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The Avengers
Easily the best. Great to see how the characters come together
Second favorite is Captain America and then Spider Man 2
I love a ton of Marvel movies but I'm voting for this one because it has the most avengers and the loki scene with the hulk


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2Iron Man
The Avengers was a rather mediocre film from a cinematic aspect. Bland plot, little to no character development, weak dialogue. It missed most elements that really define a movie as great, and is considered as such simply due to the unification of the Marvel heroes, and he CGI.

Iron Man however, has a lot more to offer. The plot isn't one dimensional. It's a rather interesting story that follows not just the beginning, but also the evolution of Tony Stark. It has witty diolague, and spot on delivery as expected from RDJ. The film has a great balance between action and story, as well as great pacing throughout the entire film, which are two things The Avengers simply did not have.

All that easily makes Iron Man the best Marvel movie, only rivaled by the excellence that is Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Both bring all the elements to not only make a great comic book movie, but also a great cinematic piece.
RDJ IS Tony Stark, and I love the fact the film is both gritty and flashy- and with a supporting cast including Gwyneth Paltrow, Jeff Bridges and Terrence Howard- what's not to love?
It started the whole marvel movie franchise era, and it still is the best one.
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3Spider-Man 2
Spider Man 2 is the best of all the Spider Man movies its such a well done movie the plot revolves around Peter Parker struggling with the pros and cons of super hero life and then without warning he starts to lose his powers which couldn't happen at a worst time with villain Doc Oc wrecking having on the city and trying to rebuild his failed creation and making matters worst the love of his life Mary Jane is getting married with another guy and his best friend Harry Osbourne obsessed with killing Spiderman who he blames for the death of his father.


Avengers at the top? Really? That movie has ZERO story, ripped off Transformers 3 and has no heart or depth to it. Spidey 2 is by far the best Marvel movie, best story, had the most heart, great action, and is just better than any other Marvel film. And it's not even close...


Spider-Man 2 shows a variety of Humor, Drama, Tensity and Awesomeness!
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4X2: X-Men United
Really intense, Wolverine is great in this one. Funny when he is scared of the cat. Epic when he uses his claw to start car. He's is truly the mix of intense, epic, and funny.


Nice and nice and nice the real nice, one of the evergreen movies of hugh jackman
There wasn't enough action for me but was kinda cool

Best 2002 Film Of all Of
Action and Superhero Genre To First Star Our

6The Amazing Spider-Man
This is my all time favourite marvel movie
I love this movie and its sequel!
The spiderman is back in this movie

7X-Men: First Class
A amazing movie from marvel. I can not bielive in that : 12°! Should be in top 3!

8Iron Man 3

1. Iron Man 3watched it today and IT hAS ACTION, LOVE, and basically everything, I RECOMEND THIS TO U,
2. Thor the dark world Perfect movie, I watched in the theaters, chris hemsworth and tom hiddleston DID AN AMAZING JOB, aka if you didn't know, chris is thor, tom is loki, loki is so funny in the movie
3Avengers awesome movie, I watched it like five times, IT HAS BASICALLY THE BEST SUPERHEROES, Iron Man, Thor,
Hulk, Captain America, the others are eh, but my brother LOVES HAWKEEY, he is cool though, but is not a superhero, black widow is ok, but samuel jackson did great acting as nick fury
4Thor is an amazing movie because even though thor is selfish in the beginning and stupid, HE IS AMAZING IN THE END, really good, I like loki better in thor the dark world though... that is my opinion, but natalie portman did a good job
5 Iron Man 2- I watched this three years ago so, I remember it was really good, but forget all of it so...
6. Iron Man- iwatched this like four months ago, in the summer, but ONLY WATCHED ABOUT 1/3 of it or 1/2 it is very cool of how he is in prison and he is making his suit, really cool

5 and 6 are not that accurate at all okbecause on the computer and people say iron man is much better than Iron Man 2

Best. Movie. Ever. Way better than the Avengers Trash.


This beats spiderman 2 by far
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9Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Definitely should be about second place behind the first iron man. The avengers was cool to see, sure, but it wasn't great. The Thor movies in general were pretty awful, gave me a few chuckles but the acting was terrible. This is definitely a favorite for me.
This movie deserves to be number 1 because it was such a cool movie and captain had an epic face off against his former sidekick bucky aka the winter soldier plus cap is my favorite hero of all time
Seriously, this film has such a clever plot. Such a sharp script and makes Cap a Badass.
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10The Wolverine
Awesome movie (except for the last 30 minutes)
Watched it today in 3D and it's incredible.


The Contenders

11Captain America: The First Avenger
Personally my least favorite of the Marvel Super hero movies, While Captain America works best as a member of the Avengers, but doesn't work so well as a stand alone character.


