Top Ten Most Pointless Star Wars Characters


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Jar Jar
Ok all of the characters on this list have purpose. But Jar jar was put in the movies just for small children's amusement. I do want to point out that jar jar changed the fate of the galaxy when he rallied the senate to give palpatine all the emergency in the clone wars. Without that there would be no clone wars, no murder of the Jedi, no rise of the sith, no empire, no rebellion...
Who the hell put Leia on the list? Strong female character < Jamaican frogman? At least most of the voters know what they're voting about.
I hate this character. Easily the worst. The series would've been better without him. And whoever put Leia on this list has clearly never watched Star Wars, because she's great, and she rescues Han from the carbonite freezer, as well as saves them all from the stormtroopers after they break her out of the detention level in a New Hope.
[Newest]Greedo's pretty cool. Jar Jar Binks Sucks

Jar jar had a tiny part he showed obi wan and qui gon the underwater city but greedo did nothing this is what happened with him AT ALL he's talking with han han talks with him han blows his face up that's it
What does he have to do with anything. He's on screen for about 30 seconds confronting Han then just gets his face blown up. Pointless, didn't do anything
Was he added so it takes time away


3Boss Nass
Most annoying movie character ever
Looks like a giant frog!
He doesn't even look like one of the Gungans.

Doesn't really effect anything


5General Grievous
What I don't understand is the need to give him a cough. And, of course, robots always get things in their throats, despite the fact that they don't eat.


Watch Star Wars: clone wars, it's a two-part T.V. series from 2003. It explains pretty much everything that happened during the clone wars between episode 2 and 3. PS: not the new T.V. show that plays on Cartoon Network
What's he doing on this list? He's awesome.
Such a great looking villain gets killed to easy, worst villain since dooku.

Anakin made him... but why did he make him so fruity?


C3po was the one who got the two's to fight with the rebel
I know it was too dangerous! Why can he talks 3000 languages and be afraid of everything!

C3Po was fussy but he was still a hero. Tc-14 is only in for like a minute at the beginning of The Phantom menace and thinks she's in charge during her conversation with the Jedi.


8Bib Fortuna
Dude, this guy is UGLY! When I went through my Star Wars phase (at age 7) this guy was one of the only characters I didn't really like from the later movies. I'm getting back into that phase right now, and I'm re-watching all the movies in order. (non-chronological) I just watched numbers 1 and 2, thank goodness he hasn't come along yet. (but he will soon)


Really? A major domo of jabba? Jabba is the real antagonist, where bib is just a servant hovering around jabba whispering secrets to him as bib plots to kill jabba
Jabba the Hutt's bodyguard (or whatever the heck he is. )

9Salacious Crumb
jabba's little pet monkey-lizard

10Nute Gunray
Nute gunray is just useless he is a pawn for darth sideous and appears to have no measure of personal desire or will. We are not told his motivations and his person is just cgi useless crap

The Contenders


12Ton Ton
Why did they just ride them everywhere whereas a ship would have got there faster and wouldn't die in the cold, and it's equipped with weapons that a ton ton would look stupid with.
OK, I'm starting to sound like a crazy nerd. I may be a part nerd, but not a crazy one, so I'll just stop talking.


I actually wondered this myself... but I assume Mr Lucas wanted to incorporate the guts spewing out and crawling inside for warmth effect.

13Boba Fett
The only point of the character was to deliver Han Solo to Jabba the Hutt, in 'The Empire Strikes Back. ' So why he has such a huge fan base is mind boggling.
Never even kills anyone and thats his entire purpose


I think the reason they love him is because of his appearance.

Lukes Uncle, Does Nothing


Just like Lars Ulrich I suppose
Just like Lars Alexanderson from Tekken.

15Nien Nunb

16Zam Wesell
There may not be much said about her, but I on the other hand thought that she was one awesome bounty hunter.
Pointless the only point of this character is Assainate padme

17Jacen Solo
He is worse then jar jar
I hate him cause turns to the dark side and betrays his family
Worst charcter enough said

Jabba's slave dancer, get eaten by rancor immediately

19Elan Sel'Sabagno aka Elan Sleazebaggano
Wanna buy some deathsticks?


He is weird and pointless. Vote for him and salacious crumb
Dumb character. He had no purpose and is not important to the story at all.
His line "Wanna buy some death sticks? " STINKS! But why is Greivous, Dooku, Leia, and Boba Fett on the list? People should vote on this guy along with Boss Nass, Owen Lars, and Jabba.


We never see her do anything at ALL in the movies. She just sits in the council room.

