Top Ten Things to Put On Your Bucket List

What to do before you croak. Thought it would be interesting.
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1 Go Sky Diving

I must be mad (or in some kind of midlife crisis or something); I'm not planning to skydive - yet, but I've booked the next best thing - I'm going to do my first Bungee Jump in a few months' time. I'm obviously terrified, but it's something I've intended to do for so long. I'm determined to do it, and I can't wait.

If I had the nerve, this would be magical. To feel absolute freedom, the wind gushing through your hair...Ahh...

I like to go on scary amusement park rides, so this will be awesome!

I'm not doing it

2 Get on TV or Movies

Being a celebrity has been a dream for me. To play a character is me experimenting with my personalities I made up in my head. In the last dys of my life, I would like to be in someone's life, making my life more meaningful.

I've been interested in being an animator or voice actress for some time, I'd love to give life to a character's voice. It's never too late to become a voice actor.

I saw a camera for CBS 3 on the Ocean City NJ boardwalk once. My cousins and I wanted to be on T.V. so we went near it but my mom told us to get away from the camera.

Only if it is voice acting for me. Being a live action actor would be impossible for me due to shyness

3 Go to Times Square for New Year's

Not safe, it's cold, and there are no bathrooms or food. If I did that, I would be wearing Pampers size 7 diapers to poop and pee in for that day only and bring food and lots of clothes and batteries and chargers for my camera and phone.

I have. It was awesome, cause my crush's family came with us!

4 Go Bungee Jumping

Always wanted to do this

5 Ride Kingda Ka

It's the tallest and second fastest coaster in the world! You will able to tell people that you did it and you can officially say you did it

I did this a few days ago. It wasn't that scary, but it was extremely fun!

I rode it. The Kingda Ka rules!

6 Run a Marathon

Sounds fun but tiring. I could do it though.

7 Meet Someone Famous

I've met two Filipino celebrities, Darren Espanto at the airport and Daniel Padillia at his concert.

8 Visit All 50 U.S. States

I'd want to do this. Who wouldn't? Like why don't you skip the boring states like Delaware and North Dakota?

I only have about 41 more to go!

9 Go to Ireland

Yes, I am originally from Ireland and its great!

Yay! I want to go to Ireland!

10 Get a Tattoo
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11 Go to the Airport, Pick a Random Flight, and Go On It

If I picked a random flight, I would want to go a city fewer people know about like Duluth or El Paso.

12 See The Northern Lights
13 Go to Niagara Falls
14 Explore Route 66

A friend and I are hoping to do this together. It's been on his bucket list for as long as it's been on mine.

15 Get a Souvenir from Your Favorite City
16 Donate Blood

You may think it's not necessary if you have a common blood type, but everyone thinks that. The result is that supplies aren't so high.
I'm a type A negative, and I donate regularly.

I will do it one day. I just want to know that I am helping people by doing it.

I don't have the nerve! Sorry...needles and other pokey things... Ugh!

I will do it one day, even if I may not have the nerve to now.

17 Donate Money to Charities
18 Get Huge Dogs
19 Be Part of a Flash Mob

I have always wanted to do this!

20 See a Wild Lion

That would be so cool!

21 Adopt a Child
22 Take A Photo a Day for a Year
23 Send a Message In a Bottle
24 Help People In Need
25 Learn an Instrument
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