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1 Tomoya Okazaki Tomoya Okazaki (岡崎朋也, Okazaki Tomoya?) is the main protagonist of the Clannad visual novel and anime series. He’s been labelled as a delinquent, due to his habit of arriving late to school, skipping classes, and staying out all night. He is the type of person who thinks deep thoughts about... read more

He's flawed but at the same time he's a very deep and kindhearted person. an aching soul who generally cares for others; and I love how that's all combined with his sarcastic humour and mildly apathetic personality. he's just great. I could write something longer like a character analysis, but I think it's great how you follow him through the whole thing and watch him develop. he's also very charming and handsome, I can see why the girls in clannad fancy him.

For a self-confessed juvenile delinquent, he's far from that or the mean guy he keeps telling his daughter he is, he has a lot going for him!

2 Nagisa Furukawa

Might be spoilers, read at your own discretion.

Nagisa is the kindest character, next to Ushio, in the whole series. People say she's the worst and it's probably because of her personality. Most people want that strong girl who can fend for herself and protect herself.

Honestly, myself, I like the girls that are sweet, innocent and kind. Nagisa is all this and more. All other characters in Clannad are falling for Tomoya trying their hardest to show it whereas Nagisa is just there, there for him everywhere. She doesn't have to try hard even if she doesn't know Tomoya shares the same feelings towards her. Love is being there for them all the time even if you aren't stronger than them, to show them that they care. Sure Ryou, Kyou, and Tomoyo could've been great romantic interests, later wife, to Tomoya but Clannad wouldn't be the heartbreaking tear jerker that it is without Nagisa's character to completely attach us to the series.

Nagisa's is the girl that Tomoya needs in his life to help him get his life back on track, I feel the others wouldn't have done that. Sure they'd love him unconditionally and he would back, but I don't know if they would love Tomoya for all he is, it seems to me they just like him for his looks whereas Nagisa loves him for who he is and what he's done for her. There's more attachment to be had with her character than any other in my opinion (save Tomoya and Ushio). The other characters may not have pushed him to take the extra leap to make amends with his father, they may have brushed it off. Nagisa and her family love family, cherish family, would do anything for family and that brings out one of the strongest messages in Clannad when Tomoya amends the final thing he's forgotten about life so he can live his life again without regrets, with love, and above all, to cherish his family.

Without Nagisa, I feel this would never happen and he would never become a better person.

If you haven't seen Clannad, watch... more

3 Kyou Fujibayashi

Kyou was a very well written. She is probably one of the character with a huge amount of development over the series. I could relate with her very well.
Though it was clear from the very beginning that Nagisa is the main heroine of the story, the part where her heart is broken still made me cry. I am sure this isn't something everybody or as a matter of fact anybody would've felt.
But I did as I extremely like her. She will always remain the best Clannad character for me.

Easily best girl, she is intelligent, incredibly kind, and hilarious. She is perfect for Tomoya, and he is lucky to have her. She knows how to get things done, and she does them well. On top of all that, she is also a great cook. Best girl

4 Youhei Sunohara

It was really difficult to choose but I wanted to show Sunohara some love. He's the comic relief character, and he really brightened up the show. What I loved about him though was all the character development that we saw in After Story. With Mei and everything. He also always stayed a really loyal friend to Tomoya. Their friendship is so touching because even after beating the crap out if each other they just laugh again.

He is a great and underrated character. He is a humour relief and sometimes his words are deep and mature. I would not watched the series if he was not there. Best character for me..

5 Tomoyo Sakagami

She's one of those characters that seem like tsunderes (tsunderes, to put in short, are characters that seem hard and insensitive on the outside, but once warmed up are finally caring), but in all terms, she's just about as caring, but stronger, then Nagisa. Even though she's not the spotlight of the series, Tomoyo can prove that she doesn't need protection from anyone else, and that all girls can be independent, unlike Nagisa.

Tomoyo is a very ambitious character who will stop at nothing to achieve her goals. Even though she has superhuman strength, she is always striving to become a better person and improve a different type of strength. Her love for Tomoya is unmatched, and her very own visual novel "Tomoyo After" does wonders for her character development.

6 Akio Furukawa

Akio is one of my favorite characters period. He's funny when he wants, and he can also be very serious when he wants. He's a master of loving his family, and knows how to make the most of every moment in life. Or he's just the best actor there ever was.

7 Kotomi Ichinose

Aw, Kotomi has everything. She's funny, smart and cute.. Love her. She might not be the main character but Kotomi makes the show what it is she's just beautiful!

Intelligent airhead is adorable, and with her backstory, all you can do is want to make her happy, just might pull all the weeds out of her front yard.

Of all the characters who disappear after what happens to Nagisa, she's the one I miss the most.

8 Fuko Ibuki
9 Ushio Okazaki

She is definitely the best character in this show. I love Ushio. Until episode 18 (the famous episode in After Story that takes place in the field of flowers), I had never cried once during the anime, not even when Nagisa died surprisingly. Although I did feel an extreme surge of pure sadness when this event occurred. Ushio is pure-hearted, strong, innocent, and one of the most important characters in Clannad: After Story. Let's not forget she's the most adorable one too! On a side note, another reason I like her so much is that she looks exactly like Nagisa. I don't know why, but that makes me so happy.

10 Sanae Furukawa

She makes me laugh her and akio when she runs out the shop crying.

"Watashi no pan wa... watashi no pan wa..."

Still kills me to this day of laughter. God I love Nagisa's parents so much.

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11 Misae Sagara
12 Ryou Fujibayashi
13 Mei Sunohara
14 Yukine Miyazawa
15 Yusuke Yoshino
16 Botan
17 Katsuki Shima
18 Kazuto Miyazawa
19 Kouko Ibuki
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