Most Racist States In the U.S.


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I'm black from Ohio I worked for a moving company I was driving through Mississippi with a co-worker who was white we were stopped by the police. The cop was passing us he happened to look over and see me driving he immediately hit the brakes and pulled us over. Straight Red Neck he asked if we had anything to pray for like we had drugs, after examining our paper work I left my I.D. at home I told us if the office can't get my my driver license # that he would take me to jail and let my white co-worker drive on. I got my drivers license number he turned a brighter red color and told us we don't have log books so he made us park the truck at the nearest hotel for 12 hours or he would arrest us. Sitting at the hotel we walked to get some beer just the people looking at a black and a white together was like we were about to be struck down by God or something crazy. Can't do Mississippi not for me I would be smacking people left and right go crazy and probably get killed in police station
Well I am in the state of Illinois and the people are very rude here. I can't understand why people even like living here. That being said. I am from originally from Mississippi all my life. I'll tell you what I've been here in the state of Illinois about three years. And I can't stand it here the people don't even talk to you like down south. In Mississippi. I am so sorry to say this. but I have to say the true. I hate the people here. I'm a true southern can't wait to go back
There was an ice storm a couple of years past 2010 0r 2011 if I recall, a lady hit black ice and slide to the rail. I a Black male from California and she a White woman from Mississippi. This lady screamed "N***** get away pulled her hand gun pointing in my direction. I laughed as she sat there bleeding from the lip.
Mississippi Burning. Enough Said. This is a very rural, under educated wasteland. Lack to a stable intellectual class in any society is extremely dangerous when dealing with diversity and tolerance of any sort.
[Newest]Start treating whites the way you are treated. It may not make for a better world, but it sure will make you feel better!
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"It happened in April 2012 on my way from Massachusetts to Texas, I rented a brand new 2012 Jeep Grand-Cherokee, somewhere in Alabama stopped for some gas, going in to the gas station counter with my 50 bucks in my hand cause(up to there I had drove and used my visa card at different states in less than 24 hours, so it was blocked). Entering the shop there were 4 white dude charting with the man at the counter " I said HI to them then handed my 50 bucks " may I have some gas please at pump number 1? " the guys stopped charting and the answer was "WE DON'T HAVE GAS TODAY". Right there I looked outside and saw two white guys with gas nozzles in filling the gas to their cars as usual. Immediately, some struck in my mind "RACISM" went out took off like 4 miles ahead found a SUNUCO gas station had my tank filled went on my trip. I'm from Africa, can't believe up to today of what happened. Why so hate-full, do black people eat humans or what?
Welcome to the real world in the USA racism is alive and well and most don't care if you are from Africa or Asia, If you are a person of color in some places you are not wanted and if they have the opportunity. They will make you disappear really go and be careful.
Blacks and Whites do not share the same communities in Alabama. It's absolutely amazing when you drive through some towns, you realize that there are no whites ANYWHERE. Zero. There is a huge separatist mentality here. It's amazing that so many young African American athlets are going there to represent a racist state.
Grew up there and was not allowed as a child to play with the black kids
I feel bad for you, and racism shouldn't keep happening. It needs to come to an end, but then you realize that it's always there.
[Newest]I don't see race, I see human beings who should be judged by their character, and not things they can't control, I feel sorry for states like Alabama and Indiana who can't realize that.

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I am the general manager of a hotel in Pennsylvania. Two employees of our front desk staff are African American and our entire housekeeping staff is Hungarian and Gujarati Indian. Recently, we had a business guest stay with us who is a resident of Texas... During his stay he refused to even acknowledge the existence of my housekeeping staff and taped a sign to the door which read "KEEP THE F*** OUT OF MY ROOM". After checking out of the hotel he called in to speak to "a white person" in charge concerning his so called "problems" with the hotel. During the conversation he referred to the housekeepers as "those things you have working in your housekeeping department". And, he referred to the two African American desk employees as "monkey whores"; accusing them of running a "brothel service" out of the hotel at night. Because of the severity of that accusation, I was required to research the claim. My hotel has a fully integrated camera security system and upon review of the camera records, I discovered that his claim was a balled-face lie (which I knew before looking at the video). His entire "problem" with my hotel was the fact that we have a very culturally diverse staff. I am Caucasian but my wife is African American and my children are obviously mixed race. I took great offense to his comments and found it very difficult to be professional with him after discovering he is nothing but a racial bigot. After completing the conversation with him, I instructed my staff to "black list" him. He will never be allowed to stay in this hotel, nor any hotel owned by this company ever again. I don't care how much they are bringing into the business, I don't want money from racists.
Ya, that was one person out of the 26.96 million people in Texas

... Nice points, but that's just one guy. Maybe he's not Texan, just living there. Texas also happens to be number three on the Top Ten Friendliest U.S. States list. Those people actually did research before they posted something, instead of making stupid assumptions like SOMEONE did here...


I live in San Antonio Tx, this is true!, I'm asian and just wanna share my story about what happened to me. My mom and l went to a thrift store to look around if they have some furniture for my room. Then my mom asked me
(in asian language) about the price, then this redneck/white guy yell and say " speak english!, you're in america!. My mom just ignore it and smile, I smile too thinking that the guy just joking. Then the second time that my mom speak asian language asking me to pay my stuff, he yell again, say " I said speak english!, you're in america!. I get p****d and tell the guy that " l know this is america and I have freedom of speech, its a free country I can do what ever I want". The redneck/white guy answer me " NO"!, then I tell him " OKAY", then I just laugh and leave while my mom worried about the situation. RACIST! Just mind your own business!
I have lived in Texas my entire life and have only encountered 1 racist woman, people believe that I am black but I am Mexican, but nobody ever secludes or singles me out because of it. Most people don't really care.
I live here and I can't stand these ignorant white people, against blacks and Mexicans
I totally agree, white people may smile at you but it's totally fake. Deep down you can feel their hate towards you if your not blue eyed, blonde hair.
[Newest]Why do you think whites are buying guns, target practice? Those who are not white had better wise up.
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Tennessee is extremely racist! I am from the MI and white people here are blatantly racist. They call themselves trying to disguise it, but I see right through them. I have been racially discriminated against at a few jobs and but one of them was horrible, and it was truly an eye-opener. Black people are expected to be quiet and just appreciate them for "letting" us have a job. If there is a black person is in a higher position, they are so far up somebodies behind that they reek and they are full of crap. The white people obviously feel as if they are superior, and they will coact to keep and/or put a black person in a lower position and/or class than them. They are offensive in their communication, they try to use slang or quote rap songs to appear relatable-as that is the only way that I can carry on a conversation. And they are intimidated by a person like me; who is NOT a peon or a send out; I am educated, skilled and able to communicate and carry myself in a way that clearly indicates that I am more knowledgeable in certain matters than they are. They hate that! I am moving back to the north. I realize that racism is everywhere, but it’s horrible here and I am not going to belittle myself for nobody so I am always going to have problems as long as I am here.
I vacationed to Tennessee with my in-laws, we are all from New Orleans and was amazed by Tennesse's beautiful mountainous landscape. One afternoon we decided to go white water rafting. Naively, we entered the address to our destination on the car's GPS and followed its instructions. We were so sidetracked by the farmland and the culture of the mountain people that we did not realize we were climbing high and higher up the mountain. Well our amazement was broken when we realized we were face to face with another car on a narrow road that was obviously on made for one car at a time. To the right of us there was a huge cliff that had to be over 200 feet off of the ground to the left we had the rocks of the mountain. Not knowing what to do we hoped that the car in front of us, a resident of that area, would guide us through. That was not the case. Instead he rolled down the window laughed and said " come through y'all have it. However there was no way in hell that our car could have fit past his. Thankfully we found a small peice of flat land to our left and made a narrow you turn. As we were turning the car sped past us and screened " No n****** in Cocke County! " I have never heard anyone scream derogatory remarks at me so bluntly. Tennessee is definitely stuck in the Confederate vs Union era of life. I suggest tourist with any pigment in their skin to study their roads before entering in these mountains, it not a fun place to get lost.
Yes, I live in Memphis Tennessee and the white people here are the most racist people in the world. I think these white people here are far more racist then the ones in Mississippi. These people are what you would call coward racist. They pretend not to be racist but you can tell by their conversation and body language they they truly are. Even the newspaper (The Commercial Appeal) is used as a tool that the white people use to comment and write bad things about the african-americans and the mexicans but whenever someone comment on the racism this one community (a small community at that) is all about, they delete your post and simply deny that they are bigots. The Commercial Appeal is the only newspaper that print these stupid, false reports by racist magazines like forbes and a few other that constantly down this city because it's mostly black and has mostly black officials. The newspaper does more harm then it has ever done good for this city and need to be moved to Mississippi or Alabama.
[Newest]Tennessee reeks with racism, and the blacks in that state do not band together, instead they try to date white, marry white, act white, live white. Very ignorant and backward state.
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I am A black male born and originally from Los Angeles but lived in Atlanta for many years. Atlanta is a very racist city and every race is to themselves. However some parts of the northeast Atlanta (including parts of Gwinnett County) are somewhat diverse, but mostly still segregated. Whites are on the northside and they view all blacks as criminals, uneducated, and crackheads as if whites don't have those problems. For Example: Bush did a lot that was criminal when he was still in office, plus he is very uneducated, and to top those he was part of the reason crack cocaine was affecting blacks in the black community. So because he was white they overlooked all that he had done to mess up the country, but now that Obama is in office everything he does is bad according to the racist whites that can't except the fact a black man is now in office. Blacks on the other hand are on the southside and they are just as backwards and racists towards other blacks and mostly blacks have treated me worst than the whites. In my opinion Atlanta as a whole is jacked up because the whites are horrific, and the blacks are no better and it's like you can't win either way with either of them, but what really gets me is that there's a church on every corner plus this is suppose to be a so-called part of the bible belt region, and you will find some of the most judgmental, hypocritical, and conservative people there. Right now I plan on relocating to Sacramento, California because it is a lot more diverse than Atlanta and I'm not saying that racism isn't there, but it's nothing compared to the racism here in Atlanta
Obama is not black but mixed, his mum is white. The colour of skin does not mean anything, South African got it now (Rainbow nation), and there is a lot of mixed couple (though their experience with apartheid is less older than the USA). In my opinion, Americans need much more mixed couples to eradicate this problem. So people would have different ethnicity in their family and would see that they are not so different than them.
Only here in Ga( specifically west ga)do you find high schools and middle schools refusing to let children of color be in certain positions on athletic teams. Why? Because white families here want their children in those positions even if their not the best player. Heck they could even be the worst player but it doesn't matter. Only in Ga (specifically west ga) Do you have good ole boys (cops)who harass black people who own actual buisnesses by surrounding them with 3 cop cars while on their way to work (lying and saying that a tail light is out but come to find there was no tail light out).. Only in Ga do you have a billboard that declares a whole town Republicans and have a blatant disregard of Democrat voters. Only in Ga does the legislature create voting ballots that list all republicans first on the ballot even if a democrat is the incumbent. Only in Ga do racist pigs paralyze a black man where he can't do anything for himself and they don't do any prison time because he broke off a relationship with their sister/cousin. Only in Ga do whites and blacks have children together and the white grandparents raise the mixed grand kids as white racist and tell them to wear Mason Dixie clothing and sport confederate flags. I have stories for days and I've only lived here 3 yrs. Georgia gets my vote for most racist pathetic state. I hate it here and hope to leave and never look back.
Confederate flag is not racist nor is clothing, but you are... Very racist you never see black grand parents with mixed children... Is it because blacks are the haters... ?
I was arrested in Peachtree city ga after being followed for 9 miles and he said it didn't look like I had my seat belt on but I did, he was behind me and my windows are tinted. I was then arrested because he "could not prove my license was valid". When in jail I was not asked if I wanted a bond or allowed to sit in holding to watch T.V. with the white people. I was immediately sent to get showered and put on a jump suit after being felt up and watched shower by several people and was told they knew no one would come for me. My mom was told to leave me down there because they were not gonna release me even with a bond. A white girl came in and was cold and I had to give her my jacket. Every time I drive through there I am pulled over or followed for miles. Going to eat out there is a nightmare you get no service waiters and waitress throw your food or slam your drinks on the table you get stared at constantly and the 2 times I have ate out there the manager and a police officer sit in a table next to us facing us. I am multiracial and have never experienced prejudice until I went out there. I am considering quitting my job. In the city I live in it is mainly blacks but a fair amount of whites very few hispanics and I have never experienced racism. Some people have experienced racism with police but I have met a lot of nice ones to. In my opinion places such as fayette, jasper, babbs are worse as far as people and police. It makes me feel like I should stay isolated in my area which does not have all of the things I need or like to do even though it is a typical middle class city.
[Newest]Don't move here this place does not respect women and children. Corruption is obvious and racism is over whelming. It's hard to live here without people of all colors suffering in some way. There is weird spirit about the place and they people act like idiots in a perverted sort of way. Freaky... I promise you. :(
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I am a white man and I came here in USA to marry my wife. I came from Romania to marry her. She is African-American and I do love her to death. When I got here I didn't expect what I'm gonna pass trough...

We had first the official marriage and we barely found a mayor that would accept to officiate our marriage. Most of them were black and they would find any kind of stupid reasons to look to busy for us... so we found one... we got married and we had as photographer my sister in law. I saw that my wife she got kinda sad later on after talking with her sister something but she didn't told me what they talked about. Later on she told me how she was asked by her sister why she didn't married a black men... they also got in a argument few days after our marriage and I got all our pictures from the marriage deleted by my sister in law...

I'm a handy man and I agreed to lift up the valor of my mother in law's house. So I replaced all the carpet in the house with wooden floor and all the linoleum with ceramic tile, Alone. Because my sister in law and her husband didn't wanted to help me at all and they were living in the same house at that moment.

Later on we had our covenant wedding party. The religious wedding. Somehow my sister in law got in charge to play the music at the wedding so this is how my wife had to walk to the altar with no music because the player didn't start for some reasons even if it wad a new one. I may need to say that my brother in law and my father in law they didn't show up at the wedding because they were to mad that my wife she married an white man...

Every time I talk about somebody with my mother in law the first thing she is asking is "is she/he black? "...

We are going to a bible study cell group.. yesterday they start talking about black history criticizing all the bad stuff that the white people did in past to the black people, like I wasn't even there as the only white person...

This stuff will never end as long you not gonna talk about Americans as humans, no matter if they are any color and as long you not gonna stop separating your history by the entire history. It is American history either you like or not as long you don't live in China... Not white history, not black history. American history! And you should not put the all white people in the same pot. I'm not even white American. I'm a Romanian people and my history have nothing ti do with y'all history dudes. Grow up!


