Top Ten Shoujo Mangas

So when it comes to the best Mangas, we seem to see Naruto and One Piece etc dominate, having our poor Shoujo Manga being forgotten.

So this is a list of the best Shoujo's out there! I hope you enjoy ^_^

The Top TenXW

1Ouran Highschool Host Club

Ouran is a classic that simultaneously parodies and utilizes the shoujo genre. I adore the characters and their natural chemistry. The host club creates a really great atmosphere and truly convince you of their unbreakable friendship, but I especially love the two main leads Haruhi and Tamaki. They inspire you to be exactly who you truly are while making no apologies for it, but also to be wholeheartedly kind to others without holding grudges.

Haruhi shows that being a strong female character is not about being physically kickass or violent - it's about not losing sight of yourself and what's important to you as an individual. She is surrounded by gorgeous host club members but she can look past their appearances and see who they really are, much to their initial surprise. She is blunt, witty and intelligent and she actually has dreams for her future that she works hard for instead of drooling over hot guys (even letting romance take over her life). And what I love about Tamaki ...more

Definitely the best for me. The characters are all well-rounded, and who couldn't love the host club?! (Spoilers! You have been warned... ) especially Tamaki's emo attitude! And the plot has many twists and turns, some of which can beat the sanity out of you! Bisco Hatori is probably the best author out there yet, with her humorous comments and heart-breaking storyline which keeps you reading Ouran over and over. When you've finished the story, it just makes you swoon and cry out "WHY IS THIS IT?! " At the same time.

The lively attitude brought through all of the mishaps and mischief keeps you choking with laughter right to the end! I recommend this to every manga fan, whether boy or girl! 1st place definitely!

Oh dear... Ouran. I just hope Tamaki doesn't go into his emo corner because they didn't come first. But 5th is fantastic, just like Ouran.
All honesty, Ouran's story has been done so many times. The hot guys at the rich school, and the poor girl. But writer, Bisco Hatori would have to be one of the most creative and funny woman out there! All the characters are so in depth and unique, and when you finnish it you really feel like you've lost a friend. Or a part of you even.
At times, you will have to put the damn book down because you can't stop laughing! In a way, Ouran is simple, but it has a big impact and is highly loved by many.

I love this manga all time favorite

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2Kaichou Wa Maid Sama

.. I LOVE THIS MANGA *O* it's my favourite manga from all Mangas in this world. I have read the manga for hundred times and it's always the same and the best. Every time I see this Manga I want to read it again and again. I also have read many mangas but (and when I say many I mean Many :D) But it's the best from all mangas I EVER rode.. I don't know why some people don't like this manga?! Just give it a chance. You're not going to die If you read it or not read it. It's up to you but, If you search for a rally good manga, which makes you laugh and still has some romantic, You should definitely read this manga ^. ^

Usui is so HAWT~! >A< misaki is the most lucky girl in the world! I LOVE misaki's personality and how she's called the demon president. It's also funny how she calls usui a perverted outer-space alien! LMAO! Kaichou wa maid-sama ALWAYS makes me laugh

Look I won't lie, I really do not like this Manga. I have tried to read it seven times. SEVEN TIMES! But I can't. It bores me, and I find the characters so hard to feel for. But! I know how much this Manga is loved and that is why I've tried given it 6th place.
I've seen Misaki and Usui dominate couples in polls, and seen forums of people rattling on about there love for this, so I have respect for this Manga.
A point many point out, is there love for Misaki's strong personality, and how she encourages girls to stand up against guys, and I agree heart and soul to that statement.

THE BEST. Need I say more?

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3Skip Beat

Skip beat was the first truly good manga I read. It has amazing art, really lovable characters, and an overall great storyline/plot. My personal favorite character is Mr. Yashiro, Ren's manager. I feel like he is just one of us fangirls and I love him. Not to mention RenxKyoko. I will go down with this ship.

