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My feet are my most ticklish spot and I get tickled there a lot. It's one of my favorite things about being a gymnast. One day at practice, one of my teammates and I decided to have a handstand contest. Two more teammates thought it would be a fun idea to tickle our feet and see who could hold herself up the longest. I think I only lasted about 10 or 15 seconds before I finally lost control and fell over. My teammate last much longer than me, but eventually came crashing down next to me. We were both laughing our heads off. My coach, who is usually all work and no play, watched us and thought it was cute
When I was growing up, I found our that my mom's worst ticklish spot were her feet. She had a strong athletic figure, but couldn't help laughing helplessly whenever I playfully tickled her feet. The fact that she was extremely ticklish there and acknowledged it made it all the more fun, and I even used to wake her up by sneaking my hand under the blanket and tickling her footsies. Great memories!
Hi I'm 15 and this is a story of how I found out my feet were ticklish! Well I was 13 at the time and my cousin was 14 she was 5'8 and I was 5'6 she was stronger then me but I had and advantage she was ticklish! Like everywhere! One day we were at my grands parents house for a sleep over and she wouldn't give my phone back so I started tickling her tummy and her sides she gave it back. She spent that day trying to get me back but I didn't work. We were staying there 3 nights and on the second night she was researching ' how to tickle someone? ' Well let's just say she learned something as the next day my grandparents were both out doing something for an hour. To get her back for stealing my phone. I hid hers I knew she wouldn't get me back for tickling and I was right 20 minutes later she still couldn't find it! But she said she did and was wondering if we could play a game I said okay and she tied me up and then got out a feather. I got nervous because I was ticklish but only in certain places. She said we were playing TICKLE TEST! She tickled my neck with the feather she got nothing. She then tickled my hands she got nothing. She then tickled my underarms with the feather and she got a slight smile. She continued tickling my armpits ribs and tummy as that's where I was ticklish then she came to my feet. She was brushed the feather from my heel to my toes and I was laughing hysterically she did this for half an hour just tickling my feet. I ended up telling her where her phone was. To this day we have tickle fights. Sometimes she wins. But that's only of she gets hold of my feet
[Newest]My feet are very ticklish. I can even tickle myself. The worst parts are around the outsides of the arches and under my toes. I'm even afraid to go barefoot because I'm afraid of somebody tickling my feet.
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One day I went to my friend Brooklyn's house and her 16-year-old sister was mad at her parents for not taking her to get a new smart phone. So we took her into her room telling her that Brooklyn had a surprise for her. When she shut her eyes we took some rope and tied her to her bedposts. We decided to cheer her up by tickling the heck out of her belly and sides. We had her jumping, squirming, and laughing like crazy for about an hour and a half. We gave her break and left the room and got pencils, feathers, and 3 fur coats. We went back into the room and drew on her feet with the pencils, ran the feathers through her toes, and rubbed the fur coats up and down her sides and feet. When we finally let her go, she said " You are good, but let me show you how a pro does it! " She took her friend and zerberted her like crazy and did everything we did. Then, she gave her a reward. She had really long nails, so she rubbed them up and down her back. Then she got her sides. So much tickling for one day!
My boyfriend is a very strong guy, so when he tickles me, he pins me down and will not let me move! I do enjoy it, though
One time my friend tied my hands to a chair and my feet to another chair while I was in a bikini and she tickled me like crazy. Some other friends saw and they joined in I was so close to peeing my pants.
[Newest]One day I brought my son to the doctors and when the doctor touch his tummy he started laughing so hard that the doctor tickled him for 10min straight
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3Arm Pits
Once at school I put my hand up to answer a question and all of a sudden, the girl who sat behind me in Chemistry got out of her seat and started tickling my armpit like crazy! I squealed and screamed and laughed hysterically, so much so that the teacher yelled at me. It was then that I, and everybody else descovered that I'm really ticklish onmy armpits. Now I can't walk through the hallway to my next class without at least four people coming over and giving me a little tickle!
MY ARMPITS ARE so TICKLISH! Hi, I am a girl, and my armpits are the most ticklish part of my body. So, whatever you do, DO NOT EVER DARE TO TOUCH, POKE OR TICKLE MY ARMPITS! EVER!
a lot ov girls and lads are very ticklish here and my boyfriend begs me to stop tickleing him there but it makes me do it more veryticklish arm pits is very common and the best place if you want to torcher your boyfriend you should go for the pits trust me
[Newest]Don't ever touch that part of my ticklish body, I will scream and once my uncle tied my arms to the bed post and my feet as well. He tickled my feet (which I couldn't resist), my belly, my sides my ribs and my extremely ticklish armpits! He did it for three hours and after my armpits were so tingly they hurt!
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My ex boyfriend use to tickle my side when I ignore him and he use to do that for an hour or more. I loved getting my sides tickled so most of the time I ignored him so I could get tickled for that long.
I remember one of my friends were holding my hands over my head while my other friend was ticklish my side I scream so much that my face turn red. My sides is my most ticklish spot so don't ever ever tickle me there
! My sides (of my stomach) are THE MOST ticklish spots on my whole body! Just one poke and I'll probably fling around like I have spasms! XDS
[Newest]I am very sensitive on my sides so they are really ticklish
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My inner thighs are CRAZY TICKLISH! My boyfriend always tickles me there if I'm feeling down or to punish me for silly things laugh out loud.. I can't help but laugh scream giggle and roll. My cheeks always turns a bright red and my boyfriend looves that! He thinks it is the cutest thing ever. So I get tickled there more if that happens but it's okay... It's tortuous but I secretly love it☺☺☺☺
I tell people that I'm not ticklish, but I am only on my thighs, my inner thighs is the worst!
My inner thighs are UNBEARABLE... My husband likes to tickle me there when I've had a long day at work and need to relax. It's the only place that he can tickle me and make me do whatever he wants just to get him to stop! I do like it though! I always feel refreshed afterward. LOL
[Newest]During class when my my friend does that I jerk so hard like I just head a noise

