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1 Crunchyroll

I never really watched any anime but when I found out about Crunchyroll I got into a lot of anime and did nothing exept drink mountain dew and eat doritos and it's a really good price only 6.95 a month. its basically Netflix + anime and you get a large selection of anime oh and you get really good anime.

It's legal, unlike the rest of this list. Between Crunchyroll and Funimation (which is also legal), you practically have all anime, and are also supporting the industry. Don't complain about anime dying if it's you who is not supporting it >:(

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2 AnimeUltima Visit Website
3 GoGoAnime

This is better than GoGoanime with the stupid adds and popup virus Crap for the poor people with phones and tablets! It has adds but not ones that pop up in your face. This also has an episode list on the bottom and an immediate reload button in case the top reload button doesn't work. is the best but this one is definitely a close second so I recommend it!

This was what I started with and it's now MY LIFE. The servers load really Fast and best of all, you can set the QUALITY of the episode you are watching <upto 360p if you have a potato bandwith>. Nothing to complain about, it has the best interface ever...

So... I recommend giving this a try.

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4 AnimeFreak

All Browser support video

5 Chia-Anime
6 9anime

Three different qualities, sub and dub, censored and uncensored (for some of those perverts out there), four servers, loads quickly, and no video ads, only ones on the side. Plus, you can request animes that aren't on there and it's super easy to use.

Interface is great, community isn't very toxic too. And they have 2 servers so they never have a shutdown of both servers. Overall, it looks good and it works even better

7 Animehaven
8 Masterani

Rest in spaghetti never forgetti :(

9 Funimation

There videos actually play and are not broken all the time

10 Soul-Anime

Its very Good Website To watch anime But there's a lot don't have the anime that you want to watch but its pretty good website

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11 Anime-44

Thousands of Anime Movies and Series on a simple and clean interface, non-intrusive ads, and a constantly developing community for free!

Lots of content, minimal ads, updated daily with both subbed and dubbed!

Clean site, has new episodes of my hero so I'm content!

14 Hulu Anime
15 AnimeTux
16 AnimeJolt

It's A good web Sometimes it does not work


Clean well organized site with the latest subbed and dubbed anime plus thousands of classic anime, also uncut and Uncensored anime of your favorite shows. Very few ads so your browser wont complain.

18 VRV

Hi guys, checkout this anime site. I hope will be useful to watch or download your favorite anime.

Awesome site to watch or download anime

Excellent site

20 AnimeSeason
21 AnimeStick
22 Anime Kisa
23 Animerush

It's a good website but don't watch it on your school computer.

25 AnimeClick
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