Top 10 Reasons to Hate Princess Anna

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41She's aggressive

She entirely needs a lot more self control. She is the reason the sisterly drama happened just because she can't just have her own way all the time in her future. She should try to restrain her emotions more and she needs to deal with things that has to be unwanted more anyway. She knows she's not a five year old little kid anymore. She entirely needs to act more like a young adult. She's a bratty spare.

Sisterly drama and any or any other kinds of drama happened all because of her aggression, stubbornness, misbehavior.

She has bipolar. Proven when she punched Hans of the dock and shouted at Marshmallow with manic rage.

She has anger management issues

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42She's nothing but a spare

It entirely would've been better if she and Elsa were born unrelated to each other anyway.

She should've been born unrelated to Elsa anyway.

She should've been an only child like Elsa.

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43She acts like a little five year old kid

Actually, 5 year olds act better then Anna and know what Manners are.

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44She plays

Running and ruling countries and royal kingdoms is never ever even all this and that easy. It has to be hard anyway. Life is unfortunately not all about play all the time and not all this and that fun and games either. Work always come first and play always come second and last. Work comes first. Play comes second and last.

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45She overreacts
46She's gullible

Her gullibility!

47She's too careless and clumsy
48She's useless

A Bag of Manure has 100 times the usefulness then Anna. Anna was only created to be a Spare.

49She is a retard

Anna acts like a Retard because:

1. She falls and crashes into everything and anything that moves.
2. She has Bipolar (Proven when she punches Hans of the dock, shouts at Marshmallow with manic rage.)
3. Sings to herself
4. Wants to instantly marry Hans (Not a sign of the Needy)
5. Acts like a 5 year old.
6. Proven that she has mental illness.

50Anna overreacts like a maniac who can't control herself at all

Tell me about it. She needs to learn to control herself more.

51She is creepy

Wanting to get married to Hans and stalking Elsa.

52She has mental illness
53She's a spoiled, bratty girl
54She is a disgrace
55She is insane and nutty (nuts)
56She's wild and crazy
57She's an idiot
58She's a b****
59She's an uncontrollable beast
60She's a woman child

She's nineteen now, not a kid anymore.

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