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I believe they are cool animals, but if you really liked them you'd let them live happily in the wild.
Yuck, must smell bad... What kind of cage would you keep it in?
I should tell my uncle to get rid of his
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2Komodo Dragons
Dangerous! I wouldn't trust one in my home. They are capable of killing a human. They can't be tamed and are a danger to society. They are carnivorous and can grow to great sizes! I would never reccomend buying one, especially considering they're illegal in many states.
What!? They are...!? What? Noo if this not so little guy got angry and bit you you would be dead within the hour, and not because of venom! Because of bacteria and guess what there isn't a cure for bacterial infection of the body! Jesus no! Don't even conciter it!
I've had a komoso dragon from a hachling. I had it in a enclosure and let it in my home
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Monkeys are so adorable
Monkeys, partially chimpanzees can be extremely dangerous to humans as they can bite your nose off and transmit HIV.
They are so cute and I wish I could have one. They would be fun to play with. I just LOVE monkeys! They are one of my favorite animals. I hope everyone else loves monkeys! It shouldn't be on BEST pets to have! So you should vote for monkeys and comment!
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I went camping once and a raccoon tried to steal our food
raccoons suck at least you can take the stink outta skunks

The survival chance with a human and a tiger is 30 percent for the human. Who in the right mind would have a tiger as a pet? According to me, a tiger would be the worst pet to have.

In other words, I saw dogs up there at #11, and I think you should demote dogs to like #452. They are the best pets.
Tiger is to hundred, big power and speed. My mystic ilusion the Mortal Kombat gem 2 Kintaro, mutant people and tiger, has me orange strips tiger big army, special comando!
When you have a tiger for a pet, it depends if the tiger will attack you or not. You may fell like your paralyzed if your child have a tiger, it will be a hard and scary time to take care of the tiger.
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Enough people owned a elephant to be number 6?
Who would have an elephant in their home?

Sharks mainly attack people on surfboards because they look like seals. They are bottomless pits. Can you blame them? No you can't. And how would a shark bite you if it was in the proper habitat for a shark! And if you didn't get the dumb idea to go SWIMMING with it. Really people. Swim with dolphins, not sharks. Sheesh. It seems to me that this whole list is a total lie! Well maybe not ALL of it but it is mostly offensive. And anyway if you swam with a Beta fish you might accidentally swallow it. You people must be shark abusers to think that it would swallow you for no reason. DO SOME RESEARCH. Do you even have a shark to be putting all these crazy lies about them. Maybe you should get one and you might see how your brains were missing something. After all you can get harmless small sharks. Oh and forgive me Do YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT A SHARK IS!? And enough with the language dudes. Golly Moses. Kids go on this you know! God made sharks that way for a reason!
Sure You wont Swim with it!, you don't swim with Betta Fish or Gold fish right? Why the hell would you swim with it, question is, why is it a "worst animal" if its not a danger to you or anyone, unless you plan to kill someone by trowing him in the water or accidentally falling to the water while feeding it, either way only very Rich people can afford it. It would be an awesome exhibition pet!
You bet they try to eat you

Idiots it's not a bad pet
Dog are one of the most popular pet in the hole world you are so wrong!
No! Dogs are the best!
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Snakes are great pets. How did these wonderful pets get on this list now I have officially lost my faith in homo Sapiens. This is sick that anyone would vote snakes bad without any experience with them because anyone who has a pet snake has a wonderful entertaining pet for life
Snakes are very docile and calm... I have a ball python, and its a great snake it doesn't lay feces often wich is great, not a lot of maintence. He is not aggresive. The ball python was the #2 best snake to have in america as a pet. That go's for all snakes they are great pets to have if they are being cared for and loved
I have a ball python nice easy to maintain n beautiful
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Fish should be on top 10 best pets to have because thy are easy to take care of and also they are cheap and there is a big variety of them and you can get anyone you want to have
Yes it's true.. fishes have a variety of kinds and habitat..
But the only fish will keep on is the GOLDFISH. this fish is commonly adopted at home. they can only grow moderately it depends with the size of the aquarium..
If you ask me their just a hunch of extra work to do. Sorry to all yoi fish owners!
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The Contenders

LIZARDS make great pets. They are friendly, very docile, don't eat much and are great for kids
Anoles are easy to care for they eat crickets,and good starter pets they are shy and if they bite you it doesn't hurt (good for kids)
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I love WOLFS :.3


They cost a lot with the whole enclosures and are very dangerous.


At first I wanted a ferret, but when my friend said her hamster was suddenly agressive, I couldn't imagine what a ferret could've done. But when I'm oped I really want one their so cute!