I love how Skip Beat is a manga for girls that is not solely based on romance. While romance is woven into the story I appreciate that they recognize that some girls aren't boy crazy and Nicholas Sparks and love at first sight and ugh. I also appreciate that the characters in this manga aren't based on cup size. I am a huge fan of manga as an art form and all books, but I still hate the way that girls are sex objects and guys are perverts. In Skip Beat, the women aren't all scantily clad and the men aren't talking to women's chests. For once each girl's boobs are covered. I started reading Skip Beat when I was younger and I had fairly strict parents and they couldn't find a ...more

Never once did I think acting was like fighting! Skip Beat is without a doubt amazing! Revenge? Hell yes says Kyoko Mogami!
I don't see how you couldn't love Kyoko, I really don't. One minuet she's yelling like she's going to battle, then the next she's crying at how cute something is!
So you see, Kyoko has given her life to a guy right? And then it turns out he didn't give a shiz about her... So what does she do? Get revenge of course! But that's not all, the lovable but scary Ren get's involved, just giving it even more edge! I'd love to give Skip Beat a higher place, but I don't want to be biased, so I give it 9th place. Please don't send your demons onto me Kyoko! I'll give you first place next time I promise!

Skip beat is one of the most awesome manga you will ever read it is so pure containing all types, drama, comedy, romance, showbiz, all in one! So it is highly recommended and it is in my top 3, start reading it immediately...

Love it, but in my opinion the men are not drawn very well

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4Dengeki Daisy

It started off with a cliche' hook of "I'll always protect you. " But then it turned out to be so much better with a new and interesting plot. The book manages to keep the familiar ties with the shoujo mangas we know and love, while making it more realistic and and easier to relate to. There's also complete new in depth and more view on the characters rather than the standard lonely hot guy meets simple girl that thinks she's ugly and plain but is really pretty. The art style is also beautiful, and on top of that the manga artist is MALE, which makes this manga even better! In my eyes this is the absolute best shoujo manga out there.

Oh my goodness. I am completely hooked on this manga. Teru is one of the few female protagonists I have actually come to love rather than grown to hate. This manga has largely become a coming of age story for her and not just a romance. I have also really appreciated the "my pace" approach to Kurosaki and Teru's relationship. It feels very natural and it's so good to see characters who aren't rushing to fall into bed with each other before the relationship is ready for it. Now I just have to wait for the next volume.

I mean I rarely read shoujo manga (being a guy and all) but I have to say, this manga is really good :D
And for ONCE in a manga the girl isn't a weak twig, I mean I know that's the stereotype for shoujo manga, but they are always weak and useless and clingy and annoying, but not this manga! This one the girl can take care of herself and is strong, and its awesome! :D

I've laughed my brains out, gotten frustrated out of my mind, cried my eyes out, and swooned like no other with this manga. I couldn't put it down! Kurosaki and Teru has one of the most beautiful relationships out of the mangas I've read. Also, the story actually has depth. It's not just about flirting and whatnot. It's action-filled as well. It really is, by far, the best shoujo manga.

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5Gakuen Alice

Waaah~ for me, Gakuen Alice is where my love for all manga and anime has started! Surely, at a young age prior to when I've watch Gakuen Alice, I've already seen lots of amazing anime like Sailormoon which is like a classic one for me. But I think, Gakuen Alice is where I started feeling enthusiastic, happy, sad and agitated when I had watched its' anime. But since the anime has only 26 episodes, I found its manga from mangafox and my love for manga had started from then on. It's actually like a turning point in my life.

This manga is the best one I have ever read! Although after this, I have also read lots and lots of wonderful manga, this is the only that I won't definitely let go off on the very top. It will always be the best among the others in my heart. Natsume and Mikan will always be the best couple for me and Natsume will always be my hottest guy!

