Worst Rock Bands of All Time

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Jonas Brothers
Laugh out loud, it's a known FACT that CLASSIC rock/metal listeners HATE Punk Rock/Pop Punk etc and pretty much any new generation band which is why they're voting for them. Jonas Brothers is who WE should ALL be voting for, not good bands like Fall Out Boy who worked very hard to get where they did, Jonas Brothers made it through disney and don't even WRITE their own stuff. Fall Out Boy are a talented band with great lyrics, awesome guitar play and drumming. This band (? ) is pure crap.
this list sucks and especially jonas brothers. Nirvana and the other great bands don't deserve to be here. fool!
This is the most f'd up list on this website. First of all, none of the negative lists are great, but this tops the list. Yes, it does list most of the bands that are horrid, but half of these items should not be on here. Moreover, many of these bands are also listed on the counterpart of this list ("Best Rock Bands of all Time"). For example, Metallica, who should not be on this list and anyone with any musical understanding and knowledge would agree, are listed at #15 of the worst rock bands, whereas on the greatest rock bands they are #3. Where is the sense in that? But this list is mostly derived from the meaningless opinions of the imbecilic music listener who thinks they know what they are talking about, but when in reality, they are deluding themselves into ideas of false music realizations. These people should be prohibited from being able to express their opinions to a global audience.
To the following bands, I apologize for your presence on this list (only naming a few):
Nickelback (not a big fan though, but definitely not the worst band)
Coldplay (also not a big fan, but same situation)
Kiss (albeit, highly overrated)
Guns n' Roses
Black Sabbath
Led Zeppelin (absolute disgrace to see it on this list)
Pink Floyd
Bon Jovi
Motley Crue
[Newest]They're not even rock! But they still suck so much.

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Jonas Bros. Is not rock. But they suck nevertheless.
WHY IS RADIOHEAD IN THIS LIST?!?! Same with Nirvana, U2, Blink-182, The Beatles, etc.
Envious much?
Oh yeah, Nickelback sucks. If you see "Nickelback" and "innovative" in the same sentence, the words "is the opposite of" is between them, maybe some variation of words. 10 years of singles all sound the same.

Radio head is terrible. Same with Blink-182. Nickel back is the worst band ever
Nickelback is the punchline of music. Everything about them is a joke. They try so so hard to try to be cool and that is why they immediately fail.

That being said, why are good bands like blink-182, rolling stones, queen, mumford & sons, pink floyd, and such on this list?
I don't even know why I'm bothering with this top-ten website (this site sucks, reason being it's just a popularity contest) but I'm bored. Anyway, Nickelback sucks, their song Rockstar is probably the worst song I've heard (in it's entirety, I tried listening to that Brokencyde song but I turned it off) they only play power chords in their songs and when they finally tried a guitar solo (after 5 albums) it sounded horrible. Really horrible, like a kid trying to to play an 80's hair metal solo and failing, like a bunch of random notes strung together without any sense for melody or harmony. Moving on, Chad Kroeger is a awful lyricist. Want proof? How about an excerpt from their best known song how you remind me?

"Despite words in my head
Scream "Are we having fun yet? "

First off, words usually don't scream, words are screamed, voices scream.

The second line sounds awful because he tries to 8 syllables in a meter that is meant for 5, also fun was never implied in the entire song, so why are the words asking if there is fun yet? Maybe words in heads can have fun entirely independently from the owner of the head, I don't know.

