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1 Yo mama so poor, her T.V. has two channels: ON and OFF.

That is really good and super funny!

How did she even afford a T.V. ?

That made me laugh hard

That is funny as hell

2 Yo mama so poor she can't afford to pay attention

I remember saying this to my friend when he told me that he cannot pay any attention in the class. And a second passed and the entire class glanced at me and laughed.

It's kind of rude but hilarious I used it on my friend and he almost cried I bad but it was worth it. I'm going to use it on my brother next can't wait to see his face!

Laugh out loud to funny

Best I've heard all day

3 Yo mama so poor, I swatted a firefly and she said, "Who turned off the lights?"

It was so funny that my friend had milk pouring from his nose and he had a purple face. Thank you so much.

This should seriously be number one. Simple yet funny. It kind of just hits you in the face.

She kinda look messy in her eyes.

I wrote it I needed to think of something to make it funny and I'm glad you like it

4 Yo mama so poor your family ate cereal with a fork to save milk

This is way funny but I got my own. Yo mama is so dirty the swamp loss monster
Begged her to shower.

I recon you could win a yo mama battle with this joke.

Too funny laugh out loud

Ha ha ha laugh out loud

5 Yo mama so poor when I saw her walking down the street with one shoe on I said "I think you lost a shoe" but she goes "nah I found one"

If that was total REAL that would be sad but the joke is still funny! Laugh out loud

Funny jokes hah aha

It's a good joke but you should say yo mama is so ugly even bob the builder can't fix it

6 Yo mama so poor I visited her trailer and two cockroaches tripped me and a rat tried to steal my wallet

HA HA ha! I got a good one yo mama so poor that that when she went to walmart it low prices it says cheap! 1$ she said I sueing you

This is the best out of the ten here.

Laugh out loud... That's 2 funny!

Burn that was like funny laugh out loud your mommy so poor she eats all the money

7 Yo mama so poor that when I stayed for dinner there were three beans on the table. I took one and she said don't be greedy.

Good laugh out loud beans on the table I'm not going to her house putting that on my list

8 Yo mama so poor that when she saw a take a penny tray she said, I can't afford that

That was hilarious still laughing laugh out loud but messed up free penny tray I can't afford it

I real like this one

9 Yo mama so poor, I saw her moving cans around in an alley, asked what she was doing, and she said, remodeling.
10 Yo mama so poor, she goes to KFC to lick people's fingers

I'm practically crying!

I used this on my friend.

That one is good!

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11 Yo mama so poor she couldn't afford a condom and gave birth to you.
12 Yo mama so poor, I saw her banging on a trash can, asked what she was doing, and she said, "My kids locked me out."

Laugh out loud that wold be sad but if a dog saw here it would be rude becuase if it was trained not to.

Oh my God! I am bout to post that on Facebook

13 Yo mama so poor she hangs the used toilet paper out to dry

She must be really poor

Lmfao laugh out loud

14 Yo mama so poor she went McDonalds for free wifi
15 Yo mama so poor she has the ducks throw bread at her

Hey that's my joke

16 Yo mama so poor, when I spat on floor she jumped and yelled "swimming pool"
17 Yo mama so poor she has to wash paper plates

This one was so crazy, I was in a fight with my ex boyfriend and that totally ruined him. Nice...

18 Yo mama so poor she can't even afford to go to the free clinic

That is a good one

19 Yo mama so poor, her address is This Side Up.

This was the best one

20 Yo mama so poor she chases the garbage truck with a shopping list

I used this one and people laughed so hard Brooklyn called to cpmplaib.

21 Yo mama so poor when I ring the doorbell I hear the toilet flush
22 Yo mama so poor that on Christmas Day, your family watched a video of other kids opening presents.

Laugh out loud mother is must be pore for Christmas presents but not for watching a video of other kids opening there presents.

That is the most funniest thing ever.

This was the only one I laughed at.

So sad! But funny laugh out loud

23 Yo mama so poor she had to squeeze her own milk out for her children to have cereal

That was disturbing but a nice joke, laugh out loud! That is so funny pease out.

24 Yo mama so poor I went through her front door and tripped over the back fence

Told this too my mom. She wasn't impressed

25 Yo mama so poor she died
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