Top 10 Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid Characters

One of the reasons Miss Kobayashi's Maid Dragon is so interesting is the interesting cast of unusual characters. From the various dragons migrating to Earth, to the humans who have grown to enjoy them so much, this list is dedicated to determining which is best.
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1 Kanna Kamui

She is so annoying! Her relationship with Saikawa is gross she is an old lady and Riko is still a young kid. She knows how to manipulate by fake crying. She eats bugs and crabs! She wants Kobayashi to be her mother because she doesn't have one anymore for pulling of numerous amount of pranks which is something she did to herself! People are so weird and gross they want to lewd an old lady?! The people who like her are so stupid! She calls Kobayashi and Tohru a pervert do you realize how offensive that word is?! She is an old lady that likes to act like a kid just to get attention! Honestly people are just getting stupider and weirder and annoying with anime girls the only people who make sense are people like me! I hate her so much!

2 Fafnir
3 Tohru

She honestly has some of the funniest moments, in my opinion at least. She's not overrated or anything so it makes liking her easy without getting bashed by the fan base. She's super cute and her obsession with Kobayashi is pretty funny, you can't help but laugh at her stupid antics. She plays the role of the mother in the Kobayashi Tohru Kanna family and I'm pretty biased towards mom characters. I think her backstory is good without her being super edgy, all in all I just really like her character.

4 Elma

Objectively one of the best characters from what the anime has shown thus far. Elma is portrayed to have a good personality being diligent (having quickly assimilated into the human world) and usually logical when not being bribed. Hope to see more of her in future episodes.

My favorite character when I first started. Her love for food is hilarious and she is hardworking as well as very sweet. I think that she is the asexual representation we need in this world (Not counting the Doctor of course.)

5 Kobayashi

She's not my favorite but she is one of the best characters in the show! Though I would never have let Kanna in my house if I were her everything was great until that manipulative jerk showed up! Also she is not Kanna's mother she even says she's not and she is tomboyish so no she has no maternal instinct stupid Kanna wants her to be even though she is no where close to it! The stupid plot made her think of Kanna as a pure and innocent girl even though she offensively accused her of pervert when they first met Kanna is no where close to innocent as she does things such as eating innocent butterflies, crabs and bugs who were just minding her own personal space then that ugly giant monster Kanna shows up and kills them. Even though her face is very frozen she is nicer than Kanna because the only time Kanna ever smiles in the show is when she got her rabbit key chain which just shows her selfish she is! Kanna is the only character that I dislike otherwise Riko because they have a huge age gap! She even calls her slut in glasses which isn't cute how on earth do people find her cute?! She is a big giant fat ugly old monster! Someone made a video where Kanna gets hit by a truck then dies and I appreciate that so much! She does not need to be protected she can defend herself and maybe murder a human! At the department store Kanna says she doesn't want the supplies Kobayashi offers because they aren't cute well even if they aren't at least they are not as ugly as her! Its annoying when people say "Ravioli ravioli don't lewd the dragon loli! " So people like to lewd old ladies?! Kanna is an old lady, old lady, old lady, old lady, old lady, old lady, old lady, old lady, old lady. And I can say that for as long as I want and never get bored of it because she really is that bad!

6 Riko Saikawa

Kanna is basically a Mary Sue! You can tell because of how she greets how no one in real life would do something weird like that! She and Kanna have a huge age gap so their relationship is disgusting! I don't ship them and they shouldn't be in love with each other!

She's pure and her crush on Kanna is cute too. Their age gap is just because Kanna lives in dragon years and Riko in human years, so their ages are probably quite similar if they were going by the same unit.

Very annoying. I just find her crush on Kanna to be really annoying and I don't find it really funny whenever she has her moments.

7 Makoto Takiya

He and Fafnir are perfect together just like Tohru and Kobayashi! Also he is not annoying at all But maybe when he's drunk he is!

He's literally ,how most of the people, who watch this anime are.

8 Shouta Magatsuchi

Protect this boi from the disgusting Lucoa!

He is underrated. Not like idiot Lucoa...

9 Lucoa

She is so disgusting. She is clearly a pedophile (Or what weebs like to call it, a Shotacon - bonus points for the boy literally being named Shota...) and it is not okay. She's annoying and makes me sick every time I see her. At least when Tohru gets some fanservice with her giant boobs, it can be justified since they never go all-out or make them too large. Lucoa is just too exaggerated...

A boy and a grown lady with big breasts shouldn't live together!

10 Ilula

Childish/playful like Kanna, powerful like Toru, busty like Lucoa. Fiercely loyal to Kobayashi.

The Contenders
11 Hisoka
12 Quetzalcoatl
13 Karamatsu Matsuno
14 Georgie Saikawa
15 Kaindo Akuma
16 Miku Nakano
17 Kakashi Hatake Kakashi Hatake is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto. In the story, Kakashi is the teacher of Team 7, consisting of the series' primary characters, Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, and Sakura Haruno.
18 Taketo Aida
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