Top 10 Reasons Why Protesting is Better Than Rioting

With of all the damn riots that have been going on lately. I feel like I'll go over why protesting is ultimately the better choice.
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1 Protesting is peaceful, rioting isn't

I'd rather do something peaceful for a cause. Then do something violent at all. It just doesn't seem right if you ask me. Very messed up and morbid thing to do in all honesty. Just can't stand it in the slightest, it makes me feel sick.

2 Rioters destroy public property, protesters don't

Destroying public property is just a scummy thing to do. Protestors manage to do their message without resorting to that. Which automatically makes them superior people in my book. I respect people that can spread a message without resorting to violence.

Think of the homeless! Imagine how hard it would be for them to find a safe place if properties get destroyed! What can we do to help them?

Rioters also destroyed some private property I heard.

Also rioters create arrests for the rioters, protestors don't

3 People die in riots, protesting doesn't result in death

Lots of people have died during riots. Some were innocent people just minding their own business. Protesting normally doesn't cause massive deaths. The deaths caused by rioting alone are just numerous.

4 Rioting does more harm than good, protesting can actually help an issue

I think rioting is putting even more people in danger than if the cause being protested gets ignored. Cause come on, the reason why people protest is to change an injustice. Rioting is just creating the future the protesters have been aiming to avoid.

BlueTelegraph, you have a point. However, to rebut your thoughts on how you don't think a single good thing came out of the riots, I think maybe that after this police will re-evaluate how they arrest people and create awareness for respecting differences. If only it could be done in a peaceful way...

Rioting does more bad than good. In most cases, it just makes already bad things even worse. Overall I'm not a fan of people that'd rather settle contact with their fists than their words. Which isn't surprising but anyway, I can't name a single good thing that came out from rioting.

5 Protestors are a lot more respectable than rioters

This, also just goes without saying. People that can a message/idea with words are more effective than ones that resort to brutal force. "A riot is a language of the unheard." - MLKJ. A very wise and excellent quote if you ask me.

6 Both are trying to spread a message, but protesting spreads the message better

I think that this goes without saying. But, protesting spreads whatever people want to covey better than just rioting. Rioting just spreads a wrong message that feels terrible. I think that alone makes protesting the better cause.

7 Holding up a sign is a lot more effective than killing people

Not only that but it just seems more reasonable. Holding up a sign seems more respectful than just killing someone over an issue. Actions speak louder than words so choose your actions carefully.

8 Protesting resolves conflict, rioting doesn't

A protest is far more effective than a riot. The message is not only conveyed better. But it also holds a lot more weight to it. Resolving conflict is a lot better than escalating conflict which lots of riots tend to do. Escalating things, in general, is not a good thing.

Agree, also rioting creates other conflict too.

9 Protesting is a lot more effective, and actually does good

All that rioting causes is death and destruction. Protesting, while it might get ignored at least touches on a vital subject respectfully without resorting to force. Making it far more effective and better in the long run.

10 Rioting can lead to anarchy, protesting doesn't

Not the strongest reason. If anything I'd consider it one of the weaker items here. It's still a point to an extent. I think it's a fairly obvious point though which is why it's very low on this list.

Good we want anarchy

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11 Protesting is protected by the constitution, rioting isn't
12 Rioting is illegal
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