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1 Kion Kion is the main protagonist of the 2016 Disney Junior The Lion King spin-off series "The Lion Guard". He is a lion cub who is the youngest child of Simba and Nala and is the younger brother of Kiara. He is the leader and fiercest member of the Lion Guard as well as prince of the Pride Lands. He is voiced by Max Charles. He has been described as "level-headed", "open-minded", and "heroic".

I love Kion so much! He's such a great leader and friend! He's always trying to help and he puts other people's needs before his own.
I also want to point out that the word "Kion" is a blend between the words "Lion" and "King". Isn't that cool?! That can't be a coincidence!
I also think Kion's design in season 3 is really cool. He looks like a younger version of Mufasa in my opinion. And he has a scar. So, he's sort of a blend between Mufasa and Scar! Unbelievable!
I also want to say something...I am 15 years old and I am still obsessed with this show! Even though it's a kid's show. I didn't start watching it till recently. It's hilarious! I laugh so much watching it!
I didn't like the end of season 3 though. It felt very rushed. Also, I wish Kion and Fuli ended up together. I ship them. And I'm not a big fan of Rani. I'm pretty sure she's only interested in Kion because he has the roar. And they really under developed her character in my opinion.

2nd best character in lion guard! I don't get how Kion gets so much hate! He's a great leader, he's kind, he's strong, he's brave, he's fast, and he didn't even need to go through character development in Season 3 because he was already fully developed! Other then becoming mates with Rani, I agree with all the decision's he's made, especially since some of them were so hard and he had to make them all by himself. I mean, sometimes he got help from Mufasa but it always Kion who made the final decision! Kion is so amazing! I love him and his character! I like him more in Season 3 then I do in Seasons 1 and 2, but that's just because I kind of enjoyed seeing him lose his temper (I have some weird love for the villains, don't judge me) and I ship Kiuli with all my heart! Kion is so amazing!

He is so strong, mature, wise and responsible as well as compassionate, always giving the bad characters a chance to change - all qualities of a good and righteous leader.

A great leader and friend. If I was a lion, I would totes be in love with him. He's a great person, and fan fictions need to stop demonizing him. My number 9.

2 Fuli Fuli is the tritagonist of the 2016 Disney Junior The Lion King spin-off series "The Lion Guard". She is a young cheetah who is one of Kion's friends and serves as the fastest member of the Lion Guard and is the only and first female to join. She is voiced by Diamond White. She has been described as "tough", "no-nonsense", and "smart".

I love Fuli so much! She's amazing and she knows it. Huezi!
I love her relationship with Kion. It's one of my favorite parts of the series! She's always there for him when he needs her. No matter what. Especially in season 3.
I wish Kion and Fuli ended up together. I totally Ship them.
I also love her little brother relationship with bunga. It makes me laugh.
And I also love ho much she grows throughout the series. It's really cool watching her character grow into a responsible and mature leader.

I love Fuli so much, she is my favorite out of all of the Lion Guard members. The reason? Because she is the ONLY ONE that shows any character growth. While Beshte and Ono were already pretty mature and neither Kion or Bunga change in any way by the end of the series, Fuli matures and actually becomes a better leader than Kion by the end of the series. When I first watched the Lion Guard, she was the only guard character I was drawn to from the start. All the other Lion Guard members I found annoying at first, but Fuli was different for some reason. Probably because she was always as annoyed with Bunga as I was. She has the "sarcastic girl" vibe in the first season that I love (most of the time), and generally got a lot of the more enjoyable episodes. In Rise of Scar, you start to see a change. She starts to show traits of leadership, improvising a plan to get Kiara away from the hyenas when Kion's original plan doesn't work, and reassuring Kion at a few points in the movie. She's ...more

I love love Fuli! In season 1 she is mean to Bunga but she is cute soft and really fast! In season 2 she developed and she can be feisty and tough but she is also really cute. My number 1 lion guard character. Sure, she is mean to Bunga but Bunga is annoying and I understand that. In season 3 she developed more and she even became 2nd in command! She always tried helping when she could so she is my favourite lion guard character!

