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1 Death the Kid

(This is the English version) I love this character and his obsession with symmetry. I, myself, doesn't really care about symmetry but find it funny how kid always gets triggered/ annoyed when something isn't perfect. He knows how to fight extremely well especially showed in episodes 6 (black star+soul vs kid), 38 (kid vs black star), and 50. Even though I didn't like the ending of episode 51 and how both kid and his weapons were unconscious almost the whole time and how maka just punches the Keshin (sry probs spelled that wrong). Overall, I thinks he's an adorable character and love his voice actor.

This character can be serious, strong, and hilarious all at the same time. He knows how to fight and in some of his fights like him against Blackstar and Soul he seemed totally calm and not even that interested. But the symmetry thing, I can't get over it, I laugh every time. Overall he is a really interesting and well done character. Oh and in the English Dub he's voiced by TODD HABERKORN. It's one of the few dub voices I found fitting in the show. That gives him some extra points.

He's the best of them all. If things aren't perfect, you are not worth his time and must be shot with his twin pistols. He desires the earth to be perfect with a proper balance of good and evil with no murder, only sins. His OCD and humor makes the character strong, how he nearly got his dick chopped off and didn't flinch makes him a even more stronger character. Death the Kid is the best character despite being the new kid in school in episode six.

DK is possibly my favorite anime character in general. He's badass, he's layered, & he's ' HILARIOUS. This guy has more die-of-laughter moments than anyone else in the series. Think about it: who else do you know who would not go to stop a mad scientist from killing your friends because they thought they forgot to fold the end of the toilet paper roll at home? I rest my case.

2 Soul Eater Evans

Soul is a phenomenally complex character, someone who truly cares about people despite his looks. He makes the show all the more enjoyable with his snarky comments, his undying loyalty to his friends, and his sense of justice. It doesn't that he has such a hyptnotic voice either (Micah, you've outdone yourself with this one! ) and can rock the pinstripes.

Soul has to be for sure on of the best characters in Soul Eater. His personality is so complex and twisted, making him so fascinating to see grow. And the fact that Soul is always the one encouraging others to believe in themselves but is internally being ripped apart by the demon that is his own self doubt makes him one of my favorite characters in all of anime in general.

Soul really is an amazingly complex character, one that cares for others quite a lot even though he doesn't look like he would. He has a great character design as well, making him one of the coolest anime characters ever in my opinion.

I think Soul is interesting and awesome character and he's a badass weapon, no wonder tons of people want to be his partner. Soul is cunning and a all around great character. ( but I really hope Soul and Maka become a couple)

3 Maka Albarn Maka Albarn (マカ・アルバーン, Maka Arubān) is a Scythe-Meister and the daughter of Spirit Albarn and his ex-wife. After witnessing her father cheating, she was inspired by her mother and she became determined to follow in her footsteps and became a Meister. Maka partnered up with the "Demon Scythe" Soul Eater, in an attempt to create a Death Scythe more powerful than her father. She is currently a Two-Star Meister, a Death Scythe Meister, and formerly a member of Spartoi. She stands out as the lead protagonist of the Soul Eater series.

Such a beautiful spirit and character that can't be ignored by anyone! She is definitely the most independent, ambitious, and overall clever character in the series. Her broken home, that most of the time in anime/manga is shown as depressing, sheds light on the humorous side and from someone with a broken home, it lets me appreciate the diversity. Her relationship with Soul is one every girl on the planet wants and adores. They are so different, yet so similar that it is no wonder they work so well together. Overall, Maka should always be #1 on this list, but I guess #3 will suffice for now.

I'm gonna be honest here, I was one of the few people who didn't like Maka, but I do understand why so many people love her. In their eyes she is a strong independent woman that cares a lot about Soul, I can understand why people would think this, my favorite part about Maka is that she cared about Soul's wants, but, her relationship between her and Soul could if been stronger, let me explain how. Soul has saved Maka from death 3 times and 2 of them involved injury towards Soul and guess what Maka never said to Soul for all the bs he had to go through for her, thank you, if she said that at least one to him I would hate her a lot less

She is by far the brightest and strongest of the team, and she doesn't even realize it due to her own insecurities. Insecurities which Black Star uses to demean her and put her down. Thankfully Soul was always there to help pick up the pieces. Those same insecurities often held her back, distracted and lead her to make mistakes, but despite all that, she still manages to prove herself constantly throughout the series by always being the hammer that takes out the biggest baddies.

Let's here it for maka! Not no typical, ditzy, annoying, boy crazy, whinny main female (as much as I like usagi we can stop now). She's very caring & kind, but also serious & determind. She does have some of the annoying tsundere qualities I really could do without, but it's not as bad as kagome or Sakura Haruno. In comparison she is a lot more tolerable (and better overall) than those two.

4 Franken Stein

Being a crazy psycho who likes dissection, who doesn't like this guy? He is a well built character, including the others that helped tell his story. As he struggles through insanity, he is just a great character. I also like he calm attitude, in which he doesn't react like others would. His voice has such a nice tone too it, and Chuck Huber doing it makes him a lot better. He also looks bad@$$, with all of his stitches, and the giant screw/bolt in his head adds to it. He beats all of the other characters, in the way he looks. <3 you Stein.

