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1 Kyo Sohma

Oh, come on! Who doesn't like Kyo? He has a horrible temper, and he might argue with Yuki very much, but deep down, he really does care about people. I don't exactly blame him for getting mad at people so easily. He was blamed for his mother committing suicide just because he was born in the year of the cat! Forgive me if this is inaccurate (I still have yet to finish the manga, and I haven't watched the anime yet), but I think I am clearly getting my point across!

He is an amazing person on the inside and the outside. Although he's gone through so much he tries to be strong, for everyone. Although he may fight and lose his temper he has a kind caring heart. I also believe the reason he hates Yuki is because deep down he respects an admires his strength, and the only way to gain respect from him and everyone else is to beat Yuki and win his place in the zodiac. That's how most relate to him, just trying to fit into the mold society or others set out for us when in truth we will never fit the mold of life never be perfect because we are each our own being. People need to respect that and stop wasting time and energy to make a mold we'll never fit. - Adelia Mau

Kyo is a kind of person I like even though he hides his true self. In the manga when Kazuma first appears, I realised that Kyo was actually very nice on the inside. He is a great person who is actually pretty strong. He had to suffer emotional stress of his childhood. He recovered because he's strong and he's strong because Tohru stays by his side. I love them as a couple and the reason the manga ended up being so amazing was because of Kyo!

Manga readers would understand too well why Kyo is the most-loved character in Fruits Basket. He has the best character and he is really appealing. One would suddenly root for him and it is truly understandable and relatable. I had so much respect for Kyo. No kidding, he's simply the best.

2 Tohru Honda

Tohru is one of my favourite characters. She may seem like an idiot or stupid at times, but I love her personality. She's so cute. She is my favourite character the same way that Kyo is her favourite person. She is so pretty and she didn't reject Kyo's true form. She is what I call a "friend" a friend who would stay by Kyo's side. She makes me feel happy no matter what the situation is.

Tohru Honda is a great character we should all relate to. Yes, she has gotten through a lot, we all know that, but she stays optimistic as possible and NEVER gives up! And no matter what, she cares about people, especially the Sohma family.

She is so kind and cute and means so much to every Sohma... I really don't know why Hiro didn't like her at first. Tohru is sweet. She is the cure to the Sohmas emotional wounds. I love Tohru Honda.

Tohru is unlike any other character. She's gone through so much, yet she still wears a smile on her face. She is a huge inspiration to me.

3 Yuki Sohma

I really like Yuki, and I'm starting to think that all the comments on here are made by the same person or something.
Most people have no problem with Yuki. I searched it up, and I couldn't find any hate directed at him. So I'm actually assuming that these are just written by some angry fans...
Anyways, Yuki isn't perfect. He has his flaws; I can name three. He has low self esteem, bottles up his emotions, and isn't very open. So, no, he's NOT a Gary Stu.
Some people say he self pities. He doesn't do that often, though, and believe me, I've checked. Also, he has an incredibly dark past, so...
Some people don't like Yuki, partially because Kyo hates him. I have no problem with Kyo, and even though a lot of people like Kyo better, that doesn't mean Yuki's a piece of trash. He's a good character, and pretty amazing. And it's not his fault the rat possesses him (though I can't blame Kyo for having a grudge against him).

He's the example of a character who tries to be perfect at everything, have the ideal "everything", and whose veneer and polish makes him seem unapproachable.
But he's still human, he still has insecurities, and he's afraid that if he ever drops his act, everyone will see him for the fraud he thinks he is.

I know It's not exactly humble, but I have been that person, who seemingly has everything "right" and who's been called both "aloof", and "genius" when I feel incredibly socially awkward, and I'm always worried that I should know everything, or whether I should even try actually "doing" stuff in case I fail. And if I tell people about these problems, they say "oh now you're just complaining". I know they're not as big as other's issues, but they still keep me up at night, and I'd still like to talk about them sometimes, and find out how to fix them.

Let's just say that Yuki is a character type who is human, and shows that even bright blobs of "perfection" have ...more

I think he is very misunderstood. He's a lot deeper than just a basic shojo pretty boy. He is sad that he isn't accepted because he doesn't act like his true self around society so people can never really accept him for who he is. He was also abused as a child by Akito and is sort of set to think nobody will like him because of it. He treats tohru a lot better than Kyo as well and is overall definitely the best character in this series

Anybody who hates him doesn't get his character. In terms of character... Yuki beats out everybody in the entire show. His development and depth is incredibly beautiful.