Louisiana is not a bad place to live. Their is racism everywhere. You have to know your black history and know how the area you're staying treat blacks. Get college educated and you will do well. The church are good place to start. Louisiana is known for good food.
Look at the politics. The sad part about Louisiana is that they are poor as church mice yet hate President Obama and align themselves with Republican agendas which do not and never has respected the plight of the poor or middle class. By the way I was born, raised and educated there. Spent years in the military and went back to live. Big mistake. Lack of cultural diversity and the same ole good ole boy mentality is nauseating.
Yes, I agree they should never think it's okay to vote republican but president Obama needs to do more for the poor. He has talked and done things for the working middle class, but nothing for those people who can't get jobs or homeless on the street and all people who are homeless are not always drunks or junkies. Another thing why isn't he doing something about all these murders of the young African American boys and man? That's why they upset with him. President JFK did more for our people than him and he didn't let some ignorant house of representatives stop him.
Most definitely very racist. There are still seperate proms at the school from which I gradauted. I will make sure that my kids are not raised in this state.
[Newest]La are not that racist, but Alabama and Mississippi is a different story.
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I'm a Kentuckian, born and bred. I love my state, but I really don't like the attitudes of most Kentuckians. They practice selective racism. My neighbors love to call President Obama the N word. I hear a stupid joke almost daily about "getting the coon out of the White House. " It's really pathetic. They know nothing about his policies. They'd believe ANYTHING about him, just because he's black. But on the flip side of things, when it comes to Kentucky basketball, these very same individuals quickly lose their racism. That just doesn't make sense, not to me. They think black people are fine playing sports, but if they are doing something "smart" or "brainy" they quickly get all upset and bent out of shape about it.
I am from Turkey and I live in south west Kentucky. Cops here will pull you over for anything if you're not white. I got thrown in jail for tinted windows. TWICE!. Who goes to jail for tinted windows?! Another incident happened when I had expired license plate tags. I was actually having dinner at Burger King with my girlfriend and 2 cops were guzzling down whoppers on the table next to me. They actually waited for me in the parking lot to pull me over for my tags! I had no idea they were expired, I thought I would get a ticket but knowing these racist mf I had to spend the night in jail and make a $500 bail the next day. That's the dirty south y'all
I love my state (Kentucky) and I'll never live anywhere else but yea we got a lot of racist people here... Half of them are my friends I'm a hard core redneck but I'm not racist... Now it's time for the full truth... so 99% of "racist people you'll meet here are not really racist... yes they might call people the N word and make racist jokes but I've met almost no one who actually has a problem with anyone based on their ethnicity in fact there's plenty of black and Mexican rednecks here and they're are some of our best friends. I realize I sound racist to some people just referring to them the way I do but I'm sorry that's just they way we talk get used to it because it won't change and it's no one should take offense to being referred too as what they are because there's plenty of other black people and Mexicans etc that will deliberately make jokes about us being white and call us that and nothing makes me more pissed off then a double standard. We don't like gangsters and that's where you like here real racist stuff but regardless of how wrong it is too call those people we don't like out by their race instead of the kind of people they are everyone should know that that's just people talking out of their ass and they don't mean it the way it sounds aka "racist"
[Newest]A very poor race driven state they are almost obsessed with race this and race that. Why does this come up every five minutes in Kentucky because, most are dirt poor and race is all you have. What about good character, love of God and being decent. Stop talking about race every five minutes and be a decent human being!
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I totally agree with you... It starts with being comfortable with who you are and not feeling like you are more or less important than anyone else. MOST Black, ESPECIALLY MALES have been treated with unfairness and Equality and made to feel they were less deserving than others. The People of the South needs to remember that everything around them was built from the BLOOD, SWEAT and HARD WORK of the Black Man. I am a white woman that has married out of my race and I am sick of my Husband being treated like he is LESS OF A MAN BECAUSE HE IS NOT WHITE! DUMB BUNCH OF IGNORANT REDNECKS! Get over yourself! People are People and we are all someone's child and loved EQUALLY... EVEN BY GOD HIMSELF!
The fact that you even mention god in the conversation Is dumb. Most people throughout history made slavery and racism okay through their religions and gods.
I live in Florida and my family has been here since The spanish first landed in 1513, people always ask where I'm from and when I tell them I'm American they say no no your ancestors, and I'll say my family been here almost 500 years, they just don't know how to process it. They automatically think I'm a foreigner. A friend once said that he'd wish all racist's would just die and I responded that would be about 95% of the population. Being comfortable in your own skin is where they should begin, most people have low self esteem which makes them defensive and in tolerant of others especially if they are poor, which is common in Florida.
I was shocked to hear this kind of attitude when I made a visit to Tallahassee. I had a friend (originally from Colombia, going to FSU) drive me around Tally and I noticed in a certain part of town, he scrambled to roll up his windows and lock the doors. I asked him why and he said, "We are in a bad neighborhood. There are a ton of blacks here. " What really made me upset was when I was grabbing food at a Checkers, a man murmured in disgust, and started to yell various, "racially charged" profanities at the woman in the drive thru. I honestly was shocked to hear this and convinced myself never to come back to Tallahassee. I'm sure other parts of Florida are nice, or at least I'm hoping.
[Newest]Yes, Florida is one of the top racist states. The situation with police is unbearable; they shoot first and never ask questions. Many of the police are rednecks with guns and a license to kill. They enjoy the ability to harass and abuse black people. They assume you are guilty, or just do not care whether you are or not. There is a definite difference in how they approach blacks and whites. Whites can wave a gun and the police will talk to them. If you are black, they will shoot you from a distance. Unfortunately, this is happening in many states now.
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I live in Edmond, OK and the majority of whites are sadly, very racist. They always blast me with exhaust or try to hit me with their cars while I'm exercising. It feels like they hate seeing an African American male not being, "lazy". They all avoid or say little to me when I'm running as if I'm some type of infectious disease. I'm always pushing myself so hard to become stronger so I can join the army after school. I want to protect the people of this nation regardless of where they come from or what they look like. I would die for any of my American brother or sisters without hesitating. It just hurts so much when a certain percentage of Americans you want to protect, treat you like dirt. It can be very discouraging, but I won't give up. I know there is good in every race and I won't lest the action of a few manipulate my will. I just wish they would see me as American Brother first and Black second. SMH
I'm proud of your maturity and strength. I live in Oklahoma city. Are you in the service yet?
I am not sure why I chose to even write or post my thoughts concerning racist attitudes in my home town, because unfortunately those individuals who may read this will be those like myself who sadden and discussed about how certain people have convinced themselves that they are superior to other humans that God created. I grew up in Tulsa and have lived in this city all of my life; I have ask my self on many occasions "why I'am I still living here" It is very difficult for me to articulate my thoughts and it would be impossible for me to condense nearly 6 decades into a few sentences. It would be unfair to say that every white person that have encountered has treated me rudely; but it would not be an over exaggeration to say that for the most part whites in Tulsa and Oklahoma at large make non-whites "Blacks in particular are made to feel that we are gum underneath their shoes" I was raised in Christian home and was taught to love humanity and that every person deserved to be treated with dignity and respected equally. I believed what my parents taught me then and in spite all of the mean spirited whites I encounter on a daily bases I still hold on to these principles. I will turn 61 in less than a month and I was just telling my third son that I remember asking myself when I was just a boy "I wonder what would it be like to be white in America" and it saddens me that this question would still be applicable more than 5 decades later. I am a business professional in my city, I invest a lot of my time and personal resources into enhancing our community and I have never been arrested in my life. I don't dress like a thug, nor do I look like the stereotypes that have been placed on most black men in America. It doesn't matter if wearing a suit & tie, blue jeans and sports, jacket, or Nike sports apparel I get followed around around as though I am a well known criminal. Unfortunately my experiences Racism in extends far beyond the things I just shared but maybe these few snippets may paint a small picture of how racism still impacts a City & State that has the potential to be great in so many ways if those who are taught as children to embrace to the ignorance and stupidity of racism would either change or leave this country. In closing I want to add that although it is apparent that the attitude of racism dominates our State; my thoughts are not directed to all whites in Tulsa Okla because that would be inaccurate. I thank God for my white brothers and sisters that don't embrace or project racist behavior toward others who are non-white.
I live in Oklahoma City. I have lived here my whole life and I would have to say that I have experienced racism almost everyday of my life. Blacks are treated completely differently from whites. I worked at Aeropostale and my manager called the police on a black girl for "thinking" that she was stealing when she wasn't and she didn't even apologize. She said that she shouldn't have looked so "suspicious. " I still wonder was it that she really looked suspicious or was it just because she was black. I would go with the last one. A white person was caught red haded and and she let her slide and said "Well everyone makes mistakes, " it's ridiculous. Affirmative Action has now been voted out of Oklahoma. I have a feeling that because of this, I will be moving when I graduate college next year.
[Newest]Awesome place to live, not really racist, but embraces Christian values. If you don't like that then stay away.
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Arkansas is by far the most racist states. I have been the mississippi which has a very large black population. The Appalachians of west Virginia is the only thing that rivals it. The Ozarks of Arkansas is inhabited with a population of people that has never seen a black man in real life. The headquarters of the k has been located here for a long time. Simply put just down the street here in Harrison is a sign that says "this street is proudly kept clean by the k"
Is there a connection between religion and racism? Arkansas has a church on every corner. Some very nice people but perhaps racism runs deep in their psyche. This is not a sweeping condemnation... Just an observation.
Church is an integral part of Arkansas life. It just one of those things up there with barbecue, tailgait'n, and football. Every group does their own version of church and they "play" it well. However, it is just useless ritual like that used in masonic lodges. There is no true connection to the most high God or the indwelling of his Holy Spirit. Not many doing what Jesus would do. People are way more concerned with looking like good, Christian folks than being. Everybody here thinks they are doing heaven's bidding though ignore the command to love thy neighbor, not lie, cheat, and steal.

Try being a minority and walking into an all white church in (NWA). It will make your skin crawl. You can literally feel the stares down your back. People will be polite but treat you like a lost puppy. I've even had a pastor at a Methodist church tell me that his church was "not hurting for members" after I inquired about joining. Wow.


Racism in Arkansas is not just against blacks - it's against all non-whites. I'm a native american women that lives in NW Arkansas and everywhere I go people assume that I'm hispanic and can't speak english. Another thing that drives me absolutely crazy is all the white families that think adopting a child of another race is something to do to fit in with Jone's; I realize not all those that adopt a foreign or black child are doing so for this purpose. It's just sad to see so many racist and ethnically uneducated people in one small area.
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I can almost guarantee you St. Louis, Missouri is the most covertly racist city on earth! White people are ignorant and don't like to be around black people, they don't believe black people can be good or educated or speak well, don't want them to get any type of opportunities and will go out of their way to prevent you from succeeding. They don't even want them going above a certain level in society. To put it plainly, you'll never see a white man working for a black man. You'll never see a black man with anywhere near the success that the white men have. Any successful black men are pawns for the white agenda or are freemasons (same thing). Police racially profile and will pull you over for some stupid reason like "oh I thought your license plates were to another vehicle", or "I thought your tail light was out" even though its obvious they're lying. They'll give you a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt even though you're wearing one. Black people are not too much better here, we are mean and aggressive and afraid all at the same time and that's because we're raised in such a racist, unforgiving environment and lack resources for proper education, I mean the education system for the inner city is horrible. They pay out of towners to come in and try and "fix" the schools but they leave it much worse, almost like its done on purpose. Everyone who comes from out of town mentions that they've never been anywhere like this and that the people here are a different kind of mean! If you're black don't even think about living outside of the major cities, they want us quarantined or sectioned off from any type of good land. You can't even travel outside of St. Louis county without being pulled over for being black or looked at funny by racists who don't want you around them. All the good stores and places to go are in the white communities and if you come they leave in herds! They just go out of their way to make you feel as unwelcome and uncomfortable as possible and if that doesn't work, violence, covertly of course. Cowards!
Not EVERYONE in St. Louis is racist. I personally know MANY people who treat everyone equally. The only racism that's left is what's being stirred up by people like you. People like you are why McDonald's needs a third window for the consumer to pick up the CORRECT order. I'm guessing you spend a lot of time pushing on doors that say "Pull" don't you


