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1 Izuku Midoriya Izuku "Deku" Midoriya is a fictional character and the protagonist of My Hero Academia, a manga series written by Kohei Horikoshi.

It is said in the first few episodes that this is the story of how he becomes the strongest hero. He is optimistic and reaches for his goals no matter how daunting. I honestly think the story would have been more interesting if the encounter with All Might never happened and he strived to become the number 1 hero quirkless. Also, his analysis skills make him powerful, especially if he utilized them more than just a hobby. Villains could probably easily win against good with those notebooks. Deku is OP, and no one can tell me otherwise because it is true!

2 Katsuki Bakugo

He is super powerful, and I'm pretty sure he can still beat Todoroki when he is using his fire too. He should be #3 instead of Todoroki. He only has one type of quirk, (Todoroki does too, but it is kind of like 3 -- fire, ice, and water if he combines the two together) yet he still beat Todoroki.

The fact that he was able to beat Todoroki and Deku shows me that he is very strong and has a lot of potential in him.

Brave and powerful. His personality is what gives him the strength to face any problem ahead. This character is amazing and also fun to watch.

3 Toshinori Yagi

Even if Deku eventually gets even stronger than Toshi, you just KNOW he would do anything his Dad Might asks him to, so who's really in power here?

Selfless and really powerful, he was like Izuku - without powers. He made himself powerful. He earned it. It wasn't luck.

He is the strongest hero or the strongest character in My Hero Academia.

4 Shoto Todoroki

Well, you see, he is very strong and powerful because of his quirk, but not only that. His past makes him not want to use his left side, but Izuku Midoriya changed that. Now, Shoto feels comfortable using his left side, which unlocks all of his power. Shoto's personality makes him calm in a situation, especially when Izuku is fighting with him. And my opinion on him is that he is very cool, relatable, and hot in both ways.

He has two quirks, fire and ice, both of which are very powerful. He has been trained by Endeavor since he was a child. (We all know how intense that training was!) He is able to stay calm and collected in battle. He got second place in the sports festival, without using his full power!

He could use his quirk in so many different ways, though he may not want to rely too much on his quirk in case he comes across a villain with an erasure quirk. He could be the number 2 hero because Deku is meant for the title of number 1 hero.

5 All For One

Guys, this man is pure fear and death. He is one of the scariest villains in manga history, in my opinion. If y'all haven't read the manga, please do because this man is about to flip hero society as we know it.

Super OP, and definitely strong. Not the strongest though, since All Might beat him without using all of One For All (because he didn't have much of it left).

He basically killed Toshinori and can steal so many people's quirks so easily.

6 Fumikage Tokoyami

If he gained more control over this power in the night, I wholeheartedly believe he would be top 3, easily. His power is insanely underrated.

This guy is underrated and deserves more popularity. His quirk is just so OP. 10/10 hero.

His Dark Shadow is so powerful! Especially at night!

7 Yu Takeyama
8 Enji Todoroki

He is a horrible person yet very powerful. He defeated Nomus. His flames can get way more powerful than Todoroki's. He has shown his power in his battles many times, though it does not mean I do not despise Enji Todoroki with all of my heart, though I hate Mineta more.

Even if he is not a good person, he is extremely powerful. Only one person in the story is claimed to have stronger firepower than him (stated by himself), and that's his own son (Tōya), who is either dead or missing. This guy can literally incinerate a Nomu's head in a matter of seconds.

9 Shinya Kamihara

While he may not be the strongest, I think a lot of people underestimate this guy. His Quirk has no limits or drawbacks, and he can transform faster than the speed of sound. Insane.

10 Gran Torino

He is fast and deadly. Thank you for taking the seconds out of your life to read this comment.

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11 Mirio Togata

He is literally the closest one to Prime All Might in skill and fighting ability, just through literal training and mastery of his quirk. Should've at least been 3rd, currently under All Might and All For One.

That power of his is really strong, but it had so many cons. He is really powerful because he figured out a way to use his quirk without letting the cons get in the way.

