Top 10 Best Characters In the Fairy Tail Anime

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1 Erza Scarlet

Best girl. What can I say? She's powerful and hot. Can carry a fight by herself and has a tragic backstory just to rise as one of the strongest wizards ever. My childhood favorite.

Who's the most powerful female in Fairy Tail and practically the whole world? Who can re-equip at lightning speed into a hundred forms of armour? Who is a master swordsman and lancer, as well as a trained hand-to-hand combatist?

Erza Scarlet.

She's strong, brave and caring. She's pulled through a hell of a past. She's fought tooth-and-nail for Fairy Tail, and sacrificed just as much as anyone. She's the youngest wizard to ever become S-class. She gives the cheeky punks (Natsu and Gray) tough love and scares the hell out of everyone. She's a knight from legend, Queen Titania of the fairies.

And she's also number one on this list!

Erza is the best character, no contest. Her loyalty, her pride, and her leadership are just a few of the many, many, MANY, great things about her. I love her requipping Magic, because she can use different armor to fight different magic, like Flame Empress, Sea Empress, Lightning Empress, etc. And her though was despite what she's been through is inspiring. When she fights, it's all or nothing, and she never backs down. Everyone else in Fairy Tail obviously thinks the same because they made her guild master, not anyone else. I also love her relationship with Jellal, I like the other ships too, but I'm A Jerza shipper through and through. And I'm sorry but anyone who thinks Erza belongs with Natsu or Gray is sorely mistaken, she doesn't like them like that. If I had to be a member of Fairy Tail I would chose Erza, she's just amazing!

Yes. She is objectively the best written character. She doesn't follow the formula of the "good girl" like Lucy and most females. Instead, she's more of a badass warrior. She is independent, confident and strong. She still has a very human and vulnerable side that she usually hides. Also, she is very relatable, her awkwardness is so funny. In addition, she's an insanely deep character, her armor hides her weaknesses, her miserable backstory created her unique mentality, and she is still an awesome older sister figure. She is responsible for her guild and protecting it.

2 Gray Fullbuster

Gray is easily the best character in Fairy Tail.
1) Absolute badass in every battle he's in.
2) He's very intelligent, and uses his brain more than a certain reckless mage we all know and love.
3) His backstory is very well developed. In my opinion, his past is the most tragic. He lost everything he knew and loved at a very young age, but he was able to find a sense of home and happiness in Fairy Tail.
4) Though he's not known for it, he can be just as funny as Natsu. Personally, Gray's jokes are so much better than Natsu's, and they always put a smile on my face.
5) He's one of the most powerful mages in the entire story. Especially with his Ice Devil Slayer magic, he can take down any enemy, especially since he's never lost to someone twice.
6) He cares deeply for the people close to him, such as the Juvia, Lyon, Natsu, etc.
Gray has been developed very well throughout the series, and he rightfully deserves a spot in first place.

Gray Fullbuster is my favorite character for many reasons. (This is going to be long) First of all, his backstory is tragic. (SPOILERS) He was blamed for the death of his mentor who sacrificed herself for him and as a result his childhood 'friend' grew up to hate him. He watched his parent's get murdered by a demon, and then his guardian who he was closest too got killed murdering that same demon. Just when he though his father was alive, he dies in front of him. And yet he lives on, and is brave and selfless. Secondly, his fights. Now that he has devil-slaying magic, I believe that he's possibly stronger than Natsu (Maybe equal to END? ) and maybe matched evenly with Erza. He can freeze literally EVERYTHING! And his abilities are great, like his blood-ice thing. He uses his brain as well, such as producing magic too fast so that Rufus' mind couldn't keep up, freezing his own blood because of one detail Ultear mentioned, working with Lyon to figure out Racer's secret (that episode ...more

He's honestly the only main character that had any decent development throughout the season and the only guy I could care about. Sure, Erza might have better fights, Lucy might be more smarter (which I disagree with), and Natsu might have cool power-ups, but Gray is the most unique and interesting. It saddens me on how underlooked his character is and how much Mashima just did not care for his character as much as he did with everyone else. Gray was super underused, and yet is the only one in his team who shows actual growth. While he might have a more typical dark shounen backstory, it works for his character. If there is any reason to watch Fairy Tail, Gray is a reason.

Gray is a wonderful character simply because unlike the other members who each possess unique abilities E.G. Dragon Slaying, ice making magic can be learnt by almost all mages but it is up to you to hone it. Gray is creative (gosh, his intelligence is always overlooked, I have no idea why. Maybe because he enjoys his silly but friendly fights with Natsu too much? ) His battles usually include strategy (take his fast reaction by freezing his blood while fighting Ultear even though she only mentioned a detail once for example). His back story is heartbreaking but he chooses to live on. He is selfless. He has saved many souls (e.G. Lyon, Juvia, Ultear.). He is unbelievably kind and gentle (look how he treats the exceeds. Even Frosch! ) Plus he's ' hot.