I'm 17 And my sister is 27 the second youngest I the family she's the oldest anyway she is married and has a daughter who is 6 and one day I was looking after her and it was 10 ministers till dinner and I wouldn't give her a snack and she pulled me to the lounge and told me to lay down she pulled my shirt up and started tickling my ribs counting them one by one and scratching them. She did this for half an hour this being my most ticklish spot I didn't have the energy to move or push her away. Dinner was burnt and when my sister came home she just laughed and helped her daughter tickle me I was tickled for 2 and half hours until I tickled my older sister back and my niece joined in happy to tickle her mummy.
When my cousin and my niece decide that I need a good rib tickling, And they tickle them and start playing with them and counting them.
I'm really ticklish everywhere but my ribs are definitely my worst spot! One time I was in my English class and my friend poked me with her pencil. At first it was annoying but then she poked my ribs and I squeaked and fell off my chair in the middle of class! Now if she wants to get a secret out of me she goes straight for my ribs...
[Newest]My SO likes to "count" my ribs... He starts at the bottom and counts really slowly, and then when I wiggle and laugh, he says "now you made me loose count" and starts all over again! What a tease!

if you use the tip of 1 finger and stoke it along your fanny at he top vigerosly it really kills try to do it for 15 mins thats my record you could probably do the same for penis
I hate my bottom crack getting tickled my husband uses a feather and it's bad
Anywhere around that area I can't stand the lightest touch can make me laugh badly but I try to hide it from my boyfriend
[Newest]That place right where the butt cheek meets the leg has me yelping in no time when my boyfriend tries to tickle me!

I love being tickled there, it's awesome!
I love to tickle my boyfrieng in the crotch. He screams like I tick his armpits. Hi
I came here to see this one...
[Newest]Hey it really is ticklish cause of how sensitive it is! I have seen videos where a guys is tickled down there and they are legit ticklish and I find it amusing


My mom used to tickle me there and she said it meant I was boy crazy. Uh, no, I'm not. I'm Metallica crazy (Metallicrazy?)


My friend literally runs away if you threaten to tickle her neck, it's hilarious!
I love getting tickled everywhere! I'm only tickled by my dad, and sister though. No one else. No buys try.
[Newest]Squirm Central. Wanna make your loved one adorable tickle their neck it's cute!

