Top Ten Egyptian Gods


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Since he is god of death he can always build an army of the dead so he will be impossible to destroy most Egyptian die at 40 years old so there are more and more soldiers coming in!
Best god ever.. Need I say more?
[Newest]Anubis is so cool he is going to Knock your shoes of

Ra is just pure awesomeness. He fights apophis and just in case apophis swallows him then he just BLOWS the poor guy up. Plus if he wants then he could Destroy the Earth by coming very close to us. Don't anger him or we'll all die
Ra is considered to be the most powerful god. He could kill us if he wanted as he controls the sun. He was said to be a match or stronger than Apophis who was very powerful that no other god could defeat. In kane chronicles it is told that with the power of Ra they only had a chance to defeat Apophis.
All knowing, eternal creator of life, merciful supreme judge
Ra is awesome his drool is powerful that. Isis made a really venoms snake with it even for a god that's the only way he went to heaven ps read the Kane chronicles auther rick riordan

Isis is most powerful and best.
She's one word... AMAZING!
She is the best

Horus kicks ass like come on have you seen what power he has as a god revenge he's the best
Horus is BADA$$ in the Kane Chronicles.
A bad@$$ in my opinion. Plus, if you read the Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordian, he was pretty cool in it.
I am Horus I'm deeply efended I'm the second strongest under amun


AWESOME CHAOS POWERS! I love how he controls the elements of sand, wind, lightning, and other stuff. He is one wicked god!


Set is so evil and so bad. I hate him.
He could make all of the gods die by starting a war. The god of EVIL he could kill Ra and Horus at the same time. He is more powerful than Anubis too

Cats were precious in egypt. If you hurt one you could be sentenced to death.Bast is nimble and quick
Cats were considered the most sacred animal of all in Egypt. Plus, given their cuteness, we should be worshipping them still!
Cats are cool done



This god should be #1 no seriously I would die to be dis god

The Contenders

Geb is the god of earth and livestock... need I say more? Also, ruler of earth

He is a god of wisdom, magic, writing, philosophy, and art. He gave much wisdom to humanity according to Egyptian lore.


The King of all Gods, the God that led the Hyksos out of Egypt and formed the New Kingdom

The moon is awesome!


Guys! He's a crocodile. No more needs to be said really. Don't we all agree? You just can't beat crocodiles

Dwarfs were sacred in Egypt give the ugly god a chance
Why is he last? Bes is so much better than Sobek or Khonsu. Please, read the Kane Chronicles.

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