Saint Louis Missouri should be in the top three... This is a horrible place to live/raise a family. You will not thrive here job wise if you are a black woman/man. The Saint Louis Public School system is horrible. The school system is full of self hate blacks, and racists whites. The Board of Education hired several firms to come in and correct problems. The first firm walked away with over 40 million-dollars, and slashed needed positions and knocked a lot of middle class people out of positions. Why was this firm brought in? Because Missouri is corrupt from the top to the bottom. Though North City is bought up over sixty-percent of the city is sitting vacant. The crime is off the chain, I hate the summer because the killing field is withe open. Whenever a black person is killed, it's not a big deal here in Saint Louis Missouri. Now when white people are attacked/killed/robbed oh the patrols in the area is beefed up to make sure they're comfortable. Look at how long it took them to find the young lady that was found in her trunk. Verses the young white woman that was killed in the Central West End, who's killers were found immediately. A black man was shot in the face last year, his death was not investigated, why because of an issue in his past. Missouri is stuck in the 1800's and yes the white people show they're racist, and prejudice and don't care.
My family was on a road trip from Denver Colorado to Pennsylvania. We first in Junction City Kansas and then moved on to stay the next night in Fenton Missouri. My daughter was still in diapers so we stopped at the target, inside the store it was obvious it was not another brown skin person in sight, but the event that actually was so amazing was when we were in the parking lot smoking a cigarette outside of our car a blue pickup truck pulled up and rolled down the window there were two middle age men on the phone loudly talking to the police looking at our license plate. We just bought a new 2011 Nissan Murano which it was nice but it was not ridiculously nice but it was too nice for two black people to be in that parking lot. My husband always says he's like Martin Luther King and that I'm like Malcolm X In our mentalities towards race. And it's hard for him to admit when racism happens because he doesn't want to believe it's even real nowadays. But I could tell that it really bothers him probably more than it bothers me. That was a blatant open aggressive sign of you're not supposed to be here. What are you doing here and if anything if I can do anything to stop you from being here including making you feel like those man wanted to make us feel then they were going to do it.
[Newest]Read the local papers. Its all there.
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Arizona is SO racist. Extremely, racist. I am African-American and what I'm about to tell you is 100% true with ZERO exaggeration. First off, according to the U.S. Department of Labor and Census, there is only 5% black population and we DOUBLE the unemployment rate. That right there should tell you something. I hold 3 college degrees: B.A. in History, B.A. in English, and a Master's degree in Education. It is EXTREMELY hard for me to find work. I've been out of work for almost 7 weeks now. I have submitted my resume over 200 times. My resume is chock full of experience and education. I've been contacted by employers and been granted a phone interview. I am always practically hired over the phone (I sound "white"), then told to come to the office to fill out my new hire paper work. I'll get there and all of a sudden the position has been filled. White people who see me show up always have that same "look" on their faces. It's a look of, "Oh no. You're BLACK? " And their eyes look very, very cold and unfriendly. It is what black people know as "the look". We will get "the look" when white people do not like us (for no reason). I've been turned down for jobs that I qualify for and over qualify for. Again, hired over the phone, but turned down in person. I've been in stores and supermarkets where the white cashiers are nice to the people in front of me, but when it is my turn to be waited on, I get NO greeting, NO smiles, and NO "Did you find everything ok? " like the previous customers in front of me get. I was in Sears a few years ago looking for underwear. I asked the cashier if she could direct me. I said, "I'm looking for cotton underwear." She said, "Ha. You people are still in the cotton? " I was shocked to say the least. My mom has been turned down when trying to rent a house. She has had to get her white husband (at the time) to get the house. Yes. She parked around the corner and sent her white husband to inquire about the house, he was approved immediately and when my mom showed up the next day with her husband to get the keys, the white land lord had eyes of anger! She had turned down my mom the day before. My brother has been hired over the phone and denied employment once he arrived. The man gave my brother "the look" once he arrived. I can go on and on and on. Arizona is the most racist state ever. If I could move, I would. The moment I find work, I am going to some how save and get the hell out of here. If I DON'T find work and I lose the roof over my head---I will leave this state and be homeless somewhere ELSE. I will start over somewhere ELSE. It very, very sad.
By you saying you sound "white" you're putting the black community down. Nobody can sound "white". By you saying this, you're implying that all white people sound educated, while blacks don't. Don't out your own people down.
Arizona was the last state to accept martin luther king day as a holiday. Ten years after evey other state did.
Every other border state has a hispanic majority except this one, thanks to the aggressive enforcement of highly racist immigration laws. The supporters of these laws, like Jan Brewer and Joe Arpaio, are elected consistently. The state's border enforcement strategy is centered around forcing illegals to enter the country through the Sonoran Desert, where many die. The state has persecuted those who attempt to provide aid to the dying, making Arizona the only State to actively and legally encourage the slow death by dehydration of Hispanics. Not even the deep south can claim that.
And when Obama says to the European union to cease blocking the boundaries of Turkey and other Eastern countries close to Russia. He should take care of the problem you just wrote first!
[Newest]I'm ready to move away from this racist state, this not what I had in store for at all!
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Yep California is racist still. In S. CA near the Fresno area- all the races are polarized against each other. I was surprised at how racist the Armenians were to the Mexicans since they were treated badly when they were the new "race" in the '40's and '50's. They weren't allowed in a country club pool, though they were allowed to join and pay dues in Fresno. Made me aware of the pecking order concept and how as each racial group gets a foot-hold, they are willing to stomp on the next guy down. So--i hold ALL minorities accountable as they rise in economic and political power since each group seems to emulate the group that oppressed them before they "made it". Just stop racism period. When we moved to N. Calif we were astounded at the "casual" racism. People expected it and were angered when we objected or "educated" them. They said WE were the weird ones since racism was common and considered the norm. We had no clue that "Little Mississippi" could exist north of Santa Rosa. Though- in the Bay Area I remember when George Wallace ran for president and in Castro Valley all the people in person said they were voting for a mainstream, but their private polls should they were really voting for Wallace- that was when he was the darling of the racists. He recanted eventually-and good for him! Shows anyone can grow up and have some integrity!
I can't speak on the other states but I can say California has a lot of subtle racists. IT has it's fair share of white conservative baby boomers who like Rush or Tom Metzger (OC, INland Empire). But there are a lot of immigrants and there is a racial caste system that most immigrants are quick to latch onto and enforce. Whites on the top, blacks on the bottom and everyone else in the middle. It is especially evident in Orange County and the Bay Area. I have lived here for years and I don't want to become a bitter person but I can't even go to places I used to anymore without being treated differently.

People from south and central America (Mexican, Salvadoran etc... ) seem to really dislike me. The men will go out of their way to intimidate and harass. Especially if I am with a white girl. I have almost been run over a couple of times in what were clear attempts at hitting my, by people from these areas.

Places like Alhambra, Walnut and Monterey Park are very unwelcoming to me. It's subtle and regular but I can walk into a business, like an east Asian owned Hawaiian bbq, and the people working, especially when they are women, will go out of their way to let me know that I am not welcome in a way that is not subtle. Then they will go out of their way to treat white and lighter skinned people dramatically different, in front of me. I just smile and pretend it doesn't bother me.

Cops are a different story but I think that happens everywhere. I have been pulled over a lot, threatened, insulted, been told my car smells like weed and forced out to have it searched. And there are many white people in the OC who will let you know they don't want you around.

I doubt Cali is as bad as Georgia or Texas but there is a different kind of racism here, the American dream. Come to America and as long as you eagerly accept that you are below the white man U will never be in last place.
I live in Sacramento, California and it's recast here but not obvious. Northern Cali loves Asians, Indians, and whites who are highly educated. There are many educated blacks here in northern Cali; yet, nobody hires them and an stupid excuse is always present such as lack of work experience, educated, or simply that there is someone with better credentials and experience than you have. In Cali, almost everything is based of economics, profit, and zip code. YEP, ZIP CODE. Depending on where you live depends on how you will be treated as a minority. San Francisco has more of a mixture of races; however, it's still a Caucasian's playground. The difference between the west and south USA is that the west is less vocal about racism. Racism exists but is discussed behind closed doors. In the south, tell you exactly how they feel to your face and don't hide anything.
[Newest]N. Calif racism always has a ribbon on it but know one wants to tell the truth. Example I worked in a University and anytime I had something to do with a computer it was always asked how did you learn so much about computers excuse me the same way you did. But know one wants to see that I have had people say well maybe they just don't like you an entire group give me a break.
Give me a break - I always ask that question when someone seems to know more about computers than me (except for young people - they grew up with computers). I never thought about the race of the person - you are taking everything to be about your race.
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14South Carolina
This state should rank in the top 5 for racism because it's filled with uneducated, ignorant people who discriminate against each other at all costs! If you are black, white people discriminate, if you are white, blacks discriminate, if you are not racist and stick up for someone being discriminated against, both blacks and whites will discriminate against you! This was the first state to succeed from the union and it's citizens sport the confederate flag like it's the latest fashion. I lived here only two years after being born and raised in the Midwest and I have to say, I have never witnessed and experienced so much hate, stupidity and hypocrisy in my entire life. I'm relieved I no longer have to deal with the people there who had issues with me for not being racist and refusing to compromise my values for their skewed version of how poeople should conduct themselves. There are so many churches there for a reason because it's filled with so many racist sinners who have a LOT to pray about!
You are correct. I am from Massachusetts, white, and am ashamed of the racism here. Other then the beaches and climate, this state is horrible.
I work in a public school system in SC that is very racist and unfair to black people who are qualified for the positions. It's an unwritten rule to hire just enough black people to cover a minority law that they've been sued for in the past. I've been here almost all my life and am so ready to leave; however, I can't say it's the most racist statebecause it's the only place I've lived besides Charlotte NC which was an awesome experience with the nicest people irregardless of color. Many whites in SC expect less from black people and when they see that you make more money or have better morals, they become intimmidated and a bit envious. Snakes are what I call these types! The others are very nice in your face, but they are just as evil behind your back. I don't allow them to get very close not only because they are white but because some white people have a totally diffrent mentality then I grew up with when it comes to morals, values and respect.
I have lived here for almost two years. I moved from the Midwest to here. I feel like I went back 40 years in time living here. The have the worst education system in the U.S. my daughter was ahead when we moved here, and she is now bored in all of her classes. The education system is set up so blacks can stay behind in education. They place the majority of white children in higher level classes and the black children in regular or lower level classes. I am relocating as soon as I can find a job in another state.
[Newest]Lived there 3 years and I was appalled by the overt racism. I'm white so they assumed that I was as ignorant as them. The confederate rag was especially offensive. I frequently quoted General Sherman "Here, treason was born, and here it will die.
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I am an African American who has lived in various counties of Pennsylvania from Montgomery, Lancaster, Philadelphia, Delaware, Berks, & Lehigh Counties and I can attest to what this person has just said. Reading is one of the most racist Cities in PA (Berks County) and is running just behind Allentown in Lehigh County. I discovered that Berks, Lehigh, Lancaster, and Lebanon Counties are called Pennsyltucky and I found out the hard way why. I am a Black woman who was married to a White man of German descent who was from Lehigh and it was the biggest mistake that I could have ever made in life! I found out that this Area of Pennsylvania is full of German/PA Dutch White people and I discovered that even if they are educated they lack common sense, their comprehension is low, and they can share your bed and have children with you and still have a superiority complex. I have also discovered that this genre of people, especially the Germans are very dangerous in that you can lose everything in dealing with them because they are calculated, cold, and evil. I know understand how they could pull off something as horrible as the holocaust and not flinch. And agree that although this is the north you see more Confederate flags up her than in the South, I know because I am originally from the south and was raised there for a short period of time. I believe that Black people should avoid this area at all cost especially having children with white people because I lost my child in a custody battle with my ex husband and I am fighting like hell to get her back, but it's hard when your ex is white, affluent and a resident of Pennsyltucky. I think the State of Pennsylvania should make it in the top ten of the most racist state in the US.
Seriously? Who's being racist now? I myself have no biases at all being grown up in Pennsylvania but you, a southern born redneck are talking about people of German descent as if they're all Nazis. First off they're Pennsylvania Dutch completely unaffiliated with Germany in the 1930s and 40s. Second I think you're a lot more racial than these people your described are.
I am white and I live in a predominately black neighborhood. Pretty much all of my friends are black. I live just outside of Pittsburgh and I have noticed racism in surrounding towns. But I have also seen racism in my town and not from white people. The only problem I have about this is that everyone assumes that only white people are racist. Black people assume that they can say whatever they want to a white person and get away with it. I am far from racist and have no animosity towards any people group because I flat out think racism is the dumbest thing on the planet. I just want all of you to realize that though there are a lot of racist white people, there are also a fair amount of racist black people too. For example, an African American woman wrote this below, "I found out that this Area of Pennsylvania is full of German/PA Dutch White people and I discovered that even if they are educated they lack common sense, their comprehension is low""I have also discovered that this genre of people, especially the Germans are very dangerous in that you can lose everything in dealing with them because they are calculated, cold, and evil. I know understand how they could pull off something as horrible as the holocaust and not flinch." The only reason this isn't considered racist is because and African American lady was writing it about a white man. Replace the German/PA Dutch with African American people and see if this doesn't offend you. If you want racism to stop, then STOP being racist. Please stop looking at everyone else's racism and take a look at your own. If we all can do this than maybe we can turn this country around Stop giving racism the credit that it doesn't deserve!
You know, when you caught a racist moron posting crap, it wasn't your fault. You are a brave person. Congratulations!
I am an African American female and I grew up in an all black middle class area where seeing middle to upper middle and sometimes even rich black people was normal. I went to private schools my whole life, which were also predominately black. Most people had good jobs in D. C or Virginia. I spent my freshman year of college at a small liberal arts school in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania which is near Hershey and Lancaster. I went through 17 years of my life believing that racism didn't exist because there were so many successful people of color around me where I grew up. Reality slapped me in the face extremely hard. I grew up upper middle class, went to all the best schools, and basically had a spoiled upbringing and so did the other black kids who lived around my way yet the minute I stepped on that campus I became a poor black kid from the ghetto. These kids knew absolutely nothing about me and assumed I was dumb, had some sort of scholarship, or was on affirmative action. (I have a 3.6 gpa). I had more money than most of these kids and they asked me dumb questions about what it's like growing up poor in the hood. They just assumed everything about me and never tried to to get to know me. It was a college made up of about 2000 students. These were not old white males people can just write off as people who grew up at a different time. These are regular every day white kids the same age as me just as ignorant as Donald Sterling. There were like fifty black students there and we stuck together like ice. All of the black students who grew up in or near cities that were more tolerant and had diversity stuck together. Other black students grew up around all white people and could sometimes be just as ignorant as the majority of the whites students.

Starting during black history month all of these hate crimes started happening targeting black people and students of the lgbtq community. The school ended with a total count of 22 hate crimes. It got so bad that news stations came up to the school to interview students. Of course I got the hell out of there and transferred.
You are acting like YOU are all that when you're not! You're actually bragging and being arrogant and as ignorant as the rest. So listen, YOU think you're the best, but you're just like the rest!
[Newest]Pennsylvania is one of the most racist states in the USA.
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I live currently in Indiana and have been living in the state for going on eight years. A shadow from the past (1930 Lynching, aka Last recorded lynching in American History.. scary thing is the people who lynched the black men with only one black survivor- James Cameron, are still living and glorify it) hangs over the place. The black people are suppressed by white supremacy. I am a victim of this racism like many others in my community. The white people don't even like each other but make a pack to keep the black people down. The only thing I can compare my experiences to is what was going on in the 60s and further back. In 1996 the K were still openly meeting and had the telephone number in the phone book. Our governor, Mike Pence, authorized for books on the K to be put on lock because this history of the K is so shameful! This organization's head courts in the 1920's -1930's was in Indiana. Most of white Indianans have ties to them. This stuff runs deep. The racism I've seen has come from people that claim to be " Christians". For example, the pastor of a church I went to, went on my dad's job and tried to get him fired all for nothing! He went to the pastor in confidence because one of his members hit him and a minor. The pastor I believe twisted every thing to make it look like my father did wrong just because he's black. The man who assaulted him and the minor was white. The Christian university my father worked at ( which the pastor called), I believe abused him. His co-works mistreated him. One of them kicked him out of his office. They terminated him because of his " alleged statements of racism". I believe the university itself is Christian but, some of the people who wear the face are racist. I know that's not the University stands for. That's why he's suing them for his position and promotion. If he ran away from it things would get worse not any better. When in fact he gets his position and promotion back, it will help the everyone, not just the African American community.
Indiana is the most racist state in America. The police officers will kill you if you are black. Racial profiling is normal. And being a bigot is the culture here. If you are African American, black etc. Stay away from Indiana especially if you have an education because you will intimidate the petiole here and they will make your job hell. Also some blacks here are so brainwashed they will hate you too just trying to fit into an environment where they are not accepted. This is a horrible place to live. You have been warned!
Indiana is NOT racist at all. I am biracial and I am friends with both white and black people. There can be some people that are mean to the opposite race but that's just because everyone has they're own opinion. I live in Indianapolis in... I'd say the Northwest but I promise you they are not racist. Some people are mean but it's not because of color. If a white person ignores you, don't get offended because just because someone ignores you doesn't mean they're racist. Just remember the same race as you can also ignore you, hit you, beat you, etc. All you have to do is stay cool, be nice, and don't assume everyone is racist. My cousins and brother is fully black and they have a TON of white, Mexican, and black friends, as well as I. No cops aren't racist either, it seems like it though because a lot of black people in Indiana seem to always to the damage. Yes they arrest white people too. No, a cashier will not charge you more because your black. In Indiana, everything is cool, if your mean, expect to get some hate. if your nice, you have nothing to worry about. Guys Indiana is not racist.
Indiana doesn't seem racist down In the South part of the State, But the Northern part of Indiana is more diverse. Not everyone is racist in Indiana, but some people are, probably 1-10 person in the state has ever said something that is racist to someone else.


