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1 Neptune - God of the Sea

Neptune is the god of the sea and water. Look what is more destructive tsunamis 567m tall which Neptune could do or a massive cyclone. The tsunami would destruct everything while tornado won't do as much also. Water is the most powerful force of nature's element.

Neptune? I love all the Rick Riordan books and Poseidon/ Neptune will always hold a special place in my heart but in Rome Neptune was not praised often. Romans did not like the sea and didn't sail much he was still very powerful but he is not deserving of the number 1 spot. (Dec. 16th 2017)

Get your noses out of the ' Percy Jackson books, people. Mythology isn't just Poseidon/Neptune being a boss because one fictional character was his son. Admittedly, he was cool, but the Romans HATED Neptune, so he shouldn't be number one.

I hate how there are some comments saying, "the Romans hated Neptune so he isn't the best." They hated him because THEY WERE SCARED OF THE SEA. They were scared of water, they were scared of his power! You're telling me, this amazing god isn't the best just because people feared him? Lol that's funny. And you haters can comment all you want about how Neptune is only first because of Percy Jackson, but you're just salty because your favorite god isn't first. So please, just vote for the god of your choice. And mine is Neptune!

2 Pluto - God of Death and the Underworld

Get your mind out the percy jackson books and get it right...pluto was badass and he was just and reliable unlike jupiter and...I hate to break this to the percy jackson lovers but...neptine because they were not sincere about their duties...while pluto was a just king...and HEY...he rules The Underworld...try to beat that Jupiter...

I admit, I have read the Percy Jackson series (It was wonderful) but Hades, is probably one of the most powerful God out of all of the Olympians. I also feel a bit sorry for him, being banished from his rightful place on Olympus due to fear.

I gotta say, he's pretty cool. I feel sad for him losing his beloved Maria de Angelo and Bianca de Angelo now, he has Nico and Hazel. He's a cool dad

Pluto is more of the God of wealth in Roman mythology he was still very powerful but he others became more powerful. (ex. Mars)

3 Diana - Goddess of the Hunt and Moon

Wow how wonderful of a goddess! Poor Diana/ Artemis, she lost her best hunters Zoe nightshade and Bianca de Angelo, now Thalia joined. Honestly, I didn't know Thalia would ever become a hunter, but she did

She is definitely the best of all the goddesses and gods this just proves how cool she is!

Who would not want to become immortal in her hunting group!

Guys! She is also the Goddess of maidens (virgins)! She keeps us clean! And she's the best hunter of them all!

Without the moon what would the wolves howl at?

4 Apollo - God of the Sun

Apollo is the god of music, poetry, and the sun as well... Apollo is like the god of life but he's not he's awesome!

My favorites are Neptune:2nd and Apollo:1st. Apollo still represents Wisdom. Why can't he marry Minerva?

When I look at the sun, it reminds me of Apollo. He's a good god, but I think Artemis disagrees. But he's cool!

Apollo is the best because he's the god of music and poetry and the god damn sun. He's amazing and should be number 1

5 Vesta - Goddess of the Hearth

Ahh yess.. Vesta, goddess of the hearth, family & fire. Rome's beloved alongside with Jupiter, Juno, Mars and Minerva. She is powerful and deserve to be ranked higher. At least top 10. Her sacred fire was guarded by the Vestal Virgins. Without the sacred fire of Vesta, Rome would fall. So as long as the sacred fire burns at the sacred hearth at the temple of Vesta, Rome would be eternal or in other word, IMMORTAL. Plus she is soo kind and gentle. She's one of my favourite alongside with Juno, Jupiter and Minerva. Plus, She is on of the Dii Consentes (Council of the 12 Roman Gods).

Hestia the goddess of the hearth and family. No wonder why she is the last Olympian.

6 Minerva - Goddess of Wisdom and War

I just love Minerva. Although she lost some of her roles to her stepmother/aunt, Juno, she still serves a lot to Rome. Minerva is actually goddess of a lot of things (I.e. law, order, civilization, health, poetry and more). She is also the Divine Guardian of Rome. One of the Capitoline Triad. The triad that keeps Rome financially, politicaly stable. Her role is very complex and unlike her brother Mars, she is more of a peaceful and strategic goddess. She deserve to be top 3.

