Vocaloids Most Likely to Overtake Hatsune Miku

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While she started with a Spanish voice bank and really isn't that popular, her voice bank is adaptable to many languages and she has a really strong voice! Her design is also really cute- I mean, she has a flying robot to go with her character, for crying out loud. People have been able to make covers in English, Japanse, German, Korean, French, and many other languages with her voice.

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22SF-A2 Miki

She was the first vocaloid I ever heard and I still rate her as a very good vocaloid in my opinion. She probably wouldn't overtake Miku but I still want her on this list so that she can be recognized. (iNSaNiTY for life! )

SF-A2 Miki honestly looks much better then Miku and deserves appends.

24V Flower
25Luo Tianyi

I don't see why she isn't that popular!

26Mawarine Shuu

His voice is really 'pretty' and fluent! Even though I don't see him wondering around on the Vocaloid videos for suggestions, his voice is AMAZING! Like, better than any non-vocaloid singer, and I think he could probably out do Miku any day in my opinion.

He is the best UTAU, but, for that reason, probably won't replace hatsune miku. Can easily replace Teto, however. But I more vote for the comment, not the actual vote. Some of these are stupid though, to be honest.


His voice is so deep and amazing! He can definitely over throne Miku and become king of the vocaloids! His pink hair can beat blue hair any day.

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30Kaai Yuki

She is so much better than Miku because Miku can only hit those terrible high notes while Yuki can hit perfect low or higher ones!


I Google searched "Maku vocaloid" and Google said, "do you mean miku vocaloid? " Though there were pictures and sites about her...

Her voice is cute, I think that her cute voice will take over Miku!

33Zhanyin Lorra

She not out yet and still in the development process but she sounds amazing.


Mayu's voice has basically a more smooth voice than Miku. Look at her...

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WHY ISN'T HE HIGHER? Dude, he has an awesome, human like voice.

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We have to give Avanna credit! She's an amazing female English vocaloid and since Sad Machine with Porter Robinson people are starting to recognise her more


Merli has made a ton of Miku songs actually sound good. Her covers of Sweet Devil, Magnet, and Stronger Than You from STEVEN UNIVERSE. In Spanish! And it sounded perfect. She can easily overthrow Miku if she had more songs. But if you heard Immature World with her sister Aoki, you would instantly fall in love with her and her voice.

I really like Immature World. Also, Justitia was also equally as cool. But the song that really made me love Merli was "Big World". I almost cried from how beautiful it was.

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40Hiyama Kiyoteru
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