Top 10 Hard Rock Bands

This is bad-to-the-bone hard rock, no emo-screamo, or happy joy joy, so you can take your pansy little flute and go home.

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1Led Zeppelin
How the Hell did Guns N' Roses Beat Led Zeppelin!?!? Seriously!?!? What?!?! Today's Generation! Now Don't get me wrong I think that Guns N' Roses is an awesome band but come on man Led Zeppelin is easily the best band of all time... Just give a listen to Achilles Last Stand or Stairway or Dazed and Confused or Immigrant Song or practically any other song from their 9 albums. Led Zeppelin is the best band EVER!
They practically MADE rock for all the bands we know now. Without Zeppelin, rock would still be gospel and bluegrass.


I ain't that much of a Zeppelin guy, but they kick Guns 'N Roses. Axl Rose is such a douche bag. Hate their music, no wonder why Slash left. Zeppelin made Stairway to Heaven which is by far one of the greatest songs of all time. (My favorite song of all time is definitely One by Metallica). Gonna play Stairway at my dad's funeral. Also, Zeppelin is one of the founding members of hard rock and very early heavy metal. So without them, I don't know if I would listen to much rock bands.
[Newest]Guns N' Roses is a metal band not hard rock
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2Guns N' Roses
I know a lot of people will be upset to see that Guns N' Roses is voted #1, because over the past 20 years Guns N' Roses has gotten a bad par because of everyone's hatred for Axl, but in their heyday they were, in my humble opinion, the greatest band ever formed. Songs like Sweet Child, November Rain, Civil War, Welcome to the jungle, Patience, Nightrain, one in a million etc... are better and have more depth than any songs released by any other band ever. Obviously this is purely subjective, but I absolutely agree with the ranking.
Are you serious? A band that has about 8 songs worth mentioning and a singer with shredded vocal cords? Slash is the best guitarists in the world huh? Yeah I remember being in my teens and being able to play anything he could and with little difficulty. If you look at Musician's World top 100 Guitarists of all times as ranked by their own peers, Slash didn't do that great. Let's see who was no. 1? Oh yeah Eddie Van Halen himself! No mention of Slash near the top. Whoever posted that obviously is not a musician nor a Guitarist either. Don't get me wrong Guns N' Roses was very good for a short run. I've seen them live and they have the audio engineer keep AXL's mic lower than the instruments for a reason. He destroyed his voice by smoking and drinking too much 25 years ago.
Slash is an awesome guitarist. His solos is very marvellous to hear. The best guitarist in the best HARD ROCK bans.
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AC/DC was easily and still is one of the most popular bands of all time. Their innovation and style isn't necessarily in their songwriting or song meaning. It's in their songs' groove. And the lyrics and parts balance perfectly. Weighing all aspects of rock 'n' roll, AC/DC is the best hard rock band of all time.
Greatest band ever.. It should be listed as first.. Can't you just feel the real meaning of singing hard rock... Its about origines of real hard rock and high energy.. You get excited when you watch em.
I see them as the most consistently amazing rock band of all time, I can rock to pretty much all of their songs, especially "You Shook Me All Night Long", "Thunderstruck", "Back In Black", "Highway To Hell", "Whole Lotta Rosie"... Oh, forget it, there's just too many to name!
[Newest]What band puts together the second-highest selling album in history with a brand new singer? No band can ever come near their superiority in music.
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Metallica isn't hard rock band. They play thrash/heavy metal. And they're epic!
Who said Metallica is not hard rock band,Metallica is a heavy metal and hard rock band.not even thrash metal.somebody should know that what is thrash metal first.
For all those saying Metallica are not hard rock are wrong. a lot of their work in the 90s was hard rock along with heavy metal in some albums.
[Newest]There the longest playing band that still is to date, and a lot of fun to listen to. Adrenaline central!
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Back in 1991, Bangladesh was used to with pop, folk, etc kind of music. A very small amount of people used to listen to hard rock and heavy music which was in English. Back in those days, even musicians could not think of doing some rock music. Suddenly there came out a different sound, such as high pitched vocals, fast guitars with distortion, blood pumping drum bits, and thought full lyrics with new type of tunes. That was nothing but the first album of warfaze. Listeners ran up to shops to check out this unique sound and it got deep in their hearts soon.
They are one of the best band from Bangladesh along with other great bands. I'd recommend every music lover to listen to their music. You may not understand the lyrics as it is in Bengali language, though you can feel the music. Music itself is a language. Bangladesh is filled with many talented artists (mostly band musicians) but sadly the world haven't hard of them due to some reasons.. Don't forget to listen to their music though. Have a nice day
WARFAZE is WARFAZE. No Doubt to say that all founder members of the Band. Lead guitarist KAMAL as well as Leader Tipu has sacrificed a lot to continue the band and stand on ground till this days as the TOP ROCK BAND in Bangladesh. Here is another things that has to say that the VOCAL MIZAN is an Extra powerful vocal who is the current perfect front man of the band and we hope the last one till the band stands whatever comes. Rozar is the bassist of the band, old hand with the current lineup always having hungama with the vox as the best mate. ONI young talented guitarist with fast playing hand who fills the bands empty space in a new shape. AND keybordist SHAMS, ARCHITECT as well as a lecturer who transform all new vibes. Lacking of WARFAZE is not to focus on international rock music industries by live concerts, I acclaim with conviction people of Saskatoon, German, England USA, South Africa as well as Australia will never gonna hear their own band songs after your performances... The best songs are unlimited, want to hear their sound? Just buy a CD or download or see YouTube. YOU WILL ROCK.
[Newest]Best band in all world
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6Avenged Sevenfold
They are awesome! Shadows has an amazing voice, Syn shreds like pro, Zacky's unique cause he's a left-handed guitarist and the guitar duels they performed are amazing, Johnny's sexy as hell with his bass and Arin's just an amazing drummer. RIP Jimmy the Rev cause he's the greatest drummer for me! Their new album Hail to the King has amazing worth hearing tracks!
I have seen them twice live. I took my teenage son. They are pretty good for a modern day band. Whoever put they should be ranked number 1 is as clueless as any person I've ever seen post anything in my life. Background vocals leave a lot to be desired. I seen them at U.S. bank Arena in Cincy and the upper level was empty well into their Hail To The King tour. I've seen oh, Metallica, AC DC, Van Halen, and many more bands sell out every arena or coliseum in the world for decades. Metallica has played for crowds of over 250,000 before. A7X will never achieve the album sales or play for crowds nearly the size of the above mentioned and they admitted that themselves. Like I said they are very good however, at least they play good guitar solos and don't just play 3-4 chords on their guitars like most modern day guitar players. Very good but not great or anywhere near elite status but good guys.
Everything about them is amazing. Find one bad aspect of their music.
[Newest]They have great songs and they put on a great live performance! At least top 5.
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7Iron Maiden
Haha, you can't beat those twin guitars and the speed is mind blowing, hats off to Murray and Smith.
I'm the man who walks alone, when I'm walking in a dark road--the most love line
Just love Bruce Dickinson! Awesome vocals and obviously exceptional!
[Newest]Just the best hard rock group so far
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Queen was very plural in theirs music and possesses excellent vocalist and excellent guitarist
It was the gift of Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury.. I don, t have anything to say about his inhuman melodious voice. Of course the guitarist is one of the best.
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9Bon Jovi
Amazing, like kings of melodic rock. Enough said.