I didn't know what I thought of the character, but I eventually decided he is favorite number three. He is clear reflection of people whose personality depends on whether or not they are on their meds. He is funny and it is fairly obvious how he hard he works to repress his dark side.

There are no words to describe how much I love him! He's amazing! I mean who doesn't like a character that's insane, awesome, scientist and loves dissecting. I literally Fangirl nearly to death when we do dissections in science class, I once nearly fell of my chair in Information Tech when I searched him on images. He's best character by a long way. Deserves number 1.

FRANKEN STEIN! He is my FAVORITE character in all of Soul Eater. Its funny that he is always on a chair and riding around on it. He is a very kind, strong, and funny guy.

5 Crona

Crona makes me feel so many feelings I don't know how to deal with it. They are the perfect mix of badass, cute and creepy. The only thing I don't like about them is sometimes they are almost toxically adorable and seeing as I can't reach through the screen and hug them, it makes me want to gouge my eyes out of my head in hapless frustration. Overall still 10/10 would adopt

Whenever anybody asks me who my favorite character in Soul Eater is, I reply "Crona. All the way! ". I love all of the other characters as well, but whenever I see Crona, I just want to be come his/her friend and give him/her a hug. His/her heartbreaking past and trauma always brings me to tears.

Crona is my #1.

Crona is so adorable. Spoiler warning, when he "died" trying to save Maka's life, I was completely TOUCHED, and upset. When I found out he wasn't dead after all, I rejoiced! Crona makes Soul Eater, SOUL EATER, because every cute anime charcater sticks out the most in any anime. Crona, MOVE HIM HIGHER!

Crona is such an amazing character because of his (I go by the english anime) personality. He has an amazing backstory and storyline for his past with Medusa, and being picked on by Ragnarok just makes you feel sympathy!

6 Tsubaki Nakatsukasa

She's sweet and kind, and no, she's not a Mary Sue, she has problems that she's dealing with. The important thing is that she knows how to handle and deal with Black Star ( for some odd reason he's my second favourite and I'm not sure why... ) She's literally the only person that can keep Black Star stable and her Bad-Assery levels are way up here!

Tsunami is just an honest soul. She is so soft spoken. That's what makes her such a good character. She can also fight really really seem. Although not better than Blackwater or death the kid. She could very well beat maka in a fight.

Tsubaki is my favorite character in all of Soul Eater. I'm not that far into it, only on episode 19.., but I love her personality. She cares about Black★Star so much, like when she saw him pinned on the board when they were doing their test. I loved it when she killed her brother, but it was kind of sad..

So Tsubaki is really cool even though I didn't vote for her. Props to her for putting up with Blackstar. I know I couldn't do it.

7 BlackStar

Some people say that Black Star is a bad, annoying person. Honestly, he is one of my favorite people in Soul Eater. He is very creative and he is super funny. I love it when he laughs and yells 'Yahoo!". I don't know why but I would simp for him.

Though BlackStar is not my favorite character, I can definitely see why people like him and honestly, I like him better than Tsubaki. With a dishonorable heritage he grew up with by birth and his drive to beat god, you would think that his already developed character couldn't possibly be any better. But then you see how he beats himself up the most out of the group when he fails and how beneath his hard exterior he has a side that is loving and protective of his friends. Truly a wonderful character. Of course, no none's better than Maka.

Come on... he's strong as hell, works the hardest, is reckless, arrogant, fights with disregard for his life, is easy going, funny and also deadly when he becomes serious (that's when I like him best). I also think his funny and stupid side is really something he forces himself into, because in reality he has a much darker side which, rarely, but is shown in the anime.

I mean... he even chopped off Asura's hand ;o I haven't seen any other human doing a feat anywhere close to that.

Person comparing blackststar to naruto:

Please! Blackstar is only half the character naruto is! At least naruto isn't looked at like some secret child prodigy, has more emotion beyond annoyingly ecstatic at everything, has more of an actual backstory & didn't seem so OP compaired to everyone else! Blackstar is so uninspired, clieche, stupid, & uninteresting that he needed tsubaki to make it all up. But He's almost as uneeded & useless as Blair! Every other character on soul eater is beyond more interesting and well thought out than this spiky blue haired idoit!

8 Death

My second favorite character in the show. He is funny and powerful and his obvious love for children has shown how looks deceive.

Does anyone not see the Kid connection with this rank?

One of the funniest characters ever.

He is so hilarious and badass!

9 Medusa Gorgon

She is my favorite villain. She is such a badass. I love her. Just gonna day my favorite episode of the anime was the baby bloomers episode. She was so cute!

Although I hate the way she treats/treated Crona, I'm somewhat neutral with her because I think she makes a good villain.

She is very sexy, charismatic and cool. One of the best anime villains.

Medusa is awesome character. This is how all villians should be.

