Worst Video Games of 2014

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41Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z

It sucked no multiplayer offline, no freeplay, charecter slots wasted on transformations, terrible story mode and it should at least be top ten

42Tomodachi Life
43Tenkai Knights: Brave Battle

For a video game based on a line of toys and an anime series aimed at children, this game was certainly boring. Choppy controls, anti-climatic explosions, repetitive enemies, boring boss fights, cutscenes you can't skip without seeing them for the first time, disappointing graphics. What's not to hate? The only redemption are the voice actors, although this video game had a lost of wasted potential.

44The Elder Scrolls Online

It didn't deliver well and not that elder scrolls touch

45Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX
47Hyrule Warriors

Bad Game... Hyrule Warriors? Not at all, this game is so fun... especially in two player. Why do people hate this game? Is it because it won't make you buy a Wii U or keep a Wii U? I would personally buy a Wii U just for this title alone.

48Lords of the Fallen
49Five Nights at Freddy's 2
50Yoshi's New Island
51Super Smash Bros. 3DS

Why? It is super fun for everyone.

Princess Peach was in it instead of Daisy. - noo7na7

52Super Smash Bros. Wii U

WHAT? Why is this and the 3ds version on the list? - Harri666

This site can't find game that suck so their putting in random awesome games.

I thought Super Smash Bros U was great

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