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July 29, 2015 - This list compiles the biggest pieces of trash the film industry had to offer in the year 2013. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Movie 43
WHY DOES THIS EXIST, AND WHY DO A RARE AMOUNT OF PEOPLE THINK ITS COMEDIC GENIUS, I just got finished watching the balls on neck scene and just from that I HATE THIS MOVIE I regret buying this, because I was thinking that it'd be a so bad its good film, BUT NO this movie can only be good for people who roll on the floor at the very mention of the word "poop, genitalia, diarrhea" and so on and so forth now if you'll excuse me, I got a dvd to incinerate.
:I... Does it even sound like it tried to be a good movie. DOES IT! I feel bad for the great actors to be apart of this trash.
I was even drunken and it wasn't funny...
[Newest]It's the worst movie I've ever seen. Period.


2One Direction This Is Us
It's One Direction. One Direction sucks. Therefore, their movie sucks.
Okay now! These days singers are making their own auto-biography film to gain fame! Its not a good way! I mean people already knew much more about them before the movie came! A movie is what in which actors show their acting skills not just sitting in front of the camera and telling their life time story! ! They did it because they knew girls are mad for them, they would love their handsome faces and their publicity would increase but they could also write a novel instead of making a movie! Even one direction is the reason of fight between me and my sis! I don't hate them but I don't love them! They'r just ok to me but the movie was really a waste of time! I can't believe some girls watch this movie 100 times! Beyonce's life is but a dream is better than this! Having a true message... !
I hate it, just like every other movie about boy bands!
[Newest]That is a lie this was the best movie ever

3After Earth
More like worst film in history
Will and Jaden Smith have a whole movie? Really?
It bothers me how great of an actor will smith is and he shoves his son down our throats while without even today he makes entertaining movies like focus and the finale to men in black

4Grown Ups 2
There was no plot at all they just walked around and said offensive things about other people and disgusting things about what's happening to their bodies.


No plot, no great acting, no way.


Worst movie of the year. No plot and character development whatsoever.
[Newest]Adam Sandler needs to retire. Let's hope he does in 2016.

5Man of Steel
What the hell is this movie doing here. It is an awesome movie.


Absolute crap, not fit to hold a candle to the classic films. There is no thought and consideration put into the action scenes and is just a CGI overkill. The only positive is the very short development of Superman which is down to David Goyer who adds so many dimensions to his characters. SIDE NOTE - It feels too rushed.
This movie ruined superman for me. I've always been annoyed by superman because he's just lame, cliche and way too overpowered for any real conflict. This was the straw that broke the camel's back. It's nothing but a stereotypical action movie with flat characters, an overdone plot line (oh no, Aliens are going to destroy the world! ) a crappy ending and way to many explosions. Most overrated movie of that year in my opinion.

6The Smurfs 2
This movie was SO STUPID. We actually walked out on it. This one was just as terrible as the first one.
This movie and smurf number 1 sucked the cartoon is better and they ruined classics like they did to some of the other ones.


I HATE IT! The first movie I saw a little bit, and thought it was so bad, I left during the movie! This movie is just the same.
[Newest]This was trash. The smurfs did NOT need sequel!

7Scary Movie 5
This movie is one of the worst comedies I have ever sen in my life. The jokes are disgusting and offensive and compose almost entirely of bathroom and sexual humor. There are so many different movies that are being satirized that there is no time for originality. There are a billion subplots, each leading nowhere and each a ripoff of the plot of a much better movie. The righters clearly had no understanding of how horror movies work (unlike awesome movies like space balls and young Frankenstein) and were unable to apply that understanding to make a decant comedic parody. Instead they just took overused tropes from terrible horror movies (that nobody will remember 10 years from now) and made them into poorly thought out jokes. If this is what parodies have come to these days, I don't want anything to do with them.
This film was just crap and rubbish. So gross and awkward and also WHY IS MAN OF STEEL ON THIS LIST! It was such an awesome movie!
C'mom... the movie was boring. Where's the real Cindy? And real Brenda? There aren't any funny in this stupid movie, 'cause the director SUCKS!
[Newest]This movie made me puke

8Teen Beach Movie
THIS IS NOT A TEEN MOVIE FULL STOP. A proper teen movie would be rated 12


Best name ever. NOT! Horrible movie I literally watched 5 seconds of it. it sucked balls
Really? Teen beach movie? REALLY?
[Newest]Hate the Disney Channel's crap now

9A Good Day to Die Hard
Why did this happen. Ruined one of the best franchises of all time. Also the tag line doesn't make sense because he wasn't on vacation at all. This movie sucks.
There are bad movies and then there are complete let downs of awesome franchises.
Dreadful. Bruce - what were you thinking? The first was genius. This one as disgusting as Miley Cyrus.

10Justin Bieber's Believe
Anything with Bieber in it is terrible, unless he's being made a villain by the national/international news.
I haven't seen it, don't plan on seeing it. Why would I waste my time watching a crappy movie about a crappy little girl? Why would anyone waste their time with this?
This belongs to number 1!

The Contenders

11Safe Haven
I have not seen that many bad movies in 2013, but this movie, at first I liked it, but with all the others I have seen, I would not say this is the worst I have seen in 2013, but my least favorite of 2013. I did not like the characters too much, the story wasn't the best, and it doesn't feel like your normal Nicholas Sparks based movie instead a little worse than your normal Nicolas Sparks based movie. it was barely sad at all and it was just not a very good movie. I would not recommend this movie to anyone.
What the hell was this?!


12The Host
I'm disappointed. "The Host" is my favorite book, but the film... It is really peace of trash
This movie looked exciting but the way she narrated it just sounded like a 15 year old girl's diary.
This was a great movie! Not as good as the book, and a lot of people said they hated it. But I liked it.


13A Haunted House
This movie flat out sucked, a complete waste of time do yourselves a favor and don't see it.


I don't know what you guys are talking about I think this movie is funny
It is not funny

14The Lone Ranger
A remake that really didn't need to happen.


Stop slamming this movie! It's great and entertaining.
What a flop this crap turned out to be, it's more like The "Lame" Ranger. Plus, what's with that stupid bird on top of Johnny Depp's Tonto's head?

15Oz the Great and Powerful
Why is this on here!?! I loved it, take it off!
This should definitely be #1! I mean come on? IT'S SO STUPID. I mean really. The wizard of oz dee serves his own movie. This is almost as bad as the upcoming return to oz or whatever.
This movie was wonderful, please take it off

Its actually a slight rip off of men in black but only a fool whould like this and this should be number 2 on the list it sucks!
I LOOVVVED RIPD why on list so high! Easily my favorite movie, story line is borderline GENIUS. Ima just say hater honna hate on this one

17Inappropriate Comedy
How much worse can you get than some of the most intentionally offensive sketch comedy out there?
So bad that 0% of critics liked it

18Texas Chainsaw 3D

19Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters
This is another example of how Hollywood is running out of ideas. I mean, first Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and now this crap?
I can't believe you guys I love this movie it's define toy worth your time watch it
You guys don't like this movie. This movie is about hunter that hunt witch

20The Hangover Part III
And I still got a hangover from Hangover II, too

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