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1 Poseidon

Of course, death is unavoidable. Hades is pretty powerful for that reason, but all life originated from the sea and will always return to it, either in death or in life. The sea is the unstoppable force in the living world. Nowadays, we can protect ourselves from lightning, and we have designed buildings that can withstand hurricanes or tornadoes. When it comes to the sea... think about it, nothing can stop a tsunami.

I haven't read many of the Greek myths, but I think I've heard somewhere that when Poseidon got angry, he submerged Atlantis or something similar. He isn't the 'king of the gods' because Zeus controls the heavens, which everyone looks up to. Frankly, everyone is slightly scared of the sea, but Poseidon could realistically beat Hades and Zeus at the peak of his power.

2 Shiva

Shiva is the one from whom all other gods have sprung. He can obliterate the entire universe just by opening his third eye. He is Mahadev, which means he is the God of the gods. Modern physics tells us about something called dark energy or dark matter, and it's in its lap that all creation is happening. 98.9 percent of the universe is made up of nothing, and it's now called singularity or dark energy. Shiva literally means 'that which is not'. Atoms get destroyed by themselves when we aren't looking at them. So, the universe is essentially made up of nothing, or Shiva. If this God of Gods and mahayogi opens his third eye, everything that you ever can know or cannot know will be destroyed, leaving nothing except Shiva. Shiva is not a concept. He is the basis and personification of modern physical sciences.

3 Zeus

People who say Poseidon is more powerful, well, I have three reasons why Zeus destroys Poseidon.

1. When the powerful monster "Typhon" came and tried to destroy Olympus, Poseidon fled like a coward, while Zeus was the only one to fight back.

2. Zeus punished Poseidon when he tried to overthrow him in the Civil War. Forced him to work on the walls of Troy.

3. Poseidon obeys Zeus's commands. After all, Zeus is the king of the gods!

Is there no love for Zeus? He is the most powerful Greek god. And due to his personality flaws, he is certainly a very interesting god. This guy's thunderbolts could shake the cosmos and were certainly enough to depose a time god (Kronos, his dad). Zeus is the father of gods and men, both figuratively and literally.

4 Hades

Zeus is the king of the gods for an obvious reason: he rules the sky. In every mythology, the ruler either owns the heavens, the sky, the sun, or some combination thereof. But Hades? Hades, man, the underworld is named after this guy. He controls all the riches under the earth as well as the dead. His domain is by far the most powerful, most controlled, and most tasking.

What do the Olympians do? They go around disrupting humanity out of boredom because their jobs are just that, boring. But Hades has to control the dead, all the dead. That's a lot of people and a lot of places. The underworld, in general, is an ever-vast place, like the universe pretty much, because people just keep dying. Poseidon might control earthquakes and the ocean, which does cover a lot of the planet. But it's just the cover.

Even Zeus doesn't have much to do with the entire sky, a lightning storm here or there, yeah, terrifying, but let's compare that to death. You might die of lightning, a tornado, or a hurricane. But when Hades wants you, you're done for. I know the Fates are supposed to control when you die, but Hades is like the boss man in charge. I know he's not the king, but he's better. He's the godforsaken parliament.

5 Anubis

Anubis is the god of the dead, so I would expect him to have death-related powers, but all I know is that he's just stronger than the average god. I mean, what has he really done to be in the top 10?

God of the dead, Anubis has a jackal head, which sounds really cool. He transported the dead personally into the underworld - even Hades doesn't do that. Plus, being Egyptian, he wins on many counts.

Anubis is one of my favorite gods! He is just so cool with the jackal head, and he's the god of death - come on now! Definitely the best. And quite powerful too.

6 Thor

This title, The Mighty Thor, God of Thunder, Master of the Storm and Lightning, pretty much says it all. Thor is immortal. He is a god. Thor is naturally super strong, but his strength is multiplied even more with his wristbands of strength. Thor commands the storm and lightning. His Uru Hammer is one of the most powerful weapons anywhere, any place. Indestructible. The Hammer lets Thor fly and go into space and different worlds. The Hammer channels lightning. Nothing evil or non-worthy can lift it, let alone use it as a weapon. When thrown, it returns automatically back to Thor's hand.

Thor has his magical goat-drawn chariot. Thor can eat his two goats anytime, and they will return to form as long as none of the bones are lost or broken.

7 Odin

Not only does Odin have control of all 9 realms, in contrast to gods like Zeus and Poseidon who can only control aspects like the sky and the ocean, but he's also the father of Thor and the King of Asgard because of his power. He is easily the second strongest Norse god.

