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I believe they are cool animals, but if you really liked them you'd let them live happily in the wild.
Yuck, must smell bad... What kind of cage would you keep it in?
I should tell my uncle to get rid of his
[Newest]Skilled vets can get rid of the skunk' s stink gland, making it non-smelly and kinda cool

2Komodo Dragons
Dangerous! I wouldn't trust one in my home. They are capable of killing a human. They can't be tamed and are a danger to society. They are carnivorous and can grow to great sizes! I would never reccomend buying one, especially considering they're illegal in many states.
What!? They are...!? What? Noo if this not so little guy got angry and bit you you would be dead within the hour, and not because of venom! Because of bacteria and guess what there isn't a cure for bacterial infection of the body! Jesus no! Don't even conciter it!
I've had a komoso dragon from a hachling. I had it in a enclosure and let it in my home
[Newest]No domesticated, bite can kill...

Monkeys are so adorable
Monkeys, partially chimpanzees can be extremely dangerous to humans as they can bite your nose off and transmit HIV.
Monkeys are one of the few animals that kill for fun and shamelessly will eat people.
[Newest]That must of hurt

I went camping once and a raccoon tried to steal our food
My grandmother had two raccoons. Ya see, you raise them for a while then donate 'em to a zoo
A raccoon almost bit my hand off trying to steal my sandwich...

The survival chance with a human and a tiger is 30 percent for the human. Who in the right mind would have a tiger as a pet? According to me, a tiger would be the worst pet to have.

In other words, I saw dogs up there at #11, and I think you should demote dogs to like #452. They are the best pets.
This is awful for the person and the cat. Dangerous for the person and absolutely depressing for the cat, would you want to live in a metal box your whole life? God no! Leave em in the jungle and stop cutting down the forest and well all be just fine.
When you have a tiger for a pet, it depends if the tiger will attack you or not. You may fell like your paralyzed if your child have a tiger, it will be a hard and scary time to take care of the tiger.
[Newest]Umm to have a tiger is pretty illegal

Who would have an elephant in their home?
Enough people owned a elephant to be number 6?
There are a lot many people in my place (Kerala, India) who keep elephants as pets. They think of it as a prestige to own an elephant.
[Newest]They're so big, massive and extremely rude and ugly.

Idiots it's not a bad pet
Dog are one of the most popular pet in the hole world you are so wrong!
No! Dogs are the best!
[Newest]I am sorry, but dogs are lame but not bad. Good starter pets!

Sharks mainly attack people on surfboards because they look like seals. They are bottomless pits. Can you blame them? No you can't. And how would a shark bite you if it was in the proper habitat for a shark! And if you didn't get the dumb idea to go SWIMMING with it. Really people. Swim with dolphins, not sharks. Sheesh. It seems to me that this whole list is a total lie! Well maybe not ALL of it but it is mostly offensive. And anyway if you swam with a Beta fish you might accidentally swallow it. You people must be shark abusers to think that it would swallow you for no reason. DO SOME RESEARCH. Do you even have a shark to be putting all these crazy lies about them. Maybe you should get one and you might see how your brains were missing something. After all you can get harmless small sharks. Oh and forgive me Do YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT A SHARK IS!? And enough with the language dudes. Golly Moses. Kids go on this you know! God made sharks that way for a reason!
Hello Fluttershy, it's me Derpy. I totally agree with you. Your logic makes great sense. And anyway, who would put a shark in a tank?
Sure You wont Swim with it!, you don't swim with Betta Fish or Gold fish right? Why the hell would you swim with it, question is, why is it a "worst animal" if its not a danger to you or anyone, unless you plan to kill someone by trowing him in the water or accidentally falling to the water while feeding it, either way only very Rich people can afford it. It would be an awesome exhibition pet!
Why would you want a shark anyway, I mean what crazy person would want a shark in a aquarium or a pool, I know I wouldn't, no offense to all those shark lovers.

Snakes are great pets. How did these wonderful pets get on this list now I have officially lost my faith in homo Sapiens. This is sick that anyone would vote snakes bad without any experience with them because anyone who has a pet snake has a wonderful entertaining pet for life
I have a rosy boa and she wouldn't hurt a fly. She lets you hold her and never ever bit anyone. My brother even locked up a wild garden snake and it did nothing.


