Top 10 Things to Do When You're Bored

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1 Play video games

I like shooting things in Destiny for multiplayer fun or just play Zelda for single player fun.

There's lots of fun computer/video games for everyone I recently started role playing games like habbo hotel, fresh hotel, fabbo RP, xen hotel, and zap hotel.

But not too much because you'll loss your perfect sight, like me...

Number one should be going on this website doe.

2 Eat

Bored? Just grab a snack! It actually works! But make sure it is healthy so you will feel good about it!

I always doing this when I'm bored, but after that I always regret it. Why am I doing this?

I am very skinny so I have to eat, so that is the only reason I voted this.

Uhhh, I'm so full. I'm not going to eat for days! Wait, hold up! Are those brownies!?

3 Watch TV

Watching T.V. is the only thing that I do when I'm bored. Sometimes there's nothing good on Disney Channel and CN needs to stop putting the same episodes in Teen Titans Go from the last couple days.

Yep, I watch Rick and Morty when I'm bored.

What if there's nothing good on T.V.

Netflix has everything.

4 Sleep

I might just do that

I like to sleep

5 Read books

Reading is fun and it takes you to new and cool places though the idea doesn't sound fun it will distract you from your boredom and I'm sure you will really get into your book, it is also very educational!

Reading needs more credit!
To the first place!

I like reading a good book.

Always read a book

6 Make lists

Have a day out somewhere

7 Watch videos

I love to watch videos when I am bored but only if my laptop has battery.

Watch slime videos

8 Surf the internet
9 Play music on an instrument

I can be the most inspired when the most bored. Gets those hands moving and the brain disengages from the boredom.

Piano is one of the easiest instruments to learn! Personally I love it. Been playing for years

I suppose this is the best thing to do because this relax your body and mind, and has no harm nor bad side effect,

10 Watch movies

I can't wait to watch Christopher Robbin on my T.V.

The Contenders
11 Write a blog
12 Play football

I personally love football and it really relaxes me but I can, t play all the time.

Football is the best sport!

I love football

13 Shop
14 Yell
15 Ding dong ditch
16 Play golf
17 Draw

This one is the one I always do, but can you add more these ones I have used all of them and I don't have any more to do ;-;

Wow look at that Cool pic!

I draw all the time

18 Post on social media
19 Walk around
20 Exercise

You might as well benefit yourself while you're bored. Lift some weights, go for a run or utilize your exercise equipment.

Have some free time? Hit the trail for a run!

21 Jump on the bed

Do this all the time.

22 Listen to music

Pick your favorite artist or album, sit back, relax, plug in your earphones and ignore the world.

23 Learn a foreign language
24 Dance
25 Hang out with friends

Most sensible thing on the list!

And drink beer.

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