I don't like how they rub up against you and their anal like pokes you but besides that they're fine!
You guys are mean putting cats on here cats rule
Be quiet. Cats are awesome.
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I truly disagree with birds being one of the worst pets! Birds are one of the best! Cokatiels are the best birds you will ever! They don't hurt you, they are easy to take care of, and they are great companions. they sing and whistle all day long and it really makes the house seem cheerful. they can live up to 60 years and are so cute, they even jump up on your finger and will sit on your should all day. I really don't know how it is posible for you people who don't like birds to be thinking that way!
Can anyone hate it my friend likes birds he want to create a eagle called
Sliffer dude


I love mine so STOP! They r awesome
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Frogs are cool. Sure, they pee a lot but their cheap and playful. I'm saving up for one. It's one of those "grow a frog" pets.

I think spiders and tarantulas are very neat due to the fact that most are very colorful. Like the Cobalt Blue Tarantula or the Brazilian White Knee Tarantula. Most are easy to maintain aside from the aggressive personalities some have like the Orange Baboon Tarantula. But otherwise very interesting.
I really love my spiders! They are so interesting and not hard to care for. I just recently got a Cobalt Blue and she is beautiful! I can't wait for her to become an adult but the best fun will be to watch it happen!

18Hermit Crab

You can watch ants any time you want to

Chinchillas are adorable! They can be trained easily and become used to you easily.

21Tasmanian Devil
I hate these ther not good pets there firece and nast that is why there called devils

Rats are the best
Rats are amazing pets! Their like dogs, that you can litter train and will ride on your shoulder! At least they're pretty far down on the list...
What is the rat doing on here! Rats are awesome!

They can grow up to 6 feet long and they are pretty dangerous!
Some dudes get killed

Rabbits are amazing animals! I have 2 of them and they snuggle with me every morning. You should really watch what you say about these creatures!
And whoever put that they hate people... UM, are you kidding me, they adore people. You just need to give them proper care and lots of love! When I go outside to their play pen they allways jump up on it wire like they can't wait for me to pick them up. so sweet, I mean it just really makes me sad that adorable sweet little inocent creatures would be on the list. Get a life dudes :(
Bunnies are definitely one of the worst pets! They hate people! At least raccoon's, sheep, dogs, cats any most animals like people and will come up to you. Bunnies are pooping, chewing machines. I had a bunny for a year and put it with some sheep, I just got, the sheep came to me and the bunny ran from me, the one who feeds and loves it!

Have you ever heard of baby mouse? I did. I hate the book series. First of all, the main character, Baby mouse is creepy. I mean, look at her eyes! She kills cats. Imagine her seeing your cat sleeping waiting to kill it! I love cats! They do it to cats in other mouse stories too! Stupid mice.
Baby mouse is always mean to Felicia! I don't like Mice anyway. I like cats, though.
I hate mice. They are dirty, ugly angry. Oh yeah, I heard of this book called the Mouse and the Motorcycle. Instated, it should be called the dumb Mouse and the Plastic Motorcycle.
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26Guinea Pigs

Snails will eat all you plants and their shell easily get broken when its play time because you might step on them! FEEL THE PAIN! THEY ARE JUST LITTLE TINY SLOW PESTS THAT ARE BORING! WHO WOULD WANT AN UGLY SNAIL? AND ITS DANGEROUS FOR THEM BECAUSE CROWS AND SPIDERS EAT THEM!

They'll eat you, like how all those people on Animal Planet's "Fatal Attractions" got eaten. T_T


They will eat your face off, and you can't declaw them.
I have a terrible fear of lions and fireworks.


They are not truly domestic, so don't expect it to cuddle and play with U. Unless you want to raised a wild animal, DO NOT GET THIS ANIMAL...

You know they get so muddy and worst of all you get muddy too! Pigs are so big that they take up so much room so there is none left for you! I tell you, a pig is nothing but trouble! BIG FAT TROUBLE! Besides they are farm animals! Much rather have dogs who are social or bunnies who are more cute and cuddly! REMEMBER! NEVER BUY A PIG! THEY ONLY EAT APPLES AND CORN!

Meerkat S. Are cool




Horses r great especially the curly horse
I had a horse and he threw me off his back



Just like a Gold fish, you can have an EEL, you have a Python snake right? An EEL would be awesome to have as exhibition pet, just like a Gold fish you wont swim with it right? And its not even that dangerous... But it would be in the worst pet list because I wouldn't trust a 5 year old child trying to play with it.

Who would want something like that?

They can take down a moose. Just think what they can do to you.




They can eat you alive no matter what situation you are in

45Blue Ringed Octopus
Enough Venom to kill something like 16 adult men! They have them at my local store and off a website called discountfish. Co. Uk in the marine section. You must be beeping crazy to get one of these bad boys









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