Top 10 Best Animated Movies Not Made by Walt Disney Animation Studios

This is a list of the best animated movies that are NOT made by Walt Disney Animation Studios. Which means Pixar movies are allowed on this list. As well as Dreamworks, Illumination, Sony, etc.

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21 How to Train Your Dragon
22 Grave of the Fireflies
23 Song of the Sea

This should be number 1 - Discord1

A beautiful movie - waldo

24 Monsters University
25 The Lego Movie

Everything is awesome! As a huge fan of Lego, I was really excited to see this movie! It looked like it would be great and it definitely was! The liked every single character in this film! Especially Batman! Which makes me very excited for the Lego Batman movie! This film also has a very good moral. It says that you don't have to follow instructions all the time. You can be as creative as you want to be. Which is ironic since they made sets based on the movie that include instructions. Also, the animation is really great! I just love how they used CGI to make it look like a stop motion film. Well, there were moments where the CGI was obvious but it was still pretty good. I love the Lego Movie and it is definitely awesome! - MegaSoulhero

26 Charlotte's Web

Amazing my life is gggooodod

27 Ratatouille
28 Up
29 Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
30 Ponyo
31 Princess Mononoke

Top 10 material. Great film!

32 Minions
33 The Angry Birds Movie

I Really Enjoyed This Movie - VideoGamefan5

34 The Book of Life
35 Kung Fu Panda
36 The Secret of NIMH

This movie is the perfect example of a genius kids movie, with its gripping plot and dark story.

37 Sing

Best work universals done since despicable me. I thought this would suck like most films today, but no

Hell ya

38 Trolls
39 Shrek 2
40 Finding Dory

I Foresee A Certain User a Going To Give It A Bad Comment
(You Obviously Know Who I'm Referring To But He's Still A Good User)

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