I think this is one of the greatest bands in History, because they are active for a Long time Hope Richie comes back.
Best bend with best songs.
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Are you guys kidding me? Nirvana is "Grunge"...noobs. How dare you.
Nirvana is boss! They are one of the best bands ever and Kurt is legend.
RIP kurt nirvana should be on no1
[Newest]Nirvana is not hard rock
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The Contenders

Most people hear cryin, miss a thing and sweet emotion, then say they suck. But they have so much more that truly makes them America's greatest rock and roll band! Toys in the Attic, Rocks, and Get your Wings are some of the best albums ever, topped only by Appetite for Destruction.
People don't pay attention... HARD ROCK! The most of the bands here are Metal! It's not fair!
The best out oft he options and better than nirvana anyday
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12Deep Purple
In fact, Deep Purple have always been one of the top 3 best and most influential bands in both hard rock and metal. They were pioneers of both genres. And they were damn good!
Finding them always so low on these lists means that they are terribly underrated.
Smoke on the water... That's all
not only Smoke on the water; also great songs like Highway Star, Child In Time, Black Night, Mistreated, Perfect Strangers, Hungry Daze, Soldier of Fortune, Stormbringer, Burn, King Of Dreams... Well, some of them are actually metal songs (non-bluesy) but I listed mostly hard rock songs.