4 Saki Hanajima

She is dark and awesome and knows Tohru Honda san better then others.

Most beautiful woman ever in this anime + strong personality.

Saki Hanajima is a psychic girl who has the ability to send out electric waves

5 Shigure Sohma

Shigure is basically the whole reason why I kept laughing while watching the anime. I LOVE how he keeps trying to avoid his editor! He's also cute as a dog.

There's no question Shigure is the sexiest guy on Fruits Basket! He's got a great face and body; his character is funny with a hint of heartfeltness and he's just adorable!

Shigure is amazing! How is he fourth! He should be first he is so funny!

6 Akito Sohma

I love Akito's aesthetic- he's so frail and isolated yet so powerful and abusive, darkness and pain is synonymous with him and he is the source of most of the character's suffering. I also like the fact that he turns out to be female as well as his complicated relationship with Shigure. He is certainly not blameless for being abusive, but I almost admire how he takes pride in the suffering of the curse, as if he feels it is what binds the Sohma family together.

I love Akito becuase she has such depth to her character. Many hate her becuase of what she does, but it's not her fault, but the fault of her mother and father. I just love characters who have terrible emtional challenges, becuase they just make the character super interesting to learn about. I blame Akito for nothing and I absolutely love her.

I don't like akito, I don't care that she probably had the most sadbackstory, she has no right to treat everyone so poorly. I mean look at all the other characters that had a sad backstory they don't go around treating every badly all the time.

I love his darkness.. I will use my light heart to make him burn! Haha... Akito my love... Haha

7 Hatsuharu Sohma

Funniest character by far. He reminds me of my brother actually, which is ironic. He is so kind even when he's called foolish for doing so and stays honest and loyal despite people calling him stupid. He's such a sweetheart.

The reason why I probably like him so much is because he reminds me of my older brother which also hurts a little at the same time because I see so much of him in him that when he gets hurt it hurts me.

He is a lot like me, with a normal side and a black side. All the quizes I took of what character I was is always hatsuharu. He is so awesome and sometimes, he can be so calm its creepy. And I think its cute how he cares for his friends so much, like when momiji was being bullied by the president, and when yuki was being tortured by ayame, and how he cares so so much for run, even if it means going against akito.

Hatsuharu is so kind! He's always being kind. Like when Momiji was being bullied by the President for wearing girls clothes he stood up for him. Also when Rin is being hurt by Akito. He's always there. Even if he has a split personality he's still a smexy cow; you can't deny. My favourite scene in is in the Anime where he snaps and proves to the President that his black and white hair is real. The way he showed him it was real was so funny. I JUST LOVE HIM SO MUCH.

My favorite character, a cow. He's really smexi, he has a cuteness with his split personality. Everyone loves the scene where he fights off the school president with his dark smexi side.

8 Arisa Uotani

Ou is hilarious and such a strong character... She takes such good care of Tohru and her relationship W. Kyo is fab.

Arisa' past as a Yankee makes me cry... Oh she's pretty nice.

9 Momiji Sohma

Best boy. He's such a sweetheart that puts everyone's needs before his own including his own love for Tohru so that she could be with Kyo. Even as a child he never told his mother who he was so she could be happy as well as his younger sister despite how badly he wanted a relationship with them.

He's so sweet. Someone help this baby.

As much as I love Kyo, I love Momiji as well. Not only is he adorable, but he had a sad backstory. His mom made me sad and mad at the same time. It's amazing how he can continue to be happy and smile, just like Tohru.

Who's in the forest strolling?
The birds and the bees sing Momiji!
The frogs in the pond are calling.
Momiji, yes it's true!

The little bunny is just so pure. He always tries to look on the bright side and is considerate for others (even when he is not very fortunate)

10 Hatori Sohma

Definitely my favourite character. Absolutely.

He has such a sad backstory, and he acts strong, but deep down he's broken.

Akito describes him as "cold as snow" but that's untrue. Hatori is a great character, and he really does look out for the people he cares about. And that's why I vote for our good doctor Ha'ri!

Amazing character with a tragically poetic past. Very smart, talented, handsome fellow with a very cute zodiac form...even if he did get the short end of the stick with that so-called "dragon" 9_9

The guy had a tragic past and had to carry the burden of erasing the memory of the person he loved most. Despite that he still looks out for the others like Tohru.