3 Jellal Fernandes Jellal Fernandes is a childhood friend of Erza Scarlet. When he lost his own memory, he was a Dark Mage who desperately sought to revive Zeref via the R-System. Jellal served as the main antagonist of the Tower of Heaven arc and is currently a member and co-founder of Crime Sorcière.

This dude totally deserved the top. He had been through so much, first captured by his captors when he was young, got possessed, nearly died (and then got saved by Wendy), lost all his memories and got arrested for something that wasn't actually his fault 'cause he was being possessed. He totally deserves to sit back, relax and enjoy the sunset. But YET he devotes himself to destroying dark guilds and societies that threatens "peace" to atone for his 'sins' which technically wasn't even his fault. He never stops, no matter how much hate people have for him, no matter the risk of being arrested again, and no matter how much of his horrible past is brought up. I also like that even though Erza and Jellal obviously care for each other a lot, they know how to keep their distance and don't get all lovey-dovey. He totally shows how much he cares for Erza not through loud actions, be subtle ways. An amazing character with even more amazing character development. Totally deserves 1st.


Beautifully written character! I love how he makes such a good villain at first, as he's so strategic and clever, and then when he becomes good again he's even better! He is relatable for me, which is hard to come by since most characters I see I actually have a hard time relating to. I love how he helped the Oracion Seis as well and formed Crime Sorciere with Ultear and Meldey! He wants to keep fighting for redemption and try and help people! His magic is also really beautiful! The only thing that really bugs me about him is his relationship with Erza, whom I highly dislike. The almost-kiss was cute though.

Of the countless redeemed villains in Fairy Tail, Jellal is the one who I root for the most. You can tell he really wants to right his wrongs and he acknowledges how difficult it's going to be. Plus he and Erza are one of the best couples in the series.

I love Jellal.
He has such a deep, dark but wonderful history with Erza and his other friends. He's kind, selfless and caring. He is handsome has just the best haircolour and this tattoo that makes him even more handsome and cool. Additionally he's super strong. Deafeating Oracion Seis by himself... Sadly he has so little Screentime, which makes me hate Hiro Mashima but hey.
His magic is the nicest magic that you can have I mean it has to do with stars and he can let a comet crash down onto his enemies or give himself the abilities of a meteor. AMAZING!
I'm a big Jelal fangirl and I totally love Jellal. Such an amazing character...

4 Natsu

I see why people think he overshadows characters I mean he's kind of the main character of the main characters if you catch my drift. Also, to be fair, the other main characters kind of have their arcs. I get why he may be overshadowing the minor characters like (random) Romeo and Freed but again, for the most part the story revolves around him and the people surrounding him. He's also the reason Zeref is the "Black Wizard" and emperor Spriggan (or whatever).
I also think that Natsu is just a good character in general. People may say he's an idiot, which of course he is, but he is also good (at times) with finding weakness in opponents techniques or the opponents themselves. He's also always bright and cheerful and yeah.

NATSU is bad my life everything! He is my hero my inspiration. My hero. He is so loyal and sexy and hot. DUH! Like he care about his comrades and always protect the ones he loves and the anime it self is so good and NATSU is just my favorite character so I don't know why he is number like the hell is this. He is funny, awesome, cute and amazing. He's awesome powers and he teaches me things that apply to real life. He never shows his weakness and helps others like lucy and happy. He has a soft side and a tough side as well. His quotes are pretty inspirational. His character is what makes him amazing.

Natsu may not be the smartest nor the most complex character Fairy Tail has made but he is in the end, he's a character that I can get behind. The degree to which he cares for his family is impressive and in the end, he's a breath of fresh air because unlike everyone else he has his baggage but he doesn't dwell on it as much as so many others do. He lives for the moment and does what he thinks is right despite his fears or mistakes. I can respect that. Plus if people as awesome as Erza are willing to put faith in him, I see no reason to doubt him either and just love him for who he is.

Probably one of the worst characters ever. Over the course of 400 chapters he has received no character development whatsoever. There were moments where he could have some development, but they were just thrown out the window. For example, it was implied that Lisanna and Natsu have a very close bond with each other. Yet a few chapters after Lisanna is reintroduced to Natsu, she is then given the same treatment as Max; almost complete irrelevance. Another moment was when Gildarts told Natsu that one should notice their weakness to become stronger. This solid piece of advice was completely shoved to the side as well when Natsu was fighting against Zancrow. He should just bailed the fight along with other members and hid for a couple of years to train then do a massive comeback. Instead, he does his typical friendship gimmick and pulls off an insane move (granted it did look pretty bad-ass). Which brings me to another fault in his character, the friendship philosophy. A very common ...more

5 Ultear

You go from absolutely despising her when she was Zalty and because she corrupted Jellal to loving her when she was in Crime Sorciere and when she reversed time to save the world. That scene when she sees Gray and Gray realizes she was the one who saved him...the feels.