13Black Sabbath
Led Zeppelin did create the "Hard Rock" genre in comparison to Black Sabbath. For Sabbath created the Metal genre. They don't belong in this list. They belong at the number one spot of every Top Metal list out there.
Zeppelin created the blue print for both genres. The sound that they displayed in songs like "Black Dog and "Whole Lotta Love" were so influential that bands like deep purple and Black Sabbath adapted a familiar sound. Toni iommi's style of picking the guitar and distortions created a low sound that was loud. Hard rock on the other hand has a bluesy sound.
Pioneers of heavy metal, and Ozzy is just as good flying solo as he is in a band.


Hard to define Sabbath... Some people think hard rock, some think metal. I think Zep is by far #1 in hard rock, and sabbath is #1 in metal. Period. Both great bands!
Their 70s sound was neither hard rock nor metal - Tony Iommi defined it as Heavy Blues Rock and this is the most correct description. They started play metal (a non-bluesy genre) in the 80s after lots of stylistic changes.


[Newest]This is Real Heavy Metal.
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Great vocals, Great guitarist, Great songs, Everything is great!
Its the best band I have ever see
I think scorpions must be in the top 10
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One of the leading rock bands in Bangladesh at present times. A huge entertainer. The lyrics are awesome, they have some songs that will remain in people's head for a long time for sure.
Aurthohin is one of lead rock band in Bangladesh. They are best ever. I just their diehard fan.
The maestri of jaw dropping guiter riffs, flashing drum works and spellbinding bass attack made this band reign the rock kingdom of Bangladesh. Where other bands struggle to hold their reputation-Aurthohin made rock a religion where passion for creation is a signature any listener can taste.
[Newest]Aurthohin is the best hard rock band in the world
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16Alter Bridge
Personally, I love bands like Metallica and Iron Maiden, but they aren't hard rock, they're metal. Alter Bridge are the best hard rock band in the world at this time. Every album they bring out is breathtaking, the perfect mix of heavy riffs with Myles' soothing vocals.
Probably the most under rated band on this list. Myles Kennedy has one of the best vocals in rock at the moment and Mark Tremonti is an amazing songwriter and one of the top most seasoned guitarist today.
With vocals like Myles and Guitarist like Tremonti, They surely is one of the best and deserve to be on the top of this list.
[Newest]First met them here. I really needed this sound.
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What! KISS is the best band ever! How can Rise Against be 10th and kiss 14th! Rise Against are not even a hard rock band! They are melodic hardcore... KISS ARMY forever!
This to me is a disgrace, I'm sorry but bon jovi and kiss need to be switched because bon jovi is not even close to being better than kiss


The make-up is why they're on here. Music-wise, they are not so good, but they sure put on a show!


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18Van Halen
How in the name of god is Van Halen this low? Many people have deemed them the sucessors of Led Zeppelin and if you listen to songs like Panama, Hot For Teacher, and ain't' Talking' 'Bout Love, you will see that they are well deserving of that title. Plus their songs are so catchy and all instruments are always in sync with each other. Van Halen is simply a monster of rock, especially hard rock with Eddie's guitar riffs, Alex's thundering drumming beats, Michael's thudding bass lines, and Diamond Dave's wide and enthusiastic vocals. Van Halen should be in the top 5 at least because they are simply awesome and I will never stop loving them. Sure, all the other bands on here are good, but some like Iron Maiden should not be above Van Halen because they are heavy metal, not hard rock. Van Halen also ruled the air waves in the 1980s, because of their awesomeness. Also, Van Halen on their most recent album "A Different Kind Of Truth" from 2012, Van Halen has not lost their legendary sound one bit even after a long break from releasing albums and material to the public. Long live Van Halen!
Huh? Van Halen in #23? Is this a different band that sucks with the same name? I hopes so! Cause the real van halen should be in top 3
Humans being makes them in top 10, sorry metal fans
[Newest]Van Halen is god.
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I am 49 now, and I consider Dio as a Hard and Heavy Rock band, because they are unique, from the legendary vocalist Ronnie James Dio, to the great other members! They should be on the top of the list. Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Rainbow, Led Zeppelin, Journey, AC/DC, Iron Maiden (Heavy but Melodic), Kiss, Aero Smith, etc..., should be on the top also!
Ronnie James Duo has THE greatest singing voice rock has ever known. Nothing compares.
20Three Days Grace
Come on! I know these guys are newer, but their sound is just amazing, and no other band has a sound like this. Respect!
Only Three Days Grace has a point in they're songs. And the music is good too. They deserve top 10
The BEST band I've ever known!
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