I love my breast when it is tickled! My boyfriend does it a lot to me I giggle but he will not stop tickling me! I laugh and laugh but he will not stop tickling me no matter what I say or do!
I have very ticklish breasts, especially my nipples. My boyfriend likes to run a feather across my nipples and I s quirm and giggle so much! But I love the way it feels.
I have very ticklish breast and my boyfriend loves to tickle me there all the time
[Newest]Mine are very ticklish. Fingers, feathers, blowing across them does it. The rest of me is just as bad. I love it and have not been able to get enough of being tickled.

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11Above the Knee
If you squeeze both sides together its so ticklish
My friend has really ticklish knees we were sitting at a foot ball game, and he tazered me in the side. So it it all my fingers in the middle of his knee and stead them apart. And he died. He started screaming she devil she devil over and over again it was hilarious
My friend squeezes my knee and it tickles like crazy
[Newest]There is a spot right underneath my kneecap with even when self tickling can make me squirm


12Belly Button
My brother is 21 and he is so ticklish there. I don't know why my brother is so ticklish there. He must have been born that way because I have never seen someone so ticklish in their belly button like he is. But then he tells me to stop. The second ticklish spot is his stomach. Now I've seen someone ticklish there.
My cousin came round for a sleep over we stayed up late she could not take her eyes of my tummy when I went to bed she snuck in my room tide me up and woke me up by scribbling her fingers up and down my feet and then whispered in my ear I wonder how ticklish your tummy is I said please not my tummy then at that she tickled my extremely ticklish tummy, sides and belly button I screamed I could not stand it
My boyfriend tickles me there and he pins me down and then I can't move... But once he was tickling my belly button and I was laughing so hard my belly hurt and I told him I would do any thing to make him stop so then I kissed him and then he started tickling my belly button again.

When someone glides their fingers up and down my legs it tickles so much
For some reason I'm extremely ticklish on my shins. It's especially my left shin. Sometimes my own pant leg will tickle me there and it's crazy!
My ex boy friend used to tickle my legs a lot especially my knees and thighs! He would tie me down to my bed and tickle me for about 2 hours at the most and he would do it till I would either beg for mercy or pee my pants!
[Newest]Back of my shins... Unbelievable ticklish!

14The Middle of the Feet
I am so ticklish there my mom brushed my feet so hard it would tickle me so much that I laughed till it was down so tickle peoples bare feet with a brush and they will laugh to death
My cousin Kayla and I will be hanging around the next thing I know she is tickling the middle of my foot and I could not stop laughing! It is really ticklish and my cousin thought it was hilarious
Anything soft just glides over that spot and I practically kick as hard as I can out of reflex!
[Newest]My cousin tickled me with a brush because I went in her room plus I was in stocks it tickled like hell 😂

My groins & pubic mound are really really ticklish & I love being tickled lots there x
I love my groins tickled there
Why, may I ask, is everyone talking about this?!?!


[Newest]Hey it very much is sensitive so it's not insane to be ticklish down there!


Whenever I massage a friend they end up screaming because it is ticklish like what's up with that! But I never stop
If anyone touches my shoulder or even tries to, I turn into a ninja
I have to walk around school holding my shoulders to make sure nobody dare touches them

This list is not true for me. Well, not all of it...
Yes I'm so ticklish there and I don't know why! If something rubs on my ancles like a feather I start to feel all tinglie! And I starrt giggling!

I never admitted to anyone that I was ticklish on my toes, but my husband found out when he surprised me and took me to get a pedicure! I think my pedicurist kept touching my ticklish toes extra because she liked to see the enjoyment my husband got out of my squirming and helpless giggling... She kept looking over at him and winking! Now he offers to take me for pedicures all the time... I haven't gone back yet! LOL
I'm ticklish on my feet. My friends try to tickle my feet sometimes. My feet are extremely ticklish. My best friend Jarod found that out, and we had a tickle war in the gym. He won! He wouldn't stop tickling my feet.
I am ticklish EVERYWHERE! Especially sides, feet and knees. And my toes... It's so horrible but funny haha
[Newest]My toes are so ticklish to where I can tickle myself with a brush and it makes my toes wiggle like crazy!

