Top 10 Kuroshitsuji Fanfiction Authors

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1 Maverrat

Their work, Commands and Caresses, was an internet phenomenon, and anyone who has read Kuroshitsuji fanfiction knows of Maverrat. Unfortunately, their work has been taken down, all 64 chapters, and has yet to be found again online.

Love them. Absolutely miss their work. Would give just about anything to read Commands and Caresses again.

2 Lord Onisyr

Lord Onisyr's 'Bloody Red Doll' is a must-read Kuroshitsuji fanfic about Grell Sutcliff's past before becoming a Grim Reaper. They write amazingly twisted, mature, and portray the unfortunate truth about reality in the 18th century and now. If you love tales about love, betrayal, and all things in between, Lord Onisyr should be the first on your list.

3 Begger4mcgregor

Begger is a very well-known fanfiction author who has unfortunately been inactive for quite some time now. However, their works still rise in hits every day. Their sarcastically witty, cute, and rather steamy tales are a must-read for mature authors who don't mind a little naughty, sexual humor.

4 StickieBun

These four are still very active writers on both and Archive of Our Own. They update around once a week, and their tales are very captivating with combinations of family, sexy erotic tales, and excellent description pertaining to the Shinigami of the Black Butler.

If anyone has a few hours and is in for a multi-chapter/book series, these four are the ones to read.

5 RuGrimm

This author is a surprisingly young one, having joined only a year ago at the age of 14. If this author doesn't break your heart time and time again with their constantly depressing but extremely descriptive works, no author will.

If you're in for a heartbreaking read and have a box of tissues nearby, RuGrimm will entertain you to no end. Either you'll laugh to death or die of a broken heart.

6 smart-blonde-the-oxymoron

Their work, 'Fee-Fye-Foe-Fum,' was a riveting classic with a beautiful love story. It is the number one story on Fanfiction with the most hits in the history of the Kuroshitsuji fandom. Their low number of published stories is the only reason they only made it to number six, despite the number of 76 chapters in the one fanfic.

7 Junjou-chan

'One Hell of a Master' was a non-stop page turner, and their story of Sebastian x Ciel was epic. Anyone looking for a little steamy romance between the two with a twist on the original tale of Kuro should read this and the other amazing tales by Junjou.

8 SouthernLolita

This author is a natural born storyteller with an imagination like none other. Their work, 'Kuroshitsuji: Red Scales,' was one-of-a-kind, and their series 'Kuro After Years' was amazing. Their piece, 'Kuroshitsuji: Expect the Unexpected,' ended on a great note, as did the other stories they have weaved so far.

If you're looking for a sweet love story between the famous demon and his master or the infamous "Grelliam," SouthernLolita is the one to read.

9 Transistance

A brilliant author on Fanfiction, their work 'Halcyon' was one of the best Kuroshitsuji x Wonderland twists out there with its brilliant descriptions. If you're looking for a little Wonderland twist or a few quick reads while you're short on time, Transistance is the one.

10 Acherona

This writer is for the mature readers with their erotic one-shots. Their low number of Kuro one-shots is the only reason they are ranked so low, but don't underestimate them! They are the one to read when you're feeling a little lonely!

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11 Hateweasel
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