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1 Poseidon - God of the Sea, Earthquakes, and Horses

My, my. What happened to people these days?! Do people trust myths more than common sense? I mean, sure, Zeus is strong, but when it comes to judgment, Poseidon's powers are just naturally stronger!

Poseidon is likely the strongest god among his siblings. The only gods that might surpass him in strength are Chaos and Destiny. Chaos created the Earth for his amusement, while Destiny is one of the earliest gods of creation. If Zeus weren't the king of Olympus with the power to strip immortality, Poseidon would undoubtedly overpower Zeus. Poseidon is the god of the Sea, Earthquakes, and Horses. In contrast, Zeus rules over thunderstorms and lightning. The sea is arguably more powerful than thunderstorms, and earthquakes can cause significant damage, whereas lightning can primarily strike individuals. This positions Poseidon as potentially the most formidable Olympian god.

2 Zeus - God of the Sky and Thunder

going back to Greek gods/goddesses reminds me of the the book the faerie games!! then a thing happened in it that isn't for young girls and then my mum wanted to read it and took it away!!

It was said in the Iliad that if all the gods and goddesses combined had a rope and tried to pull Zeus down, he could pull them up. Zeus is more powerful than all other gods combined. He was also the original, and I consider him to be the real eldest child of Kronos and Rhea. This is because all the others were swallowed at birth and were only freed from Kronos when Zeus saved them.

Zeus has proved himself to be intelligent, funny, kind, fearsome, powerful, and respectable. He occasionally does unfair things because they suit him, but he is the only thing really holding Olympus together.

3 Athena - Goddess of Wisdom

Athena is the wisest. Who couldn't survive without a brain? Plus, she is also a good fighter. God, who could defeat someone strategic and skilled in fighting? Not me, or Zeus, or ANYONE!!!!

Athena is wise and courageous. She is fair and cool-headed. And she doesn't just have a brain. She is also a great fighter and strategist. She always wears battle armor and is very proficient with the spear.

I like Poseidon, but Ares? He was a cowardly, cruel, violent, worthless god. Get your facts straight!

Zeus constantly flirted with other women when he was married. And he took control of the universe, making his brothers take the sea and the underworld. And you, who said that Hephaestus was ugly? Like that mattered! Appearances don't matter. You would have gotten along well with Hera. She tossed Hephaestus off a mountaintop and crippled him just because he was ugly.

4 Hades - God of the Underworld

He is not an evil god. Many people have a misconstrued image of Hades, associating him with evil. However, this negative reputation primarily stems from Hollywood's portrayal of death as evil, not his true character in mythology. Death is an integral part of life.

Additionally, he is the god of the DEAD, not the god of Death. That title belongs to Thanatos. Hades was the eldest son of Kronos and Rhea. Therefore, he should have rightfully inherited the throne of Olympus. Being the god of the Dead grants him a significant advantage, as he possesses an ever-growing army that is infinite.

Contrary to popular belief, Hades is not a cruel deity. In fact, myths often depict him as having a stronger sense of justice than his younger brother, Zeus. One of the few wrongdoings attributed to Hades is the kidnapping of Persephone, but it's essential to note that he acted upon his brother Zeus's suggestion, who was also Persephone's father. Furthermore, this act pales in comparison to the misdeeds of other gods. As the story goes, Persephone eventually found contentment in the Underworld. Hades also stands out as one of the most loyal gods in Greek mythology. He only tried to be unfaithful to Persephone on two occasions, and she thwarted him both times. This is a much better track record than that of Zeus and Poseidon. And for those who might reference Percy Jackson in defense, it's important to remember that it's a work of fiction and not a representation of authentic Greek mythology.

Hades only punished the wicked and was generally reasonable in his actions. Unlike many other Olympians, he did not arbitrarily harm mortals. His perceived dark nature resulted from being allocated the "least desirable" domain and feeling ostracized by his family. Given these circumstances, can one truly fault him? Though he doesn't have a throne on Olympus, he is still an Olympian by lineage. Lastly, it's worth mentioning that Hades is the wealthiest of all gods. So, if you... more

5 Apollo - God of Light and the Sun

I'm not saying I believe in Apollo or anything, but he's just so hot (sorry, bad pun). Besides there's a book series with him as the main character: The Trials of Apollo by Rick Riordan.