With Jellal (as a villain ofc) and Lyon, Ultear was one of the few villains in this show who had both brilliant background and development. She kinda represents the beginning of the series, where the arcs were more well thought, unlike the powerscale-dependant arcs and villains we're getting right now. Besides, she was an incredibly smart character as she was able to infiltrate successfully the Council and manipulated Jellal to get her job done. She was also not fully insane, as she actually cared for her comrades. Pity that she was in that terrible group of villains :'(

She used the last ages spell even though so was warned not to. She risked her life to save the world and even if it was only a minute she turned back, she stopped Gray dying and everyone had a glimpse into the future helping them to defeat the dragons. She's a character that is greatly overlooked and deserved more. In my eyes, she is the true hero of fairy tail and deserves much much more credit for what she did

She should be #1 and let me say why: in spite of the fact she doesn't belong to the Fairy Tail Guild, the sacrifices she made for them and for the world are beyond restitution. By sacrificing her youth and life span, she gave Gray a second chance to live on, rescuing him from the death, as well as saving everyone else's life (Droy, Macao, Bacchus, etc) and allowing them to defeat Future Rogue. Before that, she had saved Natsu from being murdered by this Furute Rogue, attacking him with her "Flash Forward", which forced him to fleed. Then, during the present Alvarez Arc, she has broken through Dimaria's Age Seal, using just an astral projection, and saved Wendy for being slaughtered by the Spprigan. So, here, folks, we see this formidable Ice and Time mage dismissing one of the strongest spells cast by one of the Shields of Zeref. Plus, using this very same astral projection, she granted both Wendy and Sherria with Third Origin, even though only Sherria successfully activated it, ...more

6 Mirajane Mirajane Strauss is the elder sister of Lisanna and Elfman, who possesses “Take-Over” magic, which allows her to take shape of animals, other wizards, or her “Satan Soul” forms. Mirajane is also an S-Class wizard who was rivals with Erza Scarlet when they were both young, often challenging her more.

Criminally underused. Her personality makes her easy to like because she's an angel around her friends, and then you find out that she's also a complete savage when she fights people using Satan Soul. I wish we saw more of her. More of her backstory (the small amount that we got during the Tartaros arc was great), more fights, more times where she uses the demons that she took over (I REALLY wanted to see her use Seilah more and not just put a bunch of people to sleep). Hopefully she gets more time to shine in 100 Year Quest.

Mira is like an angel to everyone. Super nice, kind, and she always hold her power back because she's afraid that she might hurt others.She should be ranked higher than this. Mirajane is the best periodt.

I just love her. After all that happened to her (I mean her sisters "death") she was still strong, because she knew she had to protect her family. She always smiles. She know, that every single person is good inside. She always cheers everyone up, and if she cries, I'm crying too. She always believes in her friends and that there's rainbow after clouds. Such positive character! Besides, she's sometimes very funny.

Mira deserves more screen time. She's underrated and overrated at the same time. She's supposed to be super strong, but she's often portrayed as weak and bad at battling. She's also underrated for the same reason; she only ever gets good fight scenes when she's mad for her siblings or if her opponents are weak. She deserves more fight scenes!

7 Juvia

We needed more of Juvia. More about her backstory, more screentime for her to develop relationships with people who aren't related to Gray (I really like her friendship with Meredy), more abilities (she used the same abilities from her introduction all the way to the final arc pretty much), etc. I feel like they forgot the fact that she can turn herself into water and completely negate most attacks. She should have won most of her fights a lot more easily tbh.

I personally like Juvia very much. I know, the way she loves Gray skirts madness, but, if you are following the manga, you've seen what she has done while battling Gray under Invel's spell. Against all odds, she has broken through his spell and tried to take her own life, so that Gray would be free of the chains and could beat Invel - which he did, magisterially. Plus, my respect towards her skyrocketed when I saw her killing Keith, probably the first time she killed someone since she joined Fairy Tail. The huge amount of mature feelings and thoughts that popped up during that fight are beyond description, hence why she is my favorite Fairy Tail's female character.

I've liked Juvia since her first appearence in Fairy Tail.
She had an amazing character development, first shown as an emotionless and sad evil mage, love turned Juvia into a bubbly, cute, selfless and brave member of Fairy Tail.
Also, Juvia's love for Gray, Fairy Tail and her comrades have an huge impact on her, and she wouldn't hesitate to sacrifice herself in order to save them.
Plus, she is slowly melting the ice in Gray's heart, who also took away her rain, which proves that she truly loves him.
That's why Juvia is my favorite character in Fairy Tail. Not because she's cute or strong, but because she has the most selfless and good heart in the whole show.