In my opinion I think Fuli is a much better character over season 3, in season 1 and return of the roar she was pretty much an annoying jerk, she was always rude to Bunga and some other animals I don't know but that's my opinion, she was a bit better in season 2 and in season 3 she is so mature I love the way she talked to kion when he had problems and realised something about relationships. So I think fuli is a great character okay in season 1 and 2 but much better in season 3, I mean she was fine in season 1 she was at her best in some episode and in the rest she was just annoying.

3 Jasiri Jasiri is a spotted hyena cub who appears in the Disney Junior show "The Lion Guard". She is an ally to the Lion Guard and is the closest to Kion. She helped him fight Janja and his clan and the guard against the Outsiders. She is voiced by Maia Mitchell. She has been described as "friendly", "spunky", and "idealistic".

Jasiri is so awesome! She kicks some serious butt throughout the series. I love every episode with her in it. I also love that her and Janja kind of end up together. I ship them.

There isn't really much to Jasiri, just an awesome character that challenges the ridiculous biases the spoiled Pridelanders have, but gosh do I love her. She's my favorite character in all of the Lion Guard, and she very much deserved to be the Queen of the Outlands. Also, she's absolutely adorable. I love how she is designed to look like a lion to drive home the point about her and Kion being like water and rain, and when Kion's mane grows out more in the third season, the resemblance is even more clear. I also love how confidant she is. The only reason she lost the fights against Janja and his Clan is because she got taken by surprise, and she never really "lost" the fight in Never Judge a Hyena by its Spots, Kion just came and helped her when she appeared to be losing.

6th best character in the show! I love Jasiri so much! When she was first introduced I didn't really like her because she was mean to Kion, but after "Sisi Ni Sawa" and after she helped get Kion out of the Outlands I loved her! And by Season 3 she had made her way onto My Top 10 List! She's a pretty underrated character though. I mean, sure she's only in like 10 episodes but she was introduced in the 3d episode of Season 1 so she's been in the show long enough to become loved by me and probably lot's of other people as well. She's also (Next to Madoa and Wema but they aren't really major characters in the show by any means) the only female hyena. I love Jasiri!

She is a striped hyena, not a spotted hyena, unfortunately. Still not enough to save the entire species from having a bad reputation, since the spotted hyenas in the show are not only all villainous, but their leader is a male (Janja) which is very unlike real-life where real spotted hyena clans are led by a female.

4 Bunga Bunga is the honey badger deuteragonist of the 2016 Disney Junior show "The Lion Guard". He is Kion's best friend and is the bravest member of the Lion Guard. He is voiced by Joshua Rush. He is the adoptive nephew of Timon and Pumbaa. Bunga has been described as "bold", "jocular", and "reckless".

Bunga isn't my all time favourite by any means, he's only 10th on my list, but he still deserves some recognition. I know lots of people hate him because he's annoying, but for me he's like Thurston and Makini. He's so stupid he's funny and I love him for it. He's also a really great friend to Kion (Other than in Season 3 he's kind of a jerk) and I like that. I love Bunga!

I love the Lion Guard and the Lion King a lot. It's one of my new favorite series. I don't hate any of the characters, even Bunga. There's just nothing to hate. It's a great series. I love all the characters including Bunga.

Full of comedy and bravery, Bunga is definitely a great character. Although Fuli finds him kind of gross.

In some episodes he is serious at times and he is less annoying in later episodes.

5 Ono Ono is the quinary protagonist of the 2016 Disney Junior show "The Lion Guard". He is a cattle egret who is voiced by Atticus Shaffer who serves as the keenest of sight in the Lion Guard. He is the only non-mammalian animal in the guard being a bird and is the only one who can fly. He has been described as "intelligent", "snarky", and "catious".

Ono is one of the most underrated characters on the show. He is very intelligent and can not only see very well but also has the power of flight and both of these abilities are among my favorite superpowers. The would would never be able to spot danger without Ono's keen eyes in the sky.

Smart, and ultra underrated. Remind me why Fuli and Kion are so appreciated while Ono's just sitting here waiting to be acknowledged by a fan other than myself as the best member of Kion's Lion Guard! My number 6.