Favorite marvel movie. I love how old school it is

12Thor: The Dark World

1. Thor The Dark World aka loki is so funny in the movie but di--, sad
2. Avengers GREAT MOVIE favorite characters are iron man, hulk and thor in that movie, iron man is so stupid though for a billionaire, I know, he made the suit which ROCKS, but he is SELFISH but ROCKS YO
3. Thor great movie thor sucks in the movie, NOT CHRIS HEMSWORTH, thor himself because he so selfish and STUPID BUT IN ALL HE ROCKS, PERFECT JOB CHRIS HEMSWORTH, by the way, I think you are a better actor than gale aka your brother liam hemsworth
4. iron man 2 I saw it when I was seven so I forget it basically but I remember I LOVED IT


I also got xmen first class
Loki is awesome in this movie its his best performance in the Marvel series by far.
Great awesome movie best
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Dazzling and spectacular. A visually stunning movie with amazing action sequences, terrific acting and awesome soundtrack. Great characters and Kenneth Branagh brings a nice shakespearian touch to it all. Fully entertaining.

14Iron Man 2

It's a very urban time but I stll enjoy the classics

16The Incredible Hulk
Hulks always been my favorite marvel hero and Edward Norton did a great Bruce Banner... So ill go for this one.
Its a movie from 2003 with Eric Bana Where is it
Me and my dad loves this movie


17X-Men: Days of Future Past
This was sort of a sequel to both X-men:First Class and X-men 3. It was by far the greatest X-men movie and most likely the best Marvel movie, so I'm not sure why it's not on here yet.
This should be #2 on your list! Best X-men Movie Ever
Come on now! Number 1 Marvel movie ever!

18X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Can't believe this movie isn't in top five. I love this movie and according to me it is the besets.
It's the best! ! ! !


19The Amazing Spider-Man 2
[spoiler alert] As the series goes, it is fairly easy to see that a Sinister Six is starting to pick up. First off, Electro does not die in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. According to Jamie Foxx, the actor who played Electro, "electricity never dies; it just goes to a different place". This could mean he could be part of the Sinister Six. Green Goblin and Rhino could be in it as well. Also, if you view the background carefully when the man breaking out the Rhino is walking through the green hallway [Gustav Fiers (The Gentleman) aka Man in the Shadows from the first film], you can see the suits of Vulture and Doctor Octopus. They could be in it as well. The final Sinister Six spinoff will be released probably after the four Amazing Spider-Man films are released. A Venom spinoff is planned for production, so Venom could be in the Sinister Six since the Venom spinoff will probably be released before the Sinister Six spinoff.

[no spoilers now] As far as this goes with more Spider-Man films and spinoffs, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 really helps the series move forward. There needed to be a film in the series that introduced lots of villains and revealed lots of secrets that were only starting to be unlocked in the first film. The film moves slowly and smoothly (sort of) through each point in the plot that it is mostly easy to understand the story. Some points of the film, however, such as the transformations of the villains' personalities, looks, emotions, etc. and [spoiler alert] the death of Gwen (not Stan Lee's idea; he left the comics and some other guy wrote The Night That Gwen Stacy Died because he hated Gwen) are definitely not very anticipated. It is even more sad to see that the makers of the movie did this to stay true to the comics and want to introduce unnecessary characters such as Mary Jane Watson. Other than that, this film is awesome.
I saw this movie and GWEN DOES DIE PEOPLE! LOOK IT UP1 (i saw this movie on opening day, which is today, May 2, 2014. this movie is one of the best. top ten movies for me is...
1. Amazing Spider Man 2
2. The Avengers
3. Captain America and the Winter Soldier
4. Iron Man
4. Iron Man 3
6. The Amazing Spider Man
7. Thor the Dark World
8. Thor
9. Captain America The First Avenger
I think that the first Captain America is crappy (for marvel movies), amazing spider man 2 has action that is over the top amazing, but I hate that gwen dies (even though I knew she would cause my friend told me and I watched YouTube videos) I think that guardians of galaxy will be good, and future past (i'm going to watch xmen first class ((which I have but have not watched)). people who did not watch thor the dark world are losers. just cause they think the first movie is junky does not mean the second one will be junky, plus I think harry (SPOILER ALERT! (who is the green goblin) and max (electro WHO DIED) had the best power) the rhino dude is so crappy by the way, and I think harry osborn and loki should be brothers (I AM NOT MAD PEOPLE)
This movie expresses the comic books so perfectly. This is the best marvel movie ever. The negative reviews are garbage and they just exist because people can accept the Raimi trilogy ended.
This is my official list of superhero movies from marvel.

1. The Amazing Spiderman 2
2. The Avengers
3. X-Men: Days Of Future Past
4. The Amazing Spider-Man
5. X-Men: First Class

20X-Men: The Last Stand


22Hulk (2003)


24Blade 2

25The Punisher (1989)

26Captain America (1990)

27Avengers: Age of Ultron

28Spider-Man 3


30Blade: Trinity

31Fantastic Four

32Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

33Guardians of the Galaxy

34Howard the Duck
It is actuality a marvel movie
Believe it or not

35The Punisher (2004)
Like a Garth Ennis story, trashless


36Punisher: War Zone

37Ghost Rider


39Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
Great movie but some parts were a bit weird

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