I'm really sorry to say this, but Juvia has to be one of, if not, my least favorite characters. I mean, she has her perks, like she's strong, loyal, and loves her friends. But I cannot stand her obsession for Gray. When she's obsessive, I have to pause every 5 seconds to cringe. Sometimes, she can be cute, but it's overall annoying and stupid. I mean, she can fangirl about Gray, but when it's every second of her screen time, it gets old really fast. Lets face it, she is way too obsessive. If Hiro tones down her obsession to a normal person, I might like her better.

8 Sting Eucliffe

Do I need to explain? He is kind, loving and adorable. I'm not going to talk about how hot he is (he is the sexiest guy I know) because that will make me sound like the other comments. His character made such an emotional impact on me; the loss of Lector completely changed him, a genuinely unique character who was not born evil. He was abused, bullied and rejected; now as Sabertooth's master, he ensures the well-being of every comrade, guild member or not. His character even makes huge impacts on the mains, particularly Natsu (we can see this via the episode 'Natsu's Mind - Natsu's subconscious creates an image of Sting to guide him. Not Gray, not Lucy, not even Igneel, but Sting). The fact he picked Sting shows the huge impact he has on others as a character. I love him to bits, and any haters really need to look at his character development and personality. Because personally, he is my all time favorite anime character.

So hot! When I first saw him a little before the grand magic games, I was just like...*stare*
Need I say more of his great charms?
He is also very smart, and that part where he gives up at the end is just so heartbreaking, and so sweet of him to give up for Lecter...
It's also so nice how he sees Natsu as someone to look up to.
I love how he develops, and I especially like how after the master of Sabertooth(during the gmg) and minerva go away, he changes the guild to such a great place! SO CARING!

As soon as he appeared alongside Rogue and their exceeds at ep.151, he sent me into anime hell. With his hillarious facial expressions, honest but warm personality and adorable relationship with Lector, Sting is one of the most damn wonderful Fairy Tail characters in the show.

Sting is not only super strong but he constantly works hard to improve his skills and knows the true meaning of friendship. also he is so cute especially his friendship with Lecter and the way he looks up to Natsu is adorable.

9 Laxus

Laxus' development is just incredible. HE should be rank higher than this. He inhaled the poison of tempester to save the town.

He is honestly one out of a small handful of tolerable characters in Fairy Tail that make the series somewhat watchable/readable. Over the series of Fairy Tail he actually receives some character development and actually improves his personality over the course of the series. Whenever he gets into a fight, it's worth enjoying it due to it not being heavily one-sided. However, when it comes to him in GMG his character regresses drastically when he quotes Natsu and he one-shots Jura because that is not normal when it comes to Laxus's character. In fact, it really is unfortunate because he had trained to fight against Jura and we were given a power chart to see where the characters were power-wise (Jura and Laxus were pretty so they should have had a pretty equal fight lasting for 4-5 chapters). In the end, Laxus is still an enjoyable character since he rarely ever partakes in the nakama silliness of the guild members and he actually has some character development.

When he first appeared in the show I hated his guts and didn't look forward to him showing up again. However at the end of the battle of fairy tail arc, I was actually moved by how he accepted his punishment and his relationship with Macarov. That made me dislike him a lot less. Fast forward to the Tenroe arc and I fell in love with both his strength and conviction. After that he quickly became my favorite character and that didn't change for the rest of the anime. Out of all the characters he has made the best character development while still keeping his origional personality intact. I love Laxus and it would take a lot for any other character to take his place for me.

Honestly, at first I thought Laxus was just another prick. But after the battle of fairy tail he started showing some actual character development. And it wasn't a 100% immediate turn around either. During tenrou island and key of the starry skies he was still showing traces of his superior attitude, and I loved that. His transformation was actually believable in terms of how it progressed. And when he was punished for hurting fairy tail he took it like a man. Plus who doesn't like (or love) it when he knocks one of the idiots around a little.

10 Lucy

People who hates Lucy are idiots to me. Lucy may be annoying sometimes but she is a very kindhearted , clever and caring person. From episode 1-100 she may be very annoying but if you continue watching you will realise that she is a kindhearted and caring girl. She deeply cares for her friends . Even though she is not very powerful , at the end of the chapter, she got even more powerful and helps out a little bit. But seriously she at the 10th place ! I can't believe it she should at least be 3rd or 4th. One thing about Lucy is that she is very pretty , pretty enough to be the top 10 prettiest anime girl in all of the anime .