If you believe Poseidon is the most powerful, consider this: Poseidon is undoubtedly formidable, perhaps even more so than Zeus in some respects, given his balanced decision-making. However, Apollo could best Poseidon if he chose to. Water evaporates in the presence of the sun. Many think Poseidon is superior because he's one of "the Big Three," but in reality, Apollo has the power to neutralize Poseidon's entire domain. That's incredibly potent. So, when choosing sides, remember Apollo's capabilities.

6 Ares - God of War

Easy decision in terms of being the best god. Ares favored the underdogs of the Trojan War, unlike the rest of the gods. While Athena was a much better strategist and was on the winning side, Ares on his own was unbeatable in hand-to-hand combat. He was a bloodthirsty savage when fighting and was easily angered. However, he wasn't dumb by any means. He is considered to be a picture-perfect soldier and was worshipped by the Spartans, the most skilled soldiers in history. I don't know why Poseidon has so many votes. He just hides with the fish while Ares battles for days at a time.

7 Artemis - Goddess of the Hunt, Forests and Hills, and the Moon

Power comes naturally to those who don't seek it. Ever heard of that? That fits Artemis. She doesn't stand out as much as Apollo, Zeus, or Athena, yet that doesn't mean she isn't powerful. She has a way of presenting herself.

Artemis is one of my favorite goddesses. First of all, she is an eternal maiden and swore off men. Wise choice. Second, she isn't flashy or bright like her brother Apollo. While Apollo looks for lovers and flirts with them, Artemis keeps to herself. She has a type of cold regalness that definitely resembles a powerful goddess. Love finds her even when she doesn't look for it. She's beautiful, but she doesn't particularly care about it. Her beauty is just natural. I like that about her.

She treats her followers (The Hunters of Artemis) very well. She doesn't exercise the power she has over them. She sees them as equals, as sisters. Lastly, I would like to point out that Artemis was born first and aided in the birth of her brother, Phoebus Apollo. As I mentioned before, Apollo deliberately flirts with women. He's flashy and bright, while Artemis' beauty comes naturally. Apollo is overrated. Artemis is not. Artemis is the best goddess, the wisest (except for Athena, who is my second favorite), and the calmest. She isn't cruel or rash. She is cold, regal, and fair.

8 Hephaestus - God of Technology, Blacksmiths, Craftsmen, Artisans, and Volcanoes

Hephaestus is truly remarkable. Even though some say he's unattractive and even his wife, Aphrodite, claims he's not good-looking, he remains the best god in my eyes. His skills are unparalleled when it comes to fixing things, and he crafts the finest armor. While he's recognized as the God of volcano fire, I simply associate him with fire in general. Controlling fire would be an extraordinary power, especially for a demigod who is a son of Hephaestus. I'd cast my vote for Hephaestus first, but Poseidon deserves a close second. He's also fantastic!

Hephaestus is undeniably impressive! He created the sun, and without him, we'd all be in perpetual darkness. He also forged all of Ares's weapons - what would Ares represent without those weapons? Additionally, he crafted both Apollo's lyre and his bows and arrows. These gods would be incomplete without his contributions!

9 Aphrodite - Goddess of Love, Lust, and Beauty

Fun fact: Aphrodite was originally a goddess of love and war. I just imagine an armored goddess ready for battle giving you dating advice. This wasn't a widespread belief about her, though. It was even referenced in the Iliad where Zeus goes out of his way to say that Aphrodite doesn't belong on the battlefield (i.e., isn't a war goddess).

So she outgrew her war phase, and she found a much better weapon: lust. Ever wonder why Zeus can't keep it in his pants? Or why so many gods have way too many illegitimate children? That is, in part, due to Aphrodite's influence. It got so bad that one time, Zeus made her fall in love with a random farmer as revenge. This backfired, as their son was Aeneas, an ancestor to the founders of Rome (you know, the guys that defeated Greece and "borrowed" all their gods).

People need to give Aphrodite some credit. She just plays the long game.

10 Hermes - Messenger of the Gods, God of Commerce, Thieves, Travelers, Sports, and Border Crossings

Hermes moves so fast he would be across the universe before you even begin to blink. If you try to fight this guy, it's game over. He delivers billions of punches on you in seconds. He is pretty much the Flash made into a Greek God. He could pretty much defeat every god before they even know he is taking down their relatives. He moves between dimensions, as he has been in the underworld and Olympus as well. Just got a check for a million dollars? No, you didn't, because Hermes just ran by and claimed it. Nobody stands a chance against a dimension-jumping, super-speed thief, juggernaut god.

