from there I started to winder if they would mack a grate pets a so far they do in fact they really good as a pet. All parrots love to held and cuddle and you can teach a parrot anything you can teach a dog exsepted for tracking they are not made like there bbig huge cuzens the T-Rex if you don't know a T-Rex nose is 100 bloodhound all ducked taped in one nose oh and they have exsolent sight and they pinpoint were the pray are with out smelling the grownd they also remember a sposific smell another words it can tell the difference in the smell for each animal and they have a strategy brand they are smart but not as smart as dinosaurs raptors but they are basically the second smartest in the dinosaur tree and it is called the tyrannosaurus family. But the thing with parrots is that you can teach some species to talk but you should not just get a parrot because you want an animal to talk or on a impulse. I did not want a macaw because they are one of the most hardest to tack care of and they are one of the most expensive but they meatvmy criteria list it's a family pet for you people out there, there are not meny parrots that are family pets like for instance a aficane gray is a one person pet and if you are not that person and you try to tack it out of its cage it will no matter what bite you. Macaws can be like this if you have them get out side of the house when they are yough or else you might get stuck with some one that dose not like new people and when people get close to you when it is near you. And I love there personality oh and you can teach them to be quiet were to go to the bathroom at fetch rollover and they love going on walks and car rids they have harnes for birds the bad thing about parrots is that they can get scared of thing like a harnes so to help with that is that you have to have it near them were they are comfortable and sone it will be touching them and then you slowly put and tack it slowly because wonce they don't like something they will never try it ever ageon no remember parrots are not a dumb animal it is smart as a dalfen an a primate so a macaw can basicly out smart your dog and they say that a macaw is a 4 year old witch is vary smart compared to a dog oh warning some will learn how to open the cage after a while. On thing I love about having a bird is that when you can't watch it our you have to go to work you put them in the cage and well a cat or a dog will have free romeing over the house while you are not there watch them because we all know that pets do what we don't want them to do when we are not in the room also macaws are a million termites in one so they can distroy almost anything that is why you have to tell what is right from what is rough and you do this buy using your angrey eyebrows and saying no loud and ferm and you know for telling them something good just by clicking your clicker and then saying good bird and also give it one of its favorite treats but the best thing is that parrots will live way bast you dog if taken care of properly like you have to whaigh you bird every day because if it becomes obese they will get diabetes fairly quick and then after that they can then die fairly quick afterword that so do it evey day and give the bird the right newtrition. As for conures can live up to 30 years and they are about 300 to 400 not bad for the price. Now for a blue and gold macaw is hey will live 50 years plus and the srarting price is t 1,000but don't forget if you get a pure breed dog it is about the same amount but the thing is that if you look on the internet for a good price you will ge surprised to find there lots of birds that are the same for way less and once I saw a yough Hyacinth male macawm for about 500 well it is a vary good price since the starting price for one is about 12,000 -14,000 big difference but good luck getting a hybrid macaw for a low price a are gorgeous but exspinsive and a vary hard bird to tach care of since they have two personality's rolled in one but the hardest to tack care of is the kindest giant of them all the hyacinth. I do not recommend getting a cockatoo because they need lots of attention and they are vary fucy they criy for atenshen when you put them in there cage and the have to tack a shower every day the good news is that bird love I mean they just love tacking showers. Now a cockateel is not like a cockatoo they are not that fucy my advice if you want one chose one of that meats your personality and your living aragment oh and you can't get allergic to a bird but you can get bird flue. I really did not want to get a macaw even though they are beautiffl, they are harder to tack care of but no other bird is less agresive, have there personality, family pet, easy to teach, live longer, not as picky, adapted to changes in the invierment like a macaw, well it did have a lot more aperince in that way but there are small macaws that are not as colorful but the bad news is there is basically none of them for sale near me on the internet so I'm stuck with the big ones. The good news is that they say a blue and gold macaw is one of the few exceptions to this rule because they that you can have one as a begener pet bird and right know I'm trying to learn everything that I will need to know to own one and then I will go on to books that deal with how to stop bad behaviour problems so it is a lot of work but I want something smarter than a dog and recently a cat but I also want it to be more than a pet I want it to be a companion and also for it to live a vary long time with me so live from the psronts to the granchildern that's a long time for a animal to live for.
Dogs rock!
And care and share
And play
They make nice pets
And slot
And nice and sweet
they are very simple but very fun to play with also they can help you if you live on a fatm
[Newest]They are a great pet and don't need much looking after

