Favorite Pizza Toppings


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LOVE IT! Pepperoni is so good! And easy to make! You don't even have to put it in the oven! Nothing needs to be cooked! The juicy sensation of the meat inside your very own mouth! The juiciness and tenderness of the sensational meaty circles! LOVE IT! NO DOUBT I BOW DOWN TO PEPPERONI!
I love this so much! It like melts in my mouth and the crisp taste of it the epic crunch! I love it! My favorite was double stuffed peperoni! There so good. Thank you
I like pepperoni plain to, but the thing is I hate pizza. Everyonee is like offended because I hate pizza. I just hate the cheese. I rip of the cheese and eat the dough. I LLLLLLOVVVVVEEEEE pepperoni plain and raw. I have a fat stomace though but it is too YYYYYUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYYYYYY! I also can't spell and I am addicted to burritos
[Newest]Everybody loves peperoni. I love meat fest pizzas so Yeh!

Well, the obvious reason IT IS THE BEST AND MOST DELICIOUS!
Hope you agree...
It's kind of obvious, but yes, if you're going to add anything to a pizza, the first thing will be Cheese.
Obviously. I can bear several different toppings, but after awhile, the toppings seem to get in the way of the sheer yumminess that only cheese can offer. It's rich, and you can tell it's good pizza when the cheese smoothly stretches when you take a bite out of it.
[Newest]If there's no cheese, its not pizza.

I love Sam's Club's 3 meat pizza. It has sausage, bacon, and pepperoni. It is just plain YUM! The sausage really adds a lot of yum to the pizza.
Sausage is so amazing that I can use it on my pizza or in a pasta if I want, or depending on the day! It made me crave for meat lovers pizza as my favorite food, and other meat toppings in general, like bacon and pepperoni!
Sausage Is Yummy! Who Is Strong Enough To Eat a Pizza Without SAUSAGE
[Newest]Huh, I like sausage but never tried on pizza. Good idea thanks guys.

I love pineapple on my pizza, but I didn't expect it to rank so high up. I hardly know anyone else who likes it but me. It really adds a nice sweet flavor to the pizza.
Love it with Canadian bacon
It's so juicy and tastes so awesome good!
Hi people that like it
I like Hawaiian pizza but it's usually HAM and pineapple and they never have just pineapple. So yeah, my favorite pizza is just pineapple.
[Newest]Pineapple belongs in a fruit cup or a tropical drink on pizza it is an abomination

! Who could live without bacon?! Bacon is the worlds best meat, no matter what it is on top of!
Bacon adds such a pleasant salty flavour. It's top of the charts for a topping!
Hey whats that delicios smell? Oh, it's the bacon on my pizza. Bacon is clearly the best pizza topping.
[Newest]Bacon should be number one on any applicable list. It's bacon, after all.

Ham... Juicy ham. I love most all pizza toppings, but ham takes the cake, along with bacon. Lets get ham above bacon! Ham tastes better, is juicier, and is less fatty than bacon!
I like my pizza topped with lots of ham, two cheeses, no sauce, and grilled (and yes, I said GRILLED! ) I can't live without a good pie!
Crispy and with the cheese and tomato it melts in your mouth...
Cut in little bits and mix with chopped up onions then mix with garlic and put the pizza in the oven!
[Newest]I like ham. But not my favorite.

Chicken is the best ever topping, how can it be classed as a yummy pizza if it doesn't contain traditional chicken!
I love Chicken Tikka pizza. It tastes so good and has so much flavour
Its always one of the most appealing topping choices whenever it's my turn to choose. It goes good with pretty much anything.


The first time I heard Mushrooms as a pizza topping I thought "Eeww. " Because I hate Mushrooms. Then I tryed a pizza with mushrooms, pepperoni, and peppers, and I loved it! Especially the mushrooms which was a huge surprise to me. Now I aways want Mushrooms as one of my pizza toppings.
I find mushrooms funny like a bunny(not really). My favorite pizza is mushrooms with ham. That's why. Me and callofdutybitch both like it too (but his favorite is pineapple.


Mushrooms work best with pizza. It becomes really soft and yummy when it done cooking! LOVE mushrooms! GO mushrooms!
[Newest]It is the best 💃💃💃💃

It's the topping I always hope for. Pepperoni is so overused and overrated. Chicken, mushrooms, and onions are the perfect trio for me!


Yeah go onions but if you don't like onions on pizza then look up sautayed onions so easy

10Green Peppers
I love the taste
I love putting them in a pan with onions and other bell peppers and smelling them while they cook


I'm more of a spicy type of person, so I would want it over;on top of my cheese
They add a fresh, crisp crunch and a green splash of color to any and every pizza! Green peppers aren't only very yummy, they also healthy since they're a vegitable. I love green peppers!
[Newest]I love bacon on pizza

The Contenders

First order of today is cajun pizza, coming right up!
It's good even when it's not on anything

12BBQ Sauce
BBQ chicken Pizza is HEAVEN!