Odin has total control of the 8 Realms, whereas Zeus only has the heavens, which isn't even his. Uranus, a Titan, is on a better level than Zeus. Odin, well, let's just say he is also smart enough to fit in the level of the strongest god! Also, he is the father of Thor, who controls lightning just as well as Zeus.

8 Athena

The Goddess of wisdom, Athena, loves and supports mortals more than any other immortal. She picked up Mount Etna and threw it on the giant Enceladus, entrapping him under the volcano for all eternity. That's pretty badass.

Athena beats Ares, and he beats most of the Olympians outside of the big three. Mythologically, the only one who ever beat him straight up was Athena. So, there is that.

The best portrayal of Athena was in the series Xena: Warrior Princess, played by Paris Jefferson. This portrayal of Athena appeared in most of the ending episodes of Season 5, specifically in three episodes. In Xena, Athena is depicted as a beautiful woman with a golden helmet, golden costume, and the ability to teleport, along with powers of speed and knowledge.

9 Ares

Hated by all Olympian Gods and despised by his father Zeus, he is the underdog god in Greek mythology. He is bested by Athena in Troy, however, championed by the Spartans. At the end of the day, Ares is the God of War, and there is nothing worse than that. He is the raw bloodlust and masculinity of war and bloodshed. Notwithstanding what was mentioned before, he is married to the goddess of beauty. He is a player.

I think Ares should be higher up this list. He IS the GOD OF WAR. Whenever there is strife, he becomes stronger. Fighting him is just giving him more power.

10 Apollo

I don't like how this dude was ranked under both Athena and Ares. I mean, Apollo was the god of so many things, lots of people forgot what he controlled and didn't control. The main ones would be Archery, Medicine/Disease, and driving the sun chariot, though. You see, if this guy didn't want to shoot you from the other side of the earth with a golden arrow, his other options included frying you with the sun or touching you and giving you The Plague. Very underrated.

YES, Amazing! This dude's my Greek Godly Parent. Why isn't he higher on the list? P.S. For all you LGBTQIA+ people, Apollo is Bisexual/Pansexual (not sure)! I really hope more people vote for him, for he deserves WAY better than 10th place. I'm not done with Percy Jackson, though I have done some research on Apollo. Stay well, everyone, and stay strong!

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11 Ra

Why the heck is Ra 17th? Dude should be like 5th or in the top 5. Even his eye could destroy the earth's population, how much more him. Despite not being the god of Wisdom, he has shown to be near Thoth. Look at his wise remarks for not voting for Horus during his trial with Set. The rays of the sun were said to be his arrows, which can hurt people. Now, is anyone faster than light itself? Not Hercules, not Wukong, not Shiva, because Ra's arrows move at light speed. He also took on universal beings like Apep every night, a villain who demonstrated the ability to destroy a sun and could take on many gods and win. Ra should be higher than he is. He has so many abilities that would make him kick the ass of all the gods on the list.

12 Artemis

Artemis is a lone spirit but helps control her family, the other gods and goddesses. She has a whole troop of hunters to care for, and she helped Apollo in his trials. (Trails of Apollo)

Artemis is the goddess of the hunt. In the series Xena and Hercules, Artemis is a hard opponent and has an alliance with the biggest gods. She has a gold costume and gold bow and weapons.

I don't think she's real or anything she's just so cool to read about. She's so strong and courageous.

13 Horus

God of war, Horus once took the throne of the gods. He defeated Set at a young age (16-20). He never gives up and has control over griffins and hawks!

The original Jesus Christ (seriously, look up the Jesus/Horus comparison meme on Google Images).

God of war and god of falcons. So OP.

14 Krishna

The human who is, in fact, the supreme god. He was both fully human and the Supreme formless god. He alone is all the supreme powers, unlike Jesus who is only 1/3rd of the supreme powers. His true form was Lovecraftian way before Lovecraft was even born, and it scared the hell out of Arjuna, one of the bravest warriors.

He is a mortal who holds the power of a god. He understands mortality because he is or was mortal, and therefore, understands humility. This theoretically prevents him from abusing his power.

Incarnation of Lord Vishnu, the only human to be born with the knowledge and power of God. I think that's enough to describe him.

15 Demeter

All the gods listen to Demeter. Without her, humans would resort to eating each other. The other deities should bow to her. When her daughter got lost, Hades had to give in so that he and the other gods wouldn't get destroyed. Seriously!

16 Freyja

Freyja was once able to shake all of Asgard with her anger alone. That's power!