I personally find Lucy to be conceited when it comes to her looks, and annoying when she simply sits back and watches as Natsu, Gray, Erza, etc save everyone. But when she actually gets up on her feet and fights, she's fairly strong. She has a lot of potential, and I believe the reason her power isn't as great as say, Juvia's, is because she spent so much of her life cooped up in a mansion. She also incredibly smart, if not a bit naive and superficial, and also cares for her friends. I think the reason she's not as driven as many of the other characters is because the traumatic events in her past weren't as severe. Overall, she's either my 5th or 6th favourite

Lucy is an amazing character! If you don't like her you shouldn't be a fan of Fairy Tail! She's our main character! The reason why she doesn't always fight is because celestial spirits take a lot of magic energy out of her and she isn't as reckless as Natsu. She is always trying to fit in with the other guys and now (In the manga) she can fight now! The one thing I don't like is that she uses her looks to weaken men, but hey everyone has flaws and she is beautiful! Every one has looked in the mirror and thought how horrible or beautiful/handsome they look. (SPOILER) After her star dress I think she can fight equally with the others, she is just as strong as them but doesn't always fight because it takes a lot of magic and needs to know when the time is right to strike.
Lucy is either my 3 favorite character (Kagura, Natsu, Lucy are my top 3)

Lucy is honestly my favorite character. She is a mediocre mage who has a chance meeting with Natsu. When she joined a guild full of powerhouses she knew she was out of her league. Does she quit? No! She could've left at any point in the story, but she didn't. So what if she's obsessed with her looks? She is the ONLY normal person who has realistic expectations, goals, flaws, and power at her age. She received no advice or training like Natsu, Gray, or Laxus. She relies on Natsu to save her because, there is no way she can fight Gajeel, and others above her. It took years for her to finally stand on her own two feet. Even before Alvarez she can hold down a stable job and a house with the money SHE earned. Since her father went broke, she had to get her own money. That is Lucy Heartfillia

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11 Gajeel Redfox Gajeel Redfox is a fictional character from the anime Fairy Tail. He is the Iron Dragon Slayer. He was an antagonist in his first appearance, fighting main character Natsu Dragneel. He later ended up turning to Fairy Tail's side, and most commonly fights alongside Levy McGarden and Panther-Lily.

Gajeel is one of the best Fairy Tail characters. He may act cold amd uncaring but he really does care about the guild especially Lily and Levy. Also, at the end of the Tartaros arc who remembers him comforting Wendy when the dragons were disappearing. He is in a way quite like Vegeta. He is quick to adapt and has so much power. He literally absorbs Rogue's shadows and uses it combined with his iron dragon magic to defeat Rogue. And we know that he is already better than any singer, shoo be do ba. Gajeel is an amazing character that really deserves to be a lot higher on the list.

Ever since Gajeel saved Levy from Laxus' attack, he's been my favorite character. I honestly was surprised when he came back, and I didn't expect them to do much with him, but he's grown so much over the course of the series, mores than any other character. His transformation from a cold-hearted brute to a guy who just wants get back on the right track, and then to an extremely loyal member of the guild that'll do anything to protect those that he cares for (Levy in particular) is really inspiring. We get to see some of his backstory in the Tenrou and Tartaros arcs, which just makes him an even more interesting character. His relationship with Pantherlily is always fun to watch, and let's be real...Gajeel x Levy is the best ship in Fairy Tail. It's the only one that's actually canon, and Gajeel always goes out of his way to try and protect Levy, and vice versa. Their interactions are always just adorable, and their personalities just bounce off of each other really well.

Gajeel is honestly one of my favorite characters, and I love how we get to see both his soft side and his tough side. I think he's especially cute when he's protective of Levy or Panther Lilly, and he and Natsu are hella funny together. Another one of his traits I respect is that as Lilly points out, Gajeel is quick to adapt to his opponents in a fight, which makes him formidable and stronger than just power.

Gajeel is one of my favorite characters in Fairy Tail. His personality is enjoyable and interesting, his looks are amazing, and his character development was one of the best parts of Gajeel. He was a former Phantom Lord member, but when he joined Fairy Tail, he changed for the better. I didn't like him at first, but when he helped out his members like Levy, Jet, and Droy, I really started to enjoy him.

12 Freed Justine

Freed is just the sweetest, most intelligent, most handsome, kindest, and all around amazing little cinnamon bun you have ever laid eyes on. Voting him's easy!

Freed is absolutely my favorite character. His magic is powerful and elegant and he's much more complex than any other character in Fairy Tail.

Freed is AWESOME! He was nominated for S-Class! This dude is strong, kind, protective of Laxus, and smart. (Anybody remember when this man had a buzz cut? )

I can't believe he made the list! I would not have pinned him as one of the top characters.