Although young, the characters where all forced to be involved in evil schemes that the greedy and selfish adults in ...more

I completely agree that Gakuen Alice should be top 3. It was also my turning point in life to manga and just wow. Since I'm terrible with words I don't know where to explain how amazing and wonderful it truly is. If a character is sad you'll cry, if a character is angry and mad and just feeling alone, you'll be feeling that characters loneiness and anger, and then you'll cry. If a character is semi with their expressions but honestly cares for the good of someone very dear to them, you'll care for their immense compassion for them and their friend, and then you'll cry. If there is a character who is happy and a bit ditzy, you'll feel just as stupid and ditzy, and you'll be happy, and then crying. If a character if being humorous and just right out amazingly outgoing, you'll want to be outgoing just as much, and will want to make people laugh, and then you'll be crying because the comedy in this manga is just over the top. If a character is in love or has one of the strongest love for ...more

Gakuen Alice is one of, if not, the best shoujo manga I have ever read in my life. And that is quite a large number. It has elements of comedy, fantasy, adventure and mystery as well as romance. I found all the characters entertaining and the story never got boring.

While MIkan (the lead) may seem like a stereotypical ditzy shoujo lead, she grows out of it and becomes a genuinely likeable character worthy to be the lead in such a fantastic manga. Her companions are similarly likeable. Hotaru, her best friend, is definitely someone I would love to meet in real life.

The romance was great too. I usually despise love triangles but this one was good. It wasn't annoying because Mikan (the girl) wasn't overly indecisive. As for the story, I can't say much without giving too much away. Just know that it is developed, incredible and worth the read:).

If you haven't read Gakuen Alice, please please please read it asap. For those Gakuen Alice lovers who haven't voted yet, ...more

Heart warming and touching story. Just beautiful 😍

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6Fruits Basket

Who wouldn't love this? I have not met one person who does not know about this amazing manga. It has a curse, romance, drama, and humor. And hello... Kyo Sohma is in it! He is just the definition of HOT! Tohru is also a great role model because she is nice to everyone no matter who they are and what they have done. She accepts everyone, even Akito who has hurt everyone in the story... Including Tohru herself. The romance is also adorable. To me, this is the best one out there.

This shoujo manga has just the perfect mixture of romance, life lessons, comedy, drama, and other psychological stuff. Reading this feels like you are actually with the Sohma family, you'll be heartbroken and won't wish to leave them so soon. Unlike those typical shoujo mangas where the problem is only about getting the hottest guy in school, this manga truly depicts how people are actually emotional because of real serious life problems. The author creates such that you grow with them, since she draws the characters as if their features mature at some point of the story. The chemistry between the characters doesn't feel rushed, so you'll understand completely about how they develop feelings for each other. Overall, it's the best shoujo manga I have ever read, strongly recommended!

I'm really sad that this isn't in the top ten anymore... I hope it goes back up! Words cannot express my love for this manga. The story is incomparable and the artwork just gets better and better (and better). I love ALL of the characters, I mean what can I say the author is a masterful writer and storyteller and made sure to develop each and every person's story, and made sure that they all had a real role in the story as well. The author made me fall in love with all of the characters and I think that's what she wanted to accomplish. Heck, I even love that little turd Hiro (and his super epic middle school relationship made me go aww! ) to everyone who isn't a fan of shoujo, read this. You will never want to leave the Sohma family behind.

Awesome and dark ending

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7Kamisama Hajimemashita

This manga should totally be higher on the list. It's a very good manga, especially for those who want a nice, long manga. The main heroine faces problems that are very realistic and I love that the main couple doesn't just fall in love at first sight. I admit that I first looked at this story because I was bored, but I'm definitely a fan now. I'll be one of the first to cry and scream if ever this story gets put on permanent hiatus or ever stops getting scanlated.

This manga has everything and balances it all perfectly. Character development is really great and the plot is just... OOHHMMYYGOD... Basically. The romance feels right and NOT forced, and the female lead is really likable. And, of course, the male lead (s) are just awesome, as well. Also, the art, as well as the storytelling, is phenomenal, in my opinion. Just... Just go read it, please!

Personally, I think this should really be higher on the list. This manga has all the elements of a good shoujo weaved seamlessly together. The love story was touching, passionate and at the same time, funny. Moreover, it also includes wild adventures of the characters that keeps the manga thrilling and not boring. The supporting characters were also very likeable. I hope that they'll publish an update soon and that the second season of the anime will already be released :)) Overall, this is a must-read.

