Why I don't ship Karma x Okuda from Assasination Classroom

MLPFan Hey guys. MLPFan in the house here and I guess you guys can tell what am I gonna rant on today.Karma x Okuda.
I don't like this ship and I couldn't see how can I ship It, despite how the whole world except me ships it. Like really. It's so, so SO OVERRATED. And Isn't a likable ship to me. And I have some reasons to back it up. You don't have to agree but enjoy the rant while It lasts.
Anyway, before I begin, I wanna clarify that the reason I don't like this is not because Karma x Nagisa, which I don't even ship and It's not because I'm jealous at Okuda like the other Karma fangirls..Yet, I have to admit that Karma IS really HAWT. Kya! *nosebleeds*
Now, where are we? *shoves some tissues to my nose* ah yes, I'm gonna state the reasons why I don't ship Karma x Okuda which to everyone else is "OTP". And no bias intended. Also this isn't made to abuse anyone. It's just made to voice my personal opinion.
1) They didn't had any real "moments"
The one AND ONLY thing that made people ship this is how Karma once said that he "liked" Okuda. That was a lie. He just said so because he needed someone to help him with pranks and such. Honestly, if Karma WOULD fall for any girl who'd help him with tormenting people, then why didn't he fell for Rio at some point of the show? And I'm not being biased because I ship Karma with Rio (and Karma with me :v) but Karma is way better off with Rio because they had more genuine chemistry than Karma and Okuda. And also because the one who helps Karma with tormenting people is Rio and they both love to do so anyway.
Because of this, the desperate Karma x Okuda shippers look for everything they could find and call it a moment such as Karma and Okuda standing next to each other. They made crack shippers jealous. Congrats, Karma x Okuda shippers -_-
Oh and when Karma said Okuda was the easiest girl to talk to, they never actually talked.
And they also held hands high when they were doing a play. The shippers be like, "OMG!!! THEY'RE CANON!!!" But just because a boy and a girl were playing together for a school play and held their hands high because the script told them to, DOESN'T MEAN THEY'RE IN LOVE. So If me and another girl were told to hug at the purpose of a school play, It means we've become lesbians because of It? That's ridiculous.
Or they DID had moments, but I missed them. I've saw some AMVs of the ship and most of the scenes weren't even actual Karma x Okuda moments. It's just them standing next to each other and blankly looking at each other.
2) If they actually became canon, they'd end up being a super cliché shoujo couple.
It will end up being like the typical shy girl x hot bad boy cliché again. And I hate that cliché. It's so overdone and It's not even that cute. Ugh.
3) If they were to be together, It wouldn't work out at the end.
Okuda would have no choice than to support her boyfriend's bad behavior and actions despite she isn't interested in tormenting people (or Karma might influence her and ruin her morals), and Karma could've just cheated on Okuda or break her heart. They both won't be happy with each other. Okuda would match more with someone who wouldn't made her forcefully justify bad behavior and Karma would match more with someone whose practically like him personality wise (hi Rio. I mean, come on, both are highly intelligent, they love to torment people, they love to dress Nagisa as a girl and Rio was pretty much the only girl who is similar to Karma in many ways)
4) There are so many better ships than It.
I can name so many other ships that made more sense than this. Some ships even have more logic in it compared to this ship yet they don't received recgonition, whereas everyone I know who has watched Assasination classroom ship THIS when all they did was stand next to each other and that one scene when they all went to Tokyo. Yet the rabid fans are like, "OMG!!! THEY'RE STANDING NEXT TO EACH OTHER!!!! THEY MUST BE CANON AND THAT IN THE NEXT EPISODE THEY WILL HAVE AN ISLAND OF BABIES!!!!!1111!!!! THREE!!!!". They never shut up about their beloved OTP and are as bad as Shadamy shippers or Sebaciel shippers. I also know that in the manga, Okuda once said she wanted Karma to win, but she might've said that because she sees Karma as a good friend. And even If Okuda truly liked Karma, It'd most likely be one sided. Because that time Karma said he "liked" Okuda didn't meant anything to him.
5) It's pointless, yet overrated
That's right. They only had 2 or 3 "moments" that aren't even cute or would even classify as moments yet everyone ships it. It's like that godawful Comet tail x Twilight sparkle ship. They just stood next to each other and the whole world ships it. What has our world become?
6) Its cringy fanboys
(This part doesn't mean everyone who ships it. Just the obsessive ones)
They got me to hate the ship more and more. They always scream like "KARMA X OKUDA IS LOVE! KARMA X OKUDA IS LIFE!" or "THEY'RE GONNA FUDGE (censor) EACH OTHER IN THE NEXT EPISODE AND THEY'LL HAVE 3 BABIES!!" And you all can get pretty much the idea what else would they scream. They throw fits when someone points out their ship's flaws and not to mention they go out of their way to scream that It's "canon" just because of that Tokyo "moment" (that's not even an actual moment to the slightest). Oh and they also attack and hate on any other Karma ship and anyone whose against this. I rather have Karma x Nagisa over Karma x Okuda. At least they have more chemistry and interactions.

I won't like this ship. I can hardly see them as a real couple even that the whole world except me ships it like crazy. I don't care if they're personalities balance each other or whatever other excuse the rabid shippers of this came up as a reason to ship this. You don't need yin yang personality matchings (In other words, personalities that balanced each other out) to be a cute couple. Sometimes, people with the same personality or neutral personality matchings can be cute too. I ship some balanced out personality ships like Naegiri but only because they had real moments and they did more than standing next to each other. And real chemistry (no puns). Unlike Karma x Okuda.

And I'll finally admit it. I'm jealous at Okuda. Karma is one of my anime crushes and I absolutely love him not only because he's visually attractive but also because his mischevious, devilish personality that made the show funnier. He's the middle school version of Izaya Orihara, one of my other anime crushes and one of my first anime crushes (Izaya). I really love Izaya, and of course once I saw an equally attractive character who has a very similar personality like him, I'd of course become the guy's fan too. Come on, I love mischevious characters! They can make any show funner! Especially if they're also really bada**.

Whereas I didn't really liked Okuda. She isn't favourite character or at least likable character material to me. I like mischevious (e.g. Karma, Izaya, Nakamura), mysterious (e.g. Homura, Kirigiri), or devoted (e.g. Sakura Matou, Rem) characters. I also like some shy characters (such as Madoka Kaname), but the shyness shouldn't be made stereotypically or else that's a turn off to me. And they shouldn't be annoying. I found Okuda annoying and a coward. Dude, introverts don't have to be cowards anymore. I'm an introvert but I'm not a coward. Unlike Okuda.

Think about it, If you're favourite anime character, especially your anime crush is shipped with a character you don't like, you wouldn't ship them, right? Trust me, If a character you don't like is shipped with a character you already shipped with someone else, you'd dislike it. Especially if It's your anime crush.

And I guess that's all for today. And now I'm gonna move to a spaceship, fly to outerspace and hide myself there for my whole life so the fanboys will never find me. Bye!


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"is *not* because Karma x Nagisa,"
I need to add the 'not' before the fankids arrived - MLPFan

Plus the anime was self aware of the fact that these students were too young to date. They were in middle school and said they weren't thinking about dating when Korosensei was trying to get them to date. - RoseRedFlower

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I know right, but so many people ship it for some reason. I ship the three other ships you mentioned, though - MLPFan

I'll admit it:
I'm jealous at Okuda. Like, hella jealous - MLPFan