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441Richard WrightRichard William "Rick" Wright was an English musician, composer, singer and songwriter. He was the main keyboardist and a backup vocalist for the psychedelic and progressive English rock band, Pink Floyd .

He is a amazing singer. How are Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, and many other bad singers ahead of him? - Powerfultekin

442Amanda Cook
443KyoKyo is a Japanese musician, poet and singer-songwriter. He is best known as the vocalist of the metal band Dir en grey. He has been with the band since its inception in 1997 and was formerly in La:Sadie's.

Kyo has possibly the greatest range in music, personally my favourite poet and the emotion in his lives are incredible. Dir en grey produce beautiful and brutal songs. Bad English.

Why did I need to scroll down to almost the bottom of this page. His name should appear top... INCREDIBLE THIS MAN IS!

Kyo is the best SINGER of all time, he can absolutely reach every vocal register he wants at the time he wants, has a high spectre of "singing types" he can express everything with his voice.

He has developed an awesome vocal training for his range and control of his voice.

absolutely the best. - hazy

I can't believe Kyo is so far down. There are so many people up high that are on the list solely for the music their band made. This list is meant to judge VOCAL ABILITY and in that category, Kyo is the best I know in the world. His range is ridiculously good, from the lowest death metal growls to the highest soprano singing that would melt your heart. VOTE FOR KYO!

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444Robbie WilliamsRobert Peter "Robbie" Williams is an English singer, songwriter and actor. He was a member of the pop group Take That from 1990 to 1995 and again from 2009 to 2012. He has also had commercial success as a solo artist.

Robbie Williams should be definitely be in the top ten. He is one of the most successful singers in the world and th most successful european singer. His songs are amazing and they really make sense.

But you really should see him live honestly he's the best live-performer ever not just because he is good in singing live no he is a real entertainer it's just so great to see him live so forget about LADY GAGA, KATY PERRY, OLLY MURSE or who ever Robbie is a real singer and entertainer. Robbie ROCKS

Robbie's voice at its best was capable of matching the likes of Freddie Mercury for range and power. He had the ability to hit clear, deep notes; but much like Freddie, he could also imbibe his songs with heart-rending roughness which gave it massive emotional poignancy.

His songs will stand with the greatest in pop music. Angels will always be his masterpiece, as it thrust him firmly into the limelight, and he still ends all of his concerts with it, but songs like Feel, Come Undone, Millenium, No Regrets, Strong, and many more are powerful reminders of his songwriting ability.

He is the most handsome person on the world!!! You know his songs are wonderfull especially "feel" ...

Rob's got a wonderful singing voice and songs with meaningful lyrics and amazing melody. And he's the greatest live entertainer ever! - davidpech

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445Rachelle Ann Go

she's got what it takes to be an ultimate champion..she is very versatile and the quality of her voice is so magnificent..not only that..she embodies all the good qualities of a true youth oriented,God-fearing and she loves her work and is dedicated to her craft..most of all, she's remained humble despite all the blessings she's been given..beautiful!!!

rachelle ann deserves 2 b d greatest singer of all time bcoz she has the GOD given talent and has the voice that stands out and can best other contemporaries

she is the most beautiful and fashionable singer i have ever seen...
she deserves 2 b at the top ten

really the ultimate champion.. - berna414

446John Mayer

Seriously. Eminem and Chris Brown are in the top 100 and John Mayer barely cracks the third page? Even ' WIZ KHALIFA is ahead of him. You're all stupid not to vote for him. Not only is his guitar playing some of the best ever, comparable to SRV but his vocal tone, range, technique, musical prowess, and overall awesomeness are evident in all of his work. And he's a fantastic songwriter. Go listen to Gravity, Stop This Train, Queen Of California, Who Says, Heartbreak Warfare, Say, Clarity, or any of his other songs. You'll see he deserves to be way higher than 292. I mean, Eminem doesn't even sing! What guys?

I don't know why I couldn't find him, even after crossing the top 200 singers. Any john mayer is probably the best blues-rock artist, now. He has an unique voice, which is authentic and amazing. He is also probably one of the best guitarist in the world and not to mention his outstanding sense of humor and good looks also!

The lyrics are perfect, and he sings with his heart! Every sing music has a history, and the instrumental is so great as is the lyrics. But the best of all is his voice, is so sweet and touching. He must be (at least) at the top ten!

He really isn't so good anymore but he is still talented

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The small lady with the big big voice... there is so many things someone can say about Anastacia, however the most amazing singer ever, prefers to buzz people with her amazingly splendid voice and not with her private life, unlike some top artists out there. Love! Anastacia just because its herself, and she has great music

ANASTACIA the Greatest all round singer. Pop Rock Soul Jazz there is nothing she can't sing. Live Amazing. And any cover she does is better than the original. Great song writer and best of all a great sense of humour. The only singer that has made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up Live in concert. RESPECT!