[Newest]Not racist in Indiana...
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Illinois is such an armpit of racism. You have to be an absolute screw up to get any help from the state. You always hear about how Hispanic and people of color have to deal with it but that's just half the story. If you're white and don't jump on the Republican band wagon you're really screwed here. To get any state help you have to have a child or be an elder. Far be it for a couple struggling to seek any state assistance if they try and do things right but never had the proper help from their parents. All Gov. programs here are basically run on the internet with out dated programs that don't even really work well. Chicago runs most of the State and has become such a thief of funds needed out side of the city.

After 9-11 I was in this store owned by a Indian man and over heard some African Americans talking and giving this Indian store owner so much problems because he was brown and who cares if he's Indian or Arab, there all the same. I never been to a state where so many people would love to see the US fall just like Rome did back in the day and I have been to many states.

It's the only state I ever visited where being nice was considered stupid and a weakness.

I use to work this construction job owned by this Republican supporter in this state. He had this African American employee that helped him over many years make millions of dollars, yet he wouldn't pay the African American man what he deserved and would outright drop the "N" bomb on him every day, make fun of his lips and hair. He would harass his worker about Obama being elected every day. When he didn't agree with him he would be sent home with no pay. You here so many white employers talk about how African Americans use to work so many trade jobs and don't anymore (the youth). It is because they will not tolerate the racism, as the Israelis say,"NEVER AGAIN"! I don't blame these youths for being the way they are.

At least in the South states Racist people are out in the open more so than the ones in Illinois who are dreadfully in the closet and work to segregate counties actively.

My family is from the east coast and my brothers and sisters were the 1st generation to live here. All but a few have left this terrible state soon I will be next, being 4 out of 6 that left. I wouldn't recommend this state to anyone. Even if you were in a Union job. I absolutely hate this state and yes the racism works both ways here.

I could go on about this state and many more instances but I think you get the general idea of how it is here. I really did try to think of something positive to say but the racism trumps it all and negates all the positive things to say, not to mention the last two Governors (Republican & Democrat) that went to jail for corruption charges. There is still far more politicians here that need to be locked up for life here just to make a Federal example of crime and scare other states not to go down the path that Illinois has went down.
Chicago IL is a great city with many fine qualities. However, some times people in Chicago are extremely racist towards people of color especially Indians. They are proud Americans and cannot contain their pride by looking down upon people from other race. Violent crime plagues the city and amidst that, people sometimes derive vicarious pleasure by passing snide remarks towards people of Indian ethnicity. Only men can't be blamed, women are equally racists and they leave no stone unturned in abusing people of brown color. These people forget that they themselves lack many things which are necessary attributes of a civilized population, their only objective is to impose their superiority over people of other race. They tend to forget that sons and daughters of their soil mostly confine themselves to desk jobs or spend precious time in experimenting with vicious substances like drugs, instead of actually doing something constructive. Whereas their country heavily depends on outside sources to keep their dwindling economy in satisfactory shape. Jealousy overcomes their sense of humanity and they don't cease to be openly racist towards Indian people. Another startling feature is that these white men do not hesitate to get physical with Indian women luring the latter with false promises of emotional and financial security whereas the white American female counterpart makes it very clear not to allow an Indian man within arm's length. A few who do eventually break the matrimonial relationship after securing a whopping divorce alimony and thereby bankrupting the poor guy. Debauchery, adultery and manipulations are trademarks of the people over there, which need to be changed to bring a new dawn to America.
I am from Jacksonville Florida, which is definitely racist, but nothing compared to that of Chicago. I remember it like yesterday. I was sitting in my car in my American Eagle shirt and fitted jeans, and I happen to notice a cop continue to pass by my car. So, I just brushed it off thinking that he is only doing his job. I later noticed about 3 other cops do the same thing. Moments later, they came to my car, about 7 of them, and told me to step out. They then say that I fit the description of a murderer. I was like "You have to be kidding me. The hispanic cop then starts cursing me out and telling me that he didn't have to tell me anything and that I should be grateful. While this was happening, I heard the other cops in the background say that the car I was driving doesn't match the suspects. The car I was driving was grey, and they were looking for a black car. They weren't color blind; they knew exactly what they were doing. I yelled out "I'm innocent." The white and hispanic cops seem to be waiting to attack me, but the only black cop in the group said "Guys look, he's innocent. Let's go." They soon left, but looked disappointed at the same time. If it wasn't for him they would have probably planted weed or something in my car and framed me so they could take me to jail and the beat me for "resisting" arrest. Chicago is definitely not a place for a black man to be outside of the south side/west side. I was downtown, and by the way, I am black.
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I've lived in Utah for going on eleven years and, as an educated man of African descent, I can justifiably say that the prejudice here is strong, the racism is systemic, and culturally ingrained. I am often defined by the color of my skin and treated poorly or alienated for it, especially when I don't live up to the stereotypes that inform the ignorance of those who seek to describe me. "Hey who's your favorite artist? " I might be asked. "Oh, I really like Maynard Keenan (Lead singer of rock band "Tool" for those who aren't sure)," I might remark. GASP! "But you're BLACK! You're supposed to like Lil Wayne," or whatever. They will do everything they can to cast a non-Caucasian person in an inferior light. An Indian man can say: "There are five flowers in a vase," and be scoffed at. A Caucasian man can say "There are five flowers in a vase," and recieve a gold medal. They are extremely passive aggressive and covert about it, but any person of deeper tones who has been the victim of racism will pick up on it eventually. Prepare to have your intelligence insulted, your credibility questioned, your heritage mocked. Prepare, and come anyway, because positive change has to occur from the inside out if it is to last. Besides, they aren't -all- a bunch of inbred racist ingrates. There are plenty of loving, helpful people too. You just have to be clever (and maybe a bit lucky) to find them.
Most People here are close minded, they think they know everything. They don't want to listen with other culture's ideas about anything. The white folks are protected by their government but other race were'nt. I remembered having a car accident here and the police man already decided whose fault it was without even investigating the facts. I am asian and it ended up it was my fault. They did not asked my side just but they asked the white man's side. I was rear ended but ende up it was my fault.
[Newest]Even people doesn't rent boat to black or brown peoples
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19North Carolina
I am a Hispanic. I speak English with an American accent, am an American citizen, and have been raised in the U.S. I live in Virginia and was recently invited to my step-daughter's home along with her mother (Asian, Innuit and White) and her mother-in-law (white from NC). Bear in mind that my step-daughter has an adopted brother of Nigerian descent.
Her mother-in-law, knowing what we are, proceeds to use the "N" word at dinner followed by complaints about Hispanics that are currently moving to NC. I point out to her that she is insulting us to our face. I remain calm in deference to my daughter-in-law. No one else called her on it. The woman does not apologize and absolutely believes that she has done nothing wrong. Everyone is silent.
The next day I call my step-daughter to thank her for her kind invitation, requesting that I never be in the same place as that woman from NC ever again. I assured her that if there is a next time, that I will totally sink to her level and go off on her!
I served in the US military proudly eight years of my life. I was raised in Los Angeles for the better part of my life before joining the service. I made the huge mistake of requesting to be stationed in the East Coast. Somehow I ended up in this horrible state. I have been fired twice for not being able to "fit in" not being a "good fit" with my coworkers. My coworkers have treated me with so much disdain because I look and walk like a Hispanic. I am not a kiss ass and maybe I ought to be given that if you're not part of the crowd you're doomed. I hate North Carolina with a passion. I had an immaculate resume with a bunch of awards from working in medical labs while in the Navy. I became a civilian and all those good all evaluations turned to horrible evaluations from managers who cannot accept me because the crowd doesn't accept me. I know just as much if not more but my skin tells a different story, one where people think I am and will always be a subordinate. I have defied society by graduating from two Universities and have challenged the South by working outside "the garden" outside "a farm--my natural Hispanic habitat" It saddens me that people here in the South would have such degrading picture of me. People will always treat me for what I am on the outside and not for what I know.
You sound like a racist. You look and walk like a Hispanic? You can't just say, I'm Hispanic. You have to disassociate yourself from the race. Also, you thinking that they picture you as degrading by thinking you work outside on a farm? Sad. It's an honorable job. You sound arrogant. Maybe that's why you've gotten bad evaluations. You get a bad look from someone and are instantly on the offense.
I lived in north carolina for 10 years. I'm 21 years old. I was born and raised in atlanta where the city is so extremely diverse you can't tell who is white and who isn't so to be racist would be a waste of time. So when we moved to NC I couldn't believe how segregated the town was and still is, my parents bought a store in the town and people blatantly said they didn't want to come to our store because we were black. And the white people are just as trashy and low class than every other race. They are all just stupid and very uneducated. How can you hate someone without knowing exactly why? I used to feel sorry for them but now I think they deserve to be stuck in a town that's 15 miles long for the rest of their lives, they have no common sense.
[Newest]Some parts and I hate their school systems at times.
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If your are a person of color, ie. Asian, mixed Asian, Black, Mulatto, Native, Latino, Pacific Islander; you can almost forget about getting a white collar job. If you drive around Anchorage, very rarely you will see a minority wearing a suit or if you go to board meetings, conferences or any business event. Most professional minorities there are self employed because of that barrier and yes most have advanced degrees and Ba's. Besides from the professional atmosphere, its pretty tolerant of different racial groups and has all types of mixing. Great place for blue collar workers for any group.
I am white and am married to a wonderful Native person. The idiotic questions I have been asked about how we met or is this person bothering me ("No, he/she is my spouse") have convinced me that the migratory white and Asian population here is very ignorant.

I am a professional who worked there for a short time. I am extremely competent but I am of color. My clients called me "colored" and every single one of them was white. I was discriminated against, being used and abused by my employer. My employer is under investigation by the Federal Government for their actions towards me. Please save yourself the hassle, finances, and heartache this state may cause you as a person of color. This state does not belong in the United States of America after my experiences in other states filled with diversity. Idaho was a white and cold sample of hell may be similar to.
Idaho should be MUCH higher on the list. It is because there are so few black people here; their stories aren't being told. I have a friend whose coworkers call her "Monkey Face," and when reported, they were not disciplined. A black child in our dance group was asked if she "can go to the movies" because of the color of her skin. Two back children I know of have had to drop out of the public school system and home school because of bullying. This is an awful state if you are a person of color. It is pervasive and there is no community you can move to here. It's one thing if the "north and south are segregated," but in Idaho there's no blessing of segregation; it's all one hostile community. The whole state is a backwards white camp. Tell your story and get Idaho at the top of the list.
This state is extremely racist. We have lived in Texas and Utah and never experienced the racism we have had here. My children in kindergarten have been beaten up at school by older kids for being black. We have had people leave the McDonalds playground because my family was black. We have had to switch schools. Idaho has a large white supremacist colony. We didn't experience anything like this Dallas and SLC.
[Newest]Idaho doesn't want your race mixers. You crybaby you got treated like what you are. Trying to come here and act like your uppity, and white. I wish all you foreigners would stay home! We don't want you here! Get used to it. We didn't ask you come here, we don't need you! Get out! All of you!

Angry American

22West Virginia
I believe West Virginia is a extremely racist state for a reward at my school me and a few other classmate were given the opportunity to go on a trip on our trip we passed through West Virginia and stopped to stay at a hotel for the night before continuing on our journey while there we were allowed to move around the halls so me and my friend who was Caucasian did as we were walking me and her play fight giving each other piggy back rides like best friends do when a Caucasian officer came up to us and asked to questions to my friend asked if she was ok and if he needed to call someone even thought my friend said no the officer to me to follow him and grabbed my arm I was forced to sit in a room for hours for what he said was to get to the bottom and to better understand what was going on but the truth was the only reason I was detained was because I was a African American female hanging with a Caucasian female when I was finally let go the said it was all a miss understanding by the time they let me go my bus ad left and I ad to wait several more hours for it to return its amazing how prejudice people still are towards people of a different race when in reality their is no difference between any of the races.


WV is a great state. I'm an Asian American, and have never had a problem with any racism except from blacks. I have been called slope / chink / gook / slant / jap / the list goes on and on as they are very creative in their bigotry. We all need to look in the mirror. There has not been any racism shown toward me by whites or any other race but blacks. In at least 15 instances blacks have been prejudice in their actions and especially words in interactionswith me.


This state is what it is, I've lived here my whole life and know the people, to be honest no one here likes Obama because he's black, the state is 2/3 registered Democrats, and Obama lost in all 55 counties last election, that has never happened before, the state is 96% white and there are several communities and even counties where you just won't find any black people
[Newest]Please tell me the reward wasn't for writing skills.
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Stopped at a firework stand in wyoming started talking to the owner found he was from the phoenix area, I asked him why he decided to move to wyoming. He told me with a creepy gleam in his eye, "The people in phoenix are just dirty they are a lot cleaner up here if you know what I mean, " implying that dark people are dirty
Wyoming is very racist, the previous posters here are lying. No white woman in Wyoming would ever date a black guy, and Latinos do not get along with whites. What are you people smoking? I assume you're Wyoming residents trying to make Wyoming seem tolerant, but sorry that is just not the case. Stop lying and misleading people. It is dangerous if people of color come to Wyoming and think there's no racism based on all of your comments.
I am a black man that married a white woman from Wyoming, her family loved me to death, and even though we got divorced, we are still friends to this day, and I love her family as if they were my own.
Not all that racist. Whites and Latinos got along pretty well in my home town. They dated one another and everything. There was only one black dude in my high school, and his girlfriend was white. Nobody had a beef with him, and he wasn't even good at sports.
Sure, people are right-wing Christian homophobes there, but again, not all that racist.