17 Loki

One of the most dynamic gods in all mythologies. He can be anybody he wants to be, and he's also the one who'll end/destroy the world of gods in Norse mythology. (Norse is definitely the best mythology therein. Too bad there's no Homer who translated/rewritten the whole book of Edda for us to understand the whole story of the Norse deities.)

The god of mischief, leader of an impeccable army of fan girls, and the father/mother to some truly nasty, horrifying, and amazing monstrous children.

Come on, I mean, it's Loki. Arguably the most intelligent of the gods, possibly possessing the most intriguing personality, and hands down the hottest.

18 Set

Set is the rightful king of the gods. He represents power as the god of storms, chaos, and war. He kills the wimpy Osiris and rules a successful reign. The classic story is corrupted to say he fights Horus and loses, which, may I say, is utter bullpoop! Set, or as I prefer, Sutekh (Zootek), defeats the wimpy Horus by ripping his eye out and keeps the throne.

Sadly, Horus complains to the other gods, and they have a vote. All gods support Horus because he is moral, apart from the wisest, Ra, who says that the most powerful god should rule, not the most moral. He votes for Sutekh. Alas, if it wasn't for stupid democracy, Set would remain king. He is also the only Egyptian god to have the head of an animal that doesn't exist. Pretty damn cool!

19 Jesus

He's not only the most powerful God on the list, but the rightful King of Heaven and the only actual God on the list. Everyone else listed here are either fallen angels or their offspring, which could be considered "gods", considering they claimed to be such.

Look into the fall of Lucifer, look into Enoch, the Book of Giants and whether it's popular or not, start comparing "mythologies" and research the pyramids of the world. You'll start realizing soon enough that there is only one true God.

20 Sun Wukong

He can travel 50,000 km by doing a cartwheel only once. He can fly on clouds, and he uses clouds to travel. He uses a stick that can transform from a very small needle to a very big pole that can knock down an island. If he pulls a hair out of his skin, he can transform into anything, and since he is a monkey, he can transform millions of times. I am Chinese, and I absolutely love him.

Has over three types of immortality, multiple transformations, strength great enough to strike fear into dragons, and can jump high enough to reach the end of the universe from the palm of Buddha. If that wasn't enough, then he is also bold enough to cause tantrums throughout the heavens.

P.S. He is a stone monkey.

21 Thanatos

Thanatos. Let me just tell you about Thanatos. He's the Greek God of Death, so whilst you may think that Hades is pretty cool and powerful (which he is), Thanatos is one notch higher. Sure, he was tricked a few times. If you capture Thanatos, you shackle death. You cannot die without Thanatos. He is the law and order of Death. Okay, Hades runs the Underworld, but there would be nothing to run if Thanatos wasn't there.

Not necessarily the strongest, the god was tied down by a mortal, but when it comes to power, literally NO ONE can die if when he is simply restrained. Just from restraining him, EVERYONE becomes immortal, EVERY SINGLE PERSON. What kind of power must he have if he can empower every single being on the planet with forever-lasting life?

22 Vishnu

The omnipotent and omnipresent preserver god. All heroes are but his incarnations. He always has a way to defeat an opponent, no matter who.

He is the preserver. He emerged from each and every battle of each of his incarnations without even a scratch. He can end any god's, demon's, or any other being's life with his Sudarshan Chakra.

He's the God of the entire world, who shows the past, present, and future too. He must be listed next to Shiva.

23 Aphrodite

Powerful or not, she's definitely deceptive. Come on guys, every living creature has love in it. Why do many heroes and villains do crazy things? Why is Zeus afraid of his own wife? (Why are we, first?) Why did Hades risk kidnapping Persephone (or whatever her name was)? Why did Poseidon create horses? Why was there a Trojan War? Think about it.

She is the goddess of love and beauty, with great power. In the series Xena: Warrior Princess, Aphrodite is portrayed with significant power. In Season 5, Episode 22, Aphrodite helps by taking Xena and Gabrielle to Mount Olympus. She saves Gabrielle's life.

24 Cronus

Kronor is super cool. He can manipulate time itself and is super strong. His father Uranus was afraid of him.

25 Yahweh

The single most infinitely powerful God is Yahweh. Not only is He the only true god, but He would also dominate any series of pantheons. As the creator and sustainer of the universe, He is the most influential god in history, omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient - the list is endless. His power and fullness of being cannot be possibly perceived by anyone, unlike every other god on this list. Unlike other gods that emerged from chaos, He walked atop the chaos in the beginning. He's always been there. The most personal and loving god, to the point of becoming human and dying to show His love for humanity. He will reign as king of everything until the end of time. Yahweh is 1000% the greatest, strongest, most infinite being in existence, no question. He is also the only god with a capital 'G'... just saying.

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