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1 KissAnime

Kissanime id say is my top anime website due to the information given about specific animes and to how much animes this website contains. It even contains its own manga website and cartoon website which is just as good. This website is updated on the latest and newest animes and also advertises new animes that are yet to come. Streaming is straightforward and smooth and the website itself tells you the popularity, preferences and opinions of the anime you are watching. Runs on two players incase one doesn't work for you. Kissanime is not only a website but a community that is quite well organized and friendly. For me, kissanime is my top anime website.

Kissanime is a website where you can make your own anime list and watch anime for free. It has a mobile version in it and the moderators are doing a good job keeping the community cleaned and safe. But the best thing of it all is that you can HIDE the ads when watching your selected anime.

So far so good and the best free anime site so far. No mess, no fuss, and the greatest collection. Constantly updated. What more could an anime fan want? I hope it stays this way for many years to come.

What to say about this...i only want to say that it is the best

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2 Crunchyroll

I never really watched any anime but when I found out about Crunchyroll I got into a lot of anime and did nothing exept drink mountain dew and eat doritos and it's a really good price only 6.95 a month. its basically Netflix + anime and you get a large selection of anime oh and you get really good anime.

It's legal, unlike the rest of this list. Between Crunchyroll and Funimation (which is also legal), you practically have all anime, and are also supporting the industry. Don't complain about anime dying if it's you who is not supporting it >:(

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9 9anime

Three different qualities, sub and dub, censored and uncensored (for some of those perverts out there), four servers, loads quickly, and no video ads, only ones on the side. Plus, you can request animes that aren't on there and it's super easy to use. - Silverfroststorm

Interface is great, community isn't very toxic too. And they have 2 servers so they never have a shutdown of both servers. Overall, it looks good and it works even better

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10 MyAnimeStream Visit Website9

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11 Animehaven
12 Funimation

There videos actually play and are not broken all the time

13 AnimeCenter
14 Watch-Anime
15 Masterani
16 AnimeJolt

It's A good web Sometimes it does not work

17 Soul-Anime

Its very Good Website To watch anime But there's a lot don't have the anime that you want to watch but its pretty good website

18 AnimeClick
19 Anime-44
20 Hulu Anime
21 AnimeSeason
22 Animerush
23 AnimeStick
24 AnimeTux
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