Top 10 Best Chores

We all hate chores, but you’ve got to admit; some chores out there are pretty fun!
The Top Ten
1 Cooking

Seeing as it's a hobby of mine, I could do this all day! I have never really considered it a chore because of this

It’s up to you to decide what you and the rest of your family have for dinner! Experiment with flavours!

2 Washing the car
3 Rearranging the furniture
4 Gardening
5 Taking out the rubbish
6 Feeding pets
7 Vacuuming
8 Ironing
9 Checking the mail
10 Cutting firewood

Especially when it has lots of metal staples in it (this happens when you cut up an old crate). It’s very difficult to cut them out of the wood.

I enjoy cutting and stacking wood.

The Contenders
11 Walking the dog

The only problem is having to clean up after it.

12 Silverware sorting
13 Cleaning your desk
14 Stacking firewood
15 Washing dishes

I have a bad feeling about my sister not washing any dishes and silverware

16 Cleaning the car
17 Painting
18 Sorting fishing gear and bait
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