Top 10 Most Boring Things to Do In Your Spare Time

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1 Homework

Roberto Nevelis had invented homework to help students learn faster, homework is so boring, it makes students waste their time and stressed, Homework does not save your time, it has so many stressful questions, it is too stressful to do, if it is invented again then others will get more stressful.

Homework is awful. What is the point of going to school if you have to do homework? So basically it's not just a few hours wasted at school. No. It's the ENTIRE DAY because HOMEWORK is there to ruin your life. People commit suicide over homework and I can see why.

I know that homework is just practice for what you learned in school but it's still sucks. We can't just do homework in class? Are the lessons that long (and boring)? Instead of a few hours wasted, the entire day is wasted because of homework.

This is so true like whenever I am bored and go and tell my parents and they just say go and do your homework if you got some and I am like what? its like I just said I have nothing to do and your gonna tell me to do homework seriously. I wanna do something fun which is not homework, homework ruins my life unless its something fun to do like drawing a poster or something else like that!

2 Watch grass grow

Seriously? Is it that hard to understand? It's worse than watching a teacher write about the quadratic formula. Seriously.

Staring is the most boring thing to do like all the others.

What... No one will ever do that...unless they have had to many Magic Mushrooms

Grass grows very slowly. Who would watch it?

3 Watch paint dry

Just do something else! Go play instead of watching your walls dry!

I'd rather watch paint dry.

Seriously? It is so boring

Why isn't this #1

4 Stare at a TV that's not on

Yep super boring sometimes when I'm grounded, I'll just stare at the T.V. thinking time will pass, but nope 5 seconds later I'm so bored I go and find something else to do

"Stare at a T.V. that's not on" What a waste of time, doing something so boring. Tedious. Monotonous and mundane.
I think Id rather do knitting. (And I'm not 80 I'm 20)

Sometimes I do this, but I create shows in my head and imagine them on the screen.

Better than sitting through any Channel 10 network and its ads.

5 Read

I used to hate reading. Every second of it. But when my mom got annoyed by it, she forced me to the library to get a book. I got the Hunger games, because why not? I saw the movie, so I'd read the book. After I read the book, I wanted to read another. You need to read anything. If you couldn't, you wouldn't be reading this comment, reading all the comments on this list, or anything.

In the past several years, I have only read a book (excluding fanfiction or like Wattpad stories) once, even if it was off of a computer. But then again it was probably one of my favorite books I've read.

It depends of the books.
The Pretty Little Liars series, Harry Potter, Hunger Games and Matched are okay, but Twillight and Divergent sucks

Reading is as boring as hell. I hate when the author goes so into detail it's so annoying.

6 Nothing

Basically nothing is another word for meditation, but you're kinda better off doing most of the things listed here as they have better clarity in your mind instead of just frying your brain in overstimulation.

Nothing is more boring than doing nothing, especially at school! When the teacher has nothing for you to do in school and you have not very much friends it's hard to stay entertained. Being productive gets your mind off of useless things.

This is essentially doing nothing in your spare time in a nutshell:

SpongeBob: Oh, Magic Conch Shell, what do we need to do to get out of the Kelp Forest?
Magic Conch: Nothing.
Patrick: The shell has spoken!

Whenever I'm out of school for the summer, I usually just stay in my house all day and only watch T.V. for most of my spare time. It's so boring. I wish I could be with my friends more often.

7 Watch golf

My grandpa always watched golf on T.V. and it's awful like I used to play golf but got terribly bored of it. It's even worse that you're sitting out in the hot sun.

Doing golf is worse than watching it. It takes 15 minutes to finish one hole. And that's if you're lucky.

I can't stand golf. Whats the point of it anyway? Put a ball in a hole?

BORING! Its just putting a ball into a hole with those fancy sticks

8 Go shopping

Depends on what you are shopping for. Shopping for CLOTHES is the most boring thing EVER! I may as well stair at a wall.

These are boring

9 Golf

What could be more boring than taking 15 minutes (if you're lucky) to do one hole out of 9? Or 18?

At least video games have reading.

