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1 Frieza - Dragon Ball Z Freeza (Pronounced "Frieza" in the Funimation dub) is fictional character in the Dragon Ball series by Akira Toriyama as the primary antagonist of the Freeza Saga. He is a galactic tyrant who governs the Planet Trade Organization and is feared by the universe for his sadistic and brutal nature. He is the series's most personal and significant antagonist, being responsible for many of the series' events, most notably Goku's transformation into a Super Saiyan.

He murdered a whole race, he blew planets up for fun, he was a total sadist, he even said himself that "tortures no fun if I can't hear you scream." He sold some of his planets due to his own greed, not even caring about the race on the planet at all. He stabbed and killed Krillin, even attempting to kill Gohan. He had a fearsome personality which made him a great villain. Usually you'd think that villains don't get scared at all, but he did, which shows he actually did have a personality. He even stated he did care for his family even though he didn't towards others. His goal was even to become to most powerful ever, which he was almost close to achieving. Overall his personality, goals,strife, and being charismatic towards others makes him the TOP villain.

The one who pushed Goku far enough to finally become a Super Saiyan. Bloodthirsty, calculating, obsessive, everything a good villain should be. Frieza quite literally has nothing to gain from most of the people he kills-he just does it because he enjoys it. Cell, Boo, all the other villains in the Dragon Ball series were great but when it comes to being a cold hearted hate filled psychopath, Frieza shines in every aspect. Everyone seems to be comparing Frieza to Cell or Buu so I will say this:Cell was created with no conscious or feelings and Majin Buu was created in a similar way. Being a freak just comes naturally to Frieza and also, all his power is self earnt. He didn't absorb his powers.
Oh and he made Vegeta cry.

Freeza definitely deserves to be the top villain of all time. At his finest, he was a merciless tycoon whose control extended over the whole galaxy. Someone who would kill without a second force. He was also the kind of villain who likes to toy around with you, not put a facade, but politely announce his intentions to annihilate all you hold dear with a smile on his face. His very presence was enough to Freeze all. He was also a cold, scheming machine. Truly pure evil

Besides his evil actions, his power is like none other. He has a reputation for destroying planets, which he can easily do with a finger. And he is the first and only villain for which there was no hope at all in the whole of Dragon Ball. For all other cases, Goku was stronger or at least equal to the enemy, with one or two exceptions like Gohan or Gotenks. For Freeza however, as soon as he fought him, the power differential was clear: at only half his maximum Freeza was dominating the man who always rose to the ...more

Frieza might not be the strongest villain in Dragon Ball Z, but he could be favored and hated from the audience. He's a bloodthirsty tyrant who seeks power and absolute control over the universe. Destroying the Saiyan Race and molding Vegeta into a killing machine. Frieza showed no remorse or regret to any life in the universe, trusting only himself, killing a person would be like hitting a fly. Frieza is one of the best villains in Dragon Ball Z, Cell too.

2 Johan Liebert - Monster Johan Liebert is a character in the anime and manga series Monster, created by Naoki Urasawa. He is the twin brother of the main character, Dr. Kenzo Tenma, and serves as the primary antagonist. Johan is a highly intelligent, manipulative individual with a mysterious past, capable of bending people to his will. His enigmatic, malevolent nature has earned him the nickname "the Monster," as he orchestrates a series of grim events throughout the narrative.

Johan is definitely the best and most terrifying Anime villain ever.

People just seem to overlook him since the series itself is not very popular and people would rather go for the characters who have super powers or a book that can kill people.

When it comes to villain, Johan wins hands down. He is the first anime character ever to make me shiver in fright and apprehension.

He does not even have a solid reason for killing people, he just does it. It is not like he kills because he likes killing people. It is more like he does not want to watch the world burn, he just wants to set it on fire.

He killed everyone who ever helped him. He even managed to make all the orphans from his orphanage kill each other while he sat there watching them. He's actually so evil and murderous that a Neo-Nazi party tried to get him to become the new Adolf Hitler" which was not Johan's style so he massacred most of them. He did all this so that in the end he would be the last ...more

The Complete Monster of all anime. The one who has seen hell in his eyes and never blinked. This isn't just the best anime/manga villain, this is one of the top villains in ANY media. If you can tolerate that one bull assassination, he has the origins as to why he is damn smart and unholy cruel, and he pulls off his actions that doesn't break the suspension of disbelief in a realistic setting as Monster. Lots of people die in the worst way, but Tenma and Nina are very proactive in trying to stop him, saving many more innocent victims. It has to be seen to be believed, and not many people seen Monster. Guess that's why the dumbass that threw away his illusion powers is number one at this time. February 28th 2017.

If you were to look up the definition of monster in a dictionary, you would find a picture of Johan Liebert there. In fact, he is the very definition of the word monster. He convinced a whole room of people to kill each other. I'm not sure if you can get more evil. He's much worse than Aizen- because he's the picture of perfection. Everyone loves him- young children flock to him. It's terrifying to watch how he inserts himself into people's lives and moves them around like puppets. Not just once, but again and again and again. Unlike Aizen, he doesn't need an army to take down the world- and he doesn't have limits to who he controls. If I had to compare him to anyone- he slightly reminds me of Jim Moriarty- if Moriarty talked people into killing themselves- without the help of anything he's done.