They are cute soft they purr nicely they give you lots of kisses and they clean after themselves
There awesome pets! My cat recently passed away, and he was the most affectionate animal ever! He cleaned up after himself too. I love them!
Cats should be in first place. All you literally do is feed them and change their litter. Just be an animal is caged or tanked does NOT mean it's easier to care for. I'd know, since I had a cat, fish, and rabbits, and the cat was BY FAR easiest to care for. I was doing literally 5x the work caring for one rabbit vs. Caring for my one cat.
[Newest]Cats are definitely the easiest pet ever! They are very independent so don't require so much attention and they are very hygienic also.

there REALLY easy to take care of. They just get food like every 3-4 days. THEY'RE AWESOME so buy one or weegee will find you he knows where you live!
Very easy to take care of but a hassle to feed
They are very fun to take care of because they don't smell or wake you up at night
One person said that they do not smell. I disagree. Especially for bearded dragons. They don't produce body odor but they're feces real, and if you don't do at least a weekly full cage deep cleaning then they will begin to stink. Also bathe the lizard in water to get feces residue off. Other wise they are super easy. I had a couple for a while, but my first died and he was so loving! He was only 6 months old and was oversized because of eating too many crickets, and that led to paralysis, which got him killed. He ate 12 cricks a day. That was way too much! My new ones are 12 each on Monday Wednesday and Friday. That is a good amount.
[Newest]Do you get to play with them?

I own African Dwarf frogs and trust me they are so easy to take care of. They are so much fun to watch and aren't as smelly as a hamster of dogs or cats! Ten times less work! Plus you clean the tank once every three months! Just like fish but less cleaning! And I love them so much!
I love frogs there adorable
These are super easy and funny to watch as they play. You only have to feed them a few times a week and clean their box every three months. I got mine at a toy store and trust me they are super great.
[Newest]If you're gonna get a frog I recommend a pixie frog you only have to feed them once a week and they're so cute

Well you have to teach them were they can go to the bathroom and it's easy but you have to know how to and they say that it is the most hardest thing to teach them. Usually a bird go's to the bathroom about the same time because of this you can time them and then use the time you get from timing you bird to determined when the bird will go to the bathroom and if it does not have to then play with the bird or what ever for five minute and then try ageon. The next thing to do is to tack the bird were you will like them to go to the bathroom this can be the trash can, sink, and the bird cage were you already have to clean it up but there is no cage for them, like if you go to a store that will let you tack you're bird in the store and there is only trash cans to go in, or you go to your friends house and all there is to use is the sink or something, so you should teach you're bird to go to the bathroom in more than place if needed. And when they go in the right spot click your clicker and then say good boy or girl which ever and then give them their treat otherwise it will say good boy or girl when it go's to the bathroom and never ever have them do it on command or else when you are not there they will never go until you say the word and that can leave them with a big problem like a infection in there bladder and also it nice for us when we have to go really badly when we can't so it not nice when they have to go and it might get some expensive avian veterinarian bills so don't teach them to do it on command.
Maybe the hardest pet to have in you home, require daily interaction for at least a hour, food has to be fresh fruit and veggies. Messy eaters as well. Can be loud. And them poop when ever and where ever they want. The up side is they are the smartest animal I have ever interacted with, they show affection more then a dog or cat will ever do, and they can be taught to do awesome tricks and talk.
They are the most adorable pet birds you could get and since they are so small they don't need to be taken care of as much as parrots or other birds they don't nip or bite either and they grow very affectionate once they get used to you, but even so, don't open a window while playing with them because they will happily flutter to freedom and they can't really take care of themselves
[Newest]They live for a really long time.

Turtle turtle! ⌒. ⌒ They need sunlight and heat they eat vegetables and need to be soaked once a month on a bucket to get moisture and water! Easy cheep and I love them!
I am about to get a turtle cause I found one at a baseball park and it was awesome I had to put it back but we are getting a painted turtle
Only have to clean twice a week
[Newest]Can't pick them up?

9Hermit Crabs
My Dad was thinking really hard about a pet for me to have. I am fourteen and my family travels quite often to visit family. We already have goldfish, so he needed to think harder. I LOVE animals, but due to our lifestyle, he had a thought desision to make. Either keep me begging & whining or find me a suitable pet. He chose hermit crabs. They're easy, affordable and perfect for a mature child to take care of. They are low maintenance and don't smell if you properly care for them.