Anastacia is without a doubt one of the most brilliant and unique pop vocalists the world has ever seen!

One of the best voices in the Music Business...

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448Eric Burdon

Show some respect for Eric Burdon. What an amazing voice. Any list that about great singers that hasn't got Mr. Burdon in the top ten is not worth it. - Esteluki


How is Mika this far down in the list? This man can SING! A vocal range of nearly 4 octaves! He is an incredible songwriter, he is an inspiration to so many people all around the world! He helped me realise that you don't need to be normal to be happy, some of the best people in life are freaks, and he makes me proud to be a freak! You only need to listen to some of his music to realise that his voice is unique and downright amazing!

He's the best singer-songwriter in the world and of all time! His voice and his personality are amazing: he is just perfect!

Best singer and songwriter in the world! And also a very nice person... I love his 2 first albums: life in cartoon motion and the boy who knew too much! I'm waiting for the 3d: the origin of love!

Mika is the top of my favorite song

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450Dave MustaineDavid Scott "Dave" Mustaine was born September 13, 1961. He is an American musician, singer, songwriter, actor and author. He is best known as the co-founder, guitarist, and lead singer of the American thrash metal band Megadeth, and well known as the original lead guitarist for the American heavy metal more.

Dave has a very unique voice. He deserves to be at the top somewhere. Best thrash metal voice ever!

This list like voting for high school prom king and queen; half this list doesn't deserve any mention. Dave certainly should be higher than this.

Why is Dave Mustaine #364, he should be at least 10, Megadeth rules m/

How is this guy so low... What do people listen to these days

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G Dragon is a gorgeous male full of talent and completely full of life. He has added more inspiration to me because, now I want to dance more and I also want to sing more. His voice is beautiful and soft, like silk. He knows how to project a potent message that doesn't require too much thought, it just infects your empty mind and fills it with pleasant, natural, human emotion.

G dragon, you are my everything. Your voice is pure gold carved from the pits and the core of our pitiless planet. Your personality is unforgettable and you definitely left a mark on me forever! I love you!

He is a powerful male singer... Best rapper... So that I really need your help V.I. P so vote now

Please vote G-D is the best in the world wow fantastic baby

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452Johnny Mathis

The absolute BEST voice ever... Still selling out concerts and producing CDs after more than 50 years in the business... The BEST voice is this man! Hands down!

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453Martina McBride

I LOVE HER! SHE IS THE EPITOME OF FEMALE COUNTRY MUSICIANS! Not only does she have meaningful songs, but she has the greatest singing voice ever for those songs!

Do you all forget "independence day"

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454Zac Efron

Zac Efron is one of my role models and I think he's still famous and a good singer and dancer. If people would give him a hard time, he'll just say to them: "Bet on It".

He is super cute but not so famous anymore

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455K. S. Chithra

Definitely, she is regarded as "nightingale of south India"
Anyone who listen to her voice would know that..

Her voice is majestic
It is one of a kind, people listen to her, she should at least be in the top 10.
One of a kind, she has sung in many different languages and yet she maintains the angelic voice she has


She is the best singer in the world with a voice which is very pure and divine to hear no one in the world can replace this legend proud to be Indian because of this women

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456Cee Lo GreenThomas DeCarlo Callaway, better known by his stage name CeeLo Green, is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, actor, and businessman.

Who could forgot about Cee Lo Green? One of the worlds best pop singer? Crazy, Forget You? 2nd king of pop... He's creative, unique, and many more indescribable words that aren't invented yet...

Cee Lo Green is a good singer and better at singing Kung-Fu Fighting than Carl Douglas. If he got jealous of seeing a friend with one of his ex-girlfriend, he would just say: "I see you driving round town with the girl I love so Forget You! "

Fun Fact: Forget You originally had the F-word as the title. - RiverClanRocks

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457Nell Carter
458Brenda LeeBrenda Mae Tarpley, known as Brenda Lee, is an American performer and the top-charting solo female vocalist of the 1960s.
459NellyCornell Iral Haynes, Jr., known professionally as, Nelly, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, investor, and occasional actor from St.

Nelly is a good rapper. He is also a fast one and he knows his way to Cruise with the ladies with Florida Georgia Line to back him up.

460Cho KyuHyun

He is the Best Singers of All Time, his voice unbelievable. I love " oppa!

He sings very well, even words can't describe how good his voice

Kyu hyun has the voice of an angel. He's amazing! Saranghae oppa! Even without the fangirl perspective, you can hear how amazing he is. His vocal range is unbeatable and though he has the lowest voice of all the members of Super Junior, he has the greatest range. He has a smooth baritone voice, perfect for ballads. He deserves a higher place on this list (Jaejoong is higher than Kyuhyun? Just... No. )

Kyuhyun should be at least in the top 15.

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