Johan was incredibly well-written. He didn't need superpowers to be threatening, and he certainly didn't need them to be frightening. He has powers of his own, namely his incredible skills in terms of manipulation. He doesn't have to do anything because he can easily make other people work for him, and he can just as easily make a person break. He doesn't need a knife or a gun. He just needs his own mind.

The best part about his character is probably the fact that he's realistic. Somewhere out there, there is a real Johan Liebert, and that is an undeniable fact.

3 Sosuke Aizen - Bleach

Aizen is easily one of the most talented villains to ever come to existence. Some may argue that he is overpowered but let's face it; unlike Light Yagami, he's still alive and for all we know he could easily come back considering he didn't exactly look fazed when given his prison sentence. However, it's not like he's an impossible character despite planning everything out for 100 years; even Aizen had to make adjustments here and there. To be honest, it wouldn't be surprising if he returned earlier then expected and as the ever charming villain he always was. A) We have no idea what his bankai is. B) In The Thousand-Year Blood War arc, Yhwach wanted him as 'special war power. ' Does he know something we don't about Aizen? Either way, considering he refused when he could have easily got out must mean he has other plans. C) He planned to be God, and probably still is; do you really think he wouldn't have planned as thoroughly as he did? He considered nearly every possibility, it's ...more

Never have I seen a character more manipulative and deviously smart as Aizen. What I like about him is not his immense power but his intellect. Through the beginning of the manga he orchestrated his plan without any flaws and made us all believe he was a nice and sympathetic character. Although later the character was a bit ruined ( come on.. you plan your attack 100 years in advance and you loose against a brat? ) he is still the smartest villain I have seen. Seeing how smart he is I wonder if maybe he actually wanted to be captured. I know one thing: Aizen will return!

Aizen is the Best villain of all! Why? Because he is Immortal and most of all he is extremely Powerful! Ichigo never defeated him, It wasn't ichigo, it was his Final Getsuga Tensho who weakened Aizen enough but Aizen on the other hand got up and was healing again while Ichigo was fading and falling on the ground! If Urahara wasn't there then there would have been a great mess of Destruction! So Aizen wasn't dead, He was Just sealed moreover he pushed Isshin, Yoruichi and Urahara of their limits single handed! He is a Kido Master, He is Master in Swordsman ship! He is unstoppable and He has a Charming personality!

Aizen has no equal, even in other anime. He is always so many steps ahead of everyone that he has spent the better part of a century preparing an entire world without so much as a hiccup in his plans. Nothing ever surprises him. He is the coolest, the smartest, and the hippest, able to make those BCGs (Birth Control Glasses for you civilians). Everything is like a chess game, only he's invented new us games that require extra boards and brand new pieces. Aizen is the greatest villain ever. Of all time.

4 Light Yagami - Death Note Light Yagami is a fictional character and the protagonist of the manga series Death Note, created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.

Light really, at the beginning, thought he was doing good. But as time went on his heart became a evil soul caught up in killing criminals. Even though he is one of my favorite anime characters, he helped in killing L. I can never forgive him for that. Light really put justice in his own hands. He is smart and that is how he managed to trick L, but he in the end was defeated by Near. Like what the heck!? Light you out smart my third favorite anime character and then you get defeated by the little brat Near! But all in all Lights heart really became evil and stayed that way til he died. That is why he is one of the most evil anime characters ever.

He's one of the only anime villains who's made me really hate him. Some villains like Frieza or Madara I just sort of forgive 'cause they're so awesome. But Light. No matter how awesome he is I still end up resenting him to death. THIS is what makes a villain great. Having an anger so great towards him. Back to the topic though Light is seriously the epitome of evil. He thought what he was doing was right and literally used everyone to make sure he got what he wanted. And then on top of all that... he (spoiler) killed L. No matter how much I hated him up to the point and that just took my hate for him to a whole new level. And that smile... He decided to relish his victory right in L's face as L was dying. He is pure evil.

I think Light actually had a positive way of thinking and his ambition for creating a new and peaceful world was actually good but the flaw lured within Light Yagami himself. His ambition was a very strong and magnificent one, one I would've never thought of, but his way of achieving this ambition was wrong. His way of creating a new world was wrong. Could the world be changed by killing evil doers and criminals? Would peace be accomplished by KILLING evil people? Could it be changed by ERASING sign of life? No. Light might've thought that this was the only way of changing the world, but it wasn't. True peace can be never achieved like that. In addition to that, killing people, no matter how bad they are, is wrong. It's a different story if treated as a punishment but murdering criminals in jail, who were almost cleared and were now being sent back, were legally innocent. Beside that, Light also did not struggle to kill the ones in his way, in fact he didn't even struggle to kill his ...more