You need to be careful with them, they are fragile creatures and easily frightened. If you want one, be careful of the environment and weather. Do NOT spray toxic substances or expose them to it or they WILL DIE. Otherwise, I highly recommend them, they require less work than a fish tank too, in cleaning terms.
We had 4 crabs and they changed shells which was neat for the kids to watch. Always had to clean the tank daily cause it always smelled the room up like dead fish! They seem like easy pets but they need heat source, light, rocks, lots of larger shells which cost more than the crab itself. Place to hide under.. I would empty and do an entire tank cleaning straining everything weekly. Headache! Do not put them in one of them lil 5"x 8" plastic tanks.. They will die. Anyhow.. I will never get another! Thought they where easy pets for kids. I was wrong! Smelly pets more like it n lots of cleaning tank work!
Hermit crabs are really easy you just need their food,
Water, and salt water all in their own dishes and have heat up to 70-80 and spray it will warm water every day and things for them to climb on and about a 3 gallon sized cage and a couple extra shells for them to be in when they get too big.
[Newest]I love hermit crabs

They have lots of babies, and all you have to do is give them a big jar with air holes and give them leftover banana peels.
I got a worm from my yard and it only lived like a week! But great for science projects!
Seems Nice and not very hard

The Contenders

Have nearby vet, food, water and love. Look up food on google. THEY ALSO ARE SUPER CUTE!.
Their adorable, I don't have one but my friend did and it was very sweet and social, it needed a good amount of care but not a ton. Over all I think this would make a great per for older kids!
I'm thinking of getting one for my child who is 10 and loves animals because its easy to take care of and its adorable
[Newest]I think they would be cute adorable even

Everyone knows that snails are the easiest to take care of. If you have one think of the number of times you've gone to the store for food or something.
I think snails are great to look after because their easy to clean and love being held. If you have two just look out for eggs as snails have both sex organs so keep checking every few days, they are a great pet to have! African land snails are great
Easiest pet ever... pond snails are completely self sufficient just add fresh water occasionally (every month or so)

I hated the idea of getting a rat but my dads girlfriend got one and they're actually pretty fun! The coolest thing I ever did with them was build a maze out of blocks and they ran through it. Still not as fun as a dog though.
Mice are cute and hardly cost a thing. They are great for kids as long as you do not pull on their tail.
Not so cool I had one they stink
[Newest]Mine was so stinky I passed out

14Guinea Pig
I think guinea pig are easy to take of because the only things you have to do is give them a bath, wash their cages, give them food and water last but not least toys!
All you got to do is feed them, change their water bowl, bedding and clean the cages wich cleaning the cage is not as difficult as you think. Guinea pigs rules!
Guinea pigs stink, they poop way to much and are scared of every thing. don't get one they are fat and you have to chang there cage almost every day!
[Newest]They are so much fun to take care of and mine is spoiled rotten!

I held a ferret in a pet store the other day and it was so cute! It bit my hand a few times, but it did not hurt. Hamster bites hurt way more than a ferret. You have to buy a big cage, and take them out every day and play with them for 2 hours. You can also take them for walks. You can teach them tricks and even their names! You also need to buy them toys, a litter box, hammocks or tunnels with fur to let them rest and sleep, and if you do not like the smell of them, pet stores (sweet pets is reccomended) sell odor remover that you simply spray on the ferret. You also have to buy soap and give them baths. Ferrets are most fun!
They are beautiful creatures. But do require a lot of care. They love to be spoiled and cared for every second of the day. If you are planing to get one.. Make sure you are a stay at home person. They hate to be in there cages and love to roam. Every nook and cranny they can find they will explore. They are cute cuddly and warm. Need a best friend? Get one!
All you do is feed them a little every day and change the cage and they are so fun and cute and they will be crazy which is fun.
Also they don't bite hard
[Newest]They sound so fun!

16Sea Monkeys
Sea monkeys can live two years and keep a family of sea monkeys going for more then a decade. There bowl, tank, or jar never has to be cleaned, infact they seem to prefer messy water. They do need salt water, but can survive much more than most creatures. Sea monkeys can eat special food that comes with a kit or yeast, sliced salami, and phytplankton. Did you know their eggs can survive 2 years out of water. In other words sea monkeys are perfect beginner pets.
They may be small, but they are awesome
Super easy just feed 'em!

17Aqua Dragon
Because I love them!

I have two rabbits in the house.They are so cute and nice.
Give me an opinion about junior rabbits
Rabbits are great for kids and are super cute
[Newest]They are so cute and cuddly! How are they so low on the list!?

