Top Ten Most Pointless Star Wars Characters


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63Captain Tarpals

We never see him again for the next two movies.

64Battle Droid

I hate these things. They're so annoying the way they say "roger roger" over and over again! They are also so easy to Destroy. They are completely worthless. Even George Lucas admitted that they were completely worthless.

They look like mechanical mosquitoes.

Okay, I know the battle droids weren't really warrior material for the Separatists. But, they had some purpose to be in Star Wars. Without droids the Separatists would be defenseless against the Republic and the Jedi could easily wipe them out one by one. Then... there would be no true and original Star Wars story line. Only Peace. Which will ruin the whole saga. Face it, the bad guys had to have some kind of army before the Stormtroppers/Clones.

They are so annoying and really easy too kill

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65Jek Porkins

Only thing he does is get blown up

67Gamorrean GuardV1 Comment
68ZuckussV1 Comment
69B'omarr Monk
72Agen Kolar
73Grand Admiral ThrawnV1 Comment
74Sly Moore
75Aurra Sing
76Bail Prestor Organa
77Ahsoka Tano

Ahsoka is just awesome...when she was kicked out of the Jedi order we saw how it really angered anakin...that was just another step towards his fall to the dark side

She was the chosen one's padawan, was a great duelist and acrobat, and is fulcrum!

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78John Waza
79Willrow Hood
80Womp Rat
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