I have a ball python nice easy to maintain n beautiful

You guys are mean putting cats on here cats rule
Take cats off this list! They are so cool. Cats, mice, and pigs are the best pets to get. Cats are cute and fluffy.


Be quiet. Cats are awesome.
[Newest]Cause they kill for the sheer pleasure of killing they are evil the only other animals that kill for no reason are humans, enough said

The Contenders

Fish should be on top 10 best pets to have because thy are easy to take care of and also they are cheap and there is a big variety of them and you can get anyone you want to have
They are on the top 10 pets list and I have no idea why they are here as well.
It's cool if you dig a pond and purchase a proper heating system for winter and a nice filter. you can put goldfish or koi in it. They can b hard to spot so me and my little bro have fish finding contests. They have a big place to swim in and they can eat algae when you are out of fish flakes. People who say their boring obviously haven't had a pond
Yes it's true.. fishes have a variety of kinds and habitat..
But the only fish will keep on is the GOLDFISH. this fish is commonly adopted at home. they can only grow moderately it depends with the size of the aquarium..

They cost a lot with the whole enclosures and are very dangerous.


It's cruel to have a pet wolf because they need to have open spaces


Not dangerous of the sort but who would want one?

LIZARDS make great pets. They are friendly, very docile, don't eat much and are great for kids
Anoles are easy to care for they eat crickets,and good starter pets they are shy and if they bite you it doesn't hurt (good for kids)
I have a leopard gecko! I named it lightning. she is very cute and lizards should not be on this list! It will make lightning feel terrible! Geckos have feelings too! If you don't take it off the list you will die!
[Newest]They die if you live somewhere too cold but they are cool

They have been known to steal stuff from humans, so they are bad pets :-(


Your saying humans are bad because they steal from their own kind.


At first I wanted a ferret, but when my friend said her hamster was suddenly agressive, I couldn't imagine what a ferret could've done. But when I'm oped I really want one their so cute!

I truly disagree with birds being one of the worst pets! Birds are one of the best! Cokatiels are the best birds you will ever! They don't hurt you, they are easy to take care of, and they are great companions. they sing and whistle all day long and it really makes the house seem cheerful. they can live up to 60 years and are so cute, they even jump up on your finger and will sit on your should all day. I really don't know how it is posible for you people who don't like birds to be thinking that way!
Can anyone hate it my friend likes birds he want to create a eagle called
Sliffer dude


Loud, obnoxious, dirty, their feather dust gives people respiratory infections and their feces have hordes of dangerous bacteria and viruses. Did I mention that they NEVER SHUT UP, and are very very messy?
[Newest]I have a parakeet it's a girl and its name is gracie it's so cute very sweet pets its blue I love it there the best!


Frogs are cool. Sure, they pee a lot but their cheap and playful. I'm saving up for one. It's one of those "grow a frog" pets.
Not the best but not the worst

17Hermit Crab
I have 4 hermit crabs and I love them and have learned slot about them they are awesome pets to sit and watch for a minute
Easy to take care of and great for kids
LOL. My friend had several. Then one died. We all cried, and weirdly enough, it rained. We had a very solemn funeral in her backyard, where about 6 dead hermit crabs now lay. She really likes them.

I think spiders and tarantulas are very neat due to the fact that most are very colorful. Like the Cobalt Blue Tarantula or the Brazilian White Knee Tarantula. Most are easy to maintain aside from the aggressive personalities some have like the Orange Baboon Tarantula. But otherwise very interesting.
I really love my spiders! They are so interesting and not hard to care for. I just recently got a Cobalt Blue and she is beautiful! I can't wait for her to become an adult but the best fun will be to watch it happen!
Every house has a pet spider... Go and check in the dark corners

You can watch ants any time you want to
Cool in an ant farm but wouldn't really consider them a real pet
One question: Who the heck keeps ants as pets?!

Rats are amazing pets! Their like dogs, that you can litter train and will ride on your shoulder! At least they're pretty far down on the list...
Rats are the best
What is the rat doing on here! Rats are awesome!
[Newest]Rats are fine when they are pets'

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