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11 Hera - Goddess of Women and Marriage

Hera was, in fact, a very clever woman who learned one important thing: the way to get revenge is to harm the people that the offender loves first. This method tortures the offender endlessly with guilt and pain, to the point where they beg for you to stop and just end their life. They plead for you to spare their loved ones. However, you refuse to prolong the torture. Zeus cheated on Hera many times, so she realized that this was an excellent way to retaliate. Although cruel and vengeful, there were times when Zeus refrained from infidelity for a long while after such retribution. But, inevitably, he would cheat again, and she would subject him to this torment. Yes, Hera's actions were harsh, but she believed this was the only way to truly make him understand the gravity of his betrayals.

12 Nike - Goddess of Victory

Nike is the goddess of victory. Without her, the gods could not win any battle, nor could famous mortals like Hercules or the crew of the Odyssey. Without her, we would never be able to win. As for her relationship with Athena, Athena was the Greeks' source of power, so it makes sense since Nike allows Athena to "win" with the Greeks' knowledge.

In my opinion, Nike should be at the very top. The only reason gods/goddesses like Zeus, Apollo, and Athena are on top is that they are more well-known, and not many people have heard of the goddess Nike.

13 Cronus - God of Time

Oh my word! Since when has Cronus been a god? Chronus is a god, while CRONUS is the titan. To the person who said, "Don't get mixed up with the titan Chronos. They're spelled differently, but anyways, Cronus could freeze time and kill his enemy faster than they could blink!" please learn your facts. I'm not trying to be rude, but that is false information.

This is the titan Cronus (also spelled Cronos or Kronos). Chronos is the god of time. Either way, he is awesome. Cronus singlehandedly overthrew Uranus, but it took Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades together to overthrow Cronus.

14 Dionysus - God of Wine, Theatre, and Ecstasy

Dionysus is extremely powerful! He has the power to break one's sanity. I guess if he wanted to, he could turn all the gods mad and become king in theory. I'm just saying, he should be number one on the list because he is the god of madness, debauchery, parties, and wine. I believe it's only because of the Percy Jackson books that Dionysus gets such a bad reputation. He is powerful and should be respected.

I'm kind of upset that everyone is judging him based on the Percy Jackson series. Seriously? He can turn coke into Fanta? That's ridiculous modern stuff. The Ancient Greek Gods are ANCIENT.

15 Helios - God of the Sun

He is so fit. He has blonde hair and blue eyes. He is always smiling. And how cool is it to be able to change the weather and mess with the elements? So cool.

Helios is amazing! He can kill any god with the power of the sun. He can blind them and then set them on fire. The only reason he died in God of War was that he was wounded, and he couldn't stand up. Helios is AMAZING.

He was nice, you know? He didn't support Kronos when Zeus attacked because he knew Kronos was evil. He also just minded his own business and was a pretty nice guy.

16 Demeter - Goddess of Crops and Fruit

Demeter, known as Ceres in the Roman version, certainly knows how to kick butt! She rescued her beloved daughter, Persephone, from the clutches of Hades. During her quest to find her daughter, she came across a king and queen. By that time, Demeter had morphed into an old woman. The kind couple saw how worn out old lady Demeter was and took care of her for a few days.

The queen had a baby son. Old lady Demeter offered to care for him (even queens need breaks) and placed him in the fire. Don't worry. This didn't hurt the child as Demeter used her magical powers to ensure the fire didn't harm the boy. Her reasoning was that because the king and queen showed her great hospitality, she decided to repay them by ensuring their baby son would grow up to be a powerful hero.

17 Pan - God of Nature, the Wild, Shepherds, Flocks, Goats, and Mountain Wilds

Imagine a world without Pan. While many animals may not seem unique on their own, it is Pan who bestows upon each creature its distinct characteristics. From dogs to cats, to mysterious sea beings yet to be discovered, they all originate from Pan, the God of Nature.

He is one of the very few gods that are truly commendable. In fact, he's more than that. He's incredibly cool! His demise brought me to tears, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. Animals are magnificent, and he embodies that!

