Top Ten Shoujo Mangas

So when it comes to the best Mangas, we seem to see Naruto and One Piece etc dominate, having our poor Shoujo Manga being forgotten.

So this is a list of the best Shoujo's out there! I hope you enjoy ^_^
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The Top Ten

Kaichou Wa Maid Sama
.. I LOVE THIS MANGA *O* it's my favourite manga from all Mangas in this world. I have read the manga for hundred times and it's always the same and the best. Every time I see this Manga I want to read it again and again. I also have read many mangas but (and when I say many I mean Many :D) But it's the best from all mangas I EVER rode.. I don't know why some people don't like this manga?! Just give it a chance. You're not going to die If you read it or not read it. It's up to you but, If you search for a rally good manga, which makes you laugh and still has some romantic, You should definitely read this manga ^. ^
Usui is so HAWT~! >A< misaki is the most lucky girl in the world! I LOVE misaki's personality and how she's called the demon president. It's also funny how she calls usui a perverted outer-space alien! LMAO! Kaichou wa maid-sama ALWAYS makes me laugh
Look I won't lie, I really do not like this Manga. I have tried to read it seven times. SEVEN TIMES! But I can't. It bores me, and I find the characters so hard to feel for. But! I know how much this Manga is loved and that is why I've tried given it 6th place.
I've seen Misaki and Usui dominate couples in polls, and seen forums of people rattling on about there love for this, so I have respect for this Manga.
A point many point out, is there love for Misaki's strong personality, and how she encourages girls to stand up against guys, and I agree heart and soul to that statement.
[Newest]Best ever manga ever read if not read I suggest you all to read it..
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2Ouran Highschool Host Club
Ouran is a classic that simultaneously parodies and utilizes the shoujo genre. I adore the characters and their natural chemistry. The host club creates a really great atmosphere and truly convince you of their unbreakable friendship, but I especially love the two main leads Haruhi and Tamaki. They inspire you to be exactly who you truly are while making no apologies for it, but also to be wholeheartedly kind to others without holding grudges.

Haruhi shows that being a strong female character is not about being physically kickass or violent - it's about not losing sight of yourself and what's important to you as an individual. She is surrounded by gorgeous host club members but she can look past their appearances and see who they really are, much to their initial surprise. She is blunt, witty and intelligent and she actually has dreams for her future that she works hard for instead of drooling over hot guys (even letting romance take over her life). And what I love about Tamaki is that though he is overtly labeled as then princely type, his character refuses to let itself be defined by his outward appearance. It's quite obvious that he is in no way perfect. He's obnoxious, annoying, whiney, dramatic, narcissistic, air headed and crazy in his antics, but he is also nothing short of a genuine person who possesses a heart of gold towards everyone in life.

And by god Hatori Bisco manages to not portray any of her characters as saintly, which I give her major kudos for. It's kind of strange that I typically would stay away from something this sugary and cute, but I think Ouran is the overall best written shoujo series I've seen because it never loses quality or gives in to only one element. At the end of the day, I just can't help but love it for what it is.
Definitely the best for me. The characters are all well-rounded, and who couldn't love the host club?! (Spoilers! You have been warned... ) especially Tamaki's emo attitude! And the plot has many twists and turns, some of which can beat the sanity out of you! Bisco Hatori is probably the best author out there yet, with her humorous comments and heart-breaking storyline which keeps you reading Ouran over and over. When you've finished the story, it just makes you swoon and cry out "WHY IS THIS IT?! " At the same time.

The lively attitude brought through all of the mishaps and mischief keeps you choking with laughter right to the end! I recommend this to every manga fan, whether boy or girl! 1st place definitely!
Oh dear... Ouran. I just hope Tamaki doesn't go into his emo corner because they didn't come first. But 5th is fantastic, just like Ouran.
All honesty, Ouran's story has been done so many times. The hot guys at the rich school, and the poor girl. But writer, Bisco Hatori would have to be one of the most creative and funny woman out there! All the characters are so in depth and unique, and when you finnish it you really feel like you've lost a friend. Or a part of you even.
At times, you will have to put the damn book down because you can't stop laughing! In a way, Ouran is simple, but it has a big impact and is highly loved by many.
[Newest]I have read them all in the list and I think it is the best. With the characters and the connection between every topic and relationships. It s awesome. And the female lead is so damn good!
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3Skip Beat
Never once did I think acting was like fighting! Skip Beat is without a doubt amazing! Revenge? Hell yes says Kyoko Mogami!
I don't see how you couldn't love Kyoko, I really don't. One minuet she's yelling like she's going to battle, then the next she's crying at how cute something is!
So you see, Kyoko has given her life to a guy right? And then it turns out he didn't give a shiz about her... So what does she do? Get revenge of course! But that's not all, the lovable but scary Ren get's involved, just giving it even more edge! I'd love to give Skip Beat a higher place, but I don't want to be biased, so I give it 9th place. Please don't send your demons onto me Kyoko! I'll give you first place next time I promise!
Skip beat is one of the most awesome manga you will ever read it is so pure containing all types, drama, comedy, romance, showbiz, all in one! So it is highly recommended and it is in my top 3, start reading it immediately...
If sheer awesomeness was a genre, Skip Beat would so come under it. It's got everything a great shoujo manga should have, lovable characters, laugh out loud humor, beautiful art, the occasional tearjerker, and just pure fun. You just can't help but cheer on Kyoko! She's a unique heroine, one who doesn't always just wait around for her knight to rescue her. Ren too isn' t your typical prince. I'd really like to thank the mangaka for creating such an epic work! If you haven't read skip beat yet, you're missing out. Its a manga that gets progressively better so don't let go of it!
[Newest]Ren and Corn so cool
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4Gakuen Alice
Waaah~ for me, Gakuen Alice is where my love for all manga and anime has started! Surely, at a young age prior to when I've watch Gakuen Alice, I've already seen lots of amazing anime like Sailormoon which is like a classic one for me. But I think, Gakuen Alice is where I started feeling enthusiastic, happy, sad and agitated when I had watched its' anime. But since the anime has only 26 episodes, I found its manga from mangafox and my love for manga had started from then on. It's actually like a turning point in my life.

This manga is the best one I have ever read! Although after this, I have also read lots and lots of wonderful manga, this is the only that I won't definitely let go off on the very top. It will always be the best among the others in my heart. Natsume and Mikan will always be the best couple for me and Natsume will always be my hottest guy!

Although young, the characters where all forced to be involved in evil schemes that the greedy and selfish adults in the society does. The characters stand against dangers with friendship and love as pillars of support. I envy how Mikan and Hotaru has each other as bestfriends.