Oh my Minerva, wow my favorite goddess. She thinks she is all smart and stuff, well that's because she is. I just love Minerva/ Athena. Wow Zeus must think of her as his favorite daughter she is smart and beautiful. Oh my Athena I wish I could meet her and she could be my mom I wish Zeus and Athena were my parents. In Roman form it would be, Minerva and Jupiter

She is the best. Without wisdom, our world will turn upside down. And if the world is without war strategy is the worst. She is the best greek and roman god because she is awesome and smart and better than everybody else.

Wisdom is awesome. Its what keeps this world spinning. If there was no wisdom circulating throughout the world, people like leonardo de vinchi and george washington would not have existed. Keep that in mind and heart every day.

7 Vulcan - The Blacksmith God

I personally think that Vulcan is underrated and is often ridiculed for being ugly and lame. Really though, in myths he is a caring god and very helpful, not to mention flat out awesome. Also he controls FIRE!

Vulcan is boss. I think he has the best power of the gods.

Wow! Hephaestus so good at tinkering with things which makes him God of fire and crafts and especially Leo and beckendorf's dad

He is the god of blacksmith and is the god of fire, who beats that

8 Jupiter - God of Thunder and the King of Gods

He deserve the first place. I mean, Romans called him "Jupiter Omnipotens" which mean "All-Powerful" or simply just "Omnipotent"

Jupiter is the best of the best. He can strip the gods of their powers, he can throw thunderbolts, he is the best, if you argue with him... You're dead. Unlike Neptune Jupiter can kill every living creature in 1 minute. Since water is a great conductor for electricity, people down there will be dead when Jupiter wants them dead. Don't mess with jupiter, or you'll find yourself in the underworld.

Best God.Poseidon/Neptune is not as awesome as Zeus/Jupiter, he is the best of them all. Poseidon is not brave or awesome as Zeus. I can never and will never believe Poseidon is at all powerful or smart as Zeus, he is always wearing a shirt at Olympus. The one and only Zeus wears pinned-striped suit which is more sufistic. Poseidon was never and never will be better than Zeus, never! I say never!

Jupiter is not only the king and or chief of the gods he may also weal the power to punish and or ban any god that has or has not doe anything that had crossed the rules in which he should be stated number one. He was also able to strip Neptune and Apollo of their godly hood, in which now they became mortals and may die.

9 Mercury - The Messenger God

Mercury as the deity of commerce was frequently in invoked in matters of commerce (money! ) and he paid off as demonstrated by his inscriptions..

He was a God of a lot of things, ranging from commerce to gaming. Hell, he even was a god of two completely opposing ideas, stealing and trade!

Also, my cat's named after his Greek counterpart, just putting that out there :3

Mercury is flying angel, white colour body and good heart, he is very match power and brave face, big hair.

HE had a staff where it can control things just as long it is not a giant/god!

10 Mars - God of War

He is like the 2nd most powerful next to Jupiter and mars represents the rome and honor with out that Rome is lost. Plus he is tjier protector.

God of War, he basically takes Athena's place as strategist and keeps Ares' job he was often thought of as 2nd only to Jupiter, but sometimes sub-categories of Roman religion placed Mars as the most powerful he was most likely prayed to as much as Jupiter, so he was probably near Jupiter's power

Mars is the best. I am actually doing a report on him. There are a lot of interesting facts.

This guy should be at least #2. I mean he can just blow you up or something.

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11 Juno - Queen of the gods

Juno is my Queen. The Patroness, Protectress & Special Counselor of Rome and Roman Empire. She is basically the female version of Jupiter. Most powerful goddess and highest ranking among the Roman goddesses in the Council of the Twelve Gods (Dii Consentes). Despite being the Goddess of marriage and childbirth, she has a lot of more role. She protects & supports woman and watch over the aspect of all their life. She was in charge of Rome's finance and she also warns Rome every time there is danger sorrounding the country. She was associated with politics, war, eternal youth. Fun part about her, is that she spent times on earth and defending, protecting Rome. She also often use her magic for the good of Rome (although sometimes she misuses them). Unlike her Greek version, Hera who spent her times spying her husband, feasting, quarreling on Mt. Olympus. She is also way more graceful and merciful than Hera.