22Jabba the Hutt
Here's something about Jabba that you did not know! I AM DEATHLY AFRAID OF HIM! He's gotta be the creepiest thing you've ever seen.

23B'omarr Monk

It just blows up right after luke buys him

25Sy Snootles
The ugly frog dancer of jabba's gets up in you face hate her so pointless totally my vote. People vote for her
Who cares? She is TOTALLY pointless.

Plus, she's ugly

26The Jedi Younglings
One thing. How do we no that the Younglings that help them were killed? All we know is that Vader, "Anikin," murdered some that were in the high counsel room, am I right. We have no idea if they were the Ones that helped yoda and Obi-Wan.


That's not true! They helped obi wan and yoda in episode 2. like they had perfect expierience. But that was from yoda and we saw them from a short time before they were killed. Yeah you have got a point.
They whine and cry a lot, do nothing but whine, useless, pathetic.

27Darth Maul
What!? Darth Maul killed Obi-Wan's master!
Maul was only created to look cool, he serves no real point (like many of the new characters in phantom menace) and to make him worse, he somehow survived being cut in half and fought in the clone wars.
Who put this on the list? He is one of tge most important villians besides darth vader and the sith

28Shmi Skywalker

29Barriss Offee
She was just to stupid! DUH!

30Max Rebo
Look I do like his music and blue elephant things but all he does is play music.


31Han Solo
How is he pointless?
Wait how is he on this list?
Why on earth is he here?

32Nightsister Charal


34Admiral Tarkin

35Poggle the Lesser

36Grand Moff Tarkin
What villain is able to blow up a whole planet with the snap of his fingers? What admiral is the only admiral that can tell Darth Vader what to do? All these questions answer to the name of Grand Moff Tarkin. He was very useful in the saga and was able to pipe down the mighty Darth Vader.


Oh, he only started the Empire that created the Rebellion, which was the whole idea of the original movies. Totally not important

We never see them without their hoods off!

40Lando Calrissian
Lando Calrissian was one smooth talking smuggler. He is was a very important and dashing character. Lando was the original owner of the Falcon. He is one of my favorite Star Wars out of the Saga.
He destroyed the second death star
Why? Shouldn't be on here

41Jek 14
You may not know this guy. He is not in the movies just a kiddy Lego star wars show. He is a sith clone

42Ree Yees





47Fode and Beed

48Captain Tarpals
We never see him again for the next two movies.

49Battle Droid
I hate these things. They're so annoying the way they say "roger roger" over and over again! They are also so easy to Destroy. They are completely worthless. Even George Lucas admitted that they were completely worthless.
Okay, I know the battle droids weren't really warrior material for the Separatists. But, they had some purpose to be in Star Wars. Without droids the Separatists would be defenseless against the Republic and the Jedi could easily wipe them out one by one. Then... there would be no true and original Star Wars story line. Only Peace. Which will ruin the whole saga. Face it, the bad guys had to have some kind of army before the Stormtroppers/Clones.
They look like mechanical mosquitoes.

50Jek Porkins
Only thing he does is get blown up


52Gamorrean Guard




56Agen Kolar

57Grand Admiral Thrawn

58Sly Moore

59Aurra Sing

60Bail Prestor Organa

61Ahsoka Tano
She was the chosen one's padawan, was a great duelist and acrobat, and is fulcrum!

62John Waza

63Willrow Hood

64Womp Rat

65Rock Wart


67Yarna d'al' Gargan

68Captain Panaka
Does nothing but accompain Padmé during the battle of Naboo.

69Jango Fett
His death was so scary. I mean, you saw him get beheaded. Nobody lives through that, not for long anyway. I mean sometimes the brain is still active for a few minutes after the beheading but... To be honest you guys I can't imagine a worse kind of hell.
Jango Fett had a purpose. He was the one who actually helped the republic create an army.
He's one f the most important characters he was the idea for the clones

70Beed Annodue


72Ezra Bridger

73Princess Lea
Come on. without Leia, there would not have been A New Hope. She was the one who sent R2 to Obi Wan.
She does nothing but inconvenience Luke


74Luke Skywalker
Excuse me! The whole original trilogy was based around him. How could he be pointless? Without him, Darth Vader would have never been redeemed.
Whoever put Luke on this list is the worst user on TheTopTens.


75Count Dooku
What the H! Why is he on this list? I totally thought that he was one awesome villain. He was the leader of the droid army and the Separatist. In episode 2 he defeated Obi Wan and Anakin and also managed to hold his own against Yoda... Besides, what other villain can pull off the curved lightsaber hilt?
Terrible villain, I hated him so much. They should have just made Darth Maul the villain for the prequels.
Completely insignificant to the plot


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