This manga really has almost all genres in one. Starting from friendship to romance, The big thing here is its humor. I remember how my stomach always hurt from laughing while I'm reading this. I just can't really help to laugh at the stupidity of Mikan. Aside from that, it has the adventure genre that makes it exciting, the mystery that makes it thrilling, and the drama that makes me cry. All in all, this manga has also a very great plot and a very thrilling twist on its climax. In the end, it just made me feel nostalgic after all they've been through. This is definitely and absolutely a must-read!
Gakuen Alice is one of, if not, the best shoujo manga I have ever read in my life. And that is quite a large number. It has elements of comedy, fantasy, adventure and mystery as well as romance. I found all the characters entertaining and the story never got boring.

While MIkan (the lead) may seem like a stereotypical ditzy shoujo lead, she grows out of it and becomes a genuinely likeable character worthy to be the lead in such a fantastic manga. Her companions are similarly likeable. Hotaru, her best friend, is definitely someone I would love to meet in real life.

The romance was great too. I usually despise love triangles but this one was good. It wasn't annoying because Mikan (the girl) wasn't overly indecisive. As for the story, I can't say much without giving too much away. Just know that it is developed, incredible and worth the read:).

If you haven't read Gakuen Alice, please please please read it asap. For those Gakuen Alice lovers who haven't voted yet, please do! I believe Gakuen Alice should at least make the top 3. We just need to move it up one rank guys!
It's the best manga ever. The first time I read this, I thought that this manga would be boring but it turns out that this manga is really good. This manga has all the genres I could wish for. I love the relationship between mikan and natsume. They're fated to be together even before they was born. And I feel sorry for mikan that she has lost both her parents. But anyway I really reccomend this manga. It got first place in my list. Thumbs up!
[Newest]Yoh! So nice story
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5Dengeki Daisy
It started off with a cliche' hook of "I'll always protect you. " But then it turned out to be so much better with a new and interesting plot. The book manages to keep the familiar ties with the shoujo mangas we know and love, while making it more realistic and and easier to relate to. There's also complete new in depth and more view on the characters rather than the standard lonely hot guy meets simple girl that thinks she's ugly and plain but is really pretty. The art style is also beautiful, and on top of that the manga artist is MALE, which makes this manga even better! In my eyes this is the absolute best shoujo manga out there.
Oh my goodness. I am completely hooked on this manga. Teru is one of the few female protagonists I have actually come to love rather than grown to hate. This manga has largely become a coming of age story for her and not just a romance. I have also really appreciated the "my pace" approach to Kurosaki and Teru's relationship. It feels very natural and it's so good to see characters who aren't rushing to fall into bed with each other before the relationship is ready for it. Now I just have to wait for the next volume.
I mean I rarely read shoujo manga (being a guy and all) but I have to say, this manga is really good :D
And for ONCE in a manga the girl isn't a weak twig, I mean I know that's the stereotype for shoujo manga, but they are always weak and useless and clingy and annoying, but not this manga! This one the girl can take care of herself and is strong, and its awesome! :D
[Newest]I like this story

6Last Game
This is the best shoujo manga for meh! Everything is so cute x')
I love the art, plot and as well as the personalities that each of the characters have

SoumaxKujou! Kyaa~ //Even though they surely won't end up together

Sorry SoumaxKujou haters, I'll still go for Souma B|
Totally amazing. The artwork is neat and nice! Although, there are some parts that are a little bit rushed, they are still cute! Oh gods, I hope they're gonna make an anime for this. Even the manga, which is new, is already a big hit, what's more if this is an anime?

One last thing... HISATO X MIKOTO forever!
I really love the art style in this and the main male lead is so fun to read about! This is definitely one of my favorite manga and I really can't wait to see how things'll end up with the protagonist. It's also got a cute love triangle that makes me all fluttery to read about.
[Newest]One of the best manga I've read!

7Beauty Pop
The idea of this manga is really great! I mean, have you ever thought about a shojou manga talking about hairstyling stuff? I do love this manga! Especially Kiri's character who always absent minded, Narumi who always has bad mood, Kei who is unbelievably cute (one of my favourite! ), Ochiai who is really serious (and he has the name database of every students in his school), and the others. It's a must read shojou manga ever! >w<
Amazing! Th female lead had the most hilarious personality! Instead of the always blushing and dependant female leads. She had the guy blushing, she was in control of him, without even caring! But she wasn't dense, she was in tune with her suroundings, she knew how to manipulate people around her. She's still a very nice person. Love her character!
Now if you haven't read beauty pop... You better go do that. This stuff is gold! You will also get a few hairstyling tips along he way ;)

Wait.. Your still here?
[Newest]I love Beauty Pop it's the best manga book I have ever read in my entire life. :0

8Suki Desu Suzuki-Kun
I love this manga. It is great and you can laugh and cry because of this. Even though it doesn't update it that much, you should definitely try it.
Love this manga. Wish it updated more but I can wait. It's well worth it.
You really feel for the Hikaru when he loses contact with Hoshino for two years. Then you are so happy when they meet again but find things have drastically changed.
I love Suki desu Suzuki-kun! Though there are so much mangas I'd prefer I uust can't let go of this one! Besides the shy and innocent Hoshino Sayaka and the cute and honest Suzuki Hikaru I really love the second couple though they're not the main attraction. But I really love how tomboyish but also girly Itou Chihiro is. And the future Shinobu is so cold but also cool!
There are mangas I actually like better but the thing is I waited half a year for one single update and was so happy when it came. And though it takes so long to update I'm happy about every single update and will wait for every singe chapter forever!

9Kamisama Hajimemashita
This manga should totally be higher on the list. It's a very good manga, especially for those who want a nice, long manga. The main heroine faces problems that are very realistic and I love that the main couple doesn't just fall in love at first sight. I admit that I first looked at this story because I was bored, but I'm definitely a fan now. I'll be one of the first to cry and scream if ever this story gets put on permanent hiatus or ever stops getting scanlated.
This manga has everything and balances it all perfectly. Character development is really great and the plot is just... OOHHMMYYGOD... Basically. The romance feels right and NOT forced, and the female lead is really likable. And, of course, the male lead (s) are just awesome, as well. Also, the art, as well as the storytelling, is phenomenal, in my opinion. Just... Just go read it, please!
Personally, I think this should really be higher on the list. This manga has all the elements of a good shoujo weaved seamlessly together. The love story was touching, passionate and at the same time, funny. Moreover, it also includes wild adventures of the characters that keeps the manga thrilling and not boring. The supporting characters were also very likeable. I hope that they'll publish an update soon and that the second season of the anime will already be released :)) Overall, this is a must-read.
[Newest]Great blend of romance, action, mystery, atmosphere, character, Japanese mythology and so much more. Great plot, wonderful characters, and a journey everyone should read for themselves.