Also, Chad Kroeger still hasn't decided whether he wants to be a weepy teenage girl (on photograph for example, where he waves his old pictures from high school goodbye, or if everyone cared, which expresses a sentiment that is bafflingly stupid) or a boozing rocker (on the unintentionally hilarious animals, or S.E.X. from his latest album, where he is so afraid of offending the censors, he won't say the word sex in full (It's not even a swearword you prick)) To sum it up: the band can't play their instruments, Chad is a hack lyricist and the themes of their songs blow, and Chad can't sing either by the way, he sounds nasal. Worst band to get radio airplay period
If it sounds awful try changing your guitar's tuning, they could probably be using a different tuning
[Newest]They suck so much
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3One Direction
I think the reason why most people don't like them is because they were totally and completely created by the media, for the media, if they had been self formed and wrote their own songs and music I'd at least give them at the very least my respect, even though I wouldn't like their music (assuming they'd be making the same music if they were self-formed even though I highly doubt anyone who was "in it for the music, man! " would be making this kind of poppy cliché music just to appeal to the mass market of twelve year old girls) I wouldn't call them "the worst band ever" but as far as my opinion is concerned they don't even qualify as a band, any band that is made by a big label formed for no other reason than to make money is not even a real band. Again just my opinion. I don't hate any of them personally, though I do hate their music, I'd hate that no matter who they were or what they were, I think what I really hate though is what they stand for which is that you can completely prostitute yourself to make a quick profit from fair-weather fans who only will listen to your music for maybe three to five years max and then forget about you for the next craze who are younger and more attractive than you are who are doing the same thing you were doing before. I think that's why so many bands like The Stones or The Who for instance are still touring today. And that other bands like The Dead were able to create an entire cult of sorts, far more generous in size than the fan girl uprisings which any boy band has had (that is if we are defining boy band as a money making machine completely formed by "the man" to keep his pockets lined) ever caused, which still has a massive following to this day full of young people (like me) and old people (i.E. original fans who went to Woodstock, who remember The Acid Test, well maybe they don't actually remember it ;) but you get my point) I mean I had a neighbor who said that he and his girlfriend went to over 400 shows all over the country. Even though Garcia is long dead people still hold onto every acid drenched as if they just woke up in the field after the concert they saw last night, when one of these members dies in the future (as they will, not wishing them to die young like some people, those who can't put up a valid argument, wish) mot people won't even remember who they were or any of there songs, they may hear one on the oldies station as they are schlepping they their three kids off to soccer practice and remember it, but no one, ever can recreate Beatle mania, which is obviously what these record labels are trying to accomplish, but those blood-thirsty, money hungry corporate machines need to realize that The Beatles are a once in an era type of band. Every single condition needs to be right, and I'm sorry, but unless you have a time machine it's just something that you'll have to salivate over in your poor pathetic dreams.
These guys definitely get my vote on this, the truth is that they're only famous because girls find them attractive. If they weren't as good looking as girls say they are I'll bet they'd be home playing video games all day and wasting their lives. The part that most confuses me is that they got on this list at all, they are NOWHERE NEAR rock!
Their fans consider them as rock, but you are right, they aren't anything related to rock
I remember when this totally "fresh" band came out a few years ago. Everybody in school was talking about them and everybody had their opinion. All of the girls went ballistic over them while the "tough guys" called them losers and excuse my language "p******". Later when I was driving home I finally heard one of their songs on the radio. Then I realized it was another lame boy-band. Uggh. I have no clue how another group of supposedly hot boys got to become a great commercial band of today. It boggles my mind as to how these guys even became famous in the first place. It was during X-factor, a show where people try to show their talent but always a person that sings who should be on American Idol wins or comes close to winning. It's just another marketing scam so companies could get deals on a good contract. They were formed when Simon Cowell (who I have no beef with) combine the five rejects into a band. Of course in X-factor style, they came in third place. All these boys do is sing songs about loving and girls and etc. Etc. Etc. All the time. It's just the same repetitive garbage you heard from Justin Bieber (Who fortunately died out after a combination with his age, and these guys) and Bruno Mars (Who I actually respect a lot more). Its not like these guys have great personalities either; they're meatheads! I remember on a radio station once (don't remember the name) the host asked a serious question asking about a key thing they see in America that they didn't in Britain. Now think of all the answers you could think of: the homeless, the overweight, the commercialism, the racism. These are perfect answers. Want to know what one of them said though? Paninis... All of them agreed with the answer but both my family in the car and the radio host were silent. PANINIS! They couldn't care about a single thing except for themselves and what goes in their stomachs. One could however, say that they're only kids but they certainly are old enough to have some maturity in them if they sing about girls that don't think their pretty. On the last subject, Everybody thinks they're hunks. I really have no clue what people are thinking nowadays. All the girls just want to marry these five and kiss them and love them but they won't. That's the reason why they're famous. Because they are the "ideal" boyfriend to them. There are tons of boys out there though, some of which truly are probably sexier to girls than these egotypes and also nicer too. If fame were judged on looks, some people would be way farther than them but since money and popularity are on their side, they are probably going to remain as the "hot guys to girls" succeeding Bieber Boy. All in all, One direction is nothing more but a group of egotistical, meatheaded, no good losers who only are probably in it for the money in fame. In music today though, who isn't?
[Newest]Why isn't this #1 all they do is say I love you to the person listening give them a "sexy" look and they're the best band ever. If this is what music has came to then I'll flip. If u want good music this is not it.
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4Limp Bizkit
Who the heck voted for Pink Floyd? They're one of the greatest bands to grace the Earth.
I really like Nu-Metal. From Deftones to Linkin Park, I haven't found a single Nu-Metal band I couldn't rock out to, well that is except for most of Limp Bizkit. If you can believe it, they actually made at least one good album, there debut album "Three Dollar Bill, Y'all$". From the intro song to the very end, each song felt louder and louder, and I enjoyed it a lot. The problem is just 2 years later they had a drastic decrease in quality with the album "Significant Other". No more screaming, no more good riffs, no more good rapping. It just sounded like an angry white rapper surrounded by metal music in the background, and if you could believe it, they got worse with there next album "Chocolate Starfish and Hot Dog Flavored Water" which I consider the absolute worst album ever... Worse then any thing Nickleback could ever put out at their worst. It is just over 75 minutes of some of the worst songs you can possibly find. As for "Results May Vary" and "Gold Cobra" they sounded slightly better and but nothing was going to make up for the worst album of the 21st century. I still think Wes Borland is a pretty good Guitarist, though. In conclusion they are the single worst band of all time and a giant stain on the face of one of my favorite genres.
The other band members are talented, but especially people hates Fred Durst and the combination of rap and metal.


