Top Ten Worst Film Selections by Actors

This is the list for which thought that why these actors-actresses say YES to these movies.

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1Amitabh Bachchan - Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag

Waste and worst actor

2Halle Berry - Catwoman

Everything is wrong with this movie

To go from Oscar winning performance in "Monster's Ball" to Razzie-winning performance in this film within three years boggles the mind! At least she knows what an embarrassment the movie is while accepting her Razzie.

3Joseph Vijay - Sura

He is mass hero and superstar

Sura dance super and vijay love poorer

Vijay is an only one star

He is already waste fellow

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4Shahrukh Khan - Ra.One

Worst movie.. Poor graphics

He is the worst actor in the world

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5Colin Farrell - Alexander

I think this was a good role choice for Colin because he got to see Rosario Dawson's tits.

6Akshey Kumar - Tees Maar Khan

You drink full of beat

7Ben Affleck - Daredevil

This movie sucked. Why the heck is Al Pacino - The Godfather on this list? And why are 90% of the entries on this list from Bollywood?

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8Al Pacino - The Godfather

Yeh. Huge mistake for him to take the part that made him famous, Oscar worthy performances, great acclaim and recognition, and plenty of money😝duh - Billyv

9Ajith Kumar - Billa 2

A film with no story

10Liv Tyler - Jersey Girl

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11Brad Pitt - Interview with the VampireV1 Comment
12Ben Affleck - Gigli
13Salman Khan - Yuvvraaj

It is very waste movie and you done dirty acting

14Ajith Kumar - Anjaneya
15Salman Khan - Veer

He should learn acting to amir khan

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16James Marsden - Death at a Funeral
17Shahrukh Khan - Rab ne Bana Di Jodi

It's a good entertainer.

18Akshey Kumar and Aishwariya Rai - Replay
19Al Pacino - Godfather Part III
20Akshay Kumar - Chandni Chowk to China
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1. Halle Berry - Catwoman
2. Liv Tyler - Jersey Girl
3. Brad Pitt - Interview with the Vampire
1. Salman Khan - Yuvvraaj
2. Akshey Kumar - Tees Maar Khan
3. Colin Farrell - Alexander
1. Amitabh Bachchan - Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag
2. Al Pacino - The Godfather
3. Ben Affleck - Daredevil

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