I think Ono is number 1 due to his sometimes snappy replies and comments. He is also very polite, sarcastic, smart and quick thinking. He is always prepared to help whenever and whatever he can.

The least annoying and least ugly. Kiara from her debuting movie is the best character from the Lion King franchise. In my opinion and Kion and bunga are the worst characters.

6 Beshte Beshte is the quaternary protagonist of the 2016 Disney Junior series "The Lion Guard". He is a hippo who is voiced by Dusan Brown and is the strongest member of the Lion Guard. He has been described as "happy-go-lucky", "compassionate", and "honest".

Unlike Fuli, Beshte didn't go through any character growth, but unlike Bunga, Beshte didn't need to. He was already by far the most mature of the group and was part of one of the best ideas ever to come out of the Lion Guard - Poa the Destroyer. He's really nice and really friendly too. One of my favorite scenes of Beshte is the one where Goy Goy gets stuck in a hole, tells the Lion Guard where Rai Rai and the rest of the pack is, and then the rest of the Guard runs off without helping Goy Goy like they said they would, (One of the MANY problems with that horrible episode) but Beshte actually honored their word. He's simple and doesn't have very many flaws, but sometimes you want simple characters and sometimes you want complex ones.

Kind, strong and loving characteristics make Beshte one of the best characters in The Lion Guard.

He's so nice to everyone and is very brave and peaceful! He is way too underrated!

I love how he always tries to help everyone by being strong.

7 Kiara

She's my number one, and should be yours too. She has both tomboyish and girly qualities, so both tomboys like most of you girls or girly girls like me can relate to her. She's a cheerful, bubbly, cute, pretty, and sweet romantic who hates gross things and prefers quiet fun. But she's also a bit rebellious herself and isn't afraid to get dirty. A perfect mix. She's cheery, and though a brave and stubborn girly, she's kind. She's also much more intelligent than many of you think. I mean, she's so wise when it comes to knowledge of the Circle of Life. She knows the Pride Lands so well, and she even was able to figure out so many things before the Lion Guard(Rise of Makuu comes to mind). She can be a bit arrogant (Queen for a Day comes to mind), but that was mostly due to pressure by her friends, and resentment from Kion, who was supposed to support her and hear her out, combined with her being right in the past. She was able to hold her own against Janja's clan for a while before ...more

Kiara should be number one! I know she is proud, slightly tomboyish, disobedient and arrogant, but she is also kind, selfless, headstrong, intelligent, brave, pretty, and curious! She is proud but her heart is in the right place!

I really like Kiara because she is a great sister to Kion and makes great choices like when she was queen for a few days and other times when she was in charge she was a great acting queen.

While I still like and miss TLK 2 Kiara I actually prefer her on lion Guard for some reason. Also I don't mind her being friends with Tiifu and Zuri as well as Kion's older sister the series isn't all that bad though.

8 Rani

I get why she's hated sometimes, she was rude when we met her. But can you blame her? She saw Kion send her brother flying. She saw Bunga's landslide. Like any leader, she was conflicted and wanted to prove herself. She wanted to serve a purpose, to be good enough. She was insecure and unsure. When we get to see her true self, she's kind, sweet, brave, smart, and selfless. She put her cynicism aside to open up to Kion, set aside her doubts to help her Kingdom. And yet she's still hated on. Why? She's my number 5.

4th best character in the show! I don't ship Kirani, so no Kiuli shippers need to come at me here, but I still love Rani! She's a great leader, she's kind, and she's protective. At first she was a bit mean, and I absolutely despise it when she tries to win Kion's love, but I still like her character and I respect most of her decisions. I really like Rani!

Rani is caring and always willing to do good things. She is also very optimistic.

I like Rani because she is strong, never gives up, and is understanding.

9 Janja Janja is the main antagonist of the first season and later became one of the three secondary antagonists (behind Scar) of the second season of Disney Junior animated series The Lion Guard.

He's kind of misunderstood because he just wants to eat something and the lion guard won't let him. I feel that's unrealistic because the food chain needs to stay in balance. If there's no predators to eat some of the herbivores then the herbivores eat all the grass and no one survives.