My friend has recently found that I'm very ticklish there and when he sits in back of me in class he won't stop tickling me.
I used to stroke along my brothers back when he was little and he used to run away and shout stop it that ticles
This will make you move! But this can also feel amazing! A Tickle back Massage!


My knees are super ticklish especially on the side my friend thinks it is pleasure spot for boys so she is saying do you like boys constantly and I am like laughing like a hyena!
My knees are the worst I had this carer I wouldn't give her the keys to her car so she pressed down on my knees in about 15 seconds still hate her laugh out loud
A very effective place and quite ticklish! The claw tickle is how it got me laughing the person claws the knee then circles their hand!


21Behind the Knee
Behind the knee is horrible! My boyfriend slept over my house one time and I was laying on my stomach watching a movie and I was on the floor where as he was on the couch so he hopped down and sat on my legs and starting stroking the back of my knees
Whenever someone tickles me behind my knees it tickles so much that it almost hurts.
I am so ticklish behind the knee my friend miss patty would always tickle me there and I could not stop laughing because I am so sensitive there too and my friend thinks it's hilarious!
[Newest]Just be careful when doing this you don't want to hurt them!

22Back of Legs
Sometimes my boyfriend pins me down and tickles me there till I'm screaming and begging.
Just take caution in if the person your tickling is standing up it might make them tumble


Jeez SO ticklish there!

23Hip Bones
That is the most ticklish spot on me laugh out loud only 2 people ever know it and they definitely take advantage of it haha
My cousin wanted to read my texts and I said no. Then she tickled my hip, I screamed and screamed so loud, but I kinda liked it
It's a personal spot to tickle but I've watched many of tickle videos and this place makes girls go crazy.


I'm a guy and even mine are sensitive though I could only imagine how it would feel to have a girl with nails tickle there!


It fell so weird I hate it
My nipples are extremely ticklish

25Top of the Feet
I am so ticklish, it's unbelievable! However, I do love to tickle peoples feet, especially female feet. I have a bad foot fetish but I love it!
I once was sitting in grass and an ant crawled all over me there and I screamed
This can be quite sensitive more than people think


26Pantie Line
When I have sex, my boyfriend just tickles me there again and again while he strips me down! He rubs my panties back and forth and it's so ticklish!
Okay... Now this is not a fair place to be ticklish! I should know--it's the worst place ever that I am ticklish. If my boyfriend tickles me here I literally almost pee immediately. He thinks it's hilarious of course.
I'm just gonna assume since that spot rarely sees daylight and it's sensitive.


27Inside the Ears
My cat is always trying to lick my ears just but her breath and whiskers are enough to make flinch from the ticklishness of it all. My ears are very sensitive!
I shiver and almost squirm whenever my girlfriend breathes into my ear, it tickles me to the point where I either jump or freeze!
My ears are very ticklish, I can't blow dry my hair near my ears without laughing. I get freaked out if people whisper in them
[Newest]My friend thinks it's fun to tickle my ears and my ears are super ticklish sometimes I move my head because it is my big time weak spot like crazy

28Below the Knee
This can tickle even when self tickling!


The guy I like a lot will tickle me there and it turns into a laugh attack

29Butt Cheek Meets Leg
By far the best reaction I've ever got out of a girl laugh out loud
My butt cheeks continue to jump even after my man stops kissing me there... I can't stop laughing
Pretty sensitive down there so self tickling even works


30Lower Back
Never experience but I could imagine if a girl with long nails tried this on me!


O my gosh. My lower back is THE most ticklish spot ever.

31Under the Chin
Can't stand it even lifting it tickles
I think this works more on guys by girls and it's kinda cute!


I don't know about everyone else, but my hands are so sensitive a single touch sends me into a laugh attack.
There's a spot between my thumb and index finger that when you stroke it lightly I go completely nuts, in a good way.
If you slowly stroke the sides of your fingers it will tickle. Well it does for me. I just burst out laughing.
[Newest]More of an annoying tickle but it works!


Worst place to be tickled in public! Everyone thinks your crazy!
I've seen this drive people crazy! I don't know the reason but it can be effective


34Upper Belly
Yup! I can't handle it.