I lived in Wisconsin for basically my whole life, and when I went to College I had trouble with three teachers because I'm a mixed race, one teacher failed me because he saw me talking to a cast student in the hall 10 minuets before class, and told me to my face "you shouldn't talk to those people" I was shocked we weren't even through with the semester and he failed me. The second teacher gave me a "D" when really I should have been given an "A", because when it was my turn to use the Laser Cutter he demanded me to step aside for this other student, just before me in line. The third teacher told me he wouldn't allow me to use paper from the printer to take notes for a test, so I walked over their anyway and went to grab a hand full, he was angry then, and he said, "go to Wal-mart because people like you find notebooks there all the time out in the parking lot"!. I had to restrain myself from fighting. After I graduated I landed a job I felt was okay and later was asked to leave for a higher paying job, so at my second job in April 2011, I asked if they had any position in Blue Print Drawing, the owner exclaimed he did, and would have me working on the computer drawing blueprints the first day, but he gave it away to someone else, and had me clean, sweep, and had placed some kind of cotton that was spread around one side of the shop for me to sweep up, later on after he fired me for rapping a package the way I was told. I found another job were 3 people said the "N" word, currently I'm out of that job for one week and possibly could be fired, because someone made a false report about me from the next shift, and most are trying to have me fired too, because they continually made complaints that was totally setup. For instance The company I currently had worked for wants everything clean before we leave our posts, and the man from the next shift, placed a dirty rag where I cleaned up, and said I did it. I even had to throw away my water, because I was afraid this guy poisoned it with cleaning fluid.
I lived in Wisconsin for 4 years. I never experienced such racism. People were out right nasty. I am from Northern Maine, and have never been treated so badly. In Wisconsin I was a counselor in a Shelter for teenagers. I do not think it helped me being black and knowing all of their family secrets. I am a attractive black woman with a very compassionate heart. I was never taught hate. By husband is white and I have two adult children. Our families get along fine. There really is not that much difference in people. I have found that in the hearts of most people, we want the same things. To have a job, family, freedom to enjoy our lives and worship as we please, and try to be happy. I am so sorry some wish to hold on to something that has caused so much pain and suffering in our country and the world. Before you dislike someone because of the color of their skin or the slant of their eyes. Stop and think behind their clor is a person with thoughts and feeling just like you.
I do not know when this was written but I am a sixty seven year old Black woman, intelligent and have all my faculties, but in 1990 I had the nerve to try to settle in Eau Claire Wisconsin at the advice of a "friend" who did not know the score. ( She is white). I got a job right away at Seversen Lutheran Hospital or Care Facility for the elderly and even the residents... Old and infirm, did not want me to give them services. If we took a stroll downtown, folks in cars would alert each other so they could stare and if I went for coffee with the ladies, the thing was the same. No everyday trip to the store was every day because for some the instant 'over smile" thing would happen or the folded arms ( especially the men) would begin with stony eyes looking straight ahead. We took to going out at night and grabbing groceries due to the overkill of staring and snickering. Young white boys would pull their cars up to our rental house at night and put their bright lights on and advise us to go back to Africa! My two kids were in high school and got into skirmishes all the time. Worse yet, I met a guy and went to GRANTSBURG WI where it only got worse. Population 1100 at the time! I have lived in Minnesota now for over two decades and have been afforded many opportunities to both give and receive... Went back to school and did all the stuff I wanted to do in Wisconsin. Behind those friendly looking clapboard homes and smiling farmer Jones type buildings are some mean, nasty and backward people. What a shame!
I live in the most racist county in Wisconsin, {Waukesha County} I see my people two to three time a year. The reason I moved here because a young white man was flying the confederate flag early in the mourning, it reminded me of picking cotton in the south. A letter with the village board stating my voting information don't match with the DMV. My ministry has suffered feeding the homeless for the last three years, I wrote on my Social Security application if I owe the government any money take it from the reparation owed to Blacks from slavery. Being disable I was cut off of benefits without no income for the last two years. The Creator grace and mercy have sustain me. When the president ran for office I had to go to Milwaukee to volunteer, Don't come here because we are not together ourselves. Sell out yes we sell each other out here, it has became all about the money. No respect for each other, the civil right movement took away out caring for each other, Preacher, professionals what are you doing for our community? HELP DON'T COME HERE IF YOU ARE A PERSON OF COLOR
[Newest]I've never lived anywhere that was more segregated. When black people start going to a shopping mall (Brown Deer), white patrons stopped going there. It was very strange.
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I am from Virginia, and let me tell you, it is indeed quite racist. I am mixed race-half black, half white, I experience more racism from black people than I do white or Latino people (though I am a light brown complexion and have kind of straight hair). I've had some black friends who thought I was fully black until they met my mother (who is white), they all of a sudden stop associating with me. There has been some black people that have tried to make me "do their work for them" and when I ask them why, they said because I was a "half breed" and that I have never experienced the things that they have been through from white people! Even when I applied at some jobs where the manager was black, I was always turned down despite that I'm very well educated with a college degree and the job was given to black people, a majority of them had just gotten out of jail or didn't even finish high school (one job I applied for, I was turned down and a black guy who had committed murder and had just got out of jail was accepted for it! I mean really? ). My landlord, who is white, will take up for the black people in our complex who causes trouble, play their music as loud as they want to at all times of the night, and litter in the yard, but when it comes to me or my Latino neighbors, we're always wrong about things and accused of things we didn't even do! Not saying that all of the black people that I've ran across acts like this towards me, but quite a few have done so. I can't wait until I get away from here, and I suggest if you're mixed race, DON'T LIVE IN VIRGINIA-BLACK PEOPLE HERE HATE MIXED RACE PEOPLE MORE THAN WHITE PEOPLE DO!
There are still confederate flags and statues just 20 minutes south of my house. Certain kids also own and where confederate flags. If your not in northern Virginia, your definitely in the south.
I'm orginaly from Kentucky and I thought racism was bad there until I moved to Virginia with my wife who is from Virginia. My Mother told me when I moved here that I was moving to the old capitol of the South during the Civil War. Her opinion was right on target, if you don't believe me look up Farmville, Virginia. Check your history of Farmville it was a real hotbed of racism during the Civil rights movementLet, National Guard was needed in the schools to protect Black Americans. Also there has a big controversy over the raising of a Confederate flag off I-95 near Chester, Virginia. Lets just say I miss my Old Kentucky Home due to the racism I've experienced in Virginia. Best advise I would give you is if you're thinking of moving here, visit first and talk to the locals, you may change your mind. Defintely do your homework.
[Newest]KKK. KKK is found everywhere..
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I am a racially-mixed person. I lived in Maine for almost twenty years and, yes, I would have to agree that Mainers are among the most racist people in the United States. My late mother used to say that some people were "ignorant" and others were "ignorant as sin." In my experience, there are more of the latter kind of ignoramuses in Maine, including Paul LePage, the recently re-elected governor of the state.
I lived in Many states and I have never ever seen people like Mainer thy are really racist

Hello to all.I was born in Grand Rapids and raised in a small town in Michigan called Stockbridge. I am of Mixed Race my father being White and my Mother was born and raised in the Philippines but came to the U.S. in the early 80's and later became a U.S. citizen in 1987. Anyways, My story begins like this. Growing up in a small town like Stockbridge seemed to be a good decision on both my parents part as my mom worked in Ann Arbor at UofM and still does and my Father worked in Lansing at Ingham Medical Center. So Stockbridge was centralized so they could drive the same distance to and from work. Upon being enrolled in school Racism began right away. People would walk up to me and my sisters asking us what China is like or call us Gooks or different things like that. Which now is very tame. But as the Years went on and on especially in High School people would ask us the questions again but this time would actually physically shove or push me or my sister. I remember several being told by friends of mine at School that they were not allowed to hang out with me or come to my house because their parents felt uncomfortable because my family was not full on white (I know this because I was told this by said friends many years later). To top it off in late 1994 my father came out and admitted he is Gay causing my parents to Divorce naturally. The word was later out in town of my Father being Gay then that's when violence really began. People throwing rocks at us calling me a Faggot and tripping me (keep in mind I'm getting married soon to the most beautiful women I've ever seen in my life and yes I am currently living in the Philippines where a lot of my family is from so to those that are racist be prepared for when I come home it's going to be a lot of fun). Anyways I was getting beaten up for that and then people would later find out I'm of Filipino descent that's when shit hit the fan. People would say shit like if you're Filipino then why can you speak English? To my annoyance I would respond because I'm from Michigan (apparently people think that because I'm mixed race that I can't comprehend or speak English FLUENTLY.) Some would even say that no girls in town wanted to date me because I'm too dark or because I look Chinese (though I am not Chinese but am of Filipino descent as said earlier and look more like a white guy than I do Filipino anyways). Was refused service at some Restaurants due to my Race. Got punched in the face for admitting that I am of mixed race. People threatened to kill me. Some have stolen my personal belongings stating that those possessions that I own rightfully belong to real Americans. (Again keep in mind I am AMERICAN. Born and raised there for 25 years for Christ sake.) Was once called a Fucking Rice Cake told to go back to the rice fields where I belong. And what really got me was when I was practicing with my old band back in 2007 and our singer knowing that I am of Filipino descent had pulled out a K Flag and wrapped it around his body while we were jamming. And later decorated the room with K related things. I looked at my friend who came with me and told them to pull my car around the back of the house and that I was going to breakdown my gear and we were going to leave. As soon as my singer figured out I was leaving after that little K episode the chemistry (or lack thereof) between myself and my other band mates dwindled and I later found out that he had began talking shit saying that they should have never taken me in because I'm not white. So yes Michigan get my vote for one of the most Racist and Hateful states in the entire U.S. it's almost like being in the South. Will it keep me from going there? Hell no that's where I'm from like it or not, My Filipino Wife and I are going to Come to Michigan those that do not like it they know where to stick it. - A Very Proud Mixed Race Male.
I grew up in Detroit, so most of my life I thought racism was really declining. I always like the white people here. In Detroit white people and black people get along very well. I especially thought racism was declining when Obama was elected president. It wasn't until I moved to Fraser, MI that I soon realized racism had never left. I had white people spying on my family. They were so rude. They treated me and my daughters like we were criminals. This one white lady was bullying me everyday. Our children caught the bus together so I saw her everyday. I tried to ignore her antics, but after six months I snapped and ended up fighting her. The police immediately took her side and I was charged with assault and battery even though it was her who started, provoked, and initiated the fight. She even called a neighbor to be a false witness against me. She then proceeded to call the school and tell them that my five and six year daughters and I were going to jump her six year old son and the school restrained my children for the remainder of the day. I won the case however because I bought a lawyer and she couldn't afford one.

I had another incident where my kitchen sink pipes were clogged. My landlord had moved to northern Michigan so she hired the condominium maintains manager to fix our pipe. While he's fixing the pipe he tells us he needs the first and last name of every person living in our home and the license plate number of our two vehicle one being a brand new 2008 impala. I'm like did the dude that's fixing my gross clogged pipes ask me for personal information. I kept asking what did he need that for because I knew he was trying to dig up dirt. I didn't have anything to hide so I gave him our names but I told him if he wanted our license plate number he could go outside in get it himself. I get a call the following week, mind you we have only been living in Fraser for two weeks at this point, and my landlord say there is another grown man staying in our house and only single families can live there. I snapped on her and told her it's only me, my husband, my two daughters, and my third daughter would be born soon that is all who live here. I told her we haven't even been living here long enough for anyone to know who lives here and who doesn't. We had company twice of friends who were visiting us in our new home. I felt bad that I had to snap in her because she was very nice not racist at all.

Long story short I ran my ass back to Detroit. I do not trust white people anymore. I'm sorry to those white people who are not racist but from that experience I would rather be with people who aren't trying to peg me and my children as criminals. By the way I have a Bachelors of Science in radiation therapy technology. I never in my life even growing up in Detroit was a criminal or involved in criminal activity. I got straight A's and school and I went to Renaissance high school which is one of the best high schools in Michigan.

Michigan is one of the top segregated states in the US. I would never recommend anyone to visit or move here unless you're white of course then you would be fine.
Lived here as a child in the city and I came back here to live as an older adult in Troy and I noticed in Royal Oak and Troy that all these years blacks have lived segregated in desperate straits in the city and whites lived handsomly in the suburbs because blacks could never make it. They can't now. It is too hard to have that American dream in these suburbs for blacks. Whites are very uncomfortable around them when they see them as if blacks came out of nowhere onto the planet (whites are very weird) and there is no public transportation, hard to get a house, hard to start from nothing, you have to have your generational-feet planted in like the whites have had and by their silent ignoring and sombre expression they clearly don't want you around nor to be helpful if you look like you come from Detroit to them. When you're around that racism there is such a sombre mood that is silent and not happy... Definitely not free, they shut their mouths and become mute around you and almost stare like you are an alien. I am not kidding. I thought "what hateful horrible planet this is, " having moved from California where I never got that vibe. Everyone was used to everyone except for the Mexican immigrant females that ignored me :( and I just wanted friends.
[Newest]People are very racist up in Michigan with Muslims people
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I am so surprised that Northern and Western suburbs of Denver are not on this list. I grew up in these areas and when I was 9, walking home from school everyday only 1 block away from the elementary school, I was almost run over by two white men in a really huge truck. They ran up the side walk to get me, as if a little black girl could actually be a threat to them. My brother and I had to fight every other day due to the racial slurs. This was elementary school. When I was in middle school, my science teacher said that he figured I would get the answer wrong to a question given to the class because " look at you"
I was accused of cheating by having the same exact answer to one question on a test, I was supposed to have copied it from a white boy sitting across the room. I was given an F and not allowed to defend myself when I asked to take the test. Another class, when the series Roots was on I automatically got a name change to "Kizzie". I was ruthlessly teased by one particular white boy who sat behind me and whispered it in my ear for and entire week. When I finally retaliated, yelling at him to shut up and stop calling me a slave, I was sent to sit in the back of the room, where her continued to relentlessly pulverize me from a distance. He finally stopped when I walked over and turned his table over on him. I was 12.
Later after I grew up at 30+ yrs old I got a job in a brand new hospital just south of the business district, I was in charge of the catering department the physicians lounge had run out of plastic ware in the food area, a very affluent spine doctor proceeded to tell the other 6-8 doctors in the room about how when he was back on the plantation, these things didn't happen. When I walked in on this conversation, the other sub doctors scattered like cockroaches, while her proceeded to scold me with his finger pointing in my face, and scowling comments that I was not adequate for the position. I am a Chef. Ask me if you think that racism is not existent in the US or if we have come a long way. It depends on how you spell your name and what color your skin is, that is the deciding factor, and the question answers itself. We have a long way to go. :(
I have lived here 4 years from detroit mi... People think they are in higher command because of their race. I have had white women flirt with my husband right in front of my face, and when I confronted them most of them told me they could do whatever they wanted to and that they simple just found my husband attractive and it didn't matter whether he was married or not. And that they would call the police on me if I did something to them. Also the work industry here is catered to white people, my husband worked very hard as a correction officer in a level 5 facility. He was called into the office several times and was told he was a over achiever! White men were jealous because he had got an award that they have never received and had been there way longer than my husband... So they were making stories up about him saying he tries to hard. At one point when I was sick my husband took a fmla- once he returned to work he was given a verbal warning although he didn't know why until he got the paperwork- it was because one white employee claimed that he had seen myself and my husband at the mall shopping! This was ludicris as I was bedridden and couldn't move! Worse yet, he claimed that my husband dashed into a store when he noticed the white employee so the white employee also claimed that he approached me and asked if I was feeling better and that he had heard I been sick... He claimed that I replied "sick, I'm not sick"! The crazy thing is I never met this guy the only person I met was in my husband academy class ceremony. The reason I'm going into so much details is to prove that people will go far and beyond with elaborate stories and lies just so minorities wont get ahead. My husband never had to kiss anyone's butt we are from detroit we don't do that laugh out loud... We keep it real and keep it going. We can't wait to move out this state!
I have lived in Colorado almost my whole life and have never really heard any sort of racial slurs until more recently. I went to the grocery store with my dad one day who is, by the way Hispanic. He was sort of in the middle of the isle with his grocery cart and saw this white guy on the other end of the isle coming up. My dad scooted his cart off to the right to get out of the way, which is respectful no matter who you are. As the white guy approached him he looked at my dad and said " Yeah, you better get out of the way spic, and while your at it go back to Mexico where you came from! " My dad just kept walking we were both pissed! My dad told me it took all he had to walk away with out any physical confrontation. Little did the guy know my dad was born and raised in Colorado, so was his parents and family. He also proudly served for the Army for 22 years defending that guys freedom!
[Newest]I lived in Colorado for two years and had a really hard time finding a descent job and when I thought I did I was constantly harassed by my supervisor telling me we were loosing customers because of my accent.

