Eraserheads! I give no doubt that this band is the crème de la crème of all Filipino bands. Not just alternatives, but I say personally, all kinds of genres. They rock my mind like I'm a Voodoo doll when I listen to their masterpieces. I even tried to download all of their songs for Christ's sake. It is just horribly addictive to be intoxicated by their songs. This band, even though they disbanded, is still the best and the top of the rest where no one and no other, band will beat until the end of time. The Beatles Of The Philippines is the right name for this pioneering engineers. Mr. Ely Buendia, Mr. Marcus Adoro, Mr. Buddy Zabala, and Mr. Raimund Marasigan paved the way for further improvements for the future bands and laid down the cornerstone for the Filipino people to sit onto, and express harmony. Even though the hardships in their past lives, and the challenges and struggles they passed through, they're just exceptionally rigid like a diamond like one of their albums. A legendary, and iconic band this successful, is called, the "Eraserheads".

They are the greatest in their generation... Very straight forward, actual experiences from the "masa"... Not like others masyadong pa-cute... With exception to the fore fathers of filipino rock "Juan de la Cruz" band... If I were to be asked E'heads could have bested JDLC band if they were in the same generation... Esp in terms of hits... No way you can compare this band to their generation because they are simply "THE BEST"!

Eraserheads all the way! The God of all rock bands in the Philippines! Who would forget how we danced to the "and Huling El Bimbo". How "With a Smile" made our Girlfriends smile. How we enjoyed smoking while listening to the "Alapaap". How we enjoyed reading Playboy while listening to the "Magasin". And how we drove above 200KPH while shouting "GUSTO KONG MATUTONG MAG-DRIVE! " No one, and nothing will beat the Eraserheads! Enough said!

There is no such "Filipino Band" I can compare with this band... Eheads is really great... Genius in song writing, genius in composing & arranging, genius in performing... They brought the "Filipino Rock" to another level... Yeah.. They are really the Pinoy version of Beatles... Some said it is just only because their songs are for mass... But for me.. Big no!... The real reason is, they did a lot of "great immortal songs". That makes them great...

Songs like ALAPAAP and EL BIMBO are enough to seal their fate as the NUMBER 1
MOST INFLUENTIAL BAND IN PINAS. A Hundred years from now, people will talk about them like we're talking about the Beatles now.

Eraserheads is one of the bands that made songs that people can relate to. Songs that can make you laugh, cry, be aware of things, dance, and songs that can make you time travel and relieve the wonderful days of the past. Eraserheads will always be in my heart.

EPIC HISTORY MADE! They possessed very disticnt talents. They represents the PINOY ROCK SCENE of 90s! Even if they are already disbanded, the songs they made still influenced the listeners and fans from old and new generation. THEIR SONG WILL ALWAYS BE WELL-LISTENED BY THEIR GENERATION AND THE LATER GENERATIONS TO COME. I COULD NOT IMAGINE 90s ERA WITHOUT ERASERHEADS.

Eheads is like a diamond in a ring when it comes to Filipino bands... No band in the Philippines that can be compared to what Eheads done to Filipino Music and People...

They paved the way for other pinoy bands to be known not only locally but also outside our country. Plus the fact that they sing their hearts out whenever they perform on stage and you can see that a lot of people in all walks of life love this band.


They are the first Filipino band awarded at N. Y that's why they are the number 1 band in the Philippines history, you can see how Filipino love them watch their reunion concert, that was the first Filipino concert thousands of people watched

I really want to collect albums where their songs was composed and was sang clearly and sweetly... I like more their rock musics that really makes me dance and moves like rocker! Yeah.. I love Eraser Heads.. So Do you?

Every one can relate to the message of their songs esp. Even those who are young at heart. Keep it up bros!

#1 rock band in the Philippines! Their songs were so meaningful and interesting! This band has influenced me, I would compared this band as The Beatles of the Philippines!

One of the first alternative rock bands in the Philippines and one of the
First Philippine bands who win MTV in new York in the name of the
Song Huling El bimbo

Can't say more with my all time favorite Eheads. From highschool until I became a lawyer I still play their songs. Lyrics and its musics is awesome. 90's is the peak of Pinoy rock band as I am a member of a certain band in my highschool days. Yes, they are part of my life. without them no pinoy alter rock be born. Ely, Marasigan and the rest of the band should comeback and make some album. I am tired of this pinoy songs sung by an artista. And those boring singers who became stars because of revival songs or cover songs. Laugh out loud.

these band is the most unforgettable band here in the philippine

Ely's Songwriting skills in his prime with this band his lyrics just something that filipinos could relate to and gives a certain nostalgia dreamy kind of thing, and their music skill is flexible and innovative. They revived and revolutionized the music scene in the Philippines inspiring and influencing later bands like "Parokya ni Edgar" and Kamizee, etc. Simply the Best.

Looking for the kids of does eheads band members, I wish that their siblings is have an charisma like their parents too and talents

Sensational songs that makes all Filipino ages sing and relate theirselves to the songs Ely would sing.

You're not Filipino if you don't know The Eraserheads. The greatest filipino band ever, believe it or else. ERASERHEADS FOREVER!

Eraserheads will always be in our heart no matter what! Maybe they move on with their own career but their contiribution to music industry will never be forgotten. You will always be the model of new aspiring rock band ever!

No band in the philippines can surpass the legend of the heads, only if they can sold a hundred thousand tickets for a concert

Great asian bands of all time and one of the filipino
Bands that truly inspiration to other bands like parokya ni edgar

Individually, they are good but not the best. Together, nobody comes close. Nobody is worthy being compared to them.