Limp Bizkit... Just, why? Why does a band like this exist? Is their existence proof that God doesn't exist? Or maybe their existence is proof that Satan does exist? How can a band like this become popular and sell millions of records worldwide? How can a group that names an album Three Dollar Bill, Yall$ become famous and successful? How can a band name an album Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water and get it to debut at no. 1 on the albums charts? For Christ's sake, how can a band named LIMP BIZKIT (! ) become world famous?! How can a band consisting of an immature tool who thinks he's black and wear a backwards red baseball hat and a guitarist who dresses up in ridiculous and unbelievably stupid outfits sell millions of copies? How can a band make terrible, meaningless rap rock songs about absolutely nothing, and pass it off as heavy metal music? How could we, as human beings, allow this to happen? How could we, as human beings, allow a group of wannabe rappers who have absolutely no talent whatsoever become millionaires? How did this happen? Please, someone tell me, how did the world allow this to happen?!
[Newest]Limp Bizkit is my favorite rock band. Just you are hate Fred Durst and the combination of rap and metal.

5Black Veil Brides
Black Veil Brides does not promote suicide, they don't at all. They are a wonderful band. If you don't like them, at least respect them.
"You're not alone, we'll brave this storm. And face today"-Carolyn
"Never give in, never back down. When your life feels lost, fight against all odds"-Never Give In
"Suicide isn't cowardly. I'll tell you what is cowardly;treating people so badly that they want to end their lives. "-Ashley Purdy
"Dear suicidal teens,
Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Sincerely,
You have so much to look forward to in life. "~Ashley Purdy
BVB is an inspirational, wonderful, great band. You just can't realize it.
They save lives. Their lyrics are meaningful. Suicidal people have been saved by their music all over. Bullied kids have something that can bring them joy, their music and lyrics. Self harmers of people that use to have been helped, by their music and lyrics. Now stop following those stereotypes, and also stop believing that all their fans are the same. Every member in the band just want good for everyone, they do what they do for the good. They didn't "rip off" any band. They didn't "copy" Kiss with their style. They just brought back the style and look. Duh.
I try to accept all types of music, but I just couldn't do that with this band. When I first saw them on a poster at hot topic, I honestly thought they were girls. Plus the name threw me off. When I found out otherwise, It didn't really bother me... Just a little. What did it was when I heard one of their songs for the first time. I'm pretty sure it was called fallen angels or something. The lyrics were way to repetitive and didn't mean much of anything. The creativity wasn't there and it wasn't original.

