Top Ten Star Wars Characters

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81Agen Kolar
83Super Battle Droid

They nearly killed Obi-Wan-Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker. Sith fans should have voted for them

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84MynockV2 Comments

The frog thing outside of jabba's palace

87Rock Wart
88Pre VizslaV1 Comment
89Darth Nihl

Sexy, cool, sweet, kind, shy, and only is he 21! He is my sweet little boy! :-D

90Kanan JarrusV1 Comment
91CC-6454 "Ponds"

He got killed by aura sing

By far the best clone - francesco

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92General Hux
93Sabine Wren

Shes like jango and jango is awesome


Basically he's a badass bounty hunter that wears captain America's shield on his head

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96R3-D3V1 Comment
97Vestara KhaiV1 Comment

Awesome bounty hunter! He uses intuition and partners up with 4 lom (another bounty hunter) to hunt down his victims.

99Khem Val

Total bad ass assassin who will devour you little sith...

100Bib Fortuna

Why in the heck does he even say" do you wanna wonka" its pointless

Bib Fortuna is dumb and pointless.

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