10Fruits Basket
Who wouldn't love this? I have not met one person who does not know about this amazing manga. It has a curse, romance, drama, and humor. And hello... Kyo Sohma is in it! He is just the definition of HOT! Tohru is also a great role model because she is nice to everyone no matter who they are and what they have done. She accepts everyone, even Akito who has hurt everyone in the story... Including Tohru herself. The romance is also adorable. To me, this is the best one out there.
I'm really sad that this isn't in the top ten anymore... I hope it goes back up! Words cannot express my love for this manga. The story is incomparable and the artwork just gets better and better (and better). I love ALL of the characters, I mean what can I say the author is a masterful writer and storyteller and made sure to develop each and every person's story, and made sure that they all had a real role in the story as well. The author made me fall in love with all of the characters and I think that's what she wanted to accomplish. Heck, I even love that little turd Hiro (and his super epic middle school relationship made me go aww! ) to everyone who isn't a fan of shoujo, read this. You will never want to leave the Sohma family behind.
Where do I begin? Fruits Basket is that Manga EVERY Manga fan has heard of. Even if some have no idea what it is, they've heard the name. (And no I don't mean the game)
Leading character, Tohru Honda is a role model to all readers. She loves the good of a person and accepts the bad.
Each character is unique, mixing together to make a sweet, sad and funny Manga which changes people's lives. And that is why Fruits Basket makes 2nd place.
[Newest]Oh my God, I love fruits basket so much it has always been my number one! I love how much you get to know each character and fall in love with them. I was always a huge fan of Kyo. For some reason I felt I could relate to him. I think that him and Tohru make the best couple ever. I love how the story could make you smile, laugh, cry, get pissed off. It brings out so many emotions. Once I finished the anime I went straight to the manga and I have every chapter saved to my phone, I refuse to delete it. I recommend it. It really is truly amazing.
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The Contenders

11Hana Yori Dango
In Hana Yori Dango, there is an incredible dynamic journey for most, if not all, the characters. Makino Tsukushi is an incredible role model to serve as the main character; her strong will and refusal to meet the superficial standards of her snobbish classmates gives readers an urgency to cheer for her as she stands up to the elite F4, the wealthy upper class, and all those that disregard her for her low status in society. Though the art style during the first few chapters are not exactly up to par, it is definitely a unique aspect of the manga's beginning. Nevertheless, the storyline and dialogue manages to detract attention from the art style, which does, in fact, progress and shape beautifully as the story develops. By the end, Hana Yori Dango is remembered for much more than just its art and plot. Yoko Kamio launches her readers through an incredible up-and-down journey of her characters and their given role in society. The central relationship between hot-headed, arrogant Domyouji Tsukasa and strong-willed Makino Tsukushi (who originally pines for the quiet prince Hanazawa Rui) becomes a pairing that creates some of the most memorable and touching scenes to ever transpire between two manga characters. Aside from romantic relationships, relationships between friends, parents and children, siblings, and upper class and lower class are also explored. Many of the "minor" characters are also given their own background stories so as not to be forgotten by the mangaka and her audience. These characters are never put aside to keep the central relationship in the limelight. Yoko Kamio explores each character significantly and satisfactorily.

Over all, Hana Yori Dango is a brilliant manga with many beautiful and hilarious quotes, dramatic plot twists, and realistic characters that will allow the story to have an impact on all fans of shoujo manga.
Yeah, best shoujo manga ever! So many emotions, so many feelings... Words are not enough to describe how good this is... Or how people so flawed can be so perfect!
This was the manga the brought me to the shojo manga world. Its really really old and the drawings are not that good but! The story its just AMAZING! I will recommend anyone that like shoujo manga to read it! Seriously I have laugh cry got angry and be happy with this manga. You really get into the story.

12Nagareboshi Lens
It is such a great shoujo manga and it definitely, fits in the category as well.

13Kimi ni Todoke
It's simply just a beautiful story about friendship and falling in love, overall living a life filled with ups and downs, and a chance to change.
I'm absolutely in love with this manga. Well, both the manga and anime are great. It's adorable how the story develops - The main character, Sawako, starts off as a really shy but kind girl, who is satisfied with making others happy. She just wants to be a normal girl, have friends, carry on the typical life of a student. She tries really hard but she still scares people, until Kazehaya shows up. He helps her win confidence in herself, he introduces her to new people, helps the classroom to see a new side of her, and eventually he falls in love with all the things she has to offer. Everything is perfect.

The supporting cast is also great, I have to admit I hated some of the characters as they were showing up (the antagonists, of course) but even the bad guys end up being cuties.
The supporting cast is amazing, which doesn't often happen in mangas where more focus is places on the main couple. I really love every character.
[Newest]I love the story! And the artwork is just amazing!

14Mamotte! Lollipop
It has a lot of chapters but it is worth reading.
First manga I ever read and I loved it. Zero is awesome!
I think this Story should be higher up! I especially love how funny this Manga is but its best moments are when magic are involved sort of like the Daa Daa Daa manga.

15Hibi Chouchou
Hibi Chouchou is a must read. The story might seem boring since both characters are extremely shy but that's what makes it distinct from the other shoujo mangas. Overcoming their weakness in order to express their feelings to the one they loved is courageous. Also, the characters are cute and adorable especially Suiren (the heroine).
It's a bit predictable and simple, but extremely cute. It's complex to dislike the couple unless you dislike shy people. Just as sweet as what a sweet tooth craves. Lovable manga. Enveloped with a distinct feeling when compared with the cliche shoujo manga.
I recommend it! And, no, it's not boring.
This story is just so cute and sweet, you'll think that that'll be boring but not at all! I fell for this manga where looks are more effective than words.
[Newest]The artwork alone is magnificent. The main character is a gem. The story is cute and simple, which is why I love it!

16High School Debut
To me this is the best out of the best of what I've ever read.
I fell in love with it from the first chapter and couldn't stop reading,
The story is really good and the art is well done too.
Without a doubt this manga is a MUST-READ.
This is my all time favorite manga! The characters weren't annoying. Also I fell in love with lead guy. You have to read this book no matter what. I literally finished this in 2 days. I strongly recommend for you to read this book.
I really liked it (except for the beginning) funny and has a happy ending ^^ (sorta) (I'm very vague... )
[Newest]Among all it is the best. I really is romantic comedy. Their relationship is too adorable and they never stay apart..

17Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun
In English it translates to 'My little monster'

This manga is a newer released one.. Maybe a a year ago. It is one of the most unique and phenomenon all love onesies you will ever one across.
The two main characters are Shizuku and Haru... It's about how they meet and whole lot more. There is also an anime :) I'm up to the latest chapter of he manga and am addicted! Its definitely a must read for everyone. :)

This is my absolute favorite shoujo manga! A must read in my opinion.
Every characters are just so likeable.
[Newest]Cute, cool, naughty, nerd and awesome!

18Faster Then a Kiss
So sexy with so little actual sexuality. The less male is very hot and appealing. And who doesn't love a secret romance? I really hope someone publishes this in English.
This manga grabs readers attention! It's an on-going manga right? I hope there's an anime for this~~
Faster than a kiss was the first manga I read and it definitely was worth it! Amazing plot and wonderful characters.
This has got lots and lots of comedy that make you cringe with laughter. Also the character development is done with perfection.
I love the interaction between the lead characters. They have this undefinable chemistry that cannot b put into words and they look so cute together that it makes your eyeballs jump out! Plus their "secret romantic moments" will definitely make you all giddy.