Who doesn't love a man with an awesome fringe and a tragic past?

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11 Ayame Sohma

I was going to vote for Shigure but then I remembered that Ayame actually makes me laugh the most. Especially his high school stories like the time he kept those students from getting expelled for going to the red light district and how he convinced that teacher to let him keep his long hair. His voice, gay jokes and ridiculousness is just too funny

Ayame is so stupid but so damn funny plus he is good looking and I love his long white hair.

I like how he tries his best to improve his past to become a better person I kind of see myself in him so I really like his story and I also love how much of devotion he gives for something he likes, though he wasn't able to become a responsible brother he was a responsible student council, responsible human most humans who had bad past with someone would just let it go but he ad the courage to make things normal between his brother

12 Kagura Sohma

Kagura SUCKS because she ALWAYS beat up Kyo for NO REASON!
How would YOU feel if a person who you DON'T like always beat you up for no reason. Would you like it?
Also, I don't find Kagura "funny" because she has no talents and all she does is MESS things up and beat Kyo until he cries to death.
Just think about it! Would you like it if a stalker like her do that to you?
If you thumbs down my comment then that means you are into people who are crazy, dumb, useless, and likes to beat you up.
Oh... I'm sure you are into people who beat you to death.
In the REAL world, Kyo would have been dead from Kagura.
Poor Kyo-kun.

Kagura might be a bit "unloveable" sometimes but she can still be an understanding person who can understand Kyo properly at times like the 26th episode in the anime. And also in the manga, she listens to what Kyo has to say in the end and gives up on him. She has known Kyo since childhood. She also accepted Kyo for what he is so I'm glad he didn't have to bear rejection from her. But, I admit I don't think Kagura is funny.

But the ability to love someone and be persistent about them is not something that everyone can do. So you have got to appreciate that part of her.

Poor Kyo-kun... he has to get beat up by one of the funniest characters in the anime... Just because she LOVES him...

13 Kisa Sohma

Kisa is actually pretty. Is she really as "odd" as her cold classmates think she is? They don't understand her. In my opinion Kisa is an innocent pure hearted little girl. Hiro and Kisa make a great couple.

Kisa is innocent and cute. Why is she bullied? She deserves happiness. Kisa is also one of the best Frutis Basket characters.

Kisa is the second rice ball...

14 Rin Sohma

Rin is actually a lot like me, I don't open up to a lot of people And I'm not telling you why, but she wants to be nicer and have friends and I'm trying too, but in the end she was able to open up and find friends, and I hope I turn out to be like her but I'm not very interested in boys. Took me about 12 minutes to right this. Sigh.

I don't have words for how much I love Rin. She cares so deeply about people that she didn't want to meet Tohru because she knew how fond she'd grow of her and that scared her. Not to mention how much she just wants to free Hatsuharu from his curse, sacrificing not only her happiness but her safety too.

Gods, she's a great character.

Rin was cold and sort of heartless at first to Tohru but she became good friends with Tohru later in the manga, and she fought Kagura when she slapped Tohru. Rin is a caring person and she is cute when Akito cut her hair in the end.

She is really pretty even though I don't know much about her I still really like her.

15 Machi Kuragi

Machi is cute but I really don't understand her relationship with Yuki well, but they are so cute!

16 Kazuma Sohma

He is so nice and caring and adopted Kyo...I'm grateful that he looked after Kyo...

Sweetest man ever for looking after Kyo.

17 Kyoko Honda
18 Kana Sohma
19 Ritsu Sohma
20 Hiro Sohma

Love how his stay by his mother and little sister until the curse break.

Spoiled brat. I hate him

21 Manabe Kakeru

Flying-Pot san is one of the most likeable characters in fruits basket. His relationship with Yuki is hilarious, and he's just hysterical. I find it sad that not as many people have read the manga and don't know about the incredible characters like the student council and rin etc.

Kakeru is the best your argument is invalid.

This guy's so funny.

22 Ren Sohma
23 Megumi Hanajima

He might even be creepier than Saki! Is that even possible?!?

He is way creeper than Hanajima!

24 Kureno Sohma

His loyalty is of the highest degree. I found it a bit bittersweet that he could no longer fly like he once did. There was also that cute moment when he hugged Tohru to show her that he could no longer transform.

25 Katsuya Honda
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