Light Yagami seems more of an anti-hero to me. He had good ideals of ridding the world of evil and making the world more desirable and a better place to live in. The way he went about it was wrong. Evil is not stopped with evil. To me, Light was not destined to be a person that would make bad decisions. I think he could've turned out differently if he hadn't found the death note. He would've probably made a difference to the world in a better way. To prove my point, when he forfeited ownership of the death note and lost his memory of the death note, his personality changed drastically. He was this great person that wanted to bring Kira down and couldn't picture himself being Kira. The power of the death note drove him near insanity. I do like Light, though. To me he is one of those characters that a meant to be bad but you can't help but like and root for them. It also helps that he is the main protagonist of Death Note. Something that makes Light unique to me is how smart he is. He ...more

5 Hisoka - Hunter x Hunter

I adore Hisoka, I do, but the kids need a restraining order. LMAO. Firstly, his waist drives me insane - he wears corsets, you can't convince me otherwise. A foxy, murderous clown, IT's fetching East-Asian anime counterpart.

Jokes aside, Hisoka's really interesting, both design and character-wise. Aesthetically pleasing, unique, kinda cray-cray, but we love a feral fox. This bro's here for a good time, not a long time. His battle-libido is off the charts, honestly, and watching him fawn over kids is a lil alarming at times, but if you know Hisoka you know he's all about the fight. He's not the strongest, and everything about him from looks to his Nen is somewhat underwhelming, but don't let the himbo vibes fool you, this clown has the wit and guts to make it work for him. Have you ever seen someone willingly lose both arms to screw with their opponent's mind? Also, his dramatic flare adds to his quirkiness, and perfectly complements his mysterious, sly nature.

Hisoka is portrayed as entirely self-interested and does whatever he likes as long as it pleases him in some way. He lusts for the thrill of killing powerful fighters in combat and it is strongly implied that he receives sexual gratification from doing so. He's one of the most unpredictable antagonists in the show.

No morals, no end game, no ultimate goals or noble causes. Hisoka just wants to kill people. He only wants to kill opponents as strong as him, he pushes others to become stronger so he can kill them later on. He is by far the most intriguing characters in the show and deserves to be way higher than this.

Hisoka's the kinda guy who you look at, and as soon as he notices that you did look at him, which is immediately, he kills you. Anyone would be uncomfortable around him, and not just because he's a clown. He would mess anyone up just because he's bored! He doesn't have any goals, he just wants to kill.

6 Envy - Fullmetal Alchemist

He was much more deep and interesting than Father or Dante. The 2003 version was better than the manga version, but both are amazing villains who should be higher on this list. One thing that made Envy stand out as a villain was that he wasn't an overpowered brute like most villains are. He had insecurities and vulnerabilities, which made him believable. His final battle with Mustang was the biggest mistake Arakawa made. He should've put up more a fight. When he died, I cried like hell which is something I've never done for any other villain. He often gets overlooked due to not being the main villain. My personal favorite villain period.

One reason he is the greatest villain in turns of villainy. He killed Mae Hughes. A do like villains that I can relate to and or like. But it actually takes more work to make a villain you can really hate and call him/her a villain. And Envy did that. I so cheered when Roy Mustang was burning him up (interesting fact, Roy actually gave Envy time to regenerate between blast so it would feel the pain of each one). Overall a true villain.

Definitely my favourite anime villain of all time and he is my favourite character from both versions of Fullmetal Alchemist as well. He was such an interesting villain with a lot of depth to his character and despite the fact that he killed Maes Hughes in a really sad way, it somehow makes him a great villain. I love his design as well. It looks really interesting and unique. Envy is awesome.

Best villain in my opinion. Huge personality, and you can easily sympathize for him during his death scene. A true villain, a masterpiece

7 Dio Brando - Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Dio Brando is a fictional character from the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga series created by Hirohiko Araki. His name was inspired by musician Ronnie James Dio and movie star Marlon Brando.

Dio's probably gonna be a VIP in hell. Maybe even next in line for the throne, or at the very least definitely slated for a general position.

This man literally has the devil's luck, and a heart-sized hole in his soul to match. Taking the vampire game to a whole new level, Dio is the pinnacle of bastardly villains. The satisfaction I got whenever something didn't work out for him was euphoric. At the same time, I had no problem looking at him. Couldn't take my eyes off, in fact! A commanding, sexy villain to boot, even with his gross flesh bud brainwashing tentacles. Heck, you know a villain's BAD bad when they kick a dog (poor Danny) and throw them-you-know-where to you-know-what.

You know your villain is pure evil when the first thing he does in the series is kick the main character's dog. Dio is cruel, narcissistic, and megalomaniacal. Ever since he discovered the true power behind the stone mask, he developed an unquenchable thirst for power and world domination. First developing his hate for mankind when his father Dario worked his mother to death, and for that, Dio slowly poisoned him to death over the length of 12 years. Oh yeah, did I mention he was a vampire? So, he's also immortal.

Imagine someone breaking into your house through the front door. Attempt to steal your rightful inheritance by manipulating your father, while also putting higher doses of poison into his food to slowly kill him. That's just the surface of the mad lad known as Dio Brando has done to our protagonist JOJO.

Dio deserves to be in the top 3. He is just the perfect villain.

