Women With the Sexiest Voices

Which woman has the sexiest speaking voice you cloud listen to all day? Heck, you would even listen to them if they were reading the phone book?

Feel free to add your favourite.

The Top TenXW


I call her The Legend with a Powerful sexy Voice... love her voice and stage performance, charisma, star power... a truly CRYSTAL SEX Voice to me. "

Her speech with husky voice is more sexy

She has a very powerful voice and change it according to the song, Chithra expresses sex feelings to great extent than others... love her voice

Chithra sexy voice is beyond words and she can sing too sexy in any language - clinten

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2Mila Kunis

Meg may be ugly, but Mila's voice is so sexy

? Sounds like she's an alcoholic to me! How can you like a voice like that?

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3Scarlett Johansson

I can't even deal with it., so sexy. She has that sound that she could be saying the most horrable thing and I wouldn't care. Then agan her being the most beautiful person ever would also do the trick.

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4Kelly Clarkson
6Lucy Lawless

Just do the Xena scream, giggidy!

Bea Arthur #10 made me LOL. least sexy voice of all time. - VADERtheIMPALER

8Britney Spears

She has the most sexy voice of all time! She shoulb be number one

She Has The Sexiest Voice In Music History. Why Isn't She In The Top Of The List? She Is Considered To Have The Sixiest Voices In The World. She Is Defintly The Best And I Love Her And Her Sexy Voice.

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10Salma Hayek

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?Katy PerryKatheryn Elizabeth Hudson (Katy Perry) was born on October 25, 1984 in Santa Barbara, California. Katy Perry is a singer, songwriter, actress and an ambassador on one of the most popular companies of now, UNICEF. ...read more.

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11Sharon Stone
12Gillian Anderson

Check out "Exit to Eden" or 84 Charing Cross Road.

Her voice is super sexy when she does her british accent... But sexy voice of all time... Catherine deneuve

13Mariah Carey
14Angelina Jolie

I can't believe Angelina isn't number one on any of these! She's sexier than any of all the other chicks mentioned above.

The way she talks wow so amazing and I like her lips though...

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I love her voice she still has that southern accent in there too.

Damn! She gives me chills every time - Pistol368

Gahh, I just can't deal. Her voice is so sexy! <-- This coming from a straight female!

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17Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande by far has the sexiest voice I have ever heard. Her vocals are jaw-dropping to how attractive it sounds. Additionally her normal voice is spectacular as just listening to interviews shows how sexy her voice is.

Her voice in one less problem was sooo hot I imagined her wisper ing in my eat

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18Fiona Apple
19Cristina Hendricks

So childlike and sweet

20Nicole Scherzinger
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