35Funny Bone
Laughed so hard one time I got absolutely snickered!

36Side of Fingers
Wow, it really is ticklish there!
When I tickle my self there it tickets SL much!

Maybe I'm weird but this more hurts or maybe I'm just basing this off of the stupid Kidney Shots other kids gave you in school that didn't tickle it hurt


Kidney is very ticklish.

38Undersides/Sides of Breasts
My boyfriend always tickles right under my boobs & on the sides. He will slowly rub his fingers & dig them in & then wiggle them around making them jiggle. He will also lick me there & it tickles so bad. He has to tie me up when he does it because I squirm & giggle so much
I would not know this since I'm a guy but I've seen tickle videos where girls are going crazy by being tickled right there. I can imagine why it's so sensitive since it's usually hidden skin


My man doesn't know that I'm ticklish here yet. I try so hard when we're having tickle fights to not react so that he doesn't find out, but it's all I can do to not scream.

A little annoying but it's sensitive



41Inside the Nose
Every time my hair accidently goes up my nose it really tickles I laugh like really loud and I hate it
It makes your eyes water


42Supernumerary Nipple

When the other zombies Jump out out of there graves and start tickle ing my brain I laugh so hard my lungs fell out
Them zombies where eating me out and it tickled
Yes that is so true

Anywhere like my stomach, sides, ribs, waist etc. is so ticklish it's painful if any one even goes near the area of my stomach I look like I'm going crazy as if I'm trying to run from a wasp!
I'm very ticklish here, but I love the way it feels! Anywhere on my belly, sides, ribs, waist. I try to get my husband to tickle me there all the time! But stay away from my armpits! LOL

Careful when tickling someones nose cause they might sneeze!



47Upper Arms
My husband teases me by tickling here when we're at the movies and it's all I can do to not yelp out loud.
It won't always make you laugh but you feel it


Can't stand this... It makes me panic and flail

48Inside Elbow

49Roof of Your Mouth

Only tickles when stiff


My little brother is so ticklish on his checks! If I rub my finger against it he squirms and laughs like crazy! It's so cute!


53Inside Elbow

Love it when she taps my teeth

My best friend always wears mascara because if you were to touch her eyelashes without anything on them she will bust out laughing, it's funny because that's the only place she's ticklish in
My best friend always wears mascara because if she didn't and you were to touch her eyelashes she would burst out laughing, it's weird but funny because that's the only spot she's ticklish in

If I rub my boyfriends earlobe he starts dieing like he turns all pink and tries to get away it's so funny when I kiss him and play with them

57Back of the Neck
Makes your squirm and hey it feels nice! If they touch the right spot it can start to feel even pleasurable


Every time when my cousin tickles me there, she won't stop until I have completely wet my pants!

58Big Toe
I don't to the to I


Like if your boyfriend tickles your nails, you will totally freak out

61Lower Waist
My boyfriend is constantly tickling me because... I don't know why really? But my most ticklish spot is my lower waist, for what reason? I don't know but it drives me insain! I kinda injoy it but it tickles too much to really tell.
I've watched people get tickled in this spot and go wild!


I have extremely ticklish lower waist

I am so so ticklish here.If you run your fingernail very gently on the underside of my arm it kills me
Kinda yeah more goosebumps but it will give a reaction


Right above the armpit is most ticklish spot I have

I hate it when I'm tickled there

Every time I go to bed and I can't sleep because my friend tickle me in the ear with a feather.
It gives me shivers when my friend blows on my ears... So ticklish
Some people like to tickle people there!


65Behind the Ears
It works almost every time on my brother. It is hilarious. He could not stop laughing. Seriously it is legit!
My little cousin is so ticklish behind her ears I am as well.


It drives me mad

My lips are really ticklish. Whenever I try to put lipliner on, it tickles too much

69Palm of the Hand
I love it when people tickle the palm of my hand it's so ticklish love it
It's almost an annoying tickle and you can self tickle your hands!


I am so not ticklish there

That's itch, which is different than tickling. But I do know what you're talking about though.


My tongue is super ticklish!
Sometimes my tonge gets itchy after I brush my teeth!

YEP! Dirt in the eye

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