Love this manga♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

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8Hana Yori Dango

In Hana Yori Dango, there is an incredible dynamic journey for most, if not all, the characters. Makino Tsukushi is an incredible role model to serve as the main character her strong will and refusal to meet the superficial standards of her snobbish classmates gives readers an urgency to cheer for her as she stands up to the elite F4, the wealthy upper class, and all those that disregard her for her low status in society. Though the art style during the first few chapters are not exactly up to par, it is definitely a unique aspect of the manga's beginning. Nevertheless, the storyline and dialogue manages to detract attention from the art style, which does, in fact, progress and shape beautifully as the story develops. By the end, Hana Yori Dango is remembered for much more than just its art and plot. Yoko Kamio launches her readers through an incredible up-and-down journey of her characters and their given role in society. The central relationship between hot-headed, arrogant Domyouji Tsukasa and strong-willed Makino Tsukushi (who originally pines for the quiet prince Hanazawa Rui) becomes a pairing that creates some of the most memorable and touching scenes to ever transpire between two manga characters. Aside from romantic relationships, relationships between friends, parents and children, siblings, and upper class and lower class are also explored. Many of the "minor" characters are also given their own background stories so as not to be forgotten by the mangaka and her audience. These characters are never put aside to keep the central relationship in the limelight. Yoko Kamio explores each character significantly and satisfactorily.

Over all, Hana Yori Dango is a brilliant manga with many beautiful and hilarious quotes, dramatic plot twists, and realistic characters that will allow the story to have an impact on all fans of shoujo manga.

The first manga I ever read and even after reading many more, this is tied on my list for first place (with gakuen alice). The storyline is unique and the characters are all awesome- the heroine is definitely not your typical shoujo protagonist who can't stand up for herself! It's hilarious, it's sad, it'll make you laugh, make you cry and wallow in the feels for days once you finish it. Those feels... ^.^ It really deserves more recognition than it gets!

Yeah, best shoujo manga ever! So many emotions, so many feelings... Words are not enough to describe how good this is... Or how people so flawed can be so perfect!

How not to mention Hana Yori Dango! Although the Japanese live adaptation is even better (yes yes it's possible)

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9Last Game

This is the best shoujo manga for meh! Everything is so cute x')
I love the art, plot and as well as the personalities that each of the characters have

SoumaxKujou! Kyaa~ //Even though they surely won't end up together

Sorry SoumaxKujou haters, I'll still go for Souma B|

Totally amazing. The artwork is neat and nice! Although, there are some parts that are a little bit rushed, they are still cute! Oh gods, I hope they're gonna make an anime for this. Even the manga, which is new, is already a big hit, what's more if this is an anime?

One last thing... HISATO X MIKOTO forever!

I really love the art style in this and the main male lead is so fun to read about! This is definitely one of my favorite manga and I really can't wait to see how things'll end up with the protagonist. It's also got a cute love triangle that makes me all fluttery to read about.

Best magna! I really do like it. The characters are humorous and the storyline is amazing. I really do recommend this magna to shoujo interested people out there.

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10Vampire Knight

IT is an amazing manga and for me reading it you really feel for the characters Yuki, Zero, Kaname you fall for them and their struggles. The love triangle is amazing and the anime was excellent. The manga has a mysterious quality about it that you get pulled in from the first page if you've never read a manga I recommend this you will not be disappointed its so good

Oh vampire knight must be N. 1
It's really fabulous, the plot is fab and mysterious and the art is awesome..
That manga is about vampires and romance and mystery..
Really lovely and it's just so awesome.
Can't say what it is about because words can't describe it...
Yuk is cute and zero is adorable, and kaname is (•_•)

A hit everywhere! People who have nothing to do with Manga, love this!
Vampire's have always been a hit among many, and so have hot guys batteling it out for that one, amazing girl.
Vampire Knight follows your average romantic vampiric story, but the art work and characters bring it to life, to snatch 3rd place.
Also, it has one of the most sucesful and satisfying love triangles ever. At one point you think she's found her Mr right, then something happens to go back to square one. A little frustrating yes, but exciting and keeps the story going at a good pace.

Vampire knight should be higher than this!

