Actors that Didn't Win the Oscar But Should Have


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41 Ian Mckellen - Gods and Monsters
42 Dustin Hoffman - Tootsie
43 Morgan Freeman - The Shawshank Redemption
44 Nick Nolte - The Prince of Tides

No doubt the best performance Nick Nolte displayed on screen! His passion and torment was heartfelt and tender. Should have won that oscar hands down!... Nick Nolte, one of America's best actors!

Absolutely, years later I can still remember that look when Lowenstein asks Tom, "where were you when this was happening"

45 Samuel L. Jackson - Pulp Fiction
46 Leonardo DiCaprio - The Departed

Why has Mr. Dicaprio not won yet? We may never know, or we may wish we never knew... A total steal for a very talentful individual.

47 Viggo Mortensen - The Road

He was so good in this movie! Don't understand why he didn't get an Oscar for the character he played! What an oversight on the part of the Academy!

48 Leonardo DiCaprio - Django Unchained

And the oscar goes to...christopher waltz. No! No! No! I cannot believe it! Waltz won his second oscar for the same role. He played the same character twice and he won the oscar twice! And dicaprio hasnt won yet! Jesus chriest! So unfair! Academy people hate him but I hope that his perfomance at the wolf of wall street will be his first one! At django he gave the best perfomance from the others by far! So unfair! His acting was...i cannot find the word... Congratulations Leonardo! Keep going and don't listen to anyone!

49 Josh Hutcherson - The Hunger Games
50 Tom Hulce - Amadeus

He was amazing in Amadeus. Both he and Abraham were great in the film, and it would be hard to pick between them, but I would've picked Hulce, as I feel he gave that extra little thing that should've gotten him the Oscar, but at least he lost to someone who was great in a film and not for a political reason.

I gave up watching award shows when Tom Hulce did not win the award for best actor. He brought the movie to life with his portrayal.

51 Keanu Reeves - Constantine
52 Leigh Whannell - Saw
53 Joe Pantoliano - Memento
54 Liam Neeson - Taken
55 Arnold Schwarzenegger - Terminator 2: Judgement Day
56 Robert Downey Jr. - Sherlock Holmes

Who put this one here? It's not Robert Downey Jr. best performance. Lot of actors and actressess were much better in this film than he was. Rachel McAdams should have been nominated and win an oscar for her performance in this film.

57 Ted DiBiase - The Marine 2

If only the DiBiase Posse formed most of the voting panel.

58 Brad Pitt - The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
59 Orson Welles - Citizen Kane
60 Tom Hanks - Big
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