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Come on guys, this is one of the best

It is the best out of the 5 spiderman movies

It's so cheesy, but I like it, and I hate cheesy movies!

This was a good and fun movie

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42Captain America: The First AvengerV1 Comment
43X-Men: The Last Stand
44Spider-Man 2
45Marvel's The Avengers
46X-Men: Apocalypse

That's wrong x men are one the greatest movies ever made I don't agree with this list

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47A Superhero Movie

Yes this was terrible sorry Drake but I love you as drake from drake and josh but your movie was terrible

48Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut

A demolished classic vandalism pure an' simple. this "restoration" could not of cast Superman in a less flattering light if it had been directed by Lex Luthor.

50Batman Returns
51Superman III
52Blade 2
54The Wild World of Batwoman
55Superman II
56The IncrediblesV2 Comments
57HancockV1 Comment
58Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2
59Big Hero 6

Very unoriginal characters and plot. Seriously, even young children can come up with smarter material than this movie!

Not a good movie but the worst one either.

I've never seen such a terribly written Disney movie. It was so stupid with unlikable characters.

This was awesome!

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60Captain America: Civil War

And who says this movie was bad? Why are there votes?

This does not belong on this list.

Best superhero movie ever and best film ever

This is my favorite movie! What's it doing here?

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