Top Ten Things That Could Change in Video Games


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1Slenderman Says He Just Wanted to Be Your Friend (Slender)

Also by change I meant weirdest things that could happen - simpsondude

Well I guess they wanted little kids to play it too then - simpsondude

How am I supposed to look at him if I'm his friend? - FerrariDude64

2Bowser Makes Out With Peach (Any Mario Game)
3The Jedi Get Lessons from Younglings (Any Star Wars Game)

Well I guess the sith wins this time - simpsondude

4The Cops Become Your Friends and Give You a Taco (Grand Theft Auto)

Oh wow I think the game would actually be ruined then - simpsondude

5Navi Becomes Really Badass and Kills Ganondorf (The Legend of Zelda)

Link would probably ain't then - simpsondude

6It's a Good Game (Superman 64)

This is probably the most unrealistic one on here - simpsondude

7The Game Becomes a First Person Shooter (Just Dance)

With its graphics that would be so weird yet surprisingly good - simpsondude

8Agent 47 Was Just a Really Tall Kid Working for Candy (Hitman)

That's a pretty skilled kid then - simpsondude

9The Bird Was Actually the Dog of Death (Duck Hunt) In Disguise (Flappy Bird)

Makes sense since they're both annoying as hell - simpsondude

10The Game Becomes a Rated M Violent Game (Club Penguin)V1 Comment

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11Los Santos Becomes the Safest City In the Country (Grand Theft Auto V)
12A Wild Circle Appears (Tetris)
13Mason Gets a Wife and a Family and Gets a Normal Job (Call of Duty)
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1. Slenderman Says He Just Wanted to Be Your Friend (Slender)
2. Bowser Makes Out With Peach (Any Mario Game)
3. The Jedi Get Lessons from Younglings (Any Star Wars Game)



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