Greatest Judas Priest Albums


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The Top Ten

This is my favorite JP album here's my top 5 songs on this album are all on my top 10 overall priest songs here's my top ten songs
1. Painkiller (1st overall )
2. Touch of evil (tied for 2nd overall )
3. Metal Meltdown ( 5th overall )
4. All Guns Blazing ( 7th overall )
5. Night Crawler ( 9th overall )
Here are my top 5 albums
1. Painkiller ( best song painkiller )
2. Defenders Of The Faith ( best song The Sentinel )
3. Ram it down ( best song ram it down )
4. Turbo Lover ( best song Parental Guidens )
5. Screaming For Vengence ( The Hellion / Electric Eye )
BEST METAL ALBUM EVER. Well this is clearly the greatest metal album ever from the best metal band JUDAS PRIEST. Its only competition is defenders of the faith which is still quite far behind this
Song ranking
1. Touch of Evil (also my all time favorite song
2. PainKiller
3. Metal Meltdown
4. All Guns Blazing
5. Night Crawler
6. Hell Patrol
7. Shot at Glory
8. Between the Hammer and the Anvil
9. Leather Rebel
10. Living Bad Dreams
Solid album. I like every track on this album, but what really stands out to me is the self titled track, Pain Killer. I'd rank this within my top 10 metal tracks, a true eargasm.
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2Screaming for Vengeance
Screaming for vengeance has no filler and no lowpoint. It is an unadulterated metal asswhooping! Not only the best Judas Priest album, but one of the top 10 metal albums ever!
Dont forget you've got another thing comin'!
Just the sound, the true heavy metal. Defenetly better than painkiller
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3Defenders of the Faith
Great songs like the sentinel and freewheel burning it makes me in goose pumps all time I hear this albums songs maybe greatest album ever made
One of my top metal albums from any band! Its got everything from screaming metal to great heavy rock. Love it!

4Sad Wings of Destiny
The best Judas Priest song for many reasons such as every single song ranging from very good to unbelievable. But the other main reason is for the simple fact that this is probably the greatest vocal performance ever achieved on an album. Rob Halford shows off his voice range through out every song. His voice is beautiful and this album is a showcase to that god like talent.


The beginning of Judas Priest! I mean, Rocka Rolla was good, but not JUDAS-PRIEST-GOOD! Sad Wings of Destiny is the first album to include the Judas Priest landmark sound and Halford groundbreaking voice style that (in my opinion) set the ground and the rules for all heavy metal singers from here (1976) on!
The only Priest album that has an atmosphere in constant presence, a consistent effort in league of its own. in my humble opinion Priest have another two outstanding albums (Vengeance, Painkiller) which both are fun; here we have no filler material... (just killer tracks that have become classics over the course of time). A timeless record.
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5British Steel
A ground-breaking record by the Metal Gods
Best album of the year
Can't believe this is out of the top 3; certainly better than Screaming for me. Great tracks and quintessential Priest!
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6Stained Class
Dark, no fillers, and "Beyond the Realms of Death" is Priest's best song.
This album laid the ground work for the new wave of British heavy metal. This is the peak. Everything got more commercial after this.
By far one of the darkest albums of all time, I mean come on this is the one that inspired kids to commit suicide! That is HEAVY METAL!
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7Hell Bent for Leather
I have this one, Actually it is called Killing Machine (the one I have on vinyl) and I really like this record. It got very nice songs like: Before the dawn, Running Wild, Hell Bent for Leather, Burnin' up. Good songs and very good vocals! It was my first record of Judas Priest! And it is still awesome! I can listen to it all-day. Judas Priest is still rocking of course!
I just got this album recently and was very impressed. The first song is a basic blues chord progession, but the speed and the volume are turned way up for maximum effect. Just full on energy, and then on the softer side, there is a song called "Before the Dawn. " Slow and somewhatsad as the emotion pours from Rob, and the guitar solo is brillinat---slow but very metallic. I am really kind of new to JP and am looking for more albums from them that rock hard like this one does.
Classic album and is a bit underrated on this list. My personal fave is Painkiller or British Steel but this is also quite good

8Ram It Down
Come on, if you can get past the drum machine, you get a great album.
Non-Stop metal. This album is never a bore p, and is a vast improvement over the Turbo era.

Great glam metal from the Priest. Showing how dynamic this band can be. As with Painkiller four years later.
Are you nuts? This is on the list instead of British Steel?

10Sin After Sin
Solid record, Simon Phillips drumming makes a huge difference. Sin After Sin and Sad Wings were amazing albums.
You'll either like the stuff before Hell Bent or after. If you like Black Sabbath, UFO, Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple, Rainbow, then you will like the earlier stuff. If you like Metallica, Ratt, and Motley Crue you will like the later.

The Contenders

11Rocka Rolla

A very underrated album, often given a poor rating because it's the first album missing Rob Halford and the style of the bands music was much heavier due in part to the long gap between this album and Painkiller. Tim Ripper Owens features on this album and delivers strong vocals, he's since gone on to front great band's such as Iced Earth, Beyond Fear and Dio Disciples. Songs like Burn in Hell, Blood Stained and the title track all being great examples.
Several aspects make the sound of this album - thrash, groove, speed, death, traditional, etc.. Judas Priest blends it perfectly and creates their heaviest album, a metal monster they unleashed on the world when it was thought heavy metal was a dying genre. Well, albums like this proved the world wrong.
This album had a cool mix of thrash metal groove metal and speed metal. Even some death metal riffs.
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13Angel of Retribution
Not the best in my opinion, but voting because it should be at least top 5.
The best thing they put out in the 21st century easily and I think it ranks up with the other hits like painkiller and such
Wow currently #14 on list, I guess a lot of people don't know this one because it's newer. Give it a few listens you'll be glad you did.


I just love this album, so many good songs
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The album was great, the reason it is not on top of the list it's because Ripper is the singer not Holford.

15Point of Entry

HOW IS NOSTRADAMUS 13TH?! God, listen to the songs and then vote please. The songs are consistently good in this album, unlike stained glass, or hell bent for leather which have only a few great songs. British Steel is THE most overrated album. Breaking the law isn't great and nor as living after midnight. In Nostradamus, the eponymous song, prophesy, exiled, alone, visions, conquest... The list is endless.
Also vote for Angel Of Retribution - a heavy metal masterpiece. The eponymous song, judas rising, revolution. They characterize not Judas Priest but the heavy metal genre which this band is a pioneer of.
Actually my favorite is Sad Wings of Destiny (an absolute heavy metal classic). But Nostradamus is my second favorite and I couldn't stand to see it at #15 so I voted for this. Already at Prophecy this is an epic record. All the songs have great lyrics and great melodies.

After all those years they still make a very cool music. Nostradamus is my favorite JP album in the 2000's. I love its concept


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