29North Dakota
The whole state is racist. We have a lot of kkk and white supremacists here. Grand Forks has been in the news (UND) specifically for sporting shirts with native Americans drinking out of a beer bong thing, with the words "Siouxper Drunk" on it in retaliation of the Natives trying to change the name "The Fighting Sioux. " Nothing was ever done about this at the University except to say they were just being kids, yet they were all old enough to know better. Bismarck schools will tell the Natives they are not civilized and will never make it in school or career. These schools will outright say stuff to your face and get away with it because "who is going to side with us" right? Natives are targeted just by being seen driving, walking, riding bike. Law enforcement will see natives living somewhere, claim to smell marijuana and will raid your house on the claim of a smell. Look up the numbers on the jails here and find out how many minorities are locked up on either false or trumped up charges, they make up the most of the population in the jails and prisons here. Minorities make the justice system money here. They will do anything they can to keep it this way. Including lying in court, adding false charges, and breaking their own laws. The schools still teach the kids that Natives are savages and thieves, which then brings us to the store problems. They will follow minorities in the store to watch for theft while their own color steals right in front of them. They also need to check employment, minorities hardly get a raise and when they do it's the lowest one, no matter the exp. or time worked. a lot of employers will also blame minorities for theft, even after proved wrong. They like to make any reason to fire them after their own color comes along to replace their jobs. Most employers will only hire minorities because by law they have to, but make it so uncomfortable they decide to leave their job. Then they start all over again. This state needs an investigation NOW.
I lived in North Dakota my entire life up until a year ago. I am half Native American and half Norwegian. You really can not tell that I am Native American though because I have light skin. So people would say racist things about Native Americans and not realize that I am one. Some people who knew I was Native American would call me Prairie N*****. They are racist against anyone who is not White. Just outside of an Indian reservation by Minot, and somebody spray-painted on a dumpster "F*** Indians, We give you enough food and money, your welcome. " on it. If you are not White they will not make you feel welcome.
North Dakota is extremely racist and don't even care about the rights of an individual. They will stop someone just because they appear hispanic and harass them. If they don't speak english they automatically call immigration and detain them. They coerce them to sign a paper saying they will leave the country. They have the chance to fight their case with a judge but when they sign that paper, they don't get to oppose being deported. They treat them badly when detained and don't always provide sufficient food, blankets, etc. This type of treatment should be stopped if a person is not breaking any kind of law.
[Newest]Everyone is racist here, check the jails and prisons to see who they are making money on. They add false charges and get away with it, beat minors and let them go and get away with it. Check it out.

30South Dakota
I came here from MA almost 40 years ago, and yes, there's an undercurrent of racism here that's never subsided. They don't like the Native American population at all. Almost anyone not born here is never accepted by the white-haired Old Guard. I purposely never lost my Boston accent just to piss off some of the population myself, and it still works. Some love it, others hate it. There's no middle ground. It used to bother me when I first arrived here, but I couldn't care less anymore. When I see them getting annoyed, I laugh, which makes them even madder. If you come here from somewhere else and be a Democrat to boot, be prepared to get some really cold shoulders from some of the native hicks here.
Rapid City is openly segregated. Native people, even those with a higher education, rarely can even get an interview for a professional job they are qualified for. The criminal justice system, from the juvenile to adult prisons, are full of Native people. They start incarcerating Native youth as early as 11 years old. I have worked for 5 years to try to improve these issues. I have had no success at all! Even the Democrats do not support Natives who try to get elected to office or even on a city government committee. The schools are underfunded and segregated. The national test scores for these kids runs in the bottom 20%. I have given up on this place!
I have been discriminated and told to leave many places because I was not the proper religion, ethnicity, social class, or republican. If anyone thinks South Dakota is not the most racist state, then hear this. My first grade teacher would dress up as Harriet Tubmann and paint her face black. Furthermore, there have been times workers followed me throughout the store telling me they had to otherwise I would steal. There are still people I know who will not stop using the n-word or other racial marks to profile people. In fact a huge majority still believes same-sex marriage is comparable to humans having sex with animals.
[Newest]Yes. Extremely racist towards Indians. Hateful, mean people in charge and discriminate against Indians throughout Rapid City. A handful of Democrats and Unitarians are allies to the natives but it is hard to stop a legislature that is republican and bigoted.

Montana is a very racist state. Though working here, with the employment discrimination laws, being relevant and applicable, the "Good ole Boys" still permeate most institutions and they are run accordingly. For example the Federal Judge R. Cebull sending racist emails? Not to be a cynic, but he will just get a slap on the hand, and the only reason for that and him being "sorry" is because he got caught. Truth is in Montana people don't mind being racist, yet those same people do not want to be held liable for it. Sure Black people can be accepted hear; as long as they are willing to Uncle Tom and look past discriminatory practices, treatment, and comments. Good Black Folks if you are planning a vacation try another state, from one Black man to another, this state Blows. I am going to leave as quick as I can.
Just because Montana Universities recruit African-American athletes does not make the state as a whole any less racist; it just means these colleges want to win. Not everyone in Montana is racist, but these rural towns who sport confederate flags and tell racially derogatory jokes when no minorities are around sicken me. These same individuals when confronted about their actions lie about doing so and initiate smear campaigns against their accusers, in which all the white employees corroborate and lie, along with the all white Human resource staff to cover up their own infringement of Human Rights Laws. I just do not understand why people go to such great lengths to avoid their discriminatory practices when they employ them at their leisure and in the " Good ole Boy" state with out repercussion because everyone protects each other. This state Government is corrupt!
The larger cities in Montana such as Billing, Missoula, and Helena all have african american populations around 1.6% The stigmas in Montana do not all revolve around the african american population. In the cities I have seen african americans treated with dignity and respect, as all people should be. There is, however, a definite stigma against those populations in the more rural, less educated areas and smaller towns, but not to the point where one should worry about life and limb. I am a white, male RN who works for Billings Clinic and we treat all of the races, including african americans and their families as if we were treating our own. Anyone who says Montana is the worst regarding prejiduce in wrong. Heck, Michael Franti sold out tickets at his last Blues Fest here (sorry I missed it. ) Come and visit and then tell me if I'm wrong. 2 movie tickets if I'm right:) Paul Tutokey
[Newest]Can't find anything on Montana that supports minorities. Hell, I could even find a bit of pro-minority stuff from Utah and that's saying something.

Minnesota law enforcement targets Native Americans, and anyone of another race. The schools in Minnesota are very racist and most of the time will say things directly to you and then even threaten to call law enforcement if they don't like the way you react to it citing that they will side with them. Schools around tribes and reservations will do anything to make sure the Natives DO NOT graduate. They say things like "you need to go back to the rez, because your kind will never make it in the civilized world. " Or they will call them filthy savages after being targeted by white kids who will say anything to get out of trouble. When applying for jobs, they will throw your application in the garbage if they see who you are or even where you live. This is the reason a lot of them can not get a job. It is in your face here and if you turn them in for it, they side with them no matter what. The IRS also targets the natives here and will audit a lot of them without waiting for proofs. Check the year of 2013 taxes, you will find out how many. Moorhead MN law enforcement will target minorities while walking or riding your bike to work. They put beatings on underage minorities and then let them out of jail without waiting for a parent to show. Their welfare system is corrupt and will target minorities for welfare fraud without proof and will offer a deal to pay it all back instead of going to trial to prove no fraud, while taking their assistance away for a year. The law enforcement will also tell the minorities when they pull you over that they do not believe you can afford your car that you had to have stolen it. CPS here will target minorities to get there kids taken while making thousands to place them in homes, and will make double by putting them up for adoption. Someone needs to really look and investigate this. There are thousands of trumped up charges that have ruined a lot of our lives. They are also known by the locals to lie in court.
I've lived in Minnesota for 20 years, and have had my share of "Minnesota Nice". Its a joke, its so real they smile in your face and pretend like they like you, then stab you in the back. True story, I was the second black woman hired at a local financial institution. There was only one black male in the entire department of 300 plus. When you go to a car dealership, they immediately show you the cheapest, crappie car they can give you. One dealer told me, we have other cars in the back of the lot, Walser Bloomington, MN. Too increase your knowledge, an African-American womans car broke down on the highway one night, she flagged down a state trooper to only get beat and rapped. The officer served no time, incident was kept away from the media. I worked at a county job, the employees were seated by ethnic background and race/color. Welcome to Minnesota, home of hidden racism.
They like to hide their racism behind "Minnesota nice" but they talk behind your back and when they are amongst themselves they act like thugs and abuse anyone who is not like they are.
As was already mentioned the economic gap between blacks and whites is the largest in the nation for any major metropolitan area, this is statistical fact not an opinion, in my book that makes the Twin Cities The most raciest place in the nation. Just drive threw the freeway traffic in the metro area and you will see what jerks they really are.
[Newest]Minnesota needs to be #1 on this list. Pay attention to the comments on the public schools, unfortunately its very horrible and true. Don't bring your family here.
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33New Mexico
This is "Indian Country. " It's supposed to be the state - one of them, anyway - in which Native Americans with higher educations CAN get jobs. So far no dice. There is supposedly "Indian Preference" in hiring even math teachers which I have a license to do from the state of New York. So far that must apply only to Gallup, in Navajo Country. I don't know. Every time I go to Albuquerque I get treated like "black" instead of Choctaw Indian and have to almost FORCE people to stop doing that and by now, I'm starting to let into people EACH AND EVERY TIME which I admit makes ME look like the "savage". I got pulled over on the highway for allegedly "going too slow" which was really a "driving while Indian. " I had to, again, threaten a Racial Profiling lawsuit to get that thing dismissed. Anyway, at least in Albuquerque and parts of Santa Fe, I can't tell people I came here with a Math teaching license (which allegedly all of their school districts are "desperate" to hire, so much that some of them even partner with the Peace Corps and Teachers Without Borders and take people with barely a college degree, an Associates', mind you, let alone an actual Teaching License) without getting asked something along the lines of "what are YOU doing HERE" or "why'd YOU come HERE" sort of crap. When I went to London, UK, back in 2004, over the same alleged "maths teaching shortage" with a job offer based on a telephone interview, I got the same treatment, the general public over there giving me the "what'd YOU come HERE for -- go back where you came from" even though they would admit they knew they needed Maths teachers! Even IN Indian Country, I'm getting called and treated like "black" instead of Choctaw Indian and no, I don't think that in Choctaw Territory I'd be any better off because that's Oklahoma which would treat me more "like black" even though I do "look Choctaw" around other Choctaws. Navajo, by the way, and some Apache, are darker than I am and THEY don't get treated "like Black" in their own state; but I think they've fought at it for the past 300 years harder than we Choctaws have.

Other than that, I hella love Gallup. Just Albuquerque and Santa Fe suck.
Get a life. Why do you say "Like Black" go back to school take an English writing class and learn how to write properly. That's not good to compare people, like apples and oranges.
New Mexico is what heaven might be like. Love it
Never been discriminated agains in New Mexico, mostly hispanics, native americans, whites very few blacks. I don't feel I am being looked at like I belong in another planet. I am hispanic.
[Newest]They are very racist in New Mexico PERIOD!

Racism in Southeastern Iowa. I am white but have sun-tanned skin, somewhat comparable to Hispanics. In a private conversation with a grocery store's director, when I was inquiring about vacant full-time position in the same department I had been working for several years, I had been told that he "does not want me at the front-end because I'm ethnic". He added, if I want a full-time job in the store, there will be "a janitor's position with great benefits". I thanked him for the offer and left the scene full of emotions. Nevertheless, a few days later I was interviewed for that full-position but ended up not getting it anyway. During 30-minute one-on-one interview, that store director, had been asking about my home country, its people, politics, import-export (?! ) and such. He was curious to find out differences between people. He was also not happy about the growth of Hispanic population in Iowa. He asked me about my long-term career plans within that company and I said that since I have a college degree I would like to see myself in an entry-level management position. He leaned back into his chair and said "let me tell about this company. It is basically a white-male company and minorities, including women will have hard time at landing management positions. " Guess who got that full-time job - a white American female who I am pretty sure had a strong connection to the store director and basically that position was opened for her. A few weeks later after that discriminatory incident I have applied for a few (! ) entry-level management positions within the store. Guess what? I was not even shortlisted for any of them! At that point I had something more substantial than just plain discriminatory revelations from the store director. I ended up filing a complaint with EEOC and still waiting for the results of their investigation. I hope that company gets charged for discriminatory conduct of one of their store directors. My advise for anyone, make sure you record your conversations and job interviews on a digital voice recorder. P.S. A few weeks after the incident I have met one of my tennis partners, a black female, and told her my story. She is a a black female with a nursing degree from one of the local colleges. She told me that she had been treated in somewhat similar way when she had been inquiring about a nursing job at the local hospital. She was offered janitorial position that has nothing to do with your nursing education. At that point I was pretty much sure that racism if not in the air but in the hearts of some Iowans. And that comes from somebody who is married to a white Iowa-born woman.
Listen I am NOT commenting just all Iowa I am commenting on the state of Illinois which is not that far apart. when you say state of Iowa is racist I strongly disagree I see black women with white men. And black men white women. in the state of Iowa. because I'm from Mississippi that's a racist state and. definitely not the state of Iowa and definitely not the state of Illinois they are not racist at all. I'm from Mississippi and I'm not used to seeing a black man with a white woman that really disgusting to be honest with you.
I am a white male living in Council Bluffs and have a mixed (black/white) son who is now 19 and married to a white woman with two kids (both are mixed) it is not right that they say that there is still racism in Iowa, my son use to go with me everywhere and everyone would tell us how much he would be a heart breaker when he grew up (so very true)and how adorable he was, well now that he is older he has been friends with a lot of other friends of different races so whatever that is being said that Iowa is a racist state can see this post and SHUT THE HELL UP we are not racist
[Newest]I'm experiencing racism today. I've not saw any sort of racism like this and I used to live in Arkansas for at least 20 years. All of my children were born in Arkansas and I didn't have to go through any sort of things like I have here. This place has been the bain existence since 2009.
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35New Jersey
My husband and I bought a house in Edison NJ. After about 4 years we were ready to sell it. One day my husband called me and said that the agent called him to say that someone had written on our for sale sign. The for sale sign that once read For Sale had now read, For Sale by N******. We had no idea who had defaced our sign. Maybe it was the guy around the corner with the confederate flag in his garage.
This state is the MOST racist state ever! I can't pass by without being looked at. All the whites talk to their friends, pointing and laughing at me like I am some joke. It's so annoying and aggravating to hear on a daily basis. The racist jokes they play on you are for their entertainment, because they can't know any better between a white collar citizen (me) and a blue collar (them). If you want to live in a state with less racism, do NOT move to New Jersey, the Great State of Prejudice.