13 Rogue Cheney

I don't understand why he isn't higher. He was the only member of Sabertooth that questioned what their guild was doing, even going as far to call their guild's motives wrong. He didn't join them in the arena when they were going to throw down after Minerva hurt Lucy, not did he watch Minerva beat her up. He also has such a soft side for Frosh which is ADORABLE. And then there's the whole shadow thing. He's had to deal with the fact that in the future he could kill Sting, and yet he still strives to be happy. Honestly, I love Rogue. He should be at least 12.

In my opinion, Rogue is much more better-looking than Gray. At first, he shows his disinterest in everything and everyone, with Gajeel as the only person and thing he was interested in. He longed to surpass Gajeel. Rogue actually spoke up and questioned the Sabertooth guild's policies. After a while, he shows his caring nature towards his comrades. Rogue should be in the top ten.

He's a total cutie (along with Sting of course) and he starts off seeming all 'not interested' and everything, but in that episode in which Frosch gets lost, Rogue isn't just a calm and cool character, he has a lot more personality. And he was always really kind, such as doubting his guild for kicking Yukino out. And when he's so protective over Frosch after Lector is 'killed' is so cute

People talk about how amazig Sting was and how he changed the guild. Rouge was the first one to notice what was up. He saw that the guild was corrupt. Also, we see strong bonds with Dragon Slayers and Exeeds throughout the show, but Rouges love for Frosh is very strong. Rouge also loves (yes loves.) Sting and Stings exeed, blanking on te name... Rouge also has the potential for great power. He may not be the strongest wizard ever, or the hottest(Jellal), but he deserves some credit. He has a golden heart and awesome Emo magic!

14 Zeref Zeref Dragneel is a character from the anime/manga series, Fairy Tail, created by Hiro Mashima. He debuted in chapter 200 of the manga, and episode 96 in the anime. In Fairy Tail, Zeref is considered to be the strongest Dark Wizard of all time, who was under the Curse of Contradiction. He is the founder more.

Hey why is Zeref so underrated? Get him higher! Zeref is a badass, awesome character who's extremely kind but was misled. Everyone hates him for his curse, though he never intended to kill anyone and warned them to stay away. He was a good guy, just being misunderstood. He wanted to revive his litte brother, get a horrible curse in the result, if he doesn't eant others to die when they are around him, he mustn't cherish their life. So he tried to hide from humanity in order to protect them but he couldn't stand witnessing them massacre each other, so he slowly begin to renounce his connection to humanity and get into the dark path. He spent his 400 years life seeing wars, fights and his loved ones leaving him whil he can do nothing for that, suffered for centuries and ended up being rejected by the world! Now, he wanted to be killed by the very litte brother he revived to put his miserable life to an end, such a sad ending for a kind, talented prodigy who treasures life more than ...more

I feel sorry for him. He was a good guy, just being misunderstood. He wanted to revive his litte brother, get a horrible curse in the result, if he doesn't eant others to die when they are around him, he mustn't cherish their life. So he tried to hide from humanity in order to protect them but he couldn't stand witnessing them massacre each other, so he slowly begin to renounce his connection to humanity and get into the dark path. He spent his 400 years life seeing wars, fights and his loved ones leaving him whil he can do nothing for that, suffered for centuries and ended up being rejected by the world! Now, he wanted to be killed by the very litte brother he revived to put his miserable life to an end, such a sad ending for a kind, talented prodigy who treasures life more than anybody else. Just because of his brother that he received the Ankseram curse, yet he still cares for and love his brother deeply and wanted to revive him still regardless of the price he must pay. He ...more

Zeref is adorable and his relationships with other characters and plot are really interesting! Despite wanting to die he told Natsu what would happen therefore stopping himself from being killed. Great outfit too :)

GET HIM HIGHER! He is obviously the coolest! He tried to bring back his little bro but he ended up cursed instead but that is not his fault. And besides thinking about how he got cursed makes me want to strangle natsu since he is trying to oppose and fight against his older brother who is going through a lot of suffering for him. If I were zeref I'm sure I would not try to resurrect my sibling if the cost of it was that high so natsu should be grateful instead.

15 Meredy

Meredy, although she isn't shown too much, is in my opinion a great character. She is very strong and developed a lot in the short period we saw her. She claimed during her scuttle with Rusty that she lived in the present and he lived in the past, meaning that she's optimistic, and has a reason to live-live for your friends

I think she should be number 1. She has been one of the only characters in fairy tail who I really liked then ended up hating.

Sweet, beautiful, caring, cheerful, and great character development. Meredy is really underrated.

The only problem I have with her is that she saved Ultear but at least Ultear kinda redeems herself.

