Martin Canine's Most Listened To Songs of This Week (October 15th to 21st, 2018) According To His Smartphone

No, I didn't forget about this list. Right at midnight from Sunday to Monday I wrote down my list. I was just a bit distracted by my huge list project about the 50 greatest German albums, that's why the list follows now - already 1:30 AM on Thursday.

Strangely, "Wish You Were Here" is not in the list. Still love it, just didn't listen to it as excessively.

What? Me, liking Xavier Naidoo's music? How do you come up with that?
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The Top Ten

1 Der Herr knickt alle Bäume - Xavier Naidoo

An extremely rare example of a hip hop song by Xavier Naidoo. He'd have been a good rapper. Also this sinister beat is fantastic to capture the apocalyptic tone of the lyrics - which is indeed about Armageddon.

2 Ich lass sie sterben - Xavier Naidoo

A swan song to Earth. One of the bleakest songs on "Zwischenspiel / Alles für den Herrn".

3 Ich kenne nichts (das so schön ist wie du) - Xavier Naidoo

This on the other hand is a perfect example of Naidoo's beautiful love songs. This one is bilingual and was produced by RZA.

4 All Summer Long - Kid Rock

It was Kid Rock's only hit over here, but it was one of the biggest and most popular songs of the 2000s. And to be honest, knowing the original... I still love it.

5 I Wish - R. Kelly

Somehow my recent Xavier Naidoo also raised my interest in rediscovering R. Kelly of whom I owned several albums, as I was a big fan as a young teenager - and yeah, I guess I need to listen to all the records I own by him again. He got a great voice.

6 Let Your Love Flow - The Bellamy Brothers

Rockoons 3. Tirrel Cerberus and stuff.

7 Europa - Xavier Naidoo

Heartbreaking plea for Europe to not drift apart. The music feels just so emotive.

8 Himmel über Deutschland - Xavier Naidoo

Gosh, what a great album. 30 or 31 songs (depending on the edition, "Ich kenne nichts" might not be included) of pure perfection.

9 Von nun an ging's bergab - Hildegard Knef

A great classic German chanson about Knef's own career.

The version on the listening sample is not the version I listened to. The one I listened to is from the "Halt mich fest" album and is far more uptempo.

10 Anyplace Anywhere Anytime - Nena & Kim Wilde

Probably one of the first songs I knew and loved, back when I was six. Simply striking.