-Smart would be an understatement. He is a genius.
-Arrogant but also makes up for it in strength.
-Cautious of his enemies.
-He is like a ball of charisma.
-His subordinates both fear and admire him.
-He seriously is one of the few villains that aren't blinded by their arrogance.

For the love of god put any other character against him other than the Joestars and you have a dead hero and a dominated world in your hands.

8 Naraku - Inuyasha

Naraku makes you hate him so much you love him. You can't help but acknowledge his skill at simply being heinously evil. He touches countless lives directly and indirectly, and seems to revel in being cruel, destructive, feared and loathed. He is calculating, intelligent and sensible enough to pose terrible threat, and has the bloodthirstiness and power to back up his claims most of the time. There is a sense in the series that he is constantly in control, and what happens is going according to his plan. He is ominous, from his theme, to his appearance, to his powers, his voice and even his surroundings. He makes powerful incarnations of himself and discards them when they have outlived their purpose. And even more miraculously, he actually improves as time goes on. He forces the protagonists to keep up with his steady gain of power. Many villains are static characters, besides their back story. Naraku is not. He makes it difficult for everyone and tension builds. He is a wonderfully ...more

Doesn't matter what said the other people about Frieza, Aizen or any other villain, please think before vote, Naraku is the worst ever in the trajectory of anime, why? , he manipulates, he has ambitions, he kills ( with out using even a finger), he lies, is a traitor, he is the real personification of the real evil human mind, in the series is called a monster but his origin is human, some people thinks that anime series are just cartoons, but like novels, movies, books we can see important things about reality, doesn't matter if is fiction or not, anyways, Naraku is the greatest anime villain ever, no matter what others said, is the best definition of evil in anime series.

Naraku's going to be my favorite villain as he's not here simple for power or glory. He started out as a bandit, and fell in love with a woman (Kikyo). Someone really taking the time to bring food back to an evil man, he clearly was touched by her. Then demons came into the cave to try and talk him into giving up his body. Which he does in order to have the chance to get Kikyo to love him. He then is lied to, and turns into Naraku.

Naraku manipulates and tortures the people he encounters in many crazy ways. From having two lovers hate each other, to having a boy kill his entire family and friends.

I have seen a lot of cartoons. But personally I feel NARAKU is the best because he is a complete professional. Every time you think Inu yasha and rest can destroy him, he somehow escapes and comes up with a better plan and is always better than the protagonist no matter how strong he gets. He is clever and no matter what happens he is always CHILLED OUT. Unlike other villains who only use brute strength to destroy their enemies he play's with their emotions and the weakness of a human. Because he is shown as a half human he knows all the weakness of their enemies. He is the reason why the series was intresting and makes you engrossed to the cartoon. He has a great body language and is always ahead of the curve no matter what! He just won't die!

9 Cell - Dragon Ball Z Cell is a fictional character in the Dragon Ball series by Akira Toriyama. He is the main antagonist of the Android Saga, being an android/artificial life form from the future, whose goal is to become "perfect" via absorbing Androids 17 and 18 and becoming the strongest fighter in the universe.

The only one that killed Goku, the perfect lifeform, with cells of all the best martial arts fighters of the Universe, and he can become stronger and powerful after any regeneration.
The one who was a scary insect man, a brute without intelligence, and the one who would have beaten the Z-Fighters if he wanted to.
That makes Cell, exactly 2000 times more powerful than Frieza, the perfect anime villain.

-Creepy and scary in his imperfect form.
-Brute without intelligence, but strong enough.
These two last forms killed thousands or even MILLIONS of people while searching for his perfection.
And then, even without fighting serioulsy, the Z-Fighters wouldn't have done ANYTHING to him.
The Zaishenzuu says that he's exaclty 2000 times more stronger and powerful than Frieza, and Toriyama said that he would have become even more powerful than Majin Buu, even more than Goku in Ssj3.
He was made to be perfect. The perfect villain.

This guy should be higher than Frieza. He even beat Goku and made all the Z fighters even Frieza look like scum. Instead of killing everyone on earth, he STRUCK fear into everyone when he announced the Cell Games, making everyone flee.

He made goku and the rest of the z fighters look like weaklings, encouraged gohan to transform into ssj2 and was in the best saga in dbz the android/cell saga.

10 Shishio Makoto - Rurouni Kenshin Shishio Makoto, known in the English anime in Western order as Makoto Shishio, is a fictional character from the Rurouni Kenshin manga series created by Nobuhiro Watsuki.

The Strong Lives and the Weak Dies. He viewed people who were weaker than him as food to make him stronger. He used the Juppongatana to weaken his foes, so he would have an easier fight with them. The Meiji government even tried killing him because he was a blood thirsty monster. If that's not evident enough to his sinister thought process, he took over a village. In that village, his mindset and beliefs were carried out there. The villagers feared for their lives, so much so that they won't even save their own people and not even bury them.

Warning spoilers ahead! Don't read if you don't wish to know.

A villain that for once was NOT defeated by the hero, but by himself like one of the other comments explains. And then he dies becouse of that and instead of that being the end of it like most villains, he Is just like..meh oh well, it was fun while it lasted, hey here is an idea. Let's take over hell! And sure he just goes marching with his people (in hell) with the plan to take over hell. That alone makes him worthy of being in the top 10. How many villains do you know that don't stop when they die but just change target. Everything else is just badass extra.

