Top Ten Godfather Trilogy Scenes

The Godfather is considered one of the greatest masterpieces to ever come out of film, with many great, memorable scenes. What's your favourite Godfather scene?

If you somehow haven't watched this before and plan to, do not read on.

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1Baptism murder montage (Godfather)

Largely recognised as one of the greatest montages in history, paralleling Michael's baptism with the murders he had orchestrated. - Aeterna

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2Vito and Michael talk alone for the final time (Godfather)

One of the few emotional scenes we get with Vito, who is open with Michael and apologises for the way things have turned out. - Aeterna

3Michael shoots Sollozzo and McCluskey (Godfather)

One of the huge changing points for Michael and very memorable. - Aeterna

4Michael convinces Sonny to let him kill Sollozzo and McCluskey (Godfather)

Another huge changing point, where we first see Michael take control of the situation. - Aeterna

5Kay tells Michael about the abortion (Godfather II)

There is no scene in any movie that sends chills down your spine when you look at Michaels quivering lip as he grasps just what has happened. That scene alone deserved an Oscar. I wish they had oscars for specific scenes in any movie. Because there are some mediocre movies that have scenes in then that are worthy of an Oscar.

The true magnificence of this scene comes from Pacino's method acting and the raw anger seething through Michael. - Aeterna

6Opening scene with Vito Corleone (Godfather)

Just as famous as the scene above, with Vito dealing for family matters and Brando speaking the famous Godfather quote. - Aeterna

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7Michael becomes Don Corleone (Godfather)

Huge scene that many will have seen shots of even without watching the film, as it shows Michael's transition from the good soldier he once was to a ruthless Don. - Aeterna

8Michael talks with Moe Greene (and warns Fredo) (Godfather)

We see Michael acting as Don and the memorable talk with Fredo. - Aeterna

9Michael recognizes threat and protects Vito at the hospital (Godfather)
10The Horse's head in the bed (Godfather)

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11The Godfather II final scene (flashback) (Godfather II)

Seeing the contrast of how things were and how they are now, how Michael taking care of the family lead to the end of the family and how he has changed over time. - Aeterna

12The congressional hearing where the witness is convinced not to tell the truth when his brother is brought the proceedings (Godfather II)
13Michael 'forgives' Fredo (Godfather II)

What we think to be an emotional scene until The final shot of Michael gesturing. - Aeterna

14The door closes on Kate (final shot of The Godfather)
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1. Baptism murder montage (Godfather)
2. Vito and Michael talk alone for the final time (Godfather)
3. Kay tells Michael about the abortion (Godfather II)
1. Baptism murder montage (Godfather)
2. Opening scene with Vito Corleone (Godfather)
3. Michael shoots Sollozzo and McCluskey (Godfather)



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