Highly recommended. Must read!
[Newest]Sweet, cute and teaches a lot about unconditional and selfless love

19Vampire Knight
IT is an amazing manga and for me reading it you really feel for the characters Yuki, Zero, Kaname you fall for them and their struggles. The love triangle is amazing and the anime was excellent. The manga has a mysterious quality about it that you get pulled in from the first page if you've never read a manga I recommend this you will not be disappointed its so good
Oh vampire knight must be N. 1
It's really fabulous, the plot is fab and mysterious and the art is awesome..
That manga is about vampires and romance and mystery..
Really lovely and it's just so awesome.
Can't say what it is about because words can't describe it...
Yuk is cute and zero is adorable, and kaname is (•_•)
A hit everywhere! People who have nothing to do with Manga, love this!
Vampire's have always been a hit among many, and so have hot guys batteling it out for that one, amazing girl.
Vampire Knight follows your average romantic vampiric story, but the art work and characters bring it to life, to snatch 3rd place.
Also, it has one of the most sucesful and satisfying love triangles ever. At one point you think she's found her Mr right, then something happens to go back to square one. A little frustrating yes, but exciting and keeps the story going at a good pace.
[Newest]Vampire knight should be higher than this!

Masterpiece I just can't ever get enough of it
Best manga ever! Love it!
I loved it, how Ojou is so derpy, but also strong! And how the members of the Yakuza were not 100% evil. And that ending though! I forgot her name so I'll call her Ojou, but anyways, SPOILER ALERT x Ojou x Shin forever!

About two people who are not who you really think that they are... Not too many cliches, but what do dyou expect from SHOUJO? Excellent art, but a tad bit frustrating at times without any developments every now and then like how a shoujo manga should have, so you could say that its a bit slow moving as of the 29th of August 2013, up till where I've read, which is the latest available scanlation. A good read, and I thoroughly enjoyed it... I feel this manga should be advertised a bit more and was Shocked to see that nobody had given it a review, go for it, you will NOT waste your precious time; and THAT is a promise ^_^
What? This should be higher up. Super easy read. Super funny. No annoying characters. I'm not sure how the mangaka manage to turn a typical school love comedy into something that makes you crave for more. Just read this and you're gonna get exactly what I meant.
WHAT!? This should be WAY up there! It should be number 1! This is like the best manga in the history of all mangas!
[Newest]Horimiya is, by far, the best shoujo manga I've read.

22Black Bird
Most supernatural shoujos are pretty weak on the supernatural criteria, but Black Bird manages to make it both adorable with romance and bloody with fighting and blood. You grow to love each of the characters for their faults (including the main antagonist) and as the chapters go on, clinging to your furniture and desperately wanting for more. Definitely an exciting and wonderful read!
I have one sentence for this manga: I simply like it.
A very beautiful manga! Nice art and such a touching and exciting story. I've read hundreds of shoujo's but this is and always will be in my top 3

23We Were There
Even though reading the plot might make you think it is the stereotypical shoujo manga, it gets better each chapter. The story and art gets better as you keep reading, it is a truly moving story. If you like reading meaningful and deep manga, this is the one to try! The movie and the anime are awesome as well.
Its a wonderful rea. As it shows clearly the emotions of the girl and how through hardships and trial the love grows more and more and how love eventually conquers all!
We Were There (Bokura Ga Ita) is one of the most emotional and moving mangas I've ever read. I really recommend that people give this a try - especially if you didn't initially try it because the vanilla plot synopsis turned you off. Read!

I LOVED it! Super sweet, funny and sexy. Great artwork too. It's also quite sad and frustrating sometimes. Kinda stereotypical but with a nice twist.
Amazing! Should be higher up. This was the first manga I ever read, now I can't stop reading! Really worth it, trust me. This is definitely a MUST READ. LOVED!
The relationship between the couple is fab

25Oresama Teacher
AWESOME MANGA! The female is strong and badass in fighting. She's unique and not a girl that is annoying and thinks only about love every second. NOPE, she's way more cooler and definitely different from the stereotypical shoujo female character. it's not only the female lead that's awesome but the other characters are just as unique and has their own personalities make them hilarious and great. The plot is fantastic, art is drawn amazingly and manga contains so many funny moments that your eyes will pop out from laughing to hard. this manga will get you hooked!
Oresama Teacher is a unique manga. I don't think I can find any manga similar to it. The main female lead is strong and I like that type, and also hilariously funny. I laughed throughout the manga. And then the plot is well-planned, the characters are well described with characters that has their purpose in the manga. I think it is for people who would like to read a comedy manga, and probably a friendship kind of thing.
A really unique shoujo manga which strays away from the mainstream plots, characters and relationships in shoujo manga. Friendship is more central then romance, and the romance is very subtle and makes you think about the romance yourself rather than have the characters tell you everything. The art is beautiful and so are the many characters, it has great humour and some action, as well as a strong leading female. I really recommend it!
[Newest]Oresama teacher is the best manga ever! It has the best female lead in a shoujo manga and it wonderfully focuses on friendship more than romance! A true masterpiece!

Clannad is a very emotional and sad story sometimes filled with happiness and sadness too. Its really the best anime out there and also the saddest one too. It touches the bottom of your heart.
To be honest, I'm not a fan of Clannad... At all. But still I give it 4th place, because it still made me cry! And also, because people are nuts about it!
Clannad follows the life of Tomoya Okazaki, your average teenaged boy protaganist, as he helps his cute friends with their life crisis's. Despite there stories being quiet depressing, the characters stay happy making you laugh at there unique charm. At first it seems intierly average, but if you read between the lines, it's actually a very deep and heartwarming story.
I don't recall Clannad being a shoujo (more like seinen), but it's awesome nonetheless. Amazing art, and a solid plot. If you're looking for something to move your heart, this is definitely the show for you!
[Newest]Mix between family, love, and friendship. VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY nice shoujo anime!