Shishio is great because he is a villain but a real one, real villains are only villains because we look at them from the heroes point of view, he is a murder yes, he manipulates yes, but who could say that if he had won Japan wouldn't became the greatest superpower in the world? He was a man of vision, and very true to his values, you can surely disagree with him but you can't tell for sure that he was wrong.

Well, this guy was never a good guy to begin with. He was government paid assassin who was burned alive, then gone even more insane. Generic. But all that is nothing special till you get to see his last fight with 3/5 most powerful characters in the anime. His actions during that fight make him the best villain ever. Shishio was a normal human, with no magic, immortality or hax power, yet he never lost and stayed in character till the end. Villain like that makes Aizens and Madaras funny in comparison.

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11 Legato Bluesummers - Trigun

He's so manipulative and can always think of how to torture Vash. Watch Episode 24 and you will see just how far he can go.

One of the few villains out there to actually win.

12 The Major - Hellsing

The Major is one of the best, if not the best villain. Why he did what he did, just because he hated the protagonist. He didn't like Alucard for he was a demon that stole humanity and played with them as his masks. But that wasn't the point, he just wanted war- was happy to dish it out as an excuse. The fact that he knows that humans create monsters, and exploit it is amazing. His speech and actions made him in likes of Hitler. In all honesty, I don't know why he is placed so low on this list. The character was amazing

The Major is the walking embodiment of evil. He made a war just for the sake of war, taking out more than 3 million civilians in one night. He does everything with cold and frightening precision. Everything was part of his master plan. The fact that he understands the darkness of the human will like that, he deserves a higher spot

Are you kidding me?! This fat little mustard is evilL! He is a Nazi Cyborg who commands Nazi Vampires, Nazi Werewolves and a Nazi catboy who is one of the most immortal character ever! Not to mention the butch Nazi Vampire who uses awesome Illusions!

He is one of the villains I would call Villain and Mad Genius without any second thought!

He had a total disregard for life including his own. He burnt every soldier, no matter how loyal to a crisp if they failed their mission. His single ambition was to anihalite Britain.
And all that with an arrogant grin on his face!

13 Donquixote Doflamingo - One Piece Donquixote Doflamingo is a fictional character of the One Piece manga franchise created by Eiichiro Oda. Doflamingo was the captain of the Donquixote Pirates, a former Shichibukai with a frozen bounty of 340,000,000 Beli, the most influential underworld broker under the codename "Joker", and is a former World Noble of the Donquixote Family descent.

Doflamingo is one of the most well-written characters in any anime I've seen. At first he seems to be evil just for the sake of being evil, with his only goal being that he wants to destroy the world, but after learning about his backstory you start to understand where he is coming from. He had everything taken from him and was only left with a deep-seethed hatred for everything. But even so, he is never portrayed as anything else than pure evil. While the show wants to make you feel bad for him, it never justifies his actions. Another thing is the parallels he has with Law. Law, too, had everything taken from him and was left with nothing but hatred and without Corazon's intervention, he would have essentially become Doflamingo 2.0. It kind of makes you wonder if Doflamingo would have still become the monster he is today if he hadn't met Trebol. As much as I hate him as a person, he is a fascinating character that I wish we'll see more of and that's why he's my favorite anime villain

Undoubtedly the most evil, twisted villain from the One Piece series (which is saying something, since One Piece has A LOT of vile villains), the recent (and ongoing) Dressrosa arc has revealed the extent of this man's cruelty. Doflamingo's a machiavellian mastermind, being the most influential person in the New World, even above the Yonko, and has even the World Nobles under his thumb. He's easily on par with Frieza as far as villainy and cruelty goes. There's not much more crueler than forcing a near-dead man to attack his friend or controlling a king and forcing him to cut down his loving subjects.

This character is, in my opinion, the greatest villain in any form of media.

(SPOILERS: Feel free to scroll past if you wish.)

This is because he has endured an incredible amount of trauma during his childhood. As he once said, "by the age of 9, I had seen heaven and hell on earth." This quote perfectly encapsulates his perception of the world, shaped by the arrogant and entitled celestial dragon descendants and the terrible way the human population treated him and his family, including torture and misguided revenge. Due to these experiences, Doffy lost his mother, which drove him to kill his father. He spiraled down a path of hatred towards everything and everyone in the world.

He became a mafia boss, murdered his own brother, seized control of a kingdom, subjected those who opposed him to truly horrific and twisted situations, became a warlord, manipulated the three major powers within the world government, formed alliances with the most formidable ...more

Seriously a twisted background. From a main cause, his father choosing a life without thinking it through and going to an altogether terrible location, which he basically killed his wife.

And like any kid who loves his kind mother, wanted her to always be well. He didn't care for anything much but his mother, though he did wish for status, he decided to forget it for her.

After his mother's death he wants his father dead. Because, he had gotten them into hell, from all the former actions of their tenryuubito brethren, which in turn killed his mother.