I love Janja! He might be my favorite character. He's a loveable idiot. Speaking of love, I think his crush on Jasiri is adorable! I totally ship them!
My all time favorite lion guard song is "A New Way to Go". I can't get it out of my head! And if I could, I wouldn't!
I actually love all of Janja's songs. Every time he bursts into song I am entertained.

How is he not number one. I absolutely love this character. To me he's the most relatable character I have ever seen. I mean I would probably be exactly like him if I was evil and a hyena. Also his songs are the best songs out of the whole show and maybe even the franchise. Yeah probably, but in all honesty this is one or maybe even the best character out of the franchise. I know he's my favorite.

I loved Janja in seasons 1 & 2, he was like the best villain in the show and my favorite character, I just wish they kept him a villain instead of reforming him, I still liked him in season 3 but I think his character was better as a villain.

10 Nala Nala is a fictional character who appears in Disney's The Lion King franchise and is introduced in the animated film The Lion King in 1994.

What is she doing so low? She's a great mom, a great spouse, a great friend, and a smart, brave, and caring ruler who is far more mature and rational than Simba. Criminally underrated. My number 2.

Nala is my favourite because she is so kind and knows what to do. She is a great mother to her two children and is calm with a soothing voice.

She loves simba

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11 Tiifu Tiifu is a young lioness cub from Disney Junior's 2016 series "The Lion Guard". She is best friends with Kiara, Zuri, and Thurston and is voiced by Sarah Hyland in "Return of the Roar", season 1, and "The Rise of Scar" and was replaced with Bailey Gambertoglio for the rest of season 2. She has been described as "caring", "cheerful", and "carefree".

She's such an underrated girl! I know she's shallow, reckless, irritating at times, and a bit immature. But she's sweet, smart, and brave enough to face her fears to save her friends. And did I mention that it's heavily implied that she was literally fighting in the Battle for the Pride (in the Lion King II)? That's right, she and Zuri may be girly and afraid to get dirty, but at the end of the day, they're brave, strong, and there's more to them than meets the eye. She's my number 8.

Give her some slack haters what makes zuri people say Tiifu is bad with the reasons she's not and zuri is like. Always wanting to look good. Not caring. Is mean to Kion well sometimes yes but zuri is more mean to him. Crying over stupid stuff. Wanting to be kiaras friend cause she's queen that one draws the line.

I like Tiffu because she is a good friend to Kiara, Zuri, and Thurston and I really like that we got to see a full episode of her development and we got to learn more about her. She's also a lot better then her whiny brat excuse for a friend Zuri. Go Tiffu!

She's loyal and kind to her friends throughout the series and In my opinion zuri is way worse.

12 Thurston

I like how he is so clueless and always panics and runs and that is why he is so funny.

"Panic and run! Panic and run!"

13 Reirei

My ideal life partner would be like Reirei. She's sweet, smart, charming and possessive. A great mom and wife.

Why oh why does she have to get kicked out of the Pridelands?! She's just a mother trying to feed her pups!

The other of my 1 favorite characters in the show along with Janja!

Unlike kiburi, she cares for her pack. Especially Dogo and Goigoi. She is kind to them, and sometimes even to Janja.

14 Makini

She's adorable, energetic, and eager to learn. She's kind of like a good version of Bunga, and she added something new to the group in season 3, unlike Anga. To be fair to Anga, I haven't actually seen much of her, so my opinion of "she's meh" could change.

A total sweetheart! love her forever! My number 4. Smarter than she looks.

She's a sweetheart.

15 Vitani

Vitani is the best TLG girl, I mean her style is distinct and for once a character who stays the same throughout lion king 2 to lion Guard and then to the lion king 2 again. She is a down to earth, self centred young teen with the same amount of attitude as in the first movie. She and Kovu appear to be young teens bordering on adolescent-hood. She is also much prettier than Tiifu Zuri and Rani(the newly introduced TLG lioness character).

Ya "Lion guard " I know You just had to make her bad and Kovu as well I hate Kion I love Vitani!