16 Wendy

Wendy is so cute and adorable! I love how she's innocent, nervous, respectful, and shy. She's just a child yet she has such powerful magic. She can heal people, is a High Enchanter, a dragon slayer, and a strong determined character. I liked her past with Mystogan and how determined she is to find him again. She is also one of the main 7 characters (Natsu, Lucy, Erza, Gray, Happy, Carla, and herself) but is constantly looked down on just because she's younger than most wizards. (She's not actually young, she just hasn't aged much. She is around 421 because she spent 400 years inside the Eclipse Gate, 7 years on Tenrou Island, lived for 12 years outside more years. A year passed when Fairy Tail disbanded and another year passed after the Alvarez arc.) She only seems weak because she probably holds back a lot since she doesn't like fighting. Irene took over her body and was almost able to beat Erza, but Wendy was able to enchant her personality into Irene to help out Erza. Wendy is a ...more

Honestly, Wendy should at least be in the top ten. When she was first introduced, she was very shy and modest and mainly used her powers for healing. But ever since she joined Fairy Tail, she slowly became more confident and stronger as well. I mean, she even got her Dragon Force when she was twelve! TWELVE! Natsu got his Dragon Force until he was a young adult. Also, Wendy has an amazing personality. She's kind, sweet, and modest.
She may have flaws like how she can still be reserved and quiet around certain people but besides that, I think she easily is one of the best characters in the Fairy Tail series.

Wendy is by far my favorite character in Fairy Tail. She is kind, sweet, and is the only one who has magic that can support and heal other mages, which makes her one of a kind. At the start she is very weak and doubts her powers as a dragon slayer, as she is still very young around the age to 10 or 11 at the time. Later on in the Tartaros Arc, Wendy around age 12 not only gets her Dragon Force, but also single handly defeats one the seven books of Zeref. Keep in mind that Natsu, Gajeel, Mirajane, Erza, and others had trouble defeating some of the other books of Zeref, and they even had help. I love characters like Wendy, and I feel like she is too underrated.

Wendy is such an amazing character! Not only is she very powerful and strong (dragon slayer magic and dragon force) but she is also super kind, caring and helpful. You often don't see characters with both of these traits but that's why I love her. She's beautiful, cute, sweet, cool and strong! I loved her the second she ran into the guild and fell on her face, she has evolved so much from being an adorable, sensitive little girl. She's my favourite character from fairy tail without a doubt.

17 Mystogan

Wasted character. Every time Mystogan was on-screen prior to the Edolas arc, he was awesome. Putting everyone in the guild to sleep, completely destroying the branches of Phantom Lord, stalemating Laxus, etc. I definitely wanted to see more of him and his abilities. I especially wanted to see how his relationship with Wendy would progress, but their reunion and farewell were in the same arc, which is kinda lame. Regardless, Mystogan will always be a savage, even if everyone forgets he was one of the original S-Class wizards.

Only 17? he is the most mysterious and badass Fairy Tail Wizard and it's a shame most people don't remember him anymore, he deserves to make a return to fight agaisnt zeref

Omf. He's myst a lot by the Fairy Tail fans (Including myself. I'm sorry, I had too, okay? ). I loved Mystogan's character. Like, a lot.

So mysterious and so cool, he is like the Fairy Tail's version of Batman. Hope one day he returns.

18 Loke Loke is a recurring character in the anime show, Fairy Tail. He's a heroic, but flirtatious friend of Lucy.

Loke is an overrated garbage character. His personality has nothing special besides being a pervert and a player. The only thing cool about him is what he did for Aries, his power, and his clothes, which could easily be given to a better zodiac. Speaking of zodiacs, why is he the leader of them? He shouldn't be given a higher title simply because he's the Lion. I want to see other zodiacs more, like Capricorn, but no, we see Loke instead. Whoopdedoo. What a disappointment he is to those who has the Leo as their constellation sign.

I really liked him at first! (After he turned out to be Leo) but then he became a player flirter a girl every time he was summoned. Geez man put those panties back in your pants!
And anyone else find it a peeve that he wears a tux with sunglasses? No? Okay.

I'm just amazed how most of these ratings are based on looks. Like LOL. Loke isn't even that strong of a character. He is really overrated. I mean, yes he comes to help occasionally, but out of all the celestial spirits, you can't tell me that he's the best. I would get it if Virgo, Aquarius, hell! Even Horologium. He just seems wimpy and his personality is weak and cliché. Just leave it to Taurus with the perverted remarks.

His backstory was so sad! He's my second favorite character (besides Gray) and definitely needs more love.

19 Kagura Mikazuchi

This woman could destroy anything without even unleashing her sword! That is power! If it wasn't for Erza telling her about Simon's death and getting Kagura so emotional(which broke her focus on the match) then I truly believe that she could have taken Erza down. While watching her fight, I truly thought to myself "Erza might lose." Super strong, a great wizard, needs more screen time. Also, she wear clothes! She's not running around trying to fight in high heels and a bikini! She looks like a warrior, and I love that!