As per his father's foolish decision, decided to follow through on his desire [to become a tenryuubito] and of which draws the attention of greedy minded people.

14 Father - Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

He is the most powerful one here. Using alchemy he can disintegrate anyone, absorb energy (philosopher's stone, energy attack* etc)
I turned the citizen of an entire country to a stone.
Planned to do the same again and to enable him to absorb God.
He would have won if it wasn't for his arrogance, thinking that he cannot be killed.
In the last fight, all he did was stand still and let the heros attack him. If he had just create a bomb using alchemist and make it explode or create a small sun and burned everyone before his power run dry he would have won

I hate this guy, but you have to admit he was ambitious if nothing else.

Let's not forget Father he was evil.

Powerful must be higher

15 Tsukishima - Bleach

Probably one of the biggest trolls in bleach. Shocked at how he wasn't on this list. He even made ichigo cry.

I love the picture

16 Yoshikage Kira - Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Yoshikage Kira is the main antagonist from the manga JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable written by Araki Hirohiko.

My name is Yoshikage Kira. I'm 33 years old. My house is in the northeast section of Morioh, where all the villas are, and I am not married. I work as an employee for the Kame Yu department stores, and I get home every day by 8 PM at the latest. I don't smoke, but I occasionally drink. I'm in bed by 11 PM, and make sure I get eight hours of sleep, no matter what. After having a glass of warm milk and doing about twenty minutes of stretches before going to bed, I usually have no problems sleeping until morning. Just like a baby, I wake up without any fatigue or stress in the morning. I was told there were no issues at my last check-up. I'm trying to explain that I'm a person who wishes to live a very quiet life. I take care not to trouble myself with any enemies, like winning and losing, that would cause me to lose sleep at night. That is how I deal with society, and I know that is what brings me happiness. Although, if I were to fight I wouldn't lose to anyone.

All the people saying "This villain is super evil and wants to take over the world so they're the best." need to rethink what makes a good villain. Kira doesn't have any super evil and megalomaniacal ambitions, he just wants to live a peaceful, quiet life (while being able to satisfy his murderous urges). He just doesn't want to be noticed. Even during his childhood, he went out of his way to only get 3rd place in his competitions so that he wouldn't stand out. He even made sure to stand off-center in photos so that he wouldn't be as noticeable. See, a villain doesn't need to want to take over the world or something like that to be good. They need to be written well to be good. and hot damn, Kira is written well. Araki (the author of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure) wrote Diamond is Unbreakable (the part Kira is featured in) to make you feel like you're riding along with the group, experiencing what they're experiencing, and tracking stand users with them. Because of that, Kira feels real. ...more

Creepy. Creeeepy creepy creepy. Kira is insane, way up there with the likes of Hisoka, Griffith, Izaya, Johan Liebert. Kira's archetype would usually be some sort of fodder villain, side weirdo, the kind that appears and disturbs us briefly before getting wasted somehow. The amount of crazy in putting "I want to live a normal life" with "Seeing Mona Lisa's sexy hands gave me a fetish, but I only want the hands, not the person attached" makes me scream internally every time. What a freaky, fun villain! He's absolutely gorgeous in design, and his personality is so suave and charismatic that it really almost convinces you that he's right, he's normal, he's just trying to live in peace. Like, what's wrong with wanting hands to keep him company? The women he's met are awful anyways, right?

I felt especially confused about my take on him further into the season, after seeing him interact with the feral kitty-plant and his 'family'. His poor 'wife', tho... Anyways, it's not called ...more

He's terrifying due to how insanely relatable he is. To just want to live a quiet life is such a common mindset, and you feel like you may know many who think like him, and perhaps fear that there are people like him out there.

17 King Bradley - Fullmetal Alchemist/Brotherhood King Bradley is a fictional character from the Fullmetal Alchemist manga series and its adaptations created by Hiromu Arakawa.

Out of the many complex and powerful villains to be found in the masterpiece that is Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Wrath/King Bradley is by far the best in my opinion. You can feel the menace, and fury eminating off of him in every scene he is in. Combine this with very well written diaologue, and the fact that Wrath is one of the most powerful villains in the show, and you get one of the most brilliant antagonists in the anime world.

The Deathstroke of anime, has no healing abilities like the other Homucculi but easily the most skilled.

He was absolutely amazing in brotherhood, being both a huge badass and also really tragic

18 Yami Bakura - Yu-Gi-Oh!

This guy is the definition of evil. He's been a villain since season one, of course an underrated villain, who nobody suspected was manipulating the tables of events to his favor til the last episode! He almost destroyed the world. He defeated the Egyptian God cards in their individual form. Should be at least above Marik!

Okay... He is my favorite villain. Even it's sad when he died I liked him he's my favorite villain if all time!

So epic. Should have been higher, like, can you say hot and evil?

He is my favorite and top number one favorite villain!