19Sugar Glider
I have 8 and they haven't ever bitten me! Maybe a little nibble but it doesn't hurt. I love them and they are the cutest things ever. But yes very expensive. And you have to be commited.
They are very cute and nice but once in a while they will bite
They are really cute and so easy to take care of
[Newest]Never had em' but they sound amazing

They are pretty, sweet and cool
There cages are easy to take care of
Easy but are scared easy

They do not have to go to the vet, they are easy to clean, they do not smell, it is easy to pick up their poop, and, it is easy to catch them. They smart, funny, and you can even train them. They are also happy and playful.
Chinchillas are a breeze to take care of. They are one of the easiest pets to wash. Just put out a bowl full of chinchilla dust( volcanic ash) and watch him/her roll around in it. I think pet rock should be the easiest. Dogs are harder to take care of than rocks.
But they are like 100$ where I'm from and need huge cages
[Newest]They sound like good pets! Ill look into getting one


Dogs, cats, fish, hamsters don't even compare to how simple taking care of a snake can be. They only need to be fed every 2 weeks and you only have to clean their cage every 1-2 months. Maybe the only pet you don't need to make special arrangements for when going on vacation. This list is the easiest. Not your favorite... All you dog lovers. Dogs are a huge responsibility and require a lot of attention. Snakes become stressed with too much attention.
In my opinion snakes are the EASIEST of all animals and reptiles. They only eat once a week as babies & when full grown, they only eat once every 6 to 8 weeks. Since they eat so little they don't poop or pee. Therefore you only have to clean their cage once a year. They are super cool animals and if your aren't scared by them, they are the best pets to have! (-:
I've had many snakes and there the easiest thing ever to care for. You just feed them once every 2 weeks and water them every other day. And there very friendly if held every so often.

I have a praying mantis and they're SO easy to take care of! I'm even breeding them! They only need food every other day, and they only need a heat lamp or something if they're exotic.
If you are afraid of bugs, don't get this... yes, it really DOES hiss. I am not sure how hard they are to care for, but if you like fascinating bugs, I do recommend this. I heard they have easy care.
My opinion is that you can watch what they are doing any time you want. Because they are so little you can even bring them anywhere
[Newest]Ants could get out of there house and bite you

25Pot Bellied Pig
I just love pigs they are so cute and fuzzy some people think they are really gross but there not! My friends have pigs there really easy to care for! For my birthday my friends pigs are coming. I love pigs!
I really want one its the easiest animal that you can train
I love Potbellied pigs because they are so cute. When they are little they squeal, but I love spending time with my pig Charlotte.
[Newest]I love pigs I always wanted one I might get one or two for my birthday🐷😍

They are really cute!
I have always wanted a tortoise, they cost a lot, only problem, how do you care, for them,
I luuv my new pet tortoise

As disgusting as a skunk may sound, they make great pets. They are super cute when they are little, and you can get this treatment where they do not spray.

My sister had 3 chickens. It was great. They used to sit in her pot plants and sit on our laps for pats. The best thing is: free eggs!
Chickens are awesome I don't have one but have been researching for years. I would recommend hens, and my fave breed are silkies. They are so soft! Would definitely recommend.
Give food and water, a garden to run around in and free alarm clock!
[Newest]My friend has one and it's so fun to chase them around and carry them!

My rats are my best friends. They will never hurt me and they are so sweet and playful. They are very easy to care for, but they do need attention daily
Every one thinks bad of them but when you get to know rats are such little sweethearts!
Seriously. Rats are the best pets on earth. They do need at least an hour of play each day but it is worth it.

Gerbils are really easy to take care of because you only have to clean their cage once a weak. They are very playful and love people.
Gerbils are really easy to care for and there really fun too
I love gerbils they are so adorable and really easy to take care of.

Axolotls have great personalities. They are more of a commitment though. Mine are hand fed daily. I keep them at work, so weekends and vacations can be tricky. They keep my guppy population manageable.
They are the same of keeping goldfish but you have to use sand and hand feed them. They do grow big but so do goldfish. They should have axolotls at fairs.

There amazing to wach

That sounds amazing I've been put of by how much the poop but now I want one more than ever



When you hear the word scorpion you imagine two terrifying pincers and a big venomous sting but Emperor Scorpions are more docile but I still would recommend handling.

Tarantuals may get a bad rap, but they make good pets! All you have to do is feed them twice a day! Believe it or not, tarantulas don't bite.

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