Seriously, Kagura is stronger than Erza. That fight in the GMG did not prove anything. 1. She didn't use any magic! Like really? She might've won the battle if she actually used gravity magic.
2. She got very dramatic when she found out Erza was the one who saved her, so she LET Erza win.
She is also an amazing character and I wish she could fight more to prove her strength!

- Her mediocre backstory and ties with Erza weren't convincing.
- Her design, clothing especially, is pretty much a copy from two video game characters.

+ Everything else :D cool and majestic yet humble, extremely capable, a saint in a boobage fest, calm, loyal, cute, and imperfect!

Kagura is so strong she defeted yukino so badly that she cried. Erza might had trouble defeting the 13 gate spirit. I HATE SIMON. Stupid
Erza if she didn't mention simon then kagura would had won.

20 Happy

Happy is the right name for this cute flying kitten. His cheerful smile and voice is so appealing to me and always warms my heart. I love how in the show Happy would have his own scene and he is like dancing or eating fish, its always what I look forwards the most in each episode bc this little cat, just knows how to make someone happy :3

Happy might be the greatest animal side kick in all of anime. Combat-wise, he doesn't have much value. But his comic relief in the series is unparalleled. Fairy Tail might not be the show it is without him.

You really do have to admit: Happy is ADORABLE. And he's not JUST cute. He can FLY, which he uses to get people out of some tricky spots! He's always funny and, well, HAPPY!

Happy is the 2nd worst character in fairy tail (Lucy is the last)! He is annoying and he is not cute and doesn't make me HAPPY! He makes me angry and irritated with him!

21 Lyon

I actually think Lyon should be in the top ten... He's super handsome and at first he was quite obsessed with becoming better than his master your and seems quite vain. But later on his more caring characteristics comes to pass. He adores Juvia and does everything to try and please her. He also asks Gray when he was planning to marry Juvia; he obviously is struggling with the thought but overcomes by thinking about Juvia's happiness... Why does Juvia like Gray when he is so absurdly mean to her?!?!

Lyon is an AMAZING character. He was super sweet when he was a kid and has awesome skill when it comes to his magic. Did I mention his hair?

The first time I saw him, I was just like, wow. He's just as handsome as Gray.

I have a soft spot for Lyon because he looks like Hitsuyuga from Bleach.

22 Rufus Lore

Awesome magic that can make or combine magic and don't know how he got two move shoted by gray.

23 Gildarts

He is one of the strongest wizards in whole anime and still he is nice and not arogant like some other guys. Also he is like a father to many guild members. He even cheered natsu up when he knocked him down on s class trial and still let him pass.

He's the sweetest character in this anime. He acted almost like a father to natsu and lisanna and despite his power he isn't arrogant or annoying.

I once saw a review about him and they said he was their least favorite character. I almost had a heart attack and asked them why. I was totally raging for the rest of the day. Unlike 90% of FT characters, he's modest and isn't arrogant or constantly challenging people (coughNatsucough LOL, he's so cute, though :) ) like Jellal. That's what I love about him.

He is so hilarious, I mean they have to give him a pathway to the guild hall! That is still great!

24 Mavis Vermillion Mavis Vermilion is the first guild master of the infamous guild Fairy Tail. She started as a poor young girl with no parents and friends. She worked for the guild Red Salamander on Tenrou Island. Tenrou Island is also the island that belongs to the Fairy Tail guild where her grave is.


WHAT? Put her on #2! Brilliant story about the formation of the guild! I relate to her so much! Her story with zeref is great and I love her illusion magic! It suits her because she is so clever, yet imaginative and happy! She's also very strategic! The game with Yuri was really great! I love her and I think I relate to her even more than any other character! She's adventurous and insightful and just wants to travel and help the world be a better place! Wonderful character development and I love her and her friend's relationship! It was so terrible when she got cursed! I was so happy when she got her body back though, and her and Zera's relationship is so beautifully done!

Sad backstory, super smart, loves her friends, is super cute, founded Fairy Tail, created three of the most powerful spells in the series, her son with Zeref is ridiculously powerful (which makes Mavis seem even more powerful)...what's not to love.

She seems innocent but she has seen tough times. Mavis is incredible and I would frankly enjoy more Fairy Tail Zero adventures.

We didn't really get to see a lot of her personality until fairy tail zero. At that point, we get fully immersed in just how clever, brilliant, brave, adventurous, and strong willed she is. I really respect characters and people like that. She's like the Artemis Fowl of Fairy Tail. Even down to the fact that they were both looking for fairies. Isn't that an interesting coincidence...

25 Orga Nanagear

Cool, strong, hilarious! When he sings it's pure mosh delight!

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