19 Vicious - Cowboy Bebop

What we as humans fear is people with power. Not just power of the money. Power in general. Vicious is the human personification of the lust for power we so cleave for. To him however, he wishes nothing but the absolute control of the Red Dragon Syndicate. Anyone who so much as gets in his ways dies. This is not an understatement. He killed every single person who dared to stand up against him and even sent some of his friends to their own deaths, with no qualms. When not murdering people, he's abducting them to lure stronger others to their death. Friends, enemies, innocent bystanders, it does not matter. In the end, you will die by his hand

"When Angels are forced out from Heaven, they have no choice but to become a Devils. Don't you agree, Spike? " What else you need?

20 Orochimaru - Naruto Orochimaru is a fictional character from the Naruto universe created by Masashi Kishimoto and developed into a media franchise, which consists of a series of manga, anime, soundtracks, OVAs, movies, video games, and other collectibles.

As far as antagonists go, Orochimaru was persistent, powerful and so very typical. You would be nothing but a pile of flesh to him. He gives no regard to any pain. He killed women, men and children alike. He is the only truly evil character in the series. His name was always muttered with hatred and fear upon it. He is the anime version of Voldemort (giant snakes). Orochimaru was very creepy, yet the most charming character in the series. He didn't walk, he staggered. He didn't speak, he teased. Everything about him was inhuman. Immortal, in a sense. Orochimaru's main wish was to destroy the protagonist's home village. He killed the village leader (Hokage). He took Sasuke away. He kidnapped other characters and genetically augmented them for his own taboo experiments. Everybody else was a pawn in his plans. He was no genius like Light Yagami (Death Note), but he was one hell of a mad scientist with no moral grounding or real concern for any form of life. He was cold and heartless. All ...more

He is the best anime villain because you never know what he's up to. He killed both kages of the sand village and the leaf village. He took the horn of a jinchuriki's to use its dna to help his experiments. He recreated yamato's to have the first hokages wood release element, without that yamato wouldn't be who he is now. He fooled the both the leaf and the sand village into thinking he was the was the kazekage. He was the first one to fight Naruto in kyubbi mode. And he's the only villain left still living in Shippuden. He has his own village. His goal isn't to takeover the world, but to know and have all of the abilities in the ninja world. Plus he has anko.

He is strong and brilliant form of a antagonist. He only cared for himself even those close to him we're mere entertainment and just a new 'Vessel' for him to use. He's cold and knows how to apply his brains to a fight. Even when you think you beat him you won't he is most likely toying with you, almost teasing you before he steals your body or kills you off. A true villain

Orochimaru would speak in a way that made to want to fight him, but then when you did, you would lose and he'd laugh in your face. The way he spoke about the people he used as 'temporary bodies' was inhuman. It was as if they were just pieces of clothing. Orochimaru is an evil villain if there ever was one.

21 Lelouch Vi Britannia - Code Geass Lelouch Lamperouge, whose real name is Lelouch vi Britannia, is the title character and protagonist of the Sunrise anime series Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion.

He easily classifies as a "villain protagonist." The empire (and Charles V. Brittania) is WORSE than him, but that is like saying "well, he isn't as bad as Hitler). Before Geass, he was just an angry youth who liked beating (other) nobles at chess just for the satisfaction of humiliating them. Then he becomes a terrorist, not for justice, but to get revenge on his father (daddy issues). He thinks nothing of collateral damage and sacrificing allies (then lying about it) for his own agenda. Remember when he was supposed to save a fellow resistance leader and his crew (on their ship), but instead blows up his ALLY to kill off the enemies sent to do that very job. He then lies and claims the man committed suicide to take the enemy with him, and urges his fellows to take this opportunity to "avenge" their allies on the now exposed enemy forces. He has no notion of loyalty, and simply uses EVERYONE around him like a pawn to discard on a whim. At the end of season one he even abandons his ...more

Lelouch technically wasn't a villain but if you're going to count him as one, then he needs to be at the top. He was smarter than Light and Geass is more powerful than the Death Note. And he ultimately achieved his goal of making the world a safe place for Nunnally whereas Light's plan was ruined by Mikami messing up and he died knowing everything he had done was in vain.

He was technically a hero. But also a villain, a villain for justice. If you want to include him in this list he should be in top three. He killed his own brother and used his powers on his sister. He also tried to kill his best friend. I don't understand why he isn't in a higher position.

Lelouch deserves to be at number 1, no less. He was a mastermind, and mind you, the ONLY person who achieved his goal - To change the world.
Even Light died in the end, without fulfilling his aim. I don't know of any person who played villain and succeeded his goal.

22 Griffith - Berserk

Griffith is one of my favorite fictional characters. He wins a lot of the audience(including me) over in Golden Age(pre eclipse). When the Eclipse happens, it's painful, because betrayal always comes in the form of a friend. Our previous trust in Griffith is shattered.

After the Eclipse, Griffith cements himself as one of the greatest villains. His impact on the story is next to none. Hawk of the Millennium moved me to tears, and I will not spoil anything else.

A fun little tidbit, Griffith and Guts both go through the Hero's Journey in a twisted way. Griffith is also by definition, an epic hero.