I don't care if you get mad but here it goes. I DON'T REALLY LIKE VITANI. She starts out as rude and annoying, and she is too much of a tomboy for my liking. She is more likable at the end, though she still is kind of mean.

She is pretty

16 Makuu

Unlike Kiburi he tries to protect his float. He can get a bit jerky sometimes but he's was good at helping beat Scar.

17 Cheezi

I actually like Cheezi. He's kinda adorable.

A waste of a character.

He's funny and cute.

18 Kovu

He is better then scar

19 Zuri Zuri is a young lioness cub from Disney Junior's "The Lion Guard". She is best friends with Tiifu and Kiara and is always by their side. She is voiced by Madison Pettis. She has been described as "prim", "sassy", and "melodramatic".

Zuri is not a bad character. I mean, deep down she is caring and considerate. I mean, look at how she treated Fuli (who wasn't even her friend), "So what or who cares if she hunts with Kiara? Let her hunt. It doesn't really matter because hunting is boring, and gazelle doesn't even taste that good." See? She wasn't all jumpy and spiteful like Tiifu, who just couldn't handle the thought that someone else was hunting beside the future queen. And Zuri is way more honest and compassionate. I mean, look at her. Even though she had gotten herself in a bit of drama, she still thought that her claws should look shiny, and she could at least be appreciative towards Kion, unlike Tiifu, who is always yelling at him and seeing his flaws! There's a clear winner out of Zuri, Kiara, and Tiifu, and Zuri, without a doubt, is the best female Lion King/Guard character!

Tiifu and Zuri are both not bad. I mean, I prefer Tiifu, but Zuri is prissy and prim, and sassy. I don't hate it, I like it. She can be melodramatic, snobby, easily upset, arrogant(I mean, she treats Kion like he's bellow her), but she is caring and sweet underneath, she comforts Tiifu when she is upset, and comes to Kion's coronation, so she does care for others. As for Makucha, Zira, Mzingo, and Thurston, well, Makucha and Zira are just evil, Mzingo is fine I guess, after he reforms, and Thurston is just dumb and cowardly.

She's so cool though. She's so much more prettier and better than Tiifu is, Tiifu is such a ugly suck up always trying to get people in the way of her and Kiara's friendship and only wants to be friends with Kiara because she'll be queen one day. Tiifu is also such a loser and jealous of Fuli and hates Kion, clearly. Zuri is way more cool funny and prettier than Tiifu is and will ever be. Also, Zuri is clearly going to be with Kion. :) she is also very kind towards him and the guard and is cool to Kiara like a true friend should be.

Zuri may be weird and annoying at times but at least she's actual distinct and one sided. She is also accepting of others unlike Tiifu she is also way more honest and somewhat kind and appreciative she may not be as enthusiastic as Tiifu makes out to be to everyone but Kiara and Zuri. Zuri at least treats everyone with the same respect she is also very sensitive in some regards and is kind and supportive towards Kion.

20 Anga

I like Anga. She's my 7th favourite character in the show and she's a good character. I really like Anga!

I love her! Great character. My number 7.

21 Simba Simba is a fictional character who appears in Disney's The Lion King franchise. Introduced in Walt Disney Animation's 32nd animated feature film The Lion King (1994), the character subsequently appears in its sequels The Lion King II: Simba's Pride (1998) and The Lion King 1½ (2004).

Simba appears in the lion king 1, 2 and 1 1/2 also the lion guard. He is a good King with a great Queen Nala

Simba is not good in this crappy show!

I voted him on accident

22 Makucha

He just wants food. I'd feel the same way.

He's a great villain!

23 Mzingo

He's the boss! Arrogant egoist, but with honor! All Hail The Vultures!

The best character ever!

I second this opinion

24 Rafiki

He's the one character from the Lion Guard that stayed very similar to their actual character, and it's refreshing. Kiara and Kovu aside, because I actually like them in the Lion Guard as well, he's one of the only characters from the Lion King that I still like in the Lion Guard.

He is very wise and fun and that's why I like him.

25 Zira

She is a outlander

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