27Hapi Mari
This manga is so romantic! Full of comedy! Make me laugh in every chapter! When the male character needs the female character (in one of the chapters) made my cheeks are blushing! =^^=
But, when he decided to disappear for a while, I think that's not long enough. At least until 2 chapters have passed then the male character could appear again ^^
Just my opinion
The plot is awesome so are the characters
The best manga I read so far

My 2nd one in rank. If maybe I haven't read Gakuen Alice first, Nana might have claimed the top first. This particular manga had actually opened my eyes to reality. Among all the other manga, this manga really focuses on how hard it is to live a life you have chosen with your career. It starts of with a fated meeting of two complete-opposite people and becoming best friends, following their dreams, meeting people, encountering obstacles, struggling to stand up, falling in love, choosing, making decisions, hurting each other, tragedy--- there were a lot of complications in life that was really portrayed in here. Whenever I think of this, I always end up in a trance and I can't help but empathize to the characters. Although, how great it should be if Ai Yazawa, the author, will finally continue this story until it finishes. Right now, the scans were all on hiatus and I still don't have any news of continuation.
Nana was an amazing anime. It made me cry a couple of time and it is really unique. When I was watching the anime I always taught Nana (Hachi) was going to get back together. Nana is really a awesome anime in fact it is one of my favorite and when I watch it I can sometimes relate to. The ending was good but I wished they showed Nana Osaki when she was in England. I wished she didn't chose Tamaki because all he does is cheat on her she should have gone with Nobu because he really did love her. I really think the anime was spectacular and it really is going to get you hooked. I finished watch it in 2 days. I really like it :D and whenever you watch it it's like you understand what there going through. BEST ANIME EVER :D
You try, but fail to find Manga out there like Nana. Nana is incredibly unique, and shows you how strong friendship is in a whole different way, so that is why it gets NANA (7)
Nana meets Nana, and they instantly hit it off. And fate brings them together again to their liking. All of a sudden, the two have a new best friend in there lives! And that is what Nana is, the lives of two best friends who share the same name and lives. The music, celebrities and sex whirls around to make a dramatic and juicy Manga which is loved by many.
[Newest]This is the best manga I have ever seen, and I haven't been able to find anything similar. The emotions you feel while watching, the characters go through their lives are amazingly strong. They are all perfectly built and deep, that you all love them and feel for them.

29Tokyo Mew Mew
Tokyo Mew Mew is nice. But since she ends up with the wrong guy, I must admit I got pretty angry! It made me go mad! I don't even know why I voted for this anyways.
Before I watched Tokyo Mew Mew, I couldn't stand anime. Once my friend showed it to me, I was completely intrigued by the characters and plot, and it even got me watching plenty of other anime!
Tokyo Mew Mew is one of the best magical girl series I've ever seen. It has romance, action, and all the guys are HOT =D
I didn't think Ichigo ended up with the wrong guy though. After all, he was Ichigo's most loved person so I was happy with this ending.

30The Wallflower
... Lots of sexy :) :D
Anime version is completed so I watched it too!
Great story! Sunako-chan, who was devastated with her crush became an introvert and started hanging out with creepy anatomy models and skeletons. Her aunt, who owns a mansion with four bishounen with different personalities, made a deal with the four of them to make sunako a lady in exchange for free board and lodging. The story revolves around them while trying to make sunako a lady. Another charactiristic of sunako is that when she sees beautiful creatures, bishounen, or even bishoujo, she gets nosebleeds. SUPER LOVE THIS ANIME.

31Keishichou Tokuhanka 007
Nothing too mushy or cliche. Female protagonist is not the fainting heart who can't do anything and has to be rescued all the time, and the male lead has an interesting, mysterious character. Along with great plot and action, the relationship moves along at a perfect pace, paired with interesting cases in need of solving.
Interesting story and makes me laugh a lot. And each character are developed in such an amusing way that I've read it before and still wanted to read them again and again just to know each characters way of thinking... ;) try read it for a good laugh out loud
This is so good everybody should read this it makes my heart beats I really really recommend this to anyone
[Newest]I wish It was completed! But it was all goods

32Sailor Moon
Ah... Where it all began. Even if you don't like this magic girl sensation, you have to appreciate that it along with others, influenced the Manga that we have today.
The tale of a normal school girl, who turns out to be a Princess from another planet, saves the world along with her best friends. And of course, win's love from her true love over and over again.
With much respect, Sailor Moon takes first place and is a legend that will never be forgotten.
Best Manga EVER! I loved this manga. It revolutionized the shoujo manga world. Will remain in my heart forever.
This was the first manga I ever read and I instantly loved it. I read it all at once.

33Nodame Cantabile

34Hajimari no Niina
Thank you so much, I used to read this manga before so I wanted to continue reading it but I forgot the name and I was searching on mangalist of animefreak but cannot find it fortunately I Google and found thid list and I checked your list one by one and I finally found it thank you I wished they released more chapter...
Thank you so much, I used to read this manga before so I wanted to continue reading it but I forgot the name and I was searching on mangalist of animefreak but cannot find it fortunately I Google and found thid list and I checked your list one by one and I finally found it thank you I wished they released more chapter...

35Taiyou No Ie
A great manga. It's sad, funny, cute, and suspenseful at times. Poor Mao feels neglected by her parents to the point where she was forced out of her home to live with her childhood friend Hiro.

Hiro also has a broken family with dead parents and siblings who haven't seen each other in forever. Both character's own past is sad.

Turns into a partial Love Triangle with Hiro's brother Daiki. Mao doesn't realize that Daiki likes her and ends up crying that she was blobbing about Hiro to him realizing how he must have felt.

Mao's father had an actual reason to avoid her, but her mother just comes up and says "Come back to me~" and she CHEATED on her husband and ditched Mao and her father!

Great artwork too by the way.
Full of laugh-out loud moments, touching and tear jerking story, and such a loving bond between the characters. You see them grow so much from the beginning. The art is clean and excellent, one of my favorite art styles. The romance is perfection and it takes cliches and turns them around in some unexpected ways. The familial story is realistic, complex, and heartwarming, and this is my number one for sure.
I totally loved this one of my favourite...

36Special A
Special A is special because even though the plot is very common and all, you'll find that connection with the characters as you read on. Yeah yeah, there were times when I almost pulled all my hair off of my head due to Hikari's denseness but I guess you could say THAT is her character and she has such a very un-suspicious attitude, easy to trust and has no ill thoughts about others... Kei is! PERFECT! He knows WHEN to step forward and when not to when it comes to Hikari. He's hot and a gentleman at the same time. I like that the story is not JUST focusing on Hikari and Kei but also to the other characters in the story. This is not only a love story but a story about family, friends and dreams.
I really love this manga, it is about falling in love with a rival. It has an interesting plot. This is so funny because the girl is so dense but you'll definitely fall in love with Kei
Great plot and very inspiring!

37Akagami no Shirayukihime
The story is so wonderful. The plot line is understandable too and I love Shirayuki!
Love the plot! Strong heroine and lovely side characters.
"A refreshing fantasy story between an optimistic heroine and a prince who constantly stays on her watch."
A good one for people who like non tsundere strong female leads

38Hirunaka No Ryuusei
I can't explain it with word. But, this is the best shoujo manga I ever read! This manga really makes me feel like I'm the protagonist.. Both male makes me confuse, but I choose SENSEI! I REALLY recommend this manga for you!
Hirunaka no ryuusei is great! I didn't expect the ending at all! It's full of surprises. RECOMMENDED!
Amazing artwork, strong leading lady. A story in which you can't help but love both male characters. Although, I lean more towards Mamura.
[Newest]Great manga and art work, I like the plot and its cute,

39Hana Kimi
Love this manga! I love the hilarious situations that the characters are put into. You can tell that the art took a lot of time to draw because it is so well done. The facial expressions are spot on and the story line makes you feel a variety of different feelings once you get past the fact that this girl travel across the world for a guy she'd never met. After that, the story is great! Love it and would love to reread it!
This deserves the top ten. An amazing story, with laugh-out-loud moments and an interesting twist on several accepted shoujo cliches, such as a love triangle with TWO nice guys and no jerk!
This is one of the best ever. I feel every simple things they felt and done in this series. I usually doesn't like female protagonist but I was always rooting for Ashiya all the way. And the love triangle formed is so good and how the characters would suddenly turn from funny to sympathetic to emotional. It would make you feel that falling in love is always right.