Golf is so boring asses

10 Think of another item to put on a most boring things to do in your spare time list

This made me slap myself

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11 Watch Barney

Barney is a stupid purpled dinosaur and pointless, love songs from baby shows are so boring, I hate you, you hate me, lets spy on barney with spyglass, we must track his location and distract him when the kids are with him.

Barney has the most wretched voice you could think of. This show also teaches kids offensive language. I have never met a kid who liked this show.

Laugh out loud, some 7 year old who just got over watching this and has a younger sibling must've put this on here. My 4 year old loves this show.

Barney has the worst love songs and I hate love songs!

12 Be the only sober guy at a party
13 Attend younger sibling's performance

I would only ever watch my stupid brother play rugby if he broke something. I would not want to miss that. It would be the only sport-related thing worth watching.

it is just about the most boring thing ever getting dragged along to a younger siblings performance while I could be doing something else... Especially as most of the performances are completely rubbish

Not just boring, it's annoying too.

Complete waste of time!

14 Sleep

For some reason a night I don't want to sleep but when I do sleep and my parent wake me up I always don't want to wake up so I'm usually late to school. It's a normal thing for me.

That is the most boring thing ever. Who wants to go to sleep anyways?

The only boring part about sleep is trying to fall asleep. Otherwise sleep is heaven

Get a love interest

15 Read boring lists online

Ironically, this is the most boring on the list, in my opinion. It is my assertion that the ones who came here for a satirical outlook on the lack entertainment, are the ones most inclined to be entertained. However, said people will be, most likely, bored as well in just reading this list.

I'm only doing this to get my little brother to go away.

That's what I'm doing right now... I'm bored

The people who made this list...COMMON SENSE! We didn't come to this stupid site for this stupid stuff.we are just wasting our time guys

16 Go to school

School is pain, I get bored every time over there especially the subject reading, except recess and lunch!

School can be fun sometimes but sometimes not.

I am at school right now!

I'm at school really!

17 Stare at the wall

I remember one day we had an electricity cut in our area.. and all of the things T.V. ac comp were switched off.. Aftersome time my phone's battery was also almost over. So I had Nthng to do except staring the wall... laugh out loud :-p

That sometimes used to happen when teachers would say " Go and stand there! "
Not to me by the way...

I HATE staring at the wall! I mostly do it when I am in trouble!

Do it during class much more interesting then watching 28 minute video about personification

18 Listen to Justin Bieber

Baby, baby, baby, oh! Who on earth would want to listen to that weird gangsters stupid songs?

One, he's not dead
Two, I agree that listening to Justin Beiber is so boring.
Three, he's my least favorite singer

I really agree with that

I think he's dead

19 Watch Dora the Explorer

Dora is pathetic! I am glad they cancelled it! She is deaf and had a talking map! Dora is a football head and I give her 3 word and they are, stupid, StuPiD, STUPID!

The show is so obvious it gets on my nerves!

Stupid, stupid, stupid. I do not like it no more.

Why make Dora the Explorer?

20 Talk to your imaginary friend

I use to always talk to my imaginary friend when I was younger. I never felt bad about it, I was kind of proud, but then again, I was oblivious that it was stupid to do when I was younger.

AARRGG! There is no point to it! People will think you are
Crazy because it is the first sign of stupidity!

I do that all the time when I was little. Couldn't help it, I was all alone

Also, I looks like your talking to thin air.

21 Read this list

That's exactly right I'm bored (why? )

This should be the top 1!

22 Watch the History Channel

It's so boring! When I'm really bored I watch Nat Geo Wild, History Channel, BBC Earth and stuff...

Some of their documentaries & conspiracies can be low key interesting.

So boring! Only nerdy kids and old people watch History Channel.

Um, excuse me? The History Channel is the highlight of my day!

23 Stare at a clock

I do that at school. It's much more interesting than the lesson.

I always do that at school.

Good to know how much more minutes till recess at school much more entertaining then the lesson

24 Read a random Wikipedia page

That isn't boring

I don't read Wikipedia

So just uncool

25 Ride in an airplane without TV or electronic devices

This is why I bring my ipad, but even my mom wouldn't even let me use it the whole ride, so my only other option is to sleep.

It 'should at least have a TV!

Just look out the window.

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