Pan is a powerful god, often depicted as a fusion of human and goat with fiery features and a substantial tail. His might is unparalleled.

18 Persephone - Goddess of Vegetation

She was once a young goddess, no different from the nymphs she used to hang out with. Then, Hades married her, and she expertly stepped up, becoming the queen and co-ruler of the underworld!

Persephone is the Queen of the Dead and Lady of the Seasons. She is the daughter of Demeter and Zeus. Demeter is responsible for the growth of grain and primitive law-giving.

She had significant power in the Underworld and made some very important decisions.

19 Hestia - Goddess of the Hearth, Architecture, and the Right Ordering of Domesticity, the Family, and the State

She's just so awesome. She never fights with others and even gave her throne to Dionysus willingly. She is so kind and gentle with everyone. She deserves way more respect. Also, she's very powerful, but she never uses it to boast or fight with people. She can control people's hope, and if she wanted to, she could probably make them feel insane, sad, and hopeless. She can also control fire (and I would love to see a battle between her and Hephaestus). She treats everyone equally. Lastly, she can summon food. How cool is that?!

20 Thanatos - God of Death

Just as I thought, the power of death is a powerful and strong ability. But I also agree that the power of time is equally strong and potent.

This minor god is also one of the most powerful. Everyone, whether immortal or mortal, will eventually succumb to him. Death is the ultimate winner.

Thanatos is the god of death, and while death trumps most things, it is second only to life. Just because Zeus is the father of the gods doesn't mean he can't be killed. Death can only be defeated if it is turned to life, so he can only be overcome by the god of life. Death begets death. THE GOD OF DEATH RULES!

21 Hecate - Goddess of Magic and Witchcraft

Hecate is the goddess of magic, crossroads, ghosts, and necromancy. However, she also oversees many other aspects. In some sources, she is described as a Titan, but this classification varies based on the source material.

Zeus granted her dominion over the realms of the sky, seas, and earth, as depicted in Theogony by Hesiod. She is also considered a chthonic (or underground/underworld) goddess, which implies she has influence over Zeus', Poseidon's, and Hades' domains. As a triple goddess, she possesses three aspects: Selene, the goddess of the moon. Artemis, the goddess of the hunt and nature. And Persephone, the goddess of spring and the underworld.

22 Nyx - Goddess of the Night

Nyx is the goddess of the night, which is one of the reasons I voted for her. Night is my favorite domain, so that's why I voted for Nyx (and Artemis). She's also really pretty, and she's a primordial goddess, so she's quite strong. She was old before the titans were infants. Technically, she isn't the goddess of night. She IS night. So, she's pretty badass. Period.

She was one of the first goddesses in Greek myths, but sadly she doesn't appear in many Greek tales. However, she should be higher ranked!

Nyx was born before Gaia and is the true concept of darkness. From Nyx and Chaos came Akhlys, the goddess of misery, older than Gaia.

23 Nemesis - Goddess of Revenge

Revenge is the best! Who doesn't love to get back at their enemies?

Nemesis isn't just about revenge. She also represents justice, which is paramount.

When someone wrongs you, you feel the need for revenge. It's an instinct that's hard to avoid.

Even though she is a goddess of revenge, I love her. I want to be like her. GO NEMESIS!

24 Gaia - Goddess of the Earth

Gaia is just awesome. Sorry, but she is the grandmother of Zeus, the Ultimate Goddess, the wife of Ouranos, and Mother Earth! How can you beat that? Sure, Heroes of Olympus portrays her as a villain, but she's still really cool. She's the mother of Cronos! You can't ignore that. She bore the Lord of Time! Come on!

Come on, guys. The only reason all the gods exist is because of this goddess. She has the power to create and destroy worlds. She is Zeus' grandmother. She is as beautiful as ever, and strong. She has it all! 10/10.

I have no idea why Gaia is ranked this low. She is the mother of the earth! Without her, there wouldn't be humans, gods, or titans.

25 Eros - God of Love

Everyone in mythology is afraid of Eros, even the gods, because he can shoot you with one of his arrows, and you could fall in love with ANYONE or ANYTHING.

He was separated from Psyche, and he deserves to be loved the way he allows others to be.

Eros is Aphrodite's son and is technically the same as Cupid.

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