Even as I've drifted away from manga, Mars has stayed with me. It takes the typical and makes it individual and unique. The art uses the format of manga fully and flawlessly. The characters are written consistently and everyone gets a full human arc. It's a level of writing and art that you just don't see in most manga and I'm honestly surprised it's not higher on this list.
An amazing story. I'm surprised this isn't higher on the list and that no one voted for it. It has the cliche bad boy and quiet girl fall in love start. But the more you read the more plot twists emerge. There is even fighting and life and death situations. I highly recommend it. One of my top three favorites.
This manga should be way up on the list! I liked it a lot. It has a bit of a stereotypical plot but the atmosphere and the artwork are amazing. The girl that no one notices at school has a dark secret and the handsome cool guy has a dark past. They fall in love and (no spoilers) but really it's a mature (not in that way) emotion centred manga.
I recommend it... It's one of my top 5
[Newest]My very first manga. Love this series! Great read!

41Seiyū ka-!
This is a good manga.. Really really great even though it is a little bit rushed
I love this manga. I will definitely recommend it.
My first ever shojo manga and the one that pulled me to this side of manga world. Seriously love it and it's very inspiring.

42Charming Junkie
I really love their story... This story is all about modeling and Naka (the lead female) has a very scary face though she had the body of being a model. Umi (the male lead) is cross-dressing to be a female model. Until Nake bumped into Umi and accidentaly knew Umi's true gender.

So... Umi helped Naka to be in the modeling industry.
And... Where their love begins...

This is very funny, has great artwork, and an amazing story... WORTH READING!
I really love this manga, especially Umi. He is so wonderful!
Love all the mangaka's works! This is no exception. :3

43Strobe Edge
Ah~ I love the heroine. She's simply so innocent and then because of a certain event that made her interact with the boy who lots of girls adore, she ended up feeling attracted for the first time. I think this manga has a very pure romance in it since the heroine simply looks so child-like but she readily knows how to act according to how she feels. I think she is actually just an honest girl and that she is really brave. Moreover, the guy is really hot and I love him!

This manga has a mild drama and kind of refreshing. It ended just good and enough. I feel happy whenever I saw this manga and hear of its name.
This shoujo lacks the drama which has become almost a standard for most shoujo mangas. This story though, shines for that itself. With a refreshingly different lead male, it tells the story of a pure and unrequited (initially) love. With great art as well, this manga is a must read!
Amazing! I loved it! You actually don't know which characters to cheer for, so it makes everything so interesting, rooting differently for everyone!

44Fullmoon Wo Sagashite
Never will I forget the moment I started and ended this Manga. And I'm so happy it was my second.

Arina Tanemura is a Manga artist no one can compare with. Many take off her beautiful style, but none capture the emotion like her. And Fullmoon is her at her best, so it's given 8th place.

Misaki Koyama has one dream, to become a famous singer. But her vicious throat tumour is only getting worse, to the state where she will soon lose her voice. What happens next is for you to find out!

This Manga goes where most don't, suicide. And I think the way Arina Tanemura express's this among the characters is some what frightening. My love for this Manga will never fade... Ever. And I know many feel the same way.
Incredible drawings, touching story, truth, love, beauty, laughs and tears. Nothing more to expect from a manga than what Fullmoon can offer.
An good anime and manga touching store gives you lots of emotions you should also see it or read it.
[Newest]Best shoujo anime ever!


45Beast Master
This is the cutest manga ever! I think the leading male is soon adorable😝
It's a total MUST READ manga the ending is very cute and happy :3
I love Beast Master! Very cute story

46Cardcaptor Sakura
48th place? Come on, people! I think people overlook this manga because it seems childish. Well, it is meant to be for kids, but anyone else can enjoy it because of its brilliant characters, lovely artwork and great plot, and also for the underlying themes it has running through it. It taught me a lot about life, friendship and love. It's probably my favourite manga, and so I think it should at least be in the top 10!
This was my first anime ever, and it is still my favorite. It's a cute story with a hint of romance, and Sakura's adventure to becoming a cardcaptor is one will make anyone smile.
People have to vote for this! Sure the main characters are kids, but they surely don't act like kids when they are in love! It's so mature for their age it is adorable!
[Newest]This was probably the anime/manga that brought many into the world of anime

47Ojou-sama wa Oyome-sama
I love this manga the story was amazing and the art was just too beautiful. The characters were funny and cute. Loved it! 1

I saw this manga and I thought I had to vote for this one. It was dramatic, hilarious, and romantic at the same time. It's a real heart grabber that I have read multiple times (around 13 times? ) definitely worth reading!
This manga was really sweet, I loved the love triangle which stood out over all others because of its featuring 12-year-olds!
Similiar to gakuen Alice, it is very cute with drama, humor (a crazy mom? Hell yeah! ), a little lemon here and there. A popular young actress clashes w/the leader delinquent o her 6. Th grade class. Family, pshvological (? ) problems included I will give it a 4
[Newest]Classic Shoujo. Every one should read this at least once.

49Shugo Chara
Awesome magical girl manga about a girl just trying to find out who she wants to be. It's cute, funny, and overall enjoyable. At its time it was pretty popular, especially for an anime that never got an english dub.
It's about a girl named Amu who is the cool and spicy person in the school but finds she has magical powers when three faiths called Charas show up and help her become who she wants to be
Really awesome! This should be way higher than 42! It's a amazing manga, I recommend you all read it!
[Newest]It should TOTALLY be higher! Shugo Chara is one of the best and should at least be on the top 10!

I challenge you that you will regret reading it or that you won't cry. it's the best and it's really deep in a way that you will love it
I'm a sucker for second chances in love. It's a must read. I really love the plot of the story.
Beautiful story, and very interesting.
[Newest]0 Cliche. 100% Emotion.

51Pika Ichi
I really love this manga! It's just too cool!

521/2 Prince
This manga is an amazing manga. in the beginning, the girl seemed very simple minded and happy-go-lucky. as she creates a legend with her team, she learns the heavy duty of responsibility. She develops from the happy-go-lucky character to one that has great empathy for others.
Overall, the artwork was pretty good and the storyline developed well. This story is like Sword Art nline in some ways, but uniquely different from Sword Art Online
Sorry that I'm rambling, but I think this should definitely be in the top ten
This is a great manga, the Odd Squad is epic
I like Ugly Wolf, this manga also has a lot of humor, and the plot is very well-developed

53Switch Girl!!
Switch Girl is funny because it revolves around Nika "who appears to be a stylish and fashionable girl at school, but that's really a fake persona that she uses when she's in public. At home, she “switches off” the facade and her returns to her true slovenly nature." - her "switch on" and "off" mode. Reminds you of KARESHI KANOJO NO JIJOU in the "switch" aspect, but more towards the comedy genre. Read if you want a good laugh!