Another thing, this list is so not accurate. For example, 30 Seconds to Mars is on this list, but at the same time its number 7 on the best rock bands of all time list. So if you're mad that your favorite band is on this list, take it lightly.
This band sucks including all the other listed band on here. All of these rock bands sings about suicidal and depressive songs. Constantly addressing suicide is only further promoting it. All they sing about is self conscious and loneliness which is quite depressive also further pushing self conscious people to fall into more depression. Their songs strongly sings about rebels and riot. The song 'fallen angel' sings about satan disciple which obviously no one wants to be or for some actually want to be. The lead guy also wear inverted cross tattoo representing anti christ and proudly pledging his allegiance to satan. These people are really good at writing lyrics and write songs which relates to you and after that its all brainwashing from there. Good luck guys
[Newest]Their Weird. Bands like this make people not want to listen to rock/metal music.
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Radiohead on this list?
Who the hell voted for them?
Radiohead, Nirvana, U2, metallica, coldplay, Black sabbath, pink floyd, The rolling stones! The people who put these bands on here know nothing about music at all, don't you people get that it it is good to make up new sounds and be creative. These are some of the most influential and innovative bands of all time! Just because they are not your crappy justin beiber does not mean they suck
To be honest, they're not that bad. I just can't stand the crimes and law troubles Scott Stapp has got himself into over the years. And appearing drunk on game shows.
[Newest]Christian rock at its worst. Go listen to Flyleaf or Skillet if you want the best the genre has to offer.

Coldplay shouldn't even BE on this list. They are one of the most popular bands around and considering they write and play their own music is fairly good for todays music standards.
What's the deal? Coldplay is supposed to be one of the best bands.
Not the worst band, but certainly not the best. Worst bands on this list would be OneD and JoBros.
[Newest]They're old stuff is great but they're new stuff isn't

8Fall Out Boy
To be fair they aren't even that bad, don't put them down just cause you don't like there music, it's their choice to do that. And people who fault them for being PUNK ROCK or POP/ROCK, you clearly can't see that both them names have the word 'rock' in them, stop wasting your time voting for these when the jonas brothers are so low down.


This list is so bad and full of hypocrisy. Everybody is like "why hate on (insert band here) for no reason" while they give no reason themselves.

And pink Floyd, queen, the rolling stones, the beatles? Some people must like the Jonas brothers.
BS on of the best bands I've ever heard. Patrick Stump, (Their lead singer), AMAZING! Go look his solo stuff up on Youtube
[Newest]Dude do you even hear their song? This band is rocks!

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9Insane Clown Posse
Insane Clown Posse is quite possibly the only band I have seen on tihs entire list that is worthy of the "Worst Rock Band" honor, and even then, they're more rap than rock.

This list is otherwise an indication that the voters have no taste in rock of any stripe. Metallica might be the most OVERPLAYED band on commercial radio (Mandatory Metallica, anyone? ), but Metallica, more than any other band during the 80s, made thrash metal a rock staple, and to call them among the worst just jars me. And to see U2, Nirvana, Queen, Kiss and the Rolling Stones in the top 10 only shows me that this poll has been hijacked by a bunch of idiots who don't know what rock is about. I'm guessing the voters probably think cliched no-talents like Theory of a Dead Man are cool.
This band is the sum of all that is retarded in this world. Have you ever caught someone trying to break down your door with a sandwich? You opened the door and saw them, you started to yell but then noticed the Insane Clown Posse shirt they had and said "ohhhh. " Yeah, that's the proof.

Insane Clown Posse's goal is LITERALLY to inspire idiocy in children. By spraying juice on their faces and dressing up as clowns. Reminds me of the kindergarten Halloween party.
This isn't even music. It's a bunch of pointless cursing and crappy rhymes with no flow. My five year old can rhyme better than this. My biggest issue is that they claim to really have a point, and yet they don't. And how the hell did the Beatles, Nirvana and Pink Floyd get on this list? Who makes these anyway?
[Newest]"magnets, how do they work? " What the hell was that?!

Why on earth is U2 hear they are not rock but pop and they are loved by millions. I don't want to live on this planet
I always wonder what's up with this site.. If its managed and voted on by monkeys.. Go watch their live version of 'bad' performed at wembley for live aid, 1985.. That's not something you'd see everyday..
U2 took a turn for the worst after new wave died. And why the hell is fob on this list! I swear my little faith in people died! Just because some things are part punk doesn't mater! It's the content of the songs; the Message!
[Newest]They are not the worst, but they are massively over-rated.