Queen of the Gods, female version of Jupiter. Patroness, protectress and special counselor of Rome and Roman Empire. She deserve a higher rank alongside with Minerva

Fun Fact: She have her own thunderbolt.
"O Queen of Heaven who rules the stars circling the northern people, with another thunderbolt on your hand, you have the power, to drive out Thebes as well"- Statius Thebaid 10.67-69

She is literally one of the 3 (Capitoline Triad; Jupiter-Juno-Minerva) most important n strongest Gods of ancient rome...Don't even try to argue with me on this. Her roles n duties is very complex, although she was just goddess of marriage an childbirth. Romans describes her being more graceful, less vengeful and more merciful than her Greek counterpart.

12 Bacchus - God of Wine

I did a project on him and there are a lot of odd thing that surround this god like how he was born out of Zeus's thigh! that was crazy/

Eww I hate wine but Dionysus ain't so bad. Wine is the most disgusting and icky thing ever!

Bacchus is hero and God, sleng Dionysos. Temperamente God, his story and warrior and fight, for hin is god a love intellect and sellect, Dionysos-Bacchus is legendary God hero.

Not just wine but the God of Good Times!

13 Ceres - Goddess of the Earth

She made the Earth. The only planet known with life! She's pretty much the god of life and nature. She is pretty much the best. Unless we were talking about the sun... but she just helps life. Ceres is the best. She's the queen of gods.

I agree she should be the 1st goddess she made us ALL! Please give her more votes!

Ceres was not the one who made the earth, jesus and god did!

I can't believe you pulled Aphrodite out of Uranus.

14 Venus - Goddess of Love, Beauty and Lust

This is actually quite true. Love is not so different than war honestly. She has the power to make any man drool over her. Some people will say things like war is the strongest element and everything but love is. So many deaths happen because of love. So many wars happen because of love. Love can make people stronger or a whole lot weaker. Love is one of the most powerful elements of all.

Weak but hot now I get why when a boy sees her, they fall madly in love which is usual because goddess of love and beauty Duh!

She could make people love each other, and she was the most attractive God.

Venus is Afrodite, beautiful woman goddess, big hair super brave style to magy and good heart. Love to instinct heart.

15 Saturn - God of Time

Imagine if you could control time? Saturn is number one on my list. He can control the cosmos like a DVR. Fastforward, Pause, Rewind and Play.

Time is Money. It is priceless. It is bigger than all other things and creatures.

Kronos so annoying and bad, he tried to destroy Olympus but Percy Jackson gave Luke the sword and Luke stabbed himself which saved Olympus

16 Athena - Goddess of Wisdom

Athena is my favorite goddesses over she rocks. Athena Athena Athena!

A girl who is very indigenous and has dignity to all!

You mean Minerva. Athena is Greek.

Athena is Greek idiots

17 Lupa - She-Wolf That Helps Train All Romans

Lupa can help you train and also the goddess of wolves.

18 Hermes - God of Shepherds

Hermes is Greek, not Roman. Mercury is Roman.

19 Cupid - God of Love

Eros is Cupid's Greek equivalent.

Cupid Is awesome amazing

Cupid is the best because he is the god of love and plus I was born on valentines day os that s double awesome. (for me of course) :0 =)

20 Atlas - God of the earth

Atlas Holds the Sky Dummies and he's the Titan of Strength and Endurance

21 Flora - Goddess of Flowers and the Season of Spring
22 Hecate - Goddess of Mist and Magic

Her roman name is trivia

23 Thanatos - God of Death

He is the most powerful according to me.

Do not want to mess with him.

Blowing me off

24 Bellona - Goddess of War and Destruction
25 Faunus - God of the Forest, Plains and Fields

Faunus, is Pan, devil and great power god, in hair have horn, foot is horse style and body is devil. Pan is super intuition god.

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