54Gentlemen's Alliance
An utterly amazing manga, with great characters, plot and stunning art! Definitely recommended!
I'm actually shocked no one has voted forth is story, since it has tons of drama, romance, and lots of messy, tangled love stories. I highly recommend it to everyone. Plus, it was drawn by Arina Tanemura!

55Itazura Na Kiss
It, s a must read and see shoujo. You can read the manga, watch the anime or dorama and you will love them all. The history is about a girl (kotoko) who loves someone ( irie) and fight for this one-sided love in a very funny and persistent way. She don't give up and then... Read the manga ;) it's lovely and funny. Must read! Why it's not in the list? I'm surprised
Itazura na kiss the best manga I ever read!... In Japan, they called "romance bible"... And I love all of the adaptation, live action, anime!
Itazura na Kiss is such a classic manga. Any shoujo lovers should read it because its where all the cliche love mangs come from.

56First Girl
Really funny and romantic

57The One
I mean seriously? Guys, if you like Skip Beat, you're gonna love this manga! I fell in love with Lele in a matter of minutes and the story really touches you. Yea, it has it's bad moments; where I wince: "Lee Nicky! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?! " Or times when I bawl my eyes out after being touched by a sentimental scene. Very heart warming and has great comedy too. I find myself laughing when reading and often see my friends give me weird looks! Well, for those who like romance in a manga; this is it people! You have the full package! Read it. Spread the word. Then read it again! Sad to say this manga has not been fully scaned yet. You can read it online at Mangafox. Or download the app Mangastorm.
Number 62... Seriously?!? This should be in the top 10 up there with skip beat, kaichu was maid Sama and Dengeki daisy!

58Glass Mask
Love this one... I don't understand why it isn't in top 10. Maya is great, I wish I could have seen her crimson goddess. This is unique and enjoyable I wish so much that it hadn't finished this is damn good. I love it's plot a clumsy and absentminded girl (that's like me) becomes an actress (not like me) but still it is one of the best manga... Vote for it guys
The best shojo ever to me. It ain't too complicated, it doesn't have out-standing things but it does have somethings makes you have to think of and be upset about. I can't believe it's not in top 10, may be because it hasn't ended yet. Trust me, go ahead, just read it and then, you can feel the thing - I know for sure - you have never ever felt in your entire life. Don't think like I'm over acting, I've read many many manga of all kinds, but this manga has something really strange that I can't not even use a single word to describe.
Awesome. Just awesome. The art might be a bit old but the plot is just so amazing. Glass Mask is absolutely beautiful to read.
[Newest]I love this, it's story is amazing.

59Cat Street

60Himitsu no Ai-chan
Kaori is one of my favorite mangaka. Always creating engaging story lines and her art is gorgeous. Love the fashions of her characters~

Though Basara is commonly overlooked by avid manga readers (I admit, it took me three tries to actually get into the story), but once you really understand what's going on, it becomes amazing. Since it is an older manga, the art definitely takes a little getting used to, but the amazing characters (Sarasa is just plain badass and Shuri is awesome) and their even cooler backstories (ohh dramatic irony! ), you will definitely love this manga. (If you haven't heard about this manga before, it's about a "child of prophecy", who was supposedly Sarasa's twin brother, Basara, being able to right the world from the tyranny of the "kings", who constantly fight with each other to gain territory, slaughtering many villagers in the process. After Basara is killed by the Red King, Shuri, Sarasa must pretend that she is him and lead a revolution, of which the first target is the Red King. Sarasa and Shuri fall in love without realizing who the other really is... It's the best! )
It is a really good manga- Highly recommended to any type of manga readers because it has a plot to die for, and the drawing in my opinion is absolutely beautiful, breath taking if I must exaggerate, take this advice from who read this manga. Over all I would give this manga a 10 out of 10 LOVE IT!

62Hana to Akuma
This one is simply one of the greatest fantasies there is. A demon raising a human girl then ended up falling in love with her, moreover, not just a demon but a hot and in-demand demon in hell. This story is simply adorable as Hana is.

The ending is actually satisfying and the plot doesn't have some kind of cliches like an expected turning point that made the heroine more of something than she was and that it only focuses on the eternity that a feeling of love gives to two people who are of different raise.
The demon duke, Vivi, went to the real world. When he was walking into his house, there was a baby crying. He was annoyed so Vivi took her in. And when Hana (the baby girl) grew, she always clings to Vivi...

And many more potions that Hana, drank.. She will turn into adullt which will make Vivi's heart beat going fast...

It has a good artwork, the imagination of the author is very wise, the story is WORTH READING, sometimes it will leave you WANTING MORE.
It was cool. I wanted to change the ending but I think if Hana didn't die the manga wouldn't have much of an impact.
[Newest]This is one of my favorite shoujo manga. The heroine, Hana and hero, Vivi are amazing.

63Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji
The best manga I've ever read so far! You must really read it! Highly recommended for all shoujo manga lovers out there..
One of the best shoujo mangas ever. You will not regret reading it!

64Kare First Love

65Peach Girl
I love this manga so much! :) it was the very first manga that got me into reading this stuff.
So good! Ends up with the right guy but you feel bad in the end
Why is this not higher? Kiley and Momo deserves better! Yeah, Toji and Sae too. But seriously. This manga is awesome! If you want a kick ass female heroine (Momo) who'd never let a bully get the best of her and a perverted handsome guy (Kiley) who becomes her bestfriend and always there for her... Then what are you waiting for? Read this now. It doesn't disappoint and you may even find yourself rooting for funny Kiley than nice Toji. KILEY FOREVER! :))

66Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden
This is a very good manga. Really touching specially towards the end...
Really the best shoujo manga, also has great art work
So far this is the best series I've ever read. It also had the best ending. How this story was made totally reflected how much Yuu Watase had grown as a mangaka. I believe Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden deserves to be on top. Both the story and art are pretty amazing.

67Moe Kare!!
I can't believe its not in the top 1 boo! Tead it guys its the best manga youll ever read :) youll appreciate love and shoujo manga even better after you finish reading this manga. And I suggest after, search same works under the same author. Shes the best

68Happy Cafe
I really loved this manga! The Art starts off ok then gets really good, and the characters are all caring nice people. You will love this manga! It made me laugh out loud so many times I can't even count. Definitely in my top ten

69Akuma De Sourou
The art is amazing, and you fall in love with all of the guys you see. I've been looking for a shoujo manga that has characters that are extremely attractive and boy did I find it. The story is deep and great, you won't regret it
Its a wonderful manga. It's heart rendering as we read on and on. The characters are very relateable and the manga lead boy is amazingly hot. And its taiwan live drama is a hit on television A MUST READ MANGA!

