Worst Movies of 2016


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61The Legend of Tarzan
62The Forest
63Meet the Blacks
64The Boy
65Special Correspondents
66Precious Cargo
67The Darkness
69God's Not Dead 2

Am I the only one who thought this was the most boring idea for an animated movie in a long time?

71Jason Bourne
72X-Men: Apocalypse
73Max Steel
74I'm Not Ashamed
76Ouija 2
78My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2
79The Secret Life of Pets

The advertising tells us that this movie is all about what pets do when you're not home, and in this movie you get that...for the first few minutes, after that the movie completely switches plots and basically turns into a toy story knockoff, I mean note for note the same, the owner comes home to her dog and tells him that she got a new dog, just like what happened when Andy brought Buzz home, and what truly solidified the ripping off of Toy Story was when the 2 of them get captured and now they have to work together to bust out and get back home, and this movie comes complete with a boatload of jokes for 5 year olds, dogs walking in a circle sniffing each other's butts, the rabbit bursting out into laughter and accidentally pooping, I'm so disappointed in Illumination, the 2 Despicable Me movies made them seem like they had a good grasp on how to make humor that's good for kids and adults, but the minions movie and now this makes them look like they're just getting lost in all the ...more

I deleted that comment and reply because I regret posting them. The movie's not horrible, but it's like Toy Story. - Powerfulgirl10

The concept is fun for like 5 minutes but then it just gets old, and gets worse when the whole plot turns into the first Toy Story movie

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80Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising
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