His quirk is epic because sliding through things is hard, like he said in the anime.

12 Eijiro Kirishima

Underrated and cogent, this man of steel deserves the #1 spot.

13 Midnight
14 Shota Aizawa

Villains and heroes without quirks are useless.

Aizawa might seem lazy, messy, and not so talkative, but that's what makes him a smart man. He moves fast and unexpectedly, but he already thought twice before making the move.

Really cool guy, and smart.

Erasing quirk is really strong! And his scarf too. I understand why he isn't in the top 10. He can't really erase physical quirks, like Ojiro's tail or Mina's pink skin and horns, or Mineta's grapes.

Dude was able to save a kid even though he was 5 seconds away from death. He also fought off like 50 people at once. Emo-cat boy is badass.

15 Eri

(Manga spoilers) For a 6-year-old, she is mega powerful. Just think about what she could be capable of! She can kill just by holding onto a person's arm. Her blood can be tampered with so it can remove quirks. If it weren't for her, Deku would be dead. We know how much he damages himself and how much time he used to spend in the infirmary (Not so much anymore), but she could completely erase any evidence of it. She didn't even realize what she was doing! Yes, it does have certain drawbacks, but if she learns to harness this power, her future could hold a lot of potential. I don't think she is the most powerful, but she definitely needs to be mentioned.

16 Dabi

I mean, come on. Cremation? That's extremely strong. His flames can get up to 1300 degrees Celsius (2300 degrees Fahrenheit), which is about three times as hot as an oven on the highest temperature. That's extremely powerful.

He's hot. He's also powerful. Proof of that is he burns himself when he uses his quirk.

17 Ochaco Uraraka

Ochako is such an awesome student! Her quirk is really powerful when used in the right way. Toga exemplified her talent in season 5.

Her quirk is really cool, and she almost matched Bakugo at the sports festival! That's top-notch right there!

She's really strong and went against Bakugo and made him really weak.

18 Chizome Akaguro

It's not only his quirk. He learned how to fight with weapons. He only uses his quirk to stop the victim from moving. I think he could still beat the heroes without the quirk.

His quirk is OP. He has great aim and killed many heroes. Tensei only lived because Stain allowed him to!

This person is crazy, wanting to drink the blood of kids. He was caught by kids and not by the pros. How is that? This just shows how weak the pros are.

19 Kyoka Jiro
20 Toga

If she has someone kidnapped, she has their unlimited blood until they run out. Just think of what she can blame them for.

21 Tsunagu Hakamata
22 Overhaul

Did you see the battle with him and Midoriya? With a quirk enhancer, Deku almost didn't stand a chance. But then he got Eri and won against Overhaul.

He almost killed Deku, the future number one hero!

23 Momo Yaoyorozu

Very underrated:

Momo can literally create a nuke, and I'm pretty sure she can also create a black hole! I'm surprised she's not higher up on the list. She could stop world hunger! She could also create a plague to kill the world. If used for bad, she could be a very dangerous asset to have.

Creation is a really strong quirk! I understand why she's not in the Top 15. Her quirk has a lot of flaws. But if she works through it, she'll definitely become a great pro hero.

She can make anything if she knows how to. Just imagine having her as a teammate. And her power is unlimited because she can just make herself some food.

24 Tomura Shigaraki

I'm sorry, but how is he only 23 on the list? He can literally destroy anything! He could destroy the whole world in Thanos style if he wanted to! He's also pretty smart, which is a powerful trait to have. He should be at least number 10 on the list!

Cool person, calm, and has a cool quirk: DECAY!

Dude, this bastard can destroy the whole world if he wanted to. Same with that black hole bish.

25 Denki Kaminari

Honestly, his quirk would've been really powerful if it weren't for the drawback after that. Really, the developers should actually go a bit more in-depth with his power and do something in the series where he gets more controlled with his quirk, because this dude here has very high potential with the right training.

He's my favorite character and I mean like he can produce as much power as Pikachu right?

Come on he's actually very powerful but he just gets tired after using his power, right?

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