Top Ten Most Pointless Star Wars Characters


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Jar Jar
Ok all of the characters on this list have purpose. But Jar jar was put in the movies just for small children's amusement. I do want to point out that jar jar changed the fate of the galaxy when he rallied the senate to give palpatine all the emergency in the clone wars. Without that there would be no clone wars, no murder of the Jedi, no rise of the sith, no empire, no rebellion...
Who the hell put Leia on the list? Strong female character < Jamaican frogman? At least most of the voters know what they're voting about.
I heard that he was meant to be 'the next Chewbacca', like what? Chewbacca doesn't talk. And if it did then I'm pretty sure he would not spout out any of the pointless dribble that Jar Jar Bink's does. If he was made to appeal to stupid little children I'm pretty sure it didn't work, because I hated him as a child and I despise him even more now. Congrats on ruining the movies for millions of fans Jar Jar, gold star.
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What does he have to do with anything. He's on screen for about 30 seconds confronting Han then just gets his face blown up. Pointless, didn't do anything

C3Po was fussy but he was still a hero. Tc-14 is only in for like a minute at the beginning of The Phantom menace and thinks she's in charge during her conversation with the Jedi.


Doesn't really effect anything


5Boss Nass
FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! Boss Nass is completely pointless! In TPM they should delete all the Gungans' scenes! They suck!

I know it was too dangerous! Why can he talks 3000 languages and be afraid of everything!
Anakin made him... but why did he make him so fruity?


He is annoying as hell

7Bib Fortuna
Really? A major domo of jabba? Jabba is the real antagonist, where bib is just a servant hovering around jabba whispering secrets to him as bib plots to kill jabba
Jabba the Hutt's bodyguard (or whatever the heck he is. )

8General Grievous
What I don't understand is the need to give him a cough. And, of course, robots always get things in their throats, despite the fact that they don't eat.


Such a great looking villain gets killed to easy, worst villain since dooku.
he didn't last an episode. just a kiddy cartoon


10Nute Gunray

Nute gunray is just useless he is a pawn for darth sideous and appears to have no measure of personal desire or will. We are not told his motivations and his person is just cgi useless crap

The Contenders

Lukes Uncle, Does Nothing


Just like Lars Ulrich I suppose

12Salacious Crumb
jabba's little pet monkey-lizard


14Princess Lea
She does nothing but inconvenience Luke


15Elan Sel'Sabagno aka Elan Sleazebaggano
Wanna buy some deathsticks?


Dumb character. He had no purpose and is not important to the story at all.
His line "Wanna buy some death sticks? " STINKS! But why is Greivous, Dooku, Leia, and Boba Fett on the list? People should vote on this guy along with Boss Nass, Owen Lars, and Jabba.
He is weird and pointless. Vote for him and salacious crumb
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16Jacen Solo
I hate him cause turns to the dark side and betrays his family
He is jerk for going to the dark side
Why does he exist
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17Jabba the Hutt

Here's something about Jabba that you did not know! I AM DEATHLY AFRAID OF HIM! He's gotta be the creepiest thing you've ever seen.

18Luke Skywalker
Whoever put Luke on this list is the worst user on TheTopTens.


19The Jedi Younglings
One thing. How do we no that the Younglings that help them were killed? All we know is that Vader, "Anikin," murdered some that were in the high counsel room, am I right. We have no idea if they were the Ones that helped yoda and Obi-Wan.


That's not true! They helped obi wan and yoda in episode 2. like they had perfect expierience. But that was from yoda and we saw them from a short time before they were killed. Yeah you have got a point.
They whine and cry a lot, do nothing but whine, useless, pathetic.

20Shmi Skywalker

21Max Rebo
Look I do like his music and blue elephant things but all he does is play music.


22Nightsister Charal

23Barriss Offee
She was just to stupid! DUH!

24Zam Wesell
Pointless the only point of this character is Assainate padme

25Han Solo

26Sy Snootles
The ugly frog dancer of jabba's gets up in you face hate her so pointless totally my vote. People vote for her

27Poggle the Lesser

Jabba's slave dancer, get eaten by rancor immediately

29Grand Moff Tarkin




33Lando Calrissian

34Jek 14
You may not know this guy. He is not in the movies just a kiddy Lego star wars show. He is a sith clone

35Ree Yees





40Fode and Beed

41Ton Ton
Why did they just ride them everywhere whereas a ship would have got there faster and wouldn't die in the cold, and it's equipped with weapons that a ton ton would look stupid with.
OK, I'm starting to sound like a crazy nerd. I may be a part nerd, but not a crazy one, so I'll just stop talking.


42Captain Tarpals

43Battle Droid



46Jek Porkins


48Gamorrean Guard


50B'omarr Monk




54Agen Kolar

55Grand Admiral Thrawn

56Sly Moore

57Aurra Sing

58Bail Prestor Organa

59Ahsoka Tano

60John Waza

61Willrow Hood

62Womp Rat

63Rock Wart


65Yarna d'al' Gargan

66Captain Panaka
Does nothing but accompain Padmé during the battle of Naboo.

67Jango Fett

68Admiral Tarkin

69Boba Fett
The only point of the character was to deliver Han Solo to Jabba the Hutt, in 'The Empire Strikes Back. ' So why he has such a huge fan base is mind boggling.
Never even kills anyone and thats his entire purpose


I have to admit the only reason for not cutting all Boba Fett Scenes out is the cute boy from AOTC. Hit me, if you want... :P

70Count Dooku
Terrible villain, I hated him so much. They should have just made Darth Maul the villain for the prequels.
Completely insignificant to the plot


71Darth Maul
What!? Darth Maul killed Obi-Wan's master!

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