Side Note: Even though New Jersey is the 3rd state to join the Union, it doesn't mean that racism is to be placed. Everyone who judges others before knowing them are just plain idiots lower than an IQ of a 1 year old. They should be ashamed of their prejudgments on people they never saw before.
New Jersey is very racist thanks to George E. Norcross and every Governor who has made a deal with this Bigot. He destroyed Camden. One Racist White Man controlling the entire state and making Camden the poorest city in America. Stealing, deceiving and lying and the law does Not a Damn thing. Hope God sends them and their families straight to Hell.
[Newest]This is where anything can happen. Before it was mob who was running the state, now state government is the mob itself. Just about every crook in the government agency is attorney. That should tell you something about the state.

I've lived here all my life and witnessed the demoralization on behalf of Black people. The STATE is run by Mormons... therefore, if you are not white AND Mormon, there is no place for you in society. They (the Mormons in charge) have been known to throw a few crumbs to Black people in terms of occupation. I have consistently been the only Black person in many classes in public school all the way up to college at UNLV (which has a racist past itself- you can look up the first college mascot which was a fox wearing a confederate uniform that didn't get changed until the 80's). The school district, Clark County School District, has a known reputation for suspending/expelling Black students significantly more than their white peers. This is not a place to raise a family of you're Black. Las Vegas was and is known as the Mississippi of the West (that is a fact and is published in a few texts).
I've lived here for 4 months now... From California (Born & raised) I am in the banking industry. I have showed my ability to perform my duties and learn in an efficient amount of time. I even correct the supervisors that have been with the company for 5+yrs. They still treat me like last class, like I am LESS, not as bright, as though I have to work twice as hard to get the same level of respect. By the way, I am a 26 yr old female (African American), and there are 7 other employees. 6 being Caucasian. 1 being an older Hawaiian woman
Yes I could not find a job as a experienced nurse from the east coast. I wish I knew just how racist Nevada was! The south is not the only racist place in America that's for sure. I had to leave after about 95 days due to not finding a decent job as a RN. Everyone wanted to offer crap work, if you did not work for the government you are doomed in Vegas as a person of color! The police also harrass non white's in Vegas. This is a town you may only want to visit not live as a person of color. This state is not minority friendly!
[Newest]Lived here for three years in las vegas. Retired cop too but I'm asian. Could not get a job as a security guard even. You have to be white or over 6 feet tall and black.

I grew up in Longview Washington and during the summers my dad would take me and my family around Portland and Seattle. I had friends of All races and I was White. But whenever I was around my black friends other friends they wanna think I not Ghetto enough to hang out with them simply because I am not black. I show them a few scars, show them I am armed to the teeth with a pocket knife, tell them I grew up on 15th and they shut up real quick. But in Washington Area this is how it always is.. Oh I gotta prove I am the real n* otherwise I can't be that white guy playing Basket ball.. Or Hey look at Datt Cracka walking on by with his video game clothes he must be such a loser.. It gets really old having to stand up to everyone the people in Washington are all Cowards don't matter what race you are they have a big problem there with everyone. People give you this icy stare.. (If you are white are black you know what I am talking about) It is this stare where they just literally stare and when you already past them they turn they head and keep watching.. Some people through stuff out of their cars at you like Drinks and crap.. And the people in Washington have this big problem where they gotta shout stuff at you across the street or out of there car. They never do it if you have friends or if you are by yourself and see another person it never happens. I hated Washington me and my friends hated it too... And I got friends of all races.. Just Move to Texas not the north part move to the South Part. I always thought people rode on horses here or were all hill billy buck teeth scary looking white people.. But in South Texas there is a lot of Mexicans they are very friendly I have lived here a Year and have not had one single Racist Encounter. I carry a pocket knife because Washington drives you mad crazy thinking you always gonna get jumped.. And I am about to toss my pocket knife in the trash I do not need it. The people accept me for who I am and I enjoy talking to people when I walk by it is just friendly talk. There is a mixed race and no one hates on each other I LOVE IT. Brownsville Texas is a good area but it is also poor looking. But hey We all get a long fine. I can't believe it no racist nonsense here I can be myself I have become this nerdy funny guy who tells jokes instead of trying to pretend I gotta be the toughest guy around so I don't get jumped. I want all my friends to live here. WASHINGTON= Complete Biggest Racist hole I ever been too.. Texas=.. Don't go to North Texas people tell me White People are Racist to every other Race. But if you in South Texas where all the races are it is a great Place. Houston Texas has some problems my new aunt in law always tells me so move to SOuth Texas :D
Washingtongian in Seattle since birth and not so proud of calling myself an Washingtonian at all since realizing that racism exist evening in Seattle. African Americans are continuing mistreats whether it's in any professional field in Seattle. I'm Caucasian and Asian American and it's disgusted when hearing family or friends disgracing African Americans in today society. We all have our issues and my culture is not prefect too. If it's not the Asian, Latinos, Caucasian, Arab, Scandivian, Irish disrespecting them or continuing secretly insulting them during interview for a job by offering them less then what they deserve instead forcing them out of an employment to make way for our Caucasian or light skinned cousins who are racist against the black cultures as well. While having certain people spying on them them while they are shopping in small business the community they live in. It usually their own race doing the same. Which brings to me to this question. Are black people not proud of their cultures and leaders who tried to encourage them to do better for themselves as well showing respect toward the elders or people?
My sister's family is bi-racial. Her eldest child joined the Marines just so he could escape african-American baiting. The principal at his public school said more than once he belonged in a different school because he "looked" black. At a school function, a chaperone came up and tried to seperate him and his white date, because he looked "threatening" to her.
One of the country's largest neo-nazi churches is in Eastern WA. Don't get me started on eastern WA neo-Nazis.
[Newest]Everett and Seattle are the two cities I've lived in, and they are probably the most racist. White people here tend to be very passive aggressive about how they feel towards blacks-the racism is very subtle. They're very disrespectful, and get out of line in their (wise questions they ask).

Portland is VERY racist and they do know it I'm a white woman married to a black man and have mixed kids which is yes by my choice so I don't want any you got yourself into this comments... We don't live inside Portland but on the out skirts but anytime we go to the the store and my husband hands anyone cash they put his change on the counter they will not hand it to him in his hand and people stare at us everywhere we go. I have recently gotten VERY AWARE of ow deep the hate of people here in Oregon City is since my son started going to school he is one of only 3 black children in the whole school... The kid's were telling my son that they wouldn't play with him because he's black and black people steal and black people go to jail... So as his mother I went directly to the principal who tried to brush it off by saying "kids will be kids" which was not good enough for me I tried going to the superintendent and left message after message and sent 2 letters with NO response. I again contacted the school because the teasing was not stopping so what does she do? She pulls my son out of the class and sat him in the office while they talked to the kids about why having a different skin color doesn't make you diff which made the teasing WORSE why they would pull him out only to single him more and make it twice as bad as it was before so I continued to contact the principal about this issue and her response she gave me and she said the only way she see's the problem stopping is if we move to a "more diverse area"? I WAS LIVID RACISM IS VERY MUCH SO HERE AND ALIVE TODAY AND PORTLAND IS JUST FESTERING WITH STRAIT OUT IGNORANCE! AND ANYONE WHO SAYS PORTLAND IS THE BIRTH PLACE OF NIKE SO ITS NOT RACIST IS PRETTY RACIST IF YOU ASK ME WHY BECAUSE NIKE LIKES BLACK PEOPLE IN THEIR CAMPAIGNS?
Ha I love the people on this list that claim an entire state to be racist because of the idiots that live there. There is a lot of racists in many different states. That somehow makes the state racist? It is one thing if the government of that particular state is racist, but seriously. This list is by itself stupid. As many racists in the world there are still people who simply aren't, and on more than one occasion these people outnumber the racists. Oregon, as well as countless other states are that occasion. One person, or a group of people do not make a state racist. I just hate how people would honestly make such poor generalizations, based on random encounters with racist people.
I lived in West Linn just outside of Portland, and I have to say that there is a lot of racism in Oregon. It's just very hush hush, you know they don't want to seem behind or stupid up there. When me and my husband first got married we went to visit a family friend of my in laws just outside of Portland and the first thing she said was "I bet your mom was real happy to see that you didn't bring home a little n***** girl". I guess she just assumed that everyone in Mississippi are African American. I live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and there are tons on interracial couples and biracial people. I grew up with just as many African American friends as white and I never have been spoken to in Mississippi like I was in Oregon. I will say that the United States as a whole is a very racist country compared to many others. We have a long way to go.
[Newest]Portland is most racist, service levels are better for whites, jobs are for whites first, every aspect you can think of is white first, the rest get the left overs

39New Hampshire
Forget about tattooing here if you're a person of color. It's hard enough getting to know people in the industry without having to deal with the bigotry. Oh, they'll take your money, but they won't give you a chance. I've been to five different shops spanning three counties and have been told in not so subtle terms that I'm not white enough. I've been to art school and am passionate about art, but one of my old friends, who was never into art and can't draw well now tattoos... he's white.
Most common statement in NH - "People like yourself are NOT welcome here" in a very low-tone voice close to your ears. Experienced overt Racist spots on Brown Ave, Manchester - Nashua Tires, Nashua - Canterbury Apts, Congress street, Nashua etc..
Yes I am an Indian American. I am very brownish and I get stares all the time when I am outside. People just keep staring at me and my children

I am from Alabama and when you are a rooted southerner as I am, you accept people racism because it is their problem, not yours. As long as there is no violence, or mental abuse, I am fine with it. I do not like the unknown racism that I find in the north. In the north, Black People not only must deal with the racism of Whites, but also racism among Hispanics, Chinese, People from the Middle Eastern Countries, and many other groups who do not perceive or America perceive as Blacks People. At least in many parts of the south, there are only Black People. At least we can speak English as many of the Whites do. OK, basically, there is no rest period for Black People no matter where they live unless they have made it cross the bridge, so to speak, and I am praying every single day and night that I will be one of those Black People.

OK, when one speaks about different parts of the country being racist towards Blacks in the south, at least you know where you stand. At least you can speak the same language. At least with Gods help, you will be able to spread your wings and fly with support. You do not need to be confused or mistaken to as to what it is. A person with commonsense will not waste their time playing the game, you move on. But in the north, when they proclaim to not be a racist, this is the most hurtful thing in life especially when they will invite you out to lunch with them, they will separate people who look like you, they play so many psychological mind games, they will ostracize you whereby you have no one to communicate with but they do, what could be more hurtful than this?

Myself personally, I just pray every single day by which I can have my own. I do not want to waste my time, nor my life on racism. What a waste of my time. If I could escape all this foolishness, trust me I would. I would dodge it like a disease. I just do not have the resources to do it yet, but when I do, I will. Racism especially among Blacks will never ever change no matter where you go. At least someone who is lighter skinned can pretend to be White. At least people from other countries who are not Black have a better opportunity in America because they are already conditioned to not separate themselves from each other, and they will help each other in the time of need, but never Black People.

Black People destroy each other more than any other race. The Chinese comes to America and help each other by opening their own businesses, the people from the Middle Eastern Countries, the Hispanics, the Jewish Communities, and all the other groups, but Black People will help each other. I believe that we are the most helpless race that was created. Whenever we have the opportunity to separate ourselves from being recognized as a Black Person, trust me, we will and do. If Black People could change the color of their skin to dodge racism, trust me, I believe 99% would. Really, who in their right mind want to be mistreated in any form, and be prejudge by the color of skin? Always having to prove something, forced to mistreat each other to survive on the job, forced to abandon our families to please the ones who is in control of our destiny, our welfare, our life, our education, our survival? Again, I believe that racism will never ever be a thing of the past, ever. It is what it is and I believe that it is a waste of time even talking about it at this point because it always manages to show its ugly face in life by many groups, not just Whites. Just recently, what Garcia the gofer said about Tiger Woods, and looks what culture he is?
Quote" "I'm from Alabama... Black People destroy each other more than any other race..."

I think you are wrong, Race does not affect a man's character, rather peer pressure from peer group does. It just depends on the group which you belong or grew up with, for instance, if a Black boy was born and brought up in family that teaches the Chinese culture, he would definitely behave like the Chinese, if his parents teaches prosperity in unity as a race then he would behave like the Chinese even more.

I'm David from Nigeria.
People that say "at least we speak English". Your being racist. I know people suck and act racist, just ignore them, they will eventually die out. Every statement has been negative so far. I thought a positive statement was needed. Now I'm not naïve, race is still looked at questionably, that's just human nature. If someone physically harm to you, call the police, use your local politician. We pay big $$ every year on taxes, talk to someone! Things only change when handle them democratically. Dream people and believe in yourself, everyone else can F off. I'm glad CT is so far down this list but would be happy if lists like this didn't exist. Peace, its cheeper!

