Worst Animated Movies of All Time


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181The Incredibles

Its called the incredibles because it is incredible

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182A Monster In ParisV3 Comments
183Hey Arnold! The MovieV1 Comment
184Fairy Tail: Priestess of the PhoenixV2 Comments
185Frozen Fever

Frozen fever is the worst short Disney film ever. I hate cinderella and this is an annoying movie, at least better than the movie

I've never seen a worse short film in my life. Annoying characters and a terrible story. Why do people like Frozen again?

I can't stand this overrated crap. I guarantee you that there's going to be a T.V. series on this. - Mcgillacuddy

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186The Good Dinosaur

Land before time was my favourite when I was little

This films is a rip of to land before time

This film isn't bad perhaps not amazing but it's not a bad movie. How sad someone put this movie here. :(

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187Rapsittie Kids: Believe Santa

Really you couden com up with something better then rapsittie kid really

188The Peanuts Movie

My favorite movie. Not many people will agree.

I love this movie it's funny, the lesson is good, and it also has a character from game shakers as the voice of lucy

I love this movie! Put it off or else I will vomit

Great movie, but the plot felt a little rushed.

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189The Frog Prince

Yet another easy lawsuit that Disney never took advantage of. - Mcgillacuddy

Rip off of The Princess and The Frog - Discord1

190Corpse Bride

This movie scared me the first time I watched it lol I was 9

This is so boring, the songs are awful.

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191Kung Fu Panda

The North Korean Ripoff was far worse

The sequels are better than this

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192Ratchet and Clank

Yoshi player gave it a 7/10, so I think this movie is mostly for the fans of the games.

Just saw it earlier and it sucked.

It kinda sucks a little bit only.

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193Dinotopia: Quest for the Ruby SunstoneV2 Comments
194The Rugrats MovieV1 Comment
195Romeo and Juliet: Sealed with a Kiss

Took the tragedy that is Romeo and Juliet, made it into a seal movie, and gave a stupid, Disney like ending. And by that I mean everything is MAGICALLY solved by the power of love!

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196Dragon Ball GT: A Hero's Legacy

I hate gt why did they make a movie of it thank God it's non cannon to dbz like all of gt is non cannon - ikerevievs

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197Jimmy Neutron: Boy GeniusV1 Comment
198The Secret Life of Pets

I'm a pets fan. Whoever put this on here doesn't have a sense of humor.

They could have made it funnier without the stupid "Z-Grade Horror Movie Screams". - bigg3469

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199Ice Age: Collision Course

Really bad, the worst ice age movie, but at least the animation was good.

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200Cats Don't DanceV2 Comments
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