10 Liz Thompson

Liz and Patty are both amazing and honestly deserve more love. I favor Liz more over Patty tho just bc I like her personality more, but in general, they both have such cool personalities and dtk wouldn't be the same without them. When their past was revealed in the manga, I was sad that they had to go through that. So yeah Liz is best girl in my opinion (also, Liz and Patty were the best thing to come out of Soul Eater Not. It was nice seeing them again)

The Thompson sisters are my absolute favorite weapons, along with being partnered with my absolute favorite meister. The group dynamic between the three is absolutely priceless, but out of the two sisters, I have to choose Liz. The way she puts up with the other two to keep them all in balance makes for some of my favorite conversations in the series. If I had to pick my favorite writing element in Soul Eater, it would no doubt be the character relationships.

Liz is probably my favorite female character in the whole show and manga, I need to point out that her character design was pretty much awesome.To the way she can blast pistels out of her sister patty, be smart, act brave, be frightened at times is just cool, be pretty, and most of all deal with Kid when he's in his cute symmetry tantrums is pretty cool of her. Not to mention she's NOT annoying or useless, she has a bright future a head..

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11 Spirit Albarn

Spirit is a pretty sick character, I mean not only is he funny but he's a funny perverted dude and we all know a good show needs one of those. Not only that but if no one noticed he's strong as well. Maybe he should be a little more higher...

Spirit has been a character we've known from the beginning to the end. He may be a cheater, but he is really trying hard to keep Maka safe. And let's all be honest, he definitely has a "thing" with Stein

Yes Makas pervy Dad...I was hoping that sometime in the manga or anime Maka would realize that he is a good dad and is constantly thinking about her.

Just... Spirit. Seriously, guys, it's Spirit. He's just awesome like that.

12 Patty Thompson

She's totally not high enough on the list! If Liz is in the Top 10 she should be too, they work perfectly together with Kid in battle.

Patty is my favorite out of the Thompson sisters. I say this because she isn't like Liz. Patty is a very funny, sweet character.

She is the best! My fave! Thompson sisters don't get that much attention people!

Season 2 when Liz tells Patty to get Kid energetic and excited and motivated,she introduces one of the best anime lines. "Get your was moving, damn you."

13 Blair

Definitely not my favorite, but there's no denying I like this character; she's an awesome friend, a good fighter, and best of all, I think at some points in the show she could even fill the role of the mother.

Only thing is she ruined Spirit Albarn's gift to Maka.

How do you jot like her!?

14 Excalibur

I know Excalibur isn't the most love able character but he is hilarious! He makes me laugh every time he shows up. Referring to the anime here, when kid was making Black Star give him a piggyback ride I almost died laughing!

He is my personal favorite. Between Troy Baker's flawless performance and the character's hilarious vanity, this was one of the best things about the show.

Excalibur is a very funny character. I love the way he is. He makes me laugh every single time he says "Fool!" and does other stupid things.

He entrusted two warriors searching for the ultimate power he possesses. A heavenly light shines as magic wings surround the two... and he's so annoying they stick him back in the ground. Comedy-gold, people.

15 Marie Mjolnir
16 Asura

Probably the best character besides Kid. It's kinda hard to imagine that Asura would have to be the villain, since it's kinda like with Crona, they both are pretty introverted.

Asura isn't bad he's insane so if he's 24 just because he's bad not cool dude but I like his. What can I say I go after the weird ones

Asura is awesome. Ok, just awesome. he's kick butt and spoiler alert. The Kid's older brother.

Take him, leave him, I'll bottle him up and eat him.

17 Eruka Frog

I love how she's so smart and a witch and yet seems to have so many normal problems. I dunno, she just seems so relatable.

One of my best girls

18 Sid Barett
19 Marie
20 Mifune

Mifune is literally one of those badass characters that you get whenever you watch an anime. I think the #1 golden moment with Mifune is when he blushes after considering being a teacher at DWMA

He is kawaii and its heart touching in the parts where he is with Angela I'm surprised he is in 16th place. And who couldn't love a samurai. I want him as my body guard!

Mifune should at least be at top 5.. People forgot about this guy because he got killed to early on the manga.

21 Ragnarok

The one ragnarok quote that I made up: "give me your candy and maybe I'll fight with Crona."

How is Ragnarok number 23? I love Ragnarok, he is funny, strong, and adorable, for real

Ragnarok is dead hilarious why is he 23?!

22 Justin Law

I have a fondness for this character, partly because he is a priest and partly because I find his earbud thing cool. He is a very strong character (he became a Deathscythe at age 13 without a meister) and he's funny and cool at the same time. My only disappointment is what happened to him in the manga. I like Soul Eater, but I feel like Atsushi Ohkubo could have done better on Justin Law and Mifune.

23 Gopher

Gopher is one of the villains in the manga series. He does whatever Noah tells him to do, if he slips up once, he is assured a punishment from Noah. He is neglected by Noah, and taken for granted by Noah.

24 Meme Tatane
25 The Shaking Bartender

The bartender that appeared in the second excalibur episode. The one that wouldn't stop shaking the drink? He's not my favorite, but he's hysterical in that episode

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