Omaha is the worse. Grew up there, never moving back. Very segregated and the stories my mom tells me about what people at her job say when they thinks she's not around (fried chicken and kool-aid jokes, anyone? ). Currently live in a smaller town in MO. Better, but only because people are more covert with their prejudice.
Nebraska is really bad if you are brown skinned. I lived in Lincoln and people there openly hate Indians and Hispanics. Many people kept saying that those two groups cause troubles (burglary, drugs, etc.) I am mixed and I got stared at even when I ate at a burrito place. The only thing that saves you from racism is if you play for the Cornhuskers.
We were driving to Iowa and got hungry so we stop at mcd in York town and there was only white people and they treated us badly saying bad thing about us and just staring non stop
[Newest]Well, it is all white for a reason! Go Cornhuskers!

I lived in MA for most of my life and began to realize how little opportunity there was for me. I am a person of mixed race with a very light complexion. I was too dark to be considered white and other people of color would treat me badly because I was too light. There was discrimination at every turn. I was followed around stores, discriminated against in college classes, denied employment opportunities, paid less than whites doing the same job, and heard all kinds of racist statements from both sides. I moved to Alabama, which is also very racist; in a different way. At least now I have my bachelor's degree so I will have better opportunities but I will leave soon. I believe racism has transformed into more of a class issue. If you don't have a lot, you're treated terribly. I think this is a problem throughout this country. Those who can afford high rent are able to live more comfortably than the rest. Meaning they don't have the same issues to deal with. Their children go to better schools, they get better services, better food choices, etc. It is shameful that this country still has these kinds of problems. This is not the land of the free at all. The difference between Massachusetts and Alabama is that the racism is more covert in MA and overt in AL. MA denies opportunity right out of the gate while denying racism exists and AL finds ways to "keep you in line" with outrageous public policies that deny justice on every level.
In 2007, I joined the MA National Guard. I was promised to be attached to a unit near the metro area. After returning from Ft. Benning, GA. I check my orders, and surprise! ; it turned out I had been attached to a unit in Lexington, MA. On my first day of drills, I entered the armory where the assemblies take place; never seen so many colored eyes eyeballing me (I'm dark skinned AND Latino). The following drills were the most difficult days in my life, I had never be so covertly hated; I could feel it. Only person of color in the unit, and the only who had to clean, sweep, and mop the armory, yet called the "laziest". At least I would demand respect where I lived, but this was crazy. Best thing I ever did was to move to NYC and get educated. Now, I even have white friends who are educated and open minded about other people's culture. Once a guy from with some southern accent insulted me, and my white friends joined me in insulting back the guy. If they have their racist moments, they'll use words like "Some", "Sometimes", etc..


Here in Mass, we've got on one side the left-wing apologetic whites - who do everything they can to make certain that everybody knows that they aren't racists. This includes recognizing race to the n'th degree, resulting in racism. Ask these people about other races, and they have no real clue. In fact, they almost all say things like, "Oh, I have a black friend, or an Asian friend or so on and so forth. Really? They only have "token" friends, and do it to prove that they are PC. And as for the other side, we have loads of white trash Yankees (no, not the ball team) that hardly have any education that use N almost as they use the female derogatory term "B" (not to offend), and would rather spend their hard-earned cash at the local pub than on their own families.
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I've lived in Kansas all my life and I'm married to a black man. My dads family weren't from Kansas they were from the Ozarks and other states in the south where my family owned slaves, so my family was pretty racist, but thank goodness it never rubbed off on me. Kansas is definitely a racist state. I grew up in a town that had a sign posted before entering town that no blacks were allowed after dark until 1990 and it fell down fortunately the law wouldn't permit them to hang is back up.
I worked in state law enforcement in kansas. I and other state latinos faced a very racist administration. I worked for the Kansas Dept of Corections. The administration we were under have Fred Phelps Jr. And his sister Marjie as leaders. The folks Marjie hired targeted three latino men for termination. They suceeded in getting one terminated and are still activley trying to get rid of the others. Several coworkers have told me they can't believe what they are witnessing. Blantant racism against latino men by a small group of white female administrators. I will be filing a chapter seven complaint for all the good it may do.
One of my better friends is of Indian descent. He came here to see family, and was treated poorly by whites and such. For example at a convenience store, the white cashier was really nice to the white people in front of and behind my friend, but was wicked rude to him. We are from MA.

Delaware is a fairly good state and doesn't seem to have anywhere near as much corruption as many states - The least corrupt are Connecticut; New Jersey; Vermont; Maryland; Rhode Island; Massachussets; and Delaware
Nice state but the state government is corrupt.
Delaware is the worst state to for anyone. After most people move out they then refer to it as HELLAWARE. It's a very corrupt state. It's tax free shopping however the state troopers are so corrupt they will do anything to generate revenue... I mean anything. Stay away!

I'm a black male from California. Lived in Ohio for 2 years. Worked in Seven Hills, they were racist against an Indian guy, always making 7-11 and terrorist jokes. I was once told by a white girl as she told a story "no offense Ted, but it was so ghetto" talking about Cleveland (which had/has nothing to do with me). Had "friends" in Canton (a mixed couple, black guy-white girl) and they had a party, and every white person there (except my fianceé) was saying' n**** this n***** that... And said it was ok too because the "watch BET"... What does that even mean. And most blacks don't like white people either... So I moved back to Santa Cruz.
EVERY SINGLE TIME I drive through Columbus Ohio, I get pulled over by the cops for absolutely no reason. The last time it happened the officer blatantly told me to my face "It just looks like you have something to hide". He then wrote me a ticket for no seat belt when he couldn't find anything else. From what I see, the racism is not so overt as it is covert. When I went to the municipal building to negotiate the fine, I saw that the courtrooms were filled to the brim with African Americans. Sickening. Clearly its the poor and colored who are funding the Ohio municipalities. SICKENING.
I am in college in Ohio, and the people I met here are ignorant about diversity. If you don't act white, prepare yourself for racism. Most people try not be racist openly, but they would treat you differently if you are not white. The worst part is they don't admit they have a problem with disliking people from different back ground
[Newest]WOW is Columbus really that bad? The city has several colleges so that would be a lot of diversity and people from all over the world. Is it really that bad race wise in Columbus? A military base near Dayton which should also contribute to diversity in that General area. I am very surprised to hear Columbus/ Dayton has issues. I know Indiana's near by but, the rednecks should not dominate all the many college students in Columbus shocked!
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46Rhode Island
I'm Native American, I went to Yale; and during one summer session I took at Brown I was looking for a place to live; I had someone respond to an ad I placed online as a "room wanted" ad and I swear I remember specifically writing it saying I am Native American so no slamming the door in my face when you see me, sort of thing. When I got there she asked me "how did you get into Yale; I thought you had to be smart to get into Yale. " I guess people don't realize after they SEE me that all of the Ivies DO accept qualified minorities? I went to a college prep high school in the suburbs in California, scored in the top 97th percentile of all students at the time on the ACT's, and got straight A's. The only part of that which apparently "looks too stupid" to have gotten accepted into not only Yale but Harvard, Princeton, Cornell and Johns Hopkins, is the color of my skin. But no, Rhode Islanders are either too bat-ass naive to see that that's a racist thing to say or else they are doing it on purpose. Needless to say I spent the entire summer session at Brown, living in a motel so I wouldn't have to deal with people like that about renting a room in their house. Now, maybe Rogue's Island isn't ranked very high on this list because of all the COVERT things like that which happen to people, and there aren't very many of them - I mean, in all fairness, I got told by a friend of mine that people in Boston were saying behind my back that "she didn't go to no college at all" (and no, that's not a Harvard-Yale rivalry thing. They meant NOT AT ALL. Not that Harvard is their idea of the "only" thing that constitutes a college and everything else, starting with Yale and Princeton, are "not colleges at all. ")
Rhode Island like Western Massachusetts is very racist towards Asians. It's not the "kill a Muslim" kind of hate crime state but certainly the white or Hispanic person is always right. Funny how that is empowered by a black president and black governor in a Massachusetts.
All I'm saying is a saw a good number of confederate flags

I'm from NZ and had a homestay girl Tiffany Joy Grove from Maryland who is here as a student teacher (internship) with a local school for 8 weeks. My husband is Caucasian, I am not. She asked to be moved out of our homestay purely on the grounds that she did not want to live with me! How racists is that! WE OPEN OUR HOME TO AN AMERICAN AND SHE IS RUDE AND RACIST TO OUR FACE! If she s going to be a teacher with such racists views I wouldn't offer a job at my school. New Zealand is very multi cultural and not racists. Such racists sentiments should be kept in MARYLAND!
Maryland is very racist undercover to see if I could get information on that group and their supporters... I was letting other organization but plenty of friends I was surprise I did manage supporters that were politicians police and on the Board of Education what state of Maryland.. If you ever seen a Klansman in Maryland double that 1000 times over you have the number of members in that state.. If the truth I heard you would be surprised and what they have got done in that state and what they are still doing today behind the scenes yes I was black I would not live in Maryland...
Yes very racist and its undercover the blacks are very oppressed in Baltimore it is very very segregated... Federal hill just to name one area in the city very few blacks live there if any... I was once called out my name for no reason at all... Employment are you serious they think all black folk can do is services jobs... I can't wait to move out of this hell... plus it is dirty as HELL..
[Newest]This is scary. I'm a 12-year old 7th grader. The kids in my class (the smart class) use racist terms as the punch line for a lot of their jokes. Seriously, if the principal doesn't do something...

I wouldn't put Hawaii first, but it should definitely be in the top five. I'm no jaded tourist, I was born and raised here in Hawaii and had the misfortune to be pale skinned and blonde haired. My best friend was Hawaiian by blood and that wasn't enough to stop the racism. Anyone who is brown, Pacific Islander, Asian, or Portuguese is considered "Local", all white people are considered haole (don't let them tell you it means visitor. It means 'without breath' or 'soulless'). In school I was bullied, stolen from (even though I was poor), and targeted for fights-- even as a girl. My entire life revolved on how to get out of fighting, because everyone knew it might start off one-on-one, but if you begin to win, all of your opponent's friends will pummel you into the ground. I had many friends, mostly boys, who were sent to the hospital this way. One boy was beaten in the halls of my school until he had a seizure. Growing up, this culture taught me that to be any mixed variety of Local was a higher class than being any variety of white. When I walked through the halls of my school, I had to keep my head down, not make eye contact with anyone (or they'd use it as an excuse to attack me) and hold the zippers of my backpack, so nobody would steal my bag lunch or the one pen my parents had given me. Like others have said, you'd think it would just be Hawaiians being angry about Hawaii's illegal overthrow-- but it isn't. It's just the blind rage of a melting-pot of mixed ethnicities. I'm Eastern European by blood, my family is originally from a small country that never had any part of "white invasions of the world", not to mention I was a very nice person who never caused trouble, I'm absolutely not racist in the reverse, AND my dad worked with the Hawaiian Sovereignty Movement. None of that mattered. I knew the names of every kid I grew up with, we went to the same schools from K-12, and all they ever called me was "haole" or "girl" if I was lucky. I wasn't even good enough to have a name. Local culture loves Hawaiian music, reggae, and rap-- they love hip-hop culture, so its shocking that they are also racist against black people. The very few black kids I knew didn't get beat up, they didn't have racial slurs thrown at them on the daily (that I knew about), but they were treated as though they didn't exist at all. I spent every day wishing I had brown or black skin so that I could be treated as a person, or at least left alone.

I'd also like to mention that not all Locals or Hawaiians are like this, and that it has gotten a little better in recent years compared to what I went through 15 years ago.
Hawaiians are nothing but racists, if you live in hawaii they call you haole if you are white, you could be brown skin and they'd still accept you on first sight because you don't appear white, aloha spirit my ass, the teenagers are even more racist then the grown ups and parents, white people have been murdered for being white in hawaii and cops laugh and look the other way... Hawaiian women are jaw droppingly sexy but the most bloodless heartless racist women you'd ever meet, they're very hung up on the past and blame white people for racism and their past and how they grew up but the funny thing is they never leave so that's the only place they can talk and be tough and they don't do anything to help racism or fix the problem, all they no how to do is judge people by how they were born... Two wrongs don't make a right
How is Hawaii not first? If you are white, there are going to be a lot of people here who DO hate you. Many people like to claim that people here only dislike "ignorant haoles (white people)", but in reality, a lot of view people view white people as ignorant simply because of the color of their skin. The racism I have seen and heard on these islands has been absolutely disgusting. To make matters worse, it is practically enforced by a lot of state officials, as many will actively fight any racism they perceive against people with native Hawaiian blood. But as soon as an incident springs up against white people (which is literally all the time), it goes ignored most of the time because of the double-standard. If you are black, you get treated better than whites, but not that much better. The really ironic thing is that this is supposed to be the land of aloha...
[Newest]Born and raised in Cali. Moved here in 2008 and 50 years old white male. I have traveled to most of the US and Hawaii is the most above board racist place much more than Cali. Everyone is included all races but the most hate and exclusion is against white folk.
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White people love following African Americans around in stores, they love to stare at us like we're less then them. I can't go to the farmers market with my friends without being stared at, cut in line, called slurs, or being followed around. I hate Vermont. Not only that white teachers in schools favor white students than, African American students.
Okay, I'm not voting because I think Vermont is a horribly racist state. No, I just want my voice to be heard.

Racism is still evident everywhere.

No matter what we do, say, or think, it will never go away.

It is because we are human, and as human we are prone to judgmental thoughts.

I'm not saying I agree with racism- but I'm just saying that after years of fighting it, it'll never completely go away.
I'm a native born Vermonter and lived here all my life. Years ago it was awesome (and conservative) but in the 60's and 70's all the draft dodging hippies fleeing to Canada found they need travel no further than Vermont. The Liberals have since flocked here and ruined this state. They have driven out businesses, taxed everything and made wages nosedive, all while inviting in Illegal Aliens and treating them better that the people who have worked and lived here all their lives. I hate to say it, but I'm selling out and moving my family the hell out of here very very soon. I'm thinking West Virginia.
[Newest]I agree it is a peaceful state

50New York
When I was working in real estate in upstate New York, I was shadowing our top agent. She told a black couple that they should take down any personal photos or race-specific art so that it created a more "neutral" environment. Not once did I ever experience her or any other agent asking the same of white or Asian homeowners.
We lived in NY and when we started to sell our house in Long Island a black family looked at the house. We had a rock thrown through our window and a threat that if we sold to the black family they would burn them out and seek us out and burn us out wherever we moved.
New York has an extremely large reverse-discrimination situation. If you are white you are not welcome in certain parts of the New York City and you don't get the same level of service that the person of color in front of you received. The divisiveness in the community is very obvious.
[Newest]Racism is like stage 4 cancer there is no cure, And when it boils down their all just a bunch of scared little people afraid to have to compete against anybody other than white for the chance to really to enjoy life. They claim to be Christian, and I guess that's true if God is the devil. Ignorance really is bliss.
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