The Contenders

11Tokio Hotel
What is metallica, pink floyd, Guns N' Roses, nirvana and worst of all my favorite band the rolling stones dooing on this list? This lame band should be much higher here... It is equivalent to the Jonas Brothers, Justin Bieber and other ugly and commercial crap like lady gaga... This is pathetic.
No. No-no-no-no. Tokio Hotel definitely shouldn't be in this list. The list is about the worst rock bands. That's right, ROCK. But can anybody say that this crap is rock? (cricket chirping)
I have to laugh because these guys were put above the Rolling Stones on a Best bands list. Most music related top tens lists suck. Like on the worst bands list, R5 is only 13? They need to be 1. Tokio Hotel sucks.


[Newest]They are isn't bad but too overrated.

12Blood on the Dance Floor
Blood on the Dance Floor is the reason Hot Topic is still in business, while at the same time given a bad reputation. Blood on the Dance Floor is the reason D-list celebrities can find themselves allowed to break the damn law.
Blood on the Dance Floor is the reason suicidal teenagers find themselves turning to the "trendy emo" lifestyle.
Blood on the Dance Floor is the reason dull and crass phantasm are gussied up and sold as "unique and individual".
Blood on the Dance Floor is the reason the outlying social cliques of society are not seen as normal or sane.

Blood on the Dance Floor is a menace to society and the music industry. They are self-ruinous and, in doing so, represent those who seek to destroy any real chance of genuine talent being seen and appreciated. Their message is brutal and downright atrocious. They'll say to their fanbase, "What's the matter, boys and girls? Not feeling to good? World got you down? Well, don't use this opportunity to create a logical response channeled through audible discussion or works of art. Just buy our music and wallow in your own self-pity. Never change for anyone and never change for yourself, despite the fact that you, along with many others in your situation, can actually do much better. Maybe someday, when you realize you can go no further, you'll be inspired by our music to swallow as many pills as possible and wash it all down with the bottles from under the sink. Or, if you're lucky, you can find the combination to your dad's gun closet and take it all out on the ones who made you this way. It is not your confused emotions or self-entitlement that hurt you. No, it is everyone around you. They are responsible and either way, they are going to pay. Make all the bad things go away."

Blood on the Dance Floor may not be the worst band from a technical standpoint. However, strictly for what they stand for (in addition to awful music), they are fiendish devils and should never have come to fruition.
Teenage girls are their biggest fans, and think this is cool, because their lyrics read like lines in a porno (a very bad porn movie) Their Youtube videos have comments like, "laugh out loud my dad caught me listening to this, and his jaw dropped! " That alone says everything you need to know about them.
The absolute worst band ever. Seriously, though, this guy just took every band that someone might like and put it on here. The majority of the bands listed do NOT belong here.
[Newest]Not rock, but should be in top 10 because of their terrible music. Seriously, Coldplay and Fall Out Boy, two incredible bands, are in the top 10 but this garbage excuse for a band isn't?

13Blink 182
They are actually pretty good if you leave out all the swears in their lyrics. I do not think they should even be on this list but if they had to be...
Oh my gosh guys this band is great! OK, the swearing not so much but still! Geez Louise, people, they are the same as angels and airwaves and totally do not deserve to be on this list.
The lack of musical ability and/or talent is so blatant and obvious that it almost makes you want to burst out laughing when you listen to their music. I heard one of the members talking about a song that they wrote called Natives. He said, "Travis came up with this beat, and it took me the longest time to figure out where beat one was." Beat one was offset by one eighth note. When you're not able to recognize a beat only because it has one eighth note offset, I think that that is a pretty clear sign that you shouldn't be a professional musician.


[Newest]Blink 182 should NOT be on this list
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14Asking Alexandria
Stupid name, awful music, terrible lifestyle. I just love how they sold out before anyone ever hear of them. I wish more people would listen to real Rock & Heavy Metal than this noise pollution.
There goes screamo, then there goes pop, then scream again. Almost like every songs of them have the same lyrics like "OH MY GOD! ", songs like, "A Prophecy" and "The Final Episode". Really, they have no talents in song writing.
Absolutely awful basically straight plagiarism of The Devil Wears Prada plagues but worse with techno bits, when did this become post hardcore I thought that was bands like Thursday and At the Drive in