It's just like pepperoni! But even better! I had it last night. BEST THING I HAVE EVER TASTED!
You can't beat some good salami

14Red Peppers
There's no bad pepper, just like red

15Hamburger Meat
Yep, all you gotta do is add half a packet of onion soup mix to a pound of ground beef and you'll be in heaven!
This is a Midwestern thing that should be a nation wide one! It's the best

For me? I prefer an extra cheese pizza with peperoni and olives. Lots of people think they look yucky but I find them to go perfectly with the peperoni
They are just the most amazing topping ever
Tastes perfect with green olives on pizza.
[Newest]The only zingy topping


18Sweet Corn
Sweet corn is delicious on pizzas
Can't have chicken without sweet corn

Veggie pizzas are GREAT!

20Tomato Sauce
Js I don't think I have ever had a pizza without tomato sauce on it but that might just be me?

This shouldn't be on the list. Just because chocolate tastes good doesn't mean chocolate pizza will taste good. Combining the two would be disgusting and gross.
Wait... Let me read that again... CHOCOLATE? Who in the world puts CHOCOLATE ON THEIR PIZZA?!
You can get these sweet pizzas with no cheese or tomato, You can get stuff like cookie dough, marshmallows, etc. I do!
Chocolate is the bast thing to put on pizza if its on cookie dough. add lollies on top, it tastes amazing!

22Banana Peppers
Underestimated younger brother of the green and yellow pepper. Adds a subtle sweetness to any pizza

It's a gotta have for the 'green' conscious!
It's just so delicious

24Goat Cheese
Every pizza I've eaten in the last 5 years has had feta on it, otherwise I pass ( pepperoni and feta when you have the salt craving, red bell pepper onion basil last night )
Goat Cheese & Spinach, tasty & healthy

25Canadian Bacon

Mozzarella is from itself a really soft, delicious cheese. But on a pizza it's melted and ten times more yumy!
I love mozzarella on my pizza, who doesn't?
It just goes with the pizza, like Yum❤️

Super yummy n tasty.

28Black Olives
I think most olives are black huh?

Not everybody likes spicy but I guess everyone has an opinion. Jalapeno is my absolute favourite pizza topping
While meat is good, a few jalapeno peppers add something unique to pizza. It is through tanginess that my vote extends to jalapenos.
I love spicy food

30Feta Cheese
Feta cheese (other than the basics, cheese, pepperoni) is by far my favorite thing on pizza. So amazingly good
Sounds weird, but in reality it is so good! Best pizza topping ever! :) Just get chuncks of it on top of the regular cheese. Add Mushrooms and Olives, and you're all set! Yummy!
Mm salty crisp yumminess! Good with olives

Meatball Pizza. Everyone loves it.


33Buffalo Chicken
Love my spicy chicken

Avocado is soft and creamy.

35Crushed Red Pepper

Awesome! But you don't wanna over-cook the rice before you put it in the oven. Sometimes I just put the sushi on afterwards. Either way- it is delicous! But, seriously, am I the only person who LURVES it?!

I don't like eggplant


39Greek Olives


41Spicy Meat
Yum! It's so good. It includes jalepono ham and pizza

42Ziti Pasta
It's super cheesy and really delicious. Pizza di Roma has a great ziti pizza. Try it!

43Spring Onion


45Apple Sauce
SERIOUSLY AMERICA? Chocolate now APPLESAUCE WHAT! Applesauce on pizza? I am
Imagining the swag undying flavor right now... 😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷

Is that a name. ?

47Kalamata Olives
They are truly the best with pip/pit? Has to be in or they taste naff. Up there with Anchovies really. Should be top two.

48Shredded Lettuce

Is this just a Midwest thing? I love sauerkraut on my pizza. It goes so well with the cheese.



Not as gross as it sounds

53Roasted Pumpkin


55Asian Cucumber



58Strawberry Ice Cream
It just doesn't work with chocolate ice cream.

59Provolone Cheese
Excellent on any kind of pizza, and much better than mozzarella.



61Mac and Cheese
I STILL can't believe this wasn't on the list! It's SO GOOD!



63French Fries

Had it in France. Sounds funky but was good! Don't knock it until you try

Jelly on pizza? I wonder if some people do this.


Seriously? Chocolate applesauce and now SPRINKLES? I'm done someone please find me a nearby cliff to jump off of! Jk

Spicy tuna topping with some chopped red onion and tomato green chilies its simply amazing add some bell pepper even better.
Why hasn't anyone put this on the list yet? It's usually delicious regardless of which brand it is and the fish works really well with the cheese on the top.


Sounds weird, tastes delicious!


Juicy cheesy bready yum


Salty, delicious, perhaps a controversial choice for some, but always a winner when we make pizzas. So many pizzerias don't even offer anchovies these days, but it's a real shame. Fry knows what I'm talking about.
Just gotta have Anchovies, little bursts of the sea on your tongue mm.
Depends what your in to other than salt it self you won't get better than this
[Newest]Not for everyone but a smooth, salty choice

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