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LOVE IT! Pepperoni is so good! And easy to make! You don't even have to put it in the oven! Nothing needs to be cooked! The juicy sensation of the meat inside your very own mouth! The juiciness and tenderness of the sensational meaty circles! LOVE IT! NO DOUBT I BOW DOWN TO PEPPERONI!

I love this so much! It like melts in my mouth and the crisp taste of it the epic crunch! I love it! My favorite was double stuffed peperoni! There so good. Thank you

I like pepperoni plain to, but the thing is I hate pizza. Everyonee is like offended because I hate pizza. I just hate the cheese. I rip of the cheese and eat the dough. I LLLLLLOVVVVVEEEEE pepperoni plain and raw. I have a fat stomace though but it is too YYYYYUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYYYYYY! I also can't spell and I am addicted to burritos

Needs no explanation.

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Well, the obvious reason IT IS THE BEST AND MOST DELICIOUS!
Hope you agree...

It's kind of obvious, but yes, if you're going to add anything to a pizza, the first thing will be Cheese.

Obviously. I can bear several different toppings, but after awhile, the toppings seem to get in the way of the sheer yumminess that only cheese can offer. It's rich, and you can tell it's good pizza when the cheese smoothly stretches when you take a bite out of it.

I might be saying this because I've been eating pepperoni pizza for a decade, though cheese pizza seems to taste better to me.

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! Who could live without bacon?! Bacon is the worlds best meat, no matter what it is on top of!

Bacon adds such a pleasant salty flavour. It's top of the charts for a topping!

Hey whats that delicios smell? Oh, it's the bacon on my pizza. Bacon is clearly the best pizza topping.

Bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon bacon

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I love pineapple on my pizza, but I didn't expect it to rank so high up. I hardly know anyone else who likes it but me. It really adds a nice sweet flavor to the pizza.

Love it with Canadian bacon
It's so juicy and tastes so awesome good!
Hi people that like it

I like Hawaiian pizza but it's usually HAM and pineapple and they never have just pineapple. So yeah, my favorite pizza is just pineapple.

Hawaiian is the best

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I love Sam's Club's 3 meat pizza. It has sausage, bacon, and pepperoni. It is just plain YUM! The sausage really adds a lot of yum to the pizza.

Sausage is so amazing that I can use it on my pizza or in a pasta if I want, or depending on the day! It made me crave for meat lovers pizza as my favorite food, and other meat toppings in general, like bacon and pepperoni!

Sausage Is Yummy! Who Is Strong Enough To Eat a Pizza Without SAUSAGE

My wife says I have the best sausage she's ever tasted, her sister agrees. Now just time to give the MIL a taste of it!

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Chicken is the best ever topping, how can it be classed as a yummy pizza if it doesn't contain traditional chicken!

I love Chicken Tikka pizza. It tastes so good and has so much flavour

I love chicken too, I just wish there was a chicken pizza topping that could have a great Italian flavor, maybe even one that can explode the flavor in your mouth like a good peperoni!

My favorite pizza topping

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Ham... Juicy ham. I love most all pizza toppings, but ham takes the cake, along with bacon. Lets get ham above bacon! Ham tastes better, is juicier, and is less fatty than bacon!

I like my pizza topped with lots of ham, two cheeses, no sauce, and grilled (and yes, I said GRILLED! ) I can't live without a good pie!

Crispy and with the cheese and tomato it melts in your mouth...
Cut in little bits and mix with chopped up onions then mix with garlic and put the pizza in the oven!

Neve tried it before

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The first time I heard Mushrooms as a pizza topping I thought "Eeww. " Because I hate Mushrooms. Then I tryed a pizza with mushrooms, pepperoni, and peppers, and I loved it! Especially the mushrooms which was a huge surprise to me. Now I aways want Mushrooms as one of my pizza toppings.

I find mushrooms funny like a bunny(not really). My favorite pizza is mushrooms with ham. That's why. Me and callofdutybitch both like it too (but his favorite is pineapple. - callofduty4

Mushrooms work best with pizza. It becomes really soft and yummy when it done cooking! LOVE mushrooms! GO mushrooms!

It is the best 💃💃💃💃

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Yeah go onions but if you don't like onions on pizza then look up sautayed onions so easy

It's the topping I always hope for. Pepperoni is so overused and overrated. Chicken, mushrooms, and onions are the perfect trio for me! - BKAllmighty


For me? I prefer an extra cheese pizza with peperoni and olives. Lots of people think they look yucky but I find them to go perfectly with the peperoni

They are just the most amazing topping ever

Under pepperoni, cheese, sausage and ham, olives are excellent on any pizz

The only zingy topping - vavagavoon

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11Green Peppers

I love the taste
I love putting them in a pan with onions and other bell peppers and smelling them while they cook - Grisleanlikeduh21

I'm more of a spicy type of person, so I would want it overon top of my cheese

They add a fresh, crisp crunch and a green splash of color to any and every pizza! Green peppers aren't only very yummy, they also healthy since they're a vegitable. I love green peppers!

Hate all kinds of peppers

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12BBQ Sauce

BBQ chicken Pizza is HEAVEN!

It is really good but...


First order of today is cajun pizza, coming right up!

It's good even when it's not on anything

14Hamburger Meat

Yep, all you gotta do is add half a packet of onion soup mix to a pound of ground beef and you'll be in heaven!

This is a Midwestern thing that should be a nation wide one! It's the best


15Red Peppers

There's no bad pepper, just like red

We love red peppers


Veggie pizzas are GREAT!

Completely awesome


Super yummy n tasty.

18Canadian Bacon

It's just like pepperoni! But even better! I had it last night. BEST THING I HAVE EVER TASTED!

You can't beat some good salami

Salamis is sweet for pizzas

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