1530 Seconds To Mars
Anyone who voted for bands like the beatles or queen or pink Floyd or the rolling stones have no musical taste these are all real bands who made real music. The Beatles were amazing songwriters and invented psychedelic rock and the "bubblegum pop" stuff was the popular music of that time and was still very good in my opinion. Queen had Freddie Mercury who had amazing range as a singer. The Rolling stones kept the blues alive during the sixties and are still playing today. Pink Floyd created genius albums that always told a story Just listen to dark side of the moon. Peace out.
The past 10-15 years have witnessed a boatload of U2 ripoffs. And no band ever ripped off U2 as bad as these guys. If I were Bono I'd outright sue these guys for even picking up musical instruments. Jared Leto prances about the stage and puts 13 and 14-year old girls (yep, that's the majority of their fan-base) into a trance-like state convincing them that he is Jesus reincarnated. Bono may have had a lot of charisma, but he didn't do that. Seriously. This band should be abolished and I don't care how "epic" Kings and Queens is. Just pick up a U2 Rattle & Hum tour video and you'll see what I mean.

30 Seconds to Mars may not be the worst band ever, when compared to Nickelback, One Direction, and a lot of the other bad guys on this list, but I just have to give them their punishment for being such copycats to such an ignorant generation that doesn't even know what U2 is besides "Beautiful Day. "

Get this: one of their songs, "Stranger in a strange land, " even has the same title as a U2 song (it's a very little known U2 song, they probably thought they could get away with it without anyone noticing). They even did a cover of "Where the streets have no name, " further proving the incredible lengths Leto and his gang will go to just to be the next U2. Seriously, I understand inspiration, but BE YOURSELF.
What this band is the best
[Newest]Oh man this band is crap

Nirvana is awesome they should not be here
Nirvana is a great band and shouldn't be on here.
This is the worst list ever
[Newest]WHAT! Nirvana are great. Get them off this list immediately

The same pattern of song very repetitive


I don't know why, but I've never been into Daughtry but everyone I know are mad for them. While I agree with 1D and Jonas Brothers, they aren't rock bands. There is no way Nirvana is is worse band than Daughtry


Why is daughtry in this list? They have very good songs (over you, life after you, no surprise, crawling back to you... )
[Newest]Chris Daughtry is 15... Who in the world would vote for this amazing artist? Stop hating on him and start hating on One Direction...

Why would anybody say metalica is bad they are so good I love master of puppets and have since I was a little kid. I would understand people who hate heavy metal saying its bad but I can't believe it has this many dislikes. At least System of a Down isn't on the list...
What! Metallica on 14th of course not it should be on first place not those jonas brothers. I loved Metallica since I was a little kid the black album and ride the lightning are the best albums they have. Of course this is the best band ever!
Why the hell is Metallica on this list. Whoever has dislike for Metallica I want them to listen to one and master of puppets. All the dislikes would turn into likes. However those who prefer blues and jazz tones may not prefer the heavy music of Metallica, but Metallica is the most influential metal artists of all time who have influenced many future metal artists such as avenged sevenfold. Hats of to the best musicians in the world. The MASTER OF PUPPETS.
[Newest]Why is Metallica on here? They are like the Best rock band in my opinion. whoever put them on hear is dumb.

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19Hollywood Undead
Obviously you asses haven't heard American tragedy or notes from the underground anyone who thinks that Hollywood undead sucks needs to get shot.
I'm scrolling through here and I'm seeing many bands who don't deserve to be here but when I saw this my heart stopped a beat. The fanbase for this band stretches from directioners to death metal listeners to Eminem fans. They have awesome masks and stage names and once you look past they're party songs they have some really badass and some of the most beautiful songs I've heard. And danny is the best vocalist I've ever heard
God, Hollywood undead sucks, not only is their music meaningless and stupid but they can't even sing and when they do their songs are usually sexual and pathetic. Funny, their just like rap music, and they make this generation look pathetic and stupid.

20Maroon 5
This so-called rock band killed rock music. They are absolutely one of the worst bands of this generation or any generation. If you can't play rock music the right way, don't even bother trying to do so because you will only suck more.
You kidding me? Adam levine and his backup guys (because they are NOT band) should be #1. They once started out amazing with songs about jane and wont be soon before long, and then adam levine sold out and turned from a musician to generic pop star, I have no clue why he isn't solo, the rest of the band has no other purpose, they make absolutely terrible music these days and the only reason they are so huge is because of 40 year old moms who have a boner for adam levine
This band is a bit stupid cause they only care about the lead singer! Not the rest band members
[Newest]Maroon 5 are absolutely epic get them off here. This is the worst list ever Who the hell do you think you people are?!

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