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The Contenders

11High School Debut

To me this is the best out of the best of what I've ever read.
I fell in love with it from the first chapter and couldn't stop reading,
The story is really good and the art is well done too.
Without a doubt this manga is a MUST-READ.

This is my all time favorite manga! The characters weren't annoying. Also I fell in love with lead guy. You have to read this book no matter what. I literally finished this in 2 days. I strongly recommend for you to read this book.

I really liked it (except for the beginning) funny and has a happy ending ^^ (sorta) (I'm very vague... )

Among all it is the best. I really is romantic comedy. Their relationship is too adorable and they never stay apart..

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12We Were There

Even though reading the plot might make you think it is the stereotypical shoujo manga, it gets better each chapter. The story and art gets better as you keep reading, it is a truly moving story. If you like reading meaningful and deep manga, this is the one to try! The movie and the anime are awesome as well.

Its a wonderful rea. As it shows clearly the emotions of the girl and how through hardships and trial the love grows more and more and how love eventually conquers all!

We Were There (Bokura Ga Ita) is one of the most emotional and moving mangas I've ever read. I really recommend that people give this a try - especially if you didn't initially try it because the vanilla plot synopsis turned you off. Read!

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13Faster Then a Kiss

So sexy with so little actual sexuality. The less male is very hot and appealing. And who doesn't love a secret romance? I really hope someone publishes this in English.

This manga grabs readers attention! It's an on-going manga right? I hope there's an anime for this~~

Faster than a kiss was the first manga I read and it definitely was worth it! Amazing plot and wonderful characters.
This has got lots and lots of comedy that make you cringe with laughter. Also the character development is done with perfection.
I love the interaction between the lead characters. They have this undefinable chemistry that cannot b put into words and they look so cute together that it makes your eyeballs jump out! Plus their "secret romantic moments" will definitely make you all giddy.

Highly recommended. Must read!

Sweet, cute and teaches a lot about unconditional and selfless love

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14Kimi ni Todoke

It's simply just a beautiful story about friendship and falling in love, overall living a life filled with ups and downs, and a chance to change.

I'm absolutely in love with this manga. Well, both the manga and anime are great. It's adorable how the story develops - The main character, Sawako, starts off as a really shy but kind girl, who is satisfied with making others happy. She just wants to be a normal girl, have friends, carry on the typical life of a student. She tries really hard but she still scares people, until Kazehaya shows up. He helps her win confidence in herself, he introduces her to new people, helps the classroom to see a new side of her, and eventually he falls in love with all the things she has to offer. Everything is perfect.

The supporting cast is also great, I have to admit I hated some of the characters as they were showing up (the antagonists, of course) but even the bad guys end up being cuties.

The supporting cast is amazing, which doesn't often happen in mangas where more focus is places on the main couple. I really love every character.

I love the story! And the artwork is just amazing!

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15Ghost Hunt

Well it's more about ghost hunting and psyches than romance in general. But it's interesting to have the female lead alternating between being irritated and enamoured with the male lead, because he is mostly ice cold and rude in real life but he often appears in her dreams like some astral projection and be borderline angel to her there. Their relationship are not boring, to say at least, both because of their obvious line of job and many of their cute moments.
Additional info is that there is a big bomb somewhere on the series and because of that I have never moved on from this series at all.

If you are not too much of scaredy cat, I recommend this manga.

Ghost Hunt should be in the top 3 on this list. This is a solid, stellar series. Instead of saying it's light on romance, I would say that its plot and characterization are so well done that the romantic aspect doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things. There are very few shoujo mangas out there that could be as riveting as Ghost Hunt without a blatant romantic element, which is why it's such an impressive piece of work.


My 2nd one in rank. If maybe I haven't read Gakuen Alice first, Nana might have claimed the top first. This particular manga had actually opened my eyes to reality. Among all the other manga, this manga really focuses on how hard it is to live a life you have chosen with your career. It starts of with a fated meeting of two complete-opposite people and becoming best friends, following their dreams, meeting people, encountering obstacles, struggling to stand up, falling in love, choosing, making decisions, hurting each other, tragedy--- there were a lot of complications in life that was really portrayed in here. Whenever I think of this, I always end up in a trance and I can't help but empathize to the characters. Although, how great it should be if Ai Yazawa, the author, will finally continue this story until it finishes. Right now, the scans were all on hiatus and I still don't have any news of continuation.