I'm surprised he isn't higher up on the list, considering the amount of scheming, manipulating and actual physical and mental harm he's done. What makes it crazier is that practically the whole world is tricked into believing he's some sort of godsend. A beautiful man whose interior is so foul that it disgusts and amazes me how intricately complex and well done his character is. However much he's suffered, whatever his ideals, he is the sort that really cannot be left unchecked. His convictions and ideals are terrifying, coupled with the fact that this man literally gets things DONE. On a genocidal level and then some, Griffith is evil, and it'll take way way WAY more than just a change of heart and hundreds of lifetimes' worth of goodwill to redeem him.

Gotta be one of the highest on the list for the worst wrongs done to the protagonist, how is he so low? This guy is pretty much one of the nastiest pieces of work out of all of them. Won't list what he did for spoilers, but for those in the know, all I have to say is that even villains have standards low as they are, and this guy crossed the line on a beyond ridiculous scale. I seriously don't think there is any other villain on this list who committed a more heinously evil offense than Griffoth did against their respective story protagonists (not counting all the other guys, they got off nice and light compared to Guts and Casca. It's pretty bad when death by mutilation, ripped apart and eaten by demons can be considered getting off lightly, but I think anyone who has seen the series would agree).

Griffith deserves to be number one. The fact that we all want him dead because of the eclipse shows how great Kentaro Miura's writing was (R I P)

23 Madara - Naruto Shippuden Madara Uchiha is a fictional manga and anime character in the Naruto series created by Masashi Kishimoto. He appears for the first time in "Part II" of the manga and the Shippuden anime adaptation, as a major villain.

Why the hell is he so low on the list? Madara is considered one of the greatest anime villains of all time. Smart? Check. Manipulative? Check. Attractive beyond belief? Check. A little bit crazy? Definitely. Hell, he was so crazy, he even had a Hashi-boob. He literally had his best friend's face on his chest. This guy basically started an entire war involving the tailed-beasts, the five current kages, and even the dead ones. Yes, even the dead weren't safe from this guy's madness. He was a literal killing machine. So, yeah, I'm pretty sure he's supposed to be higher on this list.

I have no idea why he is so low! He was extremely powerful, so powerful that all the main characters at the height of their power couldn't defeat him. His backstory was legendary, and he never backed down from his goal (unlike many other villains in Naruto). But he was also intelligent and cunning, carefully planning for decades. And it worked flawlessly. But then the author just gave him a cheep ending.

Madara planned things a 100 or so years in advance. He obtained the greatest power possible in the series and even died and manipulated others IN DEATH to bring him BACK TO LIFE. He came back from the dead simply because he manipulated other people's lives to fail and have them serve him because they no longer had any other purpose. He represents pure hatred, power, and ambition. He did all of this out of the fact that his brother died to a rival clan member. He wanted the power to change the world and create peace in his own way AND EARNED IT. He lived through a fight against the EIGHT GATES which is said to surpass ALL KAGE. He even fought 5 Kage for the fun of it and WON. Aien and Madara may not be comparable in strength, but by god are they similar in ambition and power. If anything, Aizen failed to achieve his entire goal whereas Madara didn't. He finished Tsukiyomi and was killed off by plot simply because the author couldn't think of a way in how the protagonists would ...more

He represents the true prospect pf power, an omnipotent foe without equal. That is of course, he had to lose in order for plot to proceed. But in the end, his ambitions were far greater than any man alive. Cunning and living up to his name, he truly was a powerful man with an intellect that far surpassed Itachis. He should've been number 1. Putting Aizen in #1 kust proved how underrated Madara Uchiha is and how biased people base their statements simply because of how his power is constantly shown on Bleach, same goes for any other villain. Madara is the incarnation of Power and Hate, ultimately making him leagues higher than Aizen. Most people just go on looks and say how beautiful they are, but what truly matter are the villains ambitions, which everybody who didn't vote for Madara Uchiha fails to fathom.

24 Medusa Gorgon - Soul Eater

She's isn't easily top ten, and a true villain. She is not a villain that has had some kind of tragedy shape her into and evil character. She is evil for the fun of it. She wants chaos for the sake of it. That is a true field. Most of the other feelings on this lift have some kind of tragic motivation for their dental filling

I feel like she should be a little higher on this list. She turned her CHILD into a weapon. And she is far more evil in the manga

Manipulative, original and cool powers, very evil and hard to kill

25 Kyubey - Puella Magi Madoka Magica Kyubey is a fictional character from the 2011 anime series Puella Magi Madoka Magica and its related media.

Kyubey should definitely be in the top 10 as not only is he emotionless and cute, he also is an extremely intelligent manipulator, tricking people without lying. He could've prevented the deaths of most of the main characters, but let them sacrifice themselves just so that the "Universe gets more energy."

He manipulated tons of girls for centuries.The ways they died were vicious
:1. Suicide 2. murdered by witches 3. demon 4.going crazy 5. head getting ripped off 6. MORE MORE! Also he said "Are you mad? " As well as "I didn't lie,you just never asked."He should be a number 1. He's a smart evil villain I've got to say.He also immortal so he won't die when they get mad.

A cute cat setting up girls to murder each other to prevent the heat death of the universe. What more could you possibly want?

Evil kitty... He is so manipulative, and he let all of the characters die because they signed contracts with him.

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