70Dakedo Happy Paradise
It's about a girl who was left by her father leaving her an amounts of debt. Now she went to a place where she was hired to be a housekeeper by three super cool and hot guys... Will she be able to live there peacefully? Or will she able to find true love?

71The World Only God Knows
Are? I think it is The world GOD ONLY know, and I think this is shounen manga. But yeh, I still vote it because this manga is totally incredibly awesome!
It was really funny and adventurous but at the same time incredibly awesome. Ending was really heart warming ♥
I don't think this mangas must be in thisblist but sooner or later you mut notice that this is really a GREAT manga! I love elsieee! Ahe is so adorable and funny, you would love it. No regrets at all.

72Love So Life
Love so life is my second favorite rite next to fruits basket. Both the female protagonists have this kind of healing kind of motherly vibe to it which I think everyone can enjoy
LOVE LOVE SO LIFE! Amazing Manga that delves into the heart ache and love of being a child caretaker.
Super cuutte. I just wanna say 3 words if I read this manga, I love it!

73The Sleepy Residents of Birdcage Manor

74Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu
Tsubaki is a girl who loves making her younger sister's hair pretty every morning, but she doesn't think that kind of style suits herself! The day of her High School Beginning Ceremony, after she failed in being the top student (who usually makes the ceremony speech), she finds herself sitting next to the actual top student of the first years, the worst rude guy ever, Kyouta. She ends up cutting his hair on purpose because of the bad things he says to her. Kyouta demands that Tsubaki pay him back with her body, but Tsubaki fixes his hair instead--making it even shorter! After that, Kyouta unexpectedly kisses Tsubaki and swears that he'll make her his woman.
Loved this anime! It was absolutely adorable!
This is one of the best shoujo mangas I've ever read... And I've read a lot.

75The Flower Crown Madonna

76Koko Ni Iru Yo!
Can't believe this wasn't added. This manga was the first shoujo manga I had ever read and I have read a lot and personally I believe this this manga has to be one of the best I have seen. It is cute, had a fresh story line (and isn't too cliche) and the love triangle is too die for and the artist put some interesting twists in there too...

Plot-Hikage is a reclusive 8th grader who no one seems to notice her. She finds comfort by planting a sunflower at school and in her blog, with only 2 people who comment on it, MegaPIG and Black Rabbit. They listen and give Hikage advice on everything. But, everything changes one day when two cute boys notice her. These boys are the most popular kids in the entire school, Teru and Hinata. When one of them tells her something that she's always wanted to hear, she might change to be like her classmates...
Will she by loved by everyone in the class?

77Shiro Ari

78Kamichama Karin

79Soredemo Sekai Wa Utsukushii
I really love this manga! The story is getting better in ever chapter! I recommend if you like funny relationships!
This was probably one of the best love stories that I have ever seen in my life! The heronie has a lovely voice as well! Please people for everything holy in this world, watch this!
It's fun try to read

80Heroine Shikkaku
So fresh. So unique. This manga's protagonist is the typical shoujo ANTAGONIST. I don't usually feel for shoujo manga despite enjoying it, but I really worry about and root for this protagonist. Runway no Koi is the other one that comrs close to this. Wish it was complete
Oh my gosh. Why isn't this on the list? It's like, perfect. It's cute, has tons one drama, it's funny, and I think we can all relate to Hatori. Plus, Hiromitsu is super hot!

81Oboreru Knife

82The Sky is Near The Red River
I love this story. It has an amazing plot, and the characters are so appealing, usually I don't like the female characters in any manga because they all are too mainstream and cheesy, but the main character is so different, believe it or not she makes me want to change, she inspired me to become a better me. It's a very romantic and sexy story that anyone would enjoy, with a fair share of war and wit. Anyone with a broad imagination, and a deep fantasizer like myself would love to read this, I advise all girls out there who yearn for love to read this it will fill your empty hearts!
I just finished to read this master piece! Finally, I very nice story, with a well planned plot and fantastic story, without taking place in high school! :-D Suggested to everyone that loves also history!

83Kanata Kara
This manga is like, the best manga I've ever read in my entire life and I was shocked to see nobody is mentioning about this. The female lead is the most adorable character I've ever seen. Just pure, kind-hearted and honest. Just like honda tohru from fruits basket. The male character? Man, I don't know how to start. You know that type of hero that can't take his eyes away from his girl and just snap whenever that girl is in trouble? Well he's that kind of guy. If you're a shoujo manga lover, pick this up and trust me, it will stays in you for a long time!
Why is this 82?! This should be top 10 at least! This is one heck of a shoujo, the best thing there is. It's a MUST READ!
The best male lead ever!


85Kare Kano
His and Her Circumstances (English name) -
This is a classic! Old but gold, if you are into a story that brings you into the inner world of the characters and looking at character development you should totally read this! It is albeit "darker" than the normal fluffy shoujo manga, but indeed you will laugh, cry and feel for the 2 main characters, and the side characters have their own side stories too. In my top 10 list of shoujo!
This has always been my favorite manga EVER.N.1 above all others.

86Azumanga Daioh

87La Corda d'Oro
Although I was a bit dissapointed with the ending (ok no spoilers) this is a very nice manga to read! The flow and the plot line was excellently made! It's all about music, and you just don't know how musical of a person I am. So give it a go!

88Wild Act

A real cute story :3
Why is this not higher on the list? This is a great manga. So cute!
Tall guy and short girl. Love the combination!


91Cinderella Kishi

92La storia della Arcana Famiglia

93Ouji ka Prince
Hana, a country girl, has to move to Tokyo because of her father's work, and what's this? Her school is like a castle, her classmates have their own chauffeurs, and everyone is all sparkly and beautiful? She Met two guys named Ouji Yuuki and Takara Hiro and became friends with To girls Named Kawai Moe and Oumi Mina. It's a great story. I'm sure you'll like it. :D

94Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch
Really? 100th place? This needs to be in the top 10!

95Reimei no Arcana
How come this has no comments at all? And 93rd place? Like for real? You guys need to check it out asap! Some might think it's an aquired taste... for people who actually have taste! Y'all this one's epic!

96Love Monster
If you love monsters and you wanna see a romance between a young cute girl and a very handsome perv crow-guy.. Here you have everything with a dose of ecchi, comedy and supernatural stuff, even other interesting mythological creatures, maybe is not perfect but is unique and enjoyable if you wanna feel a funny, cute and struggling love story... If you ask me, I love/hate that handsome crow-guy.

97Hakushaku to Yousei
Love this manga very much 😘. Love you Lidia <3 beauty girl

As it a story about a nise girl named kobato noboty nows froom ho she come and she have to colect the heart hart to heal it but she have to not fall in love with the peapole she holp

99Kamichama Karin Chu

Beautiful story, beautiful characters and suspense story! I loved the manga and the anime! ( expecting a third season *. *) after a while you remain hypnotized into reading and if they can not do without! Highly recommended

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