Nana was an amazing anime. It made me cry a couple of time and it is really unique. When I was watching the anime I always taught Nana (Hachi) was going to get back together. Nana is really a awesome anime in fact it is one of my favorite and when I watch it I can sometimes relate to. The ending was good but I wished they showed Nana Osaki when she was in England. I wished she didn't chose Tamaki because all he does is cheat on her she should have gone with Nobu because he really did love her. I really think the anime was spectacular and it really is going to get you hooked. I finished watch it in 2 days. I really like it :D and whenever you watch it it's like you understand what there going through. BEST ANIME EVER :D

You try, but fail to find Manga out there like Nana. Nana is incredibly unique, and shows you how strong friendship is in a whole different way, so that is why it gets NANA (7)
Nana meets Nana, and they instantly hit it off. And fate brings them together again to their liking. All of a sudden, the two have a new best friend in there lives! And that is what Nana is, the lives of two best friends who share the same name and lives. The music, celebrities and sex whirls around to make a dramatic and juicy Manga which is loved by many.

Simply a classic. Must read for any shoujo fan.

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17Hapi Mari

This manga is so romantic! Full of comedy! Make me laugh in every chapter! When the male character needs the female character (in one of the chapters) made my cheeks are blushing! =^^=
But, when he decided to disappear for a while, I think that's not long enough. At least until 2 chapters have passed then the male character could appear again ^^
Just my opinion

The plot is awesome so are the characters

The best manga I read so far

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18Tokyo Mew Mew

Tokyo Mew Mew is nice. But since she ends up with the wrong guy, I must admit I got pretty angry! It made me go mad! I don't even know why I voted for this anyways.

Before I watched Tokyo Mew Mew, I couldn't stand anime. Once my friend showed it to me, I was completely intrigued by the characters and plot, and it even got me watching plenty of other anime!

Tokyo Mew Mew is one of the best magical girl series I've ever seen. It has romance, action, and all the guys are HOT =D
I didn't think Ichigo ended up with the wrong guy though. After all, he was Ichigo's most loved person so I was happy with this ending.

I hated tokyo mew mew the main character pissed me off

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Clannad is a very emotional and sad story sometimes filled with happiness and sadness too. Its really the best anime out there and also the saddest one too. It touches the bottom of your heart.

To be honest, I'm not a fan of Clannad... At all. But still I give it 4th place, because it still made me cry! And also, because people are nuts about it!
Clannad follows the life of Tomoya Okazaki, your average teenaged boy protaganist, as he helps his cute friends with their life crisis's. Despite there stories being quiet depressing, the characters stay happy making you laugh at there unique charm. At first it seems intierly average, but if you read between the lines, it's actually a very deep and heartwarming story.

I don't recall Clannad being a shoujo (more like seinen), but it's awesome nonetheless. Amazing art, and a solid plot. If you're looking for something to move your heart, this is definitely the show for you!

I mean I loved❤ this but the ending is a No for me

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20Beauty Pop

The idea of this manga is really great! I mean, have you ever thought about a shojou manga talking about hairstyling stuff? I do love this manga! Especially Kiri's character who always absent minded, Narumi who always has bad mood, Kei who is unbelievably cute (one of my favourite! ), Ochiai who is really serious (and he has the name database of every students in his school), and the others. It's a must read shojou manga ever! >w<

Amazing! Th female lead had the most hilarious personality! Instead of the always blushing and dependant female leads. She had the guy blushing, she was in control of him, without even caring! But she wasn't dense, she was in tune with her suroundings, she knew how to manipulate people around her. She's still a very nice person. Love her character!

Now if you haven't read beauty pop... You better go do that. This stuff is gold! You will also get a few hairstyling